Thursday, June 28, 2007

More Ice ?...........55

Nigel was always unlucky. But his luck finally changed!!
With his last Shilling, he purchased a Lottery Ticket,
And they drew his name!!!
His prize packet read....
CONGRATULATIONS....You've won the Guiness
Sponsored.."Voyage to America"..Inclosed are your
tickets, and hotel accomodations!!!
April, 15 1912.
South Hampton
White Star Lines
S.S. Titanic........

Spoony HNT

From the Fabulous S e e Quine!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Not Again..?

Look....I don't make this stuff up. Tonight after work I called my friend Alex to see if he wanted to go to our little Pub to watch the Tigers Game. We headed to the place, and when we walked in it felt like a blast furnace!! The A/C was out and they were waiting for the HVC guys to show. I was "over" the heat after one cold one, so we decided to go to another Haunt to watch the game in comfort..We walked in and Alex knew a few of their regulars, so we bellied up to the bar , and ordered..The game was pretty exciting, even though the Tiger Bull-Pen blew another lead to lose the game..The good ole boys that were already there, were already pretty well lit, and I noticed them staring at me..Yeah, OK, I just got outta work, and compared to the way these guys were dressed, I guess I looked a step above casual!! Finally after about 5 minutes of this ogling, the one guy said, " Hey, I don't know you from Adam, and I don't know what your politics are...But you look exactly like Michael Moore"!! Jeez, Talk about 8 different necks snapping all at once to stare me down even more than this guy talking to me...I had to say something to break the tension, so I had to tell them the story about me in Colorado at the Celestial Seasonings Tea Hospitality Room, when an avid crowd gatered around me and I pulled out my drivers license to show them my name was NOT Michael Moore...But then someone shouted "See , he's from Flint, he IS Michael Moore"!!..Just then in this Bar, I reached in my back pocket and pulled out my DL,.....for a second you could hear a pin drop.......But then all on cue.... They all erupted in laughter!!!!
These Yahoo's were convinced that I was indeed Galen Haynes AKA G-Man, and all was well in the world again!!!
I guess I need to drop about 60 pounds and get a hair-cut, and this shit will finally stop!!!
Great post eh?.....Sorry, but I'm in my HNT mode, and I'm already thinking about my 55...
So you guys out there try and stay cool, and Michael Moore bids you...... Good Night

TMI Tuesday.........

TMI Tuesday again eh? Can you really have TOO much information? Hehehe, we'll see!!
The average person sweats 2 1/2 quarts of water a day.
A "Lone Ranger" Fan? The word Kemo Sabe means 'soggy shrub' in Navajo.
The #1 juke box song of all time? "Crazy" By Patsy Cline..
( Yeah I know, written by Willie Nelson )
Only 1 household in 7 ...Speak English in America.
The word for a pubic hair piece is Merkin...
Elvis Presley NEVER ONCE..Gave an encore..
Jimmy Carter was the 1st U.S. President born in a hospital..
The Great Salt Lake, is only 13 feet deep..
American Chickens are the direct decendants of the ones Columbus brought over.
Most of the Villains in the Bible have red hair..(Serena?)
Chickens can live for as long as 14 years..
The average American keeps their old Magazines for an average of 29 weeks..before tossing.
Nuts usually remain fresh for 1 year in the shell..
In 1990, the U.S. had 8915 killings by handguns..Britain had 7...(YAY We Won!!!!!!!)
Thomas Edison was afraid of the dark..( HA..Thats why he only slept 3 hrs a night)
Elvis Presley once ate nothing but Meat-Loaf, Mashed Potatos, and tomatoes for 2 years!
Elvis became addicted to Feen-a-Mint gum, while battling severe constipation..
Elvis was once injected with the urine of a pregnant woman during a fad diet..
Elvis's last meal was 4 scoops of Ice-Cream, and 6 Chocolate Chip Cookies..
.....And Finally, Death was actually Elvis's best career move. If he had lived, he would have
almost certainly been bankrupt within 6 months. In 2006, his empire was worth an estimated $150 Million dollars...Are you worth more dead than alive?..I am.....Hahahaha

Monday, June 25, 2007

TV Musical Monday......

HeHeHe......This is why you love me!!

The first TV theme ever to become a Top 40 Hit was the theme from "Dragnet". It was recorded by bandleader Ray Anthony as "The Dragnet March" in 1953 and reached #3 on the national charts. At the time, it was the 2nd most popular show on TV behind "I Love Lucy"..

"Bonanza" was one of the most popular TV shows of the 60's. It's theme song-an instrumental by guitarist Al Caiola- Hit #19 on the charts in 1961.
Most fans NEVER knew that there were lyrics to the theme song! At the end of the pilot episode, Ben, Adam, Hoss, and little Joe, all rode off into the sunset singing....
"WE got a right to pick a little fight, BONANZA....Anyone fight with any one of us....They got to fight with me"!! The song was sooooo awful, that it has only been shown on blooper shows only, since that pilot!

When "Happy Days" made it's debut in 1974, It did not have a theme song. Instead the producers used "Rock Around The Clock" by Bill Haley and the Comets. In 1955, it was a #1 hit
but had not been on the charts since. The show was so popular, that Haley briefly resurrected his career again in 74. In 1976 a new theme was introduced. "Happy Days", was sung by a duo named Pratt and Mclain, It immediately shot to the #5 spot on the national charts!

"Gilligans Island" creator Sherwood Schwartz had a hell of a time selling this show to CBS. Network execs insisted that the viewers that tuned in for the 1st time, would have a tough time following the story line. They wanted Schwartz to turn it into a sitcom about a charter boat captain....Desperately wanting to keep the original premise, he came up with a solution: He wrote a theme song that described who the characters were, and how they wound up on the island...During the final presentation of the pilot to CBS execs, he abruptly got up and performed the tune. They bought the show!!!

There you have it....Oh, one final thought to throw out to Barman, Top Cat, Charles, or any "interested party"...Ginger Or Mary-Ann???????..G

Saturday, June 23, 2007


You know what bothers me? When I'm driving down the street on trash day, and I see people throwing out furniture thats LOTS better than what I am using!!!
God, are my standards THAT low? In 1988 my friend Dave and I were having a drink at his house when I glanced at his trash bags set out at the curb, amongst them was an old beat up wheel barrow. I asked if he was tossing it and he said yes, it had seen better days. I then tossed it in the back of my P/U truck and took it home.....I'm still using it today!
If something works, I keep it. I still have a very old Tonka Truck from 1952, and it still works great. I also still have 8-Track players and tapes from the early 70's..Remember when you heard that tell-tale "click" when the 8-Track program switched tracks..To this day I still expect to hear it half-way through the guitar solo on "Stairway To Heaven"...
Anyway, thats all I wanted to say for now. Have a great Saturday. It's my day off, what do you think I'm doing today? .......Peace.... Galen

Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday 55.........

When Marilyn Monroe was married to playwright Arthur Miller, she was introduced to George Bernard Shaw...Not wanting to sound 'Dumb Blondish', she said....." Mr. Shaw, did you know that Sugar is the only word in the English language that begins with an SU, and sounds like Shhh? He thought for a moment, and said.....Sure!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Plethora of Information.......

Nothing nostalgic...Nothing funny....Nothing sad
No deformities...Just The Facts.....

Pound for Pound, Earthworms make up half of all animal life!
Albert Einstein slept 10 hours a night.
In the 90's 1 in 4 Americans who ate out for breakfast, ate at McDonalds!
80% of American men, say they take out the garbage.
Technically, snow is considered a mineral.
The game of Badmitten, used to be called "Poona"
Bill Clinton used to call Cooter,..... "PoonTang".
White is the most common house color..
Canada, is the 2nd largest country on Earth.
Whats the most popular Candy Bar in the US?..Snickers
Someone pd. $14,000.00 for the bra Marilyn Monroe...
wore in "Some Like It Hot"
Michael Jackson pd. $10,000.00 for Gary Colemans Jock Strap!
Some toothpastes contain Anti-Freeze.
The worlds longest foot was 27 inches..
One in Eight Americans are of British descent.
Sigmund Freud had a morbid fear of ferns.
Millie the White House dog, earned 4 times what Pres. Bush in 1991.
A scallop has 35 eyes...All of them blue!
Elvis's nickname for his pecker was "Lil Elvis"
Everyday Americans eat 20 acres of Pizza.
Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, was the 1st man to piss his pants on the moon!
Galileo went blind studying the Sun through telescopes..
Only 16% of all Americans can tell which President is on the 20 dollar bill.
There are more plastic Pink Flamingos in America, than real ones!
Alexander the Great, was buried in a vat of honey!
The Praying Mantis, is the only insect that can turn it's head..
There are only 9 members in the "official" Rin Tin Tin Fan Club...
The average American Senior Citizen, takes 14 prescription drugs.
Most Lip Stick contains fish scales..
The London Bridge has never fallen down!
There are as many chickens in the world as people!
The 100 years war lasted 116 years..
The Roman Emperor Nero, played the bagpipes!
Mosquitos have teeth!
Leonardo da Vinci, only painted 17 paintings...Many unfinished!
The index finger is the most sensitive finger on the hand!
American Hens lay enough eggs to circle the equator 100 times!
Until 1850, most golf balls were stuffed with feathers.
Rats can live longer without water than Camels.
Galen is tired, and is going to bed soon.... Peace!

TMI Tuesday......

TMI..? You think you have TMI now?...Hahahaha...Just wait!!!


Moses...A reluctant public speaker, who described himself as "Heavy of Mouth" he had a major speach impediment and probably suffered from a cleft lip and palate. In Exodus 6:12, he describes himself as having 'uncircumsized lips'!!!!

Anne Boleyn...She had 6 fingers on her left hand, and had 3 nipples. If HenryVIII's divorce petition had failed, he was going to use these deformities to claim that she was a witch!!

Marshall Charles Maurice de Talleyrand...The famous French Revolutionary and statesman, had a deformed leg....The result of being dropped by a nurse!!

King Richard III...He was the subject of a number of inventions..His famous Hunchback was probably invented by his enemies; No portrait, suit of armor, or contemporary description attests to it!!!

Lord Byron...This Romantic poet was born with a club foot, which he later attributed to his mother's tight corsets!!

Napoleon...The emperor had hemicryptorchidism-one undecended testicle!!

Kaiser WilhelmII...His left arm was stunted and withered, the result of a complicated breach birth!!

Joseph Stalin...His left foot had webbed toes, and his left arm was shorter than his right!!

Joseph Goebbels...He was born with his left leg, 3 inches shorter than his right. Although the official version of this was due to a childhood illness...The possibility of one of the architects
of the Master Race to have a genetic defect, was unthinkable!!!

Adolf Hitler...According to Soviet Medical records, Hitler did indeed have only one ball! According to Eva Braun ( Snowelfs Cousin ), His testicular damage was due to a "boyhood mishap" with an alpine goat!!

I'll even give you a few bonus ones...Speaking of webbed toes, Both Aston Kutcher, and Dan Ackroyd suffer from this deformity. And do you remember 'Radar O'Reily' from M.A.S.H.?
Gary Burgorph had a deformed hand, but he was always clutching a clipboard, or holding something to hide it...Check it out the next time you see a rerun of M.A.S.H.
Hows that for TMI ?...I thought you'd like it... Peace.... Galen

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Musical Monday Name Game...

Today for Musical Monday, this is going to be a Name Game post. First I'm going to fill you all in on who was the real life person that some famous Music Acts took their name from....

Uriah Heap...

What a great group from the 70's.."Stealin".."Easy Livin"..."Gypsy".

Uriah Heap was one of the first villains of "David Copperfield" (1850)

He first appeared in the novel at age 15...."but looking much older"!!

He worked as a clerk for Mr. Wickfield, and professes humility...

But he is actually a hypocrite and a scheamer, and over the course

of the novel plots Wickfields downfall.

Englebert Humperdinck...

Another dinosaur from the 60's and 70's, he is now a huge

gray hair act in Vegas and Branson...

The original Humperdinck was a German Opera Composer( 1854-1921)

He is mostly well known for writing the Fairy-Tale Opera "Hansel und Gretal"!

Jethro Tull...

Awesome group from the 70's Classic Aqualung. They are still going strong!!

Jethro Tull was born in 1672 in England. He was one of the 1st proponets of

taking the scientific and empiracal approach to agriculture..

In 1701, he invented 'The Seed Drill' , up until then seeds were merely cast

to the wind, and allowed to germinate come what may...He changed all that!!

Enough of that crap for now...How about a Name Game Quiz?...No Googling!!!

Match the stage name with their real names.....

1. The Big Bopper.........A. Sylvester Stewart

2. Cat Steven.................B. Waldon Cassotto

3. Elton John.................C. Jiles Perry Richardson

4. Ringo Starr...............D. Arnold George Dorsey

5. Chubby Checker......E. Steven Georgiou

6. Dean Martin.............F. Rudy Martinez

7. Bobby Darrin............G. Reginald Dwight

8. Sly Stone...................H. Ernest Evans

9. ?

Question Mark (96 tears) I..Richard Starkey

10. Englebert Humperdinck..J. Dino Crocetti


Good Luck, and thanks for stopping by....Galen

Oh BTW, for Fathers Day my children gave me a card,

They adressed it to.....El Bloggo!!!.....(Smart-Ass Punks!!)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

I'm It...........

I've been tagged by the delicious Searabbit...
I have to list 8 weird things or habits about myself..
Then I'm supposed to tag 8 other people.
I'll do the list, but I don't know 8 bloggers
that has not been tagged now or before...Sorry Jo!

1. Even though I own a motorcycle, I have NEVER been on or ridden a snowmobile!

2. I have not puked since the age of 12, my 17 year old son has not puked since 4..
Both of us hate pukers, and all talk of puke!!!!!

3. I have never had a broken bone or cavity in my life!

4. I hate with a passion.... liver, and canned peas.Although I love Braunsweiger,
Pate', and liver sausage...I also love frozen or fresh peas!!

5. I have been a Diabetic and insulin dependant for 12 years....
When I went to the hospital in 1995, in the throes of an attack,
my blood sugar was 1060...I was in ICU for 3 days on a direct insulin drip!

6. I have been to all contiguous 48 states..( never been to Alaska or Hawaii )
But I never left the state of Michigan, until a trip to Toledo at age 18..

7. When I see a man in public wearing flip-flops....I want to 'bitch-slap' him!!!
Men should only wear them in a public at a camp-ground or YMCA!

8. I have flown places many times, but I prefer to drive anywhere I go..
I do NOT have a fear of flying..I just hate airports, metal detectors, and customs!
I enjoy driving my own car, marveling at the beautiful scenery of North America,
and stopping at places off the beaten path....
Wall Drug
The Corn Palace
Ruby Falls
Mystery Spot
Hot Springs
The Dells
All Civil War Battlefields
All National Parks
Arthur Bryant's Famous BB-Q
The Hog's Breath
Sloppy Joe's

Thanks Jo for giving me the idea for this post, And everybody else.....
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!......Galen

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Friday 55......

Salem's Lot, The Dark Tower.
The Dead Zone, The Running Man
Examples of evil power.
Pet Sematary, Firestarter, and Carrie.
His tribute to unbridled Rage.
Eyes of the Dragon, The Tommyknockers.
Night Shift, Cujo, Roadwork.
Kids clean off his rocker!!
Interesting story, The Shining
Nicholson was Jacked
Galen's story seems disjointed....
.(But the title's cryptic)

Did She? HNT

(Click to read)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wild Wednesday.....

Everyone knows how low-tech I am. I know, it's quite pathetic. For example, my HNT pics if they are taken by me or my boss, are E-Mailed to Signgurl, she in turn loads them on my blog and I do post them when ready.
This week in the car business has been very slow. We are in between incentives, and there are no really great deals going on now. The dealership where I work at only requires you to work 5 days a week, this happens to be a week that I work Saturday. That means that I can have Today off if I choose to. It just so happens that it will be Sunny and 87 today, and tonight is also
"Bike Night" at my favorite bar Scooters....No Brainer Right?....Right!!
My boss at work has not been bringing his digital camera as of late, and I was kind of worried that this weeks HNT would be a bust.....Again, the beautiful and ever-shrinking Signgurl to the rescue!!! She suggested that we meet for lunch, and she could shoot a few pics for me..
Isn't she awesome? She even suggested that we meet about 1/2 way so I wouldn't have to drive so far..So at Noon today, we are meeting in a small town called Perry Michigan. It's about a 20 mile drive for Jenn, and about a 25 mile ride for me. I can stop fretting about tomorrow's post, and I can have a great lunch with one of my favorite people in the whole wide world!!!!
I'll even buy this time.........

Have any of you fellow bloggers, ever had the opportunity to meet another blogger?
I've met Jenn and Barman before, they are both very neat folks, and I am so looking foreward to today's lunch........Have a great day.....Galen

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

TMI Tuesday.....

June was in years past, the traditional month for getting married. Hence the old phrase June Bride. Well whatever month you got married, not everybody's honeymoon was fun and games.
I've compiled a little list of History's least romantic honeymoons.....

Attila the Hun, or the 'Scourge of God' to his friends, was a real ladies man according to historians. He had hundreds of concubines, and a dozen wives. On his honeymoon with his 12th wife Ildico, one of his arteries burst and he died...

Eva Braun, married longtime boyfriend Adolf Hitler on April 29, 1945. She celebrated her big night by swallowing poison. After her hubby blew his brains out, they were both cremated in the Reich Chancellery Garden...

The wedding night of Cesare Borgia, nephew of 16th Century Pope Alexander, was wrecked when a practical joker switched his regular medication for a bottle of laxative pills...

At the age og 28, famous Victorian author and art critic John Ruskin married his cousin Effie Gray. But on his wedding night, he found the sight of his wifes pubic hair so distressing that they never shared a bed again...They spent a sexless honeymoon in Venice, where he painted and took notes on the architecture. He also mused on the decline of the Venetian Empire. He promised to really try and bang her in 3 years time, but he chickened out and never did "dip the wick".........The marriage was annulled!!

John Harvey Kellogg of the Cornflake fame, spent his honeymoon night with Ella Eaton writing a 644 page tretise called "Plain Facts For Young and Old"...This included a 97 page essay about the secret vice of masturbation. He listed 39 telltale signs of how you could tell if a person was wanking off ...#7. Sleeplessness #11. Love of solitude #13. Unnatural Boldness. #14. Confusion of Ideas. #28. Use of tobacco. #30. Acne.....The marriage was never consumated!

In August 1994, Minnesota newlywed Greg McCloud broke his back while carrying his 280 pound bride Helen over the threshold. The ER doctor thought he was run over by a car...

German bride Amy Weltz, went to her wedding in Brisbane in September 1993, ignorant of the Aussi custom of smearing cake in the face of the spouse. When the new hubby Charles rubbed cake in her face at the reception, she responded by grabbing a bottle of wine and smashed him on his head, killing him instantly...

Japanese couple Sachi and Tomio Hidaki, married in 1978. They did not get around to do the 'wild thing' for quite some time...But after 14 years of waiting, they decided to give it a go.....
They both suffered fatal heart attacks!!!

According to Princess Di's biographer Andrew Morton, as a special honeymoon treat, Prince Charles read passages from the works of Carl Jung and Laurens van der Post...........

......Yikes!!!! Theres my TMI Tuesday list, feel free to contribute any Honeymoon Horrors of your own if you know of any.....Peace.... Galen

Monday, June 11, 2007

Musical Monday Memories....

WOW....What a great week-end eh? After sitting through about 20 band sets over the past 2 days, my mind did a little wandering! You have to understand something about me, I've been going to concerts since 1967! I've seen most of the Major groups that there is to see, but some concerts were memorable, and some were very sad indeed....
This little post is about lead-in groups. Lead-In groups can sometimes set the tone for the whole
evenings fun, mood, and energy! In 1975, there was a place in Michigan called the Pontiac Silverdome. That place was the home of the Detroit Lions. They also had concerts there. The first really big concert booked there was The Who! This was the original Who, with Keith Moon!
Anyway, tickets went fast, and as a matter of fact that concert held the record for a while for the largest indoor crowd to see a Rock Concert, 75,962. Of course as is with most big shows, the group is always fashionably late, and in those days there was NO security at the doors, so you could just about bring in what you wanted in the form of liquid refreshments! Yeah you guessed it, the crowd was going wild!!! And I do mean WILD!! Finally after about an hour or so, the MC came on stage with his usual PR bullshit, and introduced the opening act...Toots and the Maytalls...Now at the time, the only bigger Reggae group in the world was Bob Marley and the Wailers, but I don't think even them could have prevented the crowd from acting the way they did...They yelled, and screamed, and booed and hissed, and threw lots of shit on stage! Finally for the safety of the group, they ushered them off-stage after only 3 songs.....
When the Who finally did appear, it was one of the greatest concerts of my life! I think that they played for over 2 1/2 hrs with 3 encores...It was awesome!!!
Now lets move back a little farther to about 1970. There is a very prestigious engineering university in Flint called Kettering University. It used to be called GMI, or General Motors Institute. They used to have free concerts in their Gym about once every semester. One time it was really advertised all over town about a fairley well known group comming to GMI for free!
The group was called SPIRIT! Now they had several great releases at the time..."I Got A Line On You"...and "Mr. Skin" was among them. So me and my buddy Ned ( Nick-named Deadly Nedly ) decided to roll up a few and go to the free show. Well this was an engineering school, so the concert started EXACTLY on time! The lead-in group was KICK-ASS!!! Song after song after song was awesome, to the point that they were demanded an encore when it was time for them to leave! They obliged, and when Spirit came onto perform, THEY were the ones booed off-stage!!! The lead-in group actually had to come back out and calm the crowd down with yet another encore....After that, Spirit never did do much. They broke up shortly afterward, and I read that their singer, Randy California, drowned in Hawaii a few years ago...
The lead-in group on the other hand, knocked around for a few years and finally got a break in the mid-70's.....Their name,....STYX..

This looks like a great week in the Mid-West comming up....Enjoy!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Summer Time Fun.......

WOW!!! What a ride, and what a day!! For all concerned parties, yes I wore my helmet!!
Although on all police escorted rides it is not required. We met at our little biker bar called Scooters. This is a great Biker bar for one reason, the front of the place is all glass, and everyone in the bar can see their own bike, and all the other hot ones that come in...
I got there at 9:30, although it was not scheduled to leave until 11:00. I hooked up with 3 other people that I ride with. We registered for the ride, got our vest pins and wrist bracelet for the event, and milled around and mingled with the other bikers. As I was admiring some bikes, the local Rock station..103.9 "The Fox", was doing a live remote, the DJ on the scene was a local celebrity MC and DJ named Roy Moore! Roy has done many 'live' remote spots from our dealership, and of course knows me well. As we were talking over some cool bikes, he asked me to go on the air live with him. Well, the G-Man certainly is not shy, so yea, I spent a few minutes bantering about how charitable and careing bikers are, what a glorious day it was, and what an awesome event this Ride was. I think I could really dig being a DJ, but my big mouth would probably be my downfall..."OOOPS"!
About 200 bikes pulled out right at 11, and we had a 60 mile ride of our own, before we hooked up with the main group of about 300 bikes at a Harley Dealership about 20 miles north of here.
We had about an hour to kill before the actual 'Main' ride started, and we were greeted by a very good cover band in the parking lot. They had this "Goth" chick as their lead singer, and let me tell you, she could bite my neck anytime! They played Bob Segar, Ted Nugent, and Jimi Hendrix perfectly, and the party was on!! We pulled out at 1:30 pm for about a 45 mile ride.
Man...5-600 bikes, a great day, good friends, your on your bike, you are not at home, you are not at work, Was I in Heaven? YES!!!!...Well, not quite yet. Heaven was upon our arrival to the park! First of all, the parking for your bikes was on a huge paved lot. That is always better than some fricken field in the middle of nowhere. Secondly, the food was to die for. Grilled hot-dogs burned to perfection, roast pig, great corn on the cob, baked beans, coleslaw, various desserts, Ice cold Bud, ( or Pepsi ), and another kick-ass band!!
They also had a female lead singer, and she was SMOKIN HOT!! She had on a skimpy halter top, she had on these tight jeans that looked like spray-paint, and she was barefoot!
You all know how G-Man likes pretty feet( Susie )....And a voice that was like a cross between Janis Joplin and Ozzy.....Anyway, she was great.
After much mingling and partying, I was home by 6:00..
My wife then informs me that she wants me to take her to a small community about 10 miles away for their annual summerfest called 'Flushing Days'...Well, what could I say? She really did not give me a lotta shit about me being gone all day, so I agreed to take her. It was very odd going somewhere with my wife ( Hahahaha ) but some things just need to be done!!
Actually, we had a very good time, One of my very best friends Dave, lives right in Downtown Flushing. I called him and asked if we could park in his driveway, and he said of course.
His wife and my wife are also good friends, and they love to entertain. So upon our arrival, they insisted on having a drink on their patio before we walked the 2 blocks to the festival. Well, it was such an awesome summer night, and the booze kept flowing, and we could hear the band from their backyard...So thats where we stayed until 12:30...
So my Saturday was filled with fun, food, music, libations, pretty girls, and a happy wife!
...What did I say yesterday?......GOD I LOVE THE SUMMER!!!!!

If you finished reading this post up to here....You are very loyal indeed....Thanks.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Ride ON........

Happy Saturday everybody!! Today, I'll be riding in a charity motorcycle event that benefits the Shriners Children's Hospital..It's 20 dollors and we will travel a distance of about a 100 miles, all police escorted , and it ends in a beautiful park with bands, beer, and a pig roast!! The weather forecast is sunny and 78...GOD, I LOVE THE SUMMER!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Flash 55.........

She's careing, she's bright, she's very 'insightful'.
She's special, she's lovely, she's always delightful..

Ya know, there are many people that blog.
But when you see certain avatars,
your heart skips a beat...
I heard this song, and thought of YOU!!!

"You've made me so very happy,
I'm so glad you came,.....into my life".....

Hi everybody!!!! Susie has some priority commitments today, and has asked me to host the Friday Flash 55......Sooooooo, if you do one, or hear of any, please see The G-Man..
Sorry for any inconveniance....And Thank You, for your co-operation.... Peace

Cloudy Day HNT

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I Look Like Who?..........

Do you look like anyone else? Have you ever been told that you look like someone else?
In 1974, I was a senior at the University of Michigan/Flint Campus. I should have graduated in 1972, but my first 2 years I majored in Euchre at the Student Union. Anyway, My friend Phil Cornell was the Student Govt. president. My friend Dave Wiget, was the Senior Class president, and I was on the student council, AND the sports editor of the school paper...
My job on the council was to cordinate entertainment on campus, and to grant the usage of the auditorium to fundraisers and lectures. One person in particular always stood out as being community oriented, and always had " off-beat " film festivals. His name was Michael Moore.
Without getting into Mikes Bibliography, we all know that he became a famous Documentary Film maker, and an Oscar Winner..He is also probably Flint's most famous reigning celebrity!
I've talked to Mike many times, we've met at many poetry readings, and have attended many functions together. If he saw me in public, he would certainly acknowledge me and nod, or maybe shake my hand, but I doubt if he would know my name...Maybe, but I doubt it.
The problem is that we look alike!! We are both men of considerable girth, wear the same black frame glasses, tend to dress rather casual, and we both have brown scraggly hair. More than once I have been told this by strangers, and friends alike..
One time I was in Boulder Colorado, taking a tour of the Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory, I was in the hospitality room enjoying an iced herbal Camomile Tea, ( I hear it's good for hemorrhoids ) I happened to be wearing a hat that indicated that I was from Flint Michigan, well someone in the room said outloud..'Theres Michael Moore', I was soon surrounded by a boisterous crowd of autograph seekers, and I actually had to pull out my wallet and show them my drivers license. That almost didn't work either because it said that I was from Flint...His home town. I finally convinced them who I really was, and I had to tell them some college stories to appease them..Galen holding court in Boulder Colorado...To total strangers!!!!

So what The G-Man wants to know is....Do you look like anyone famous? Have you ever been mistaken for anyone famous? And who is the most famous person from your home town?
BTW, those 2 other guys Phil and Dave, that was on the Student Council with me? All 3 of us still have season football tickets together...35 years later!.....Peace..... Galen

Way TMI Tuesday..........

I've told this story before, so please bear with me, I'm going somewhere with it.....
When I was born, we did not have TV yet. My Mom's favorite radio personality was a deep voiced man by the name of Galen Drake. It was this well-known man that I was named after. He later became the spokesperson for a popular product called Preparation-H.
For those of you not familiar with the joy of Hemorrhoidal Suffering, here is a brief overview.
Up until about 60 yrs ago, hemorrhoids were commonly refered to as Piles. In a nutshell, it is nothing more than inflammation or swelling of the rectum or anus. ( Rectum? It damned near killed him!)...Sorry, old joke. Hemorrhoids can extend beyond the anal verge sometimes, and can become very irritating and itchy. Both constipation and chronic diarrhea , which causes a strain on the rectum during bowell movements can cause this condition. Postponing bowel movements, and fiber-deprived diets may also contribute. Additional factors that can influence the course of hemorrhoids, are obesity, and a sedintery lifestyle. ( mostly because of the increase on rectal vein pressure ) . And anal sex can also stress the rectum, if little or no lubricant is used!! Before Preparation-H , Piles were treated for years in a natural and holistic way, these include....

Olive oil
Drinking 99% pure Aloe Juice
Taking herbs that stregthen the vein walls, like Butchers Broom, Bromelain, Horse Chestnut.
Applying natural astringents such as, Witch Hazel, Cranesbill and Aloe Vera
Drinking Camomile Tea several times a day
Eating fiber-rich bulking agents such as Psyllium Seed Husks, and Plantain, for softer stools.

Pile sufferers should avoid using laxatives, and should avoid hard straining during bowel movements. Avoid wearing tight clothing and tight underwear also...

People that sit a lot at their work, have been known to develope hemorrhoids. The novelist Anthony Burgess referred to them as Writers Evil. The British must have suffered greatly from them, because there are many British slang terms for the affliction, such as....
Dehydration can cause a hard stool or chronic constipation, this can lead to hemorrhoidal flare-up. An excess of Lactic Acid can also contribute to Pile Pain, if this condition persists, avoidance of Dairy Products especially cheese can bring some relief. Vitamen E deficiency is also a common cause...Foods considered 'probiotic' can bring some comfort, these include yogurt with active cultures, and most fruits and vegetables..

If you are a hemorrhoid sufferer, you are not alone. Many famous people throughout history suffered this malady...
Alexander the Great
Martin Luther
Lewis Carol
Charles Dickens
Edgar Allen Poe
Percy Shelly
Queen Victoria
Marilyn Monroe

There you have it......Way Too Much Information, for TMI Tuesday! I gotta go now, my Nuremburgs are starting to bother me a bit.... Peace..... Galen

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Mandy Monday......

Hi Everybody, Pretty quiet in bloggerville this past week-end eh? In lieu of Musical Monday, I'm changing this weeks post to Mandy Monday. For those that don't know, My daughter Amanda has been in Prague Czech Republic, for the past year studying in a foreign studies program through the University of Michigan. For the last 2 weeks my wife and a mutual friend, were also in Prague visiting my daughter. They traveled to a few places, but for the most part it was just to help her get ready to come home. It was cheaper to book a flight out of Amsterdam, so my wife, her friend, Mandy, and her Prague roommate, spent last Tuesday and Wednesday partying in Amsterdam......Amsterdam! The one place a fellow like me should be! What a shame it was to waste it on a bunch of strait people.....Anyway, everyones flight left for home on Wednesday, except Mandy's, hers was not scheduled to leave until Thursday evening!
So I had to travel the 1 1/2 hr drive on Wednesday to pick my wife up, and make the same trip to Detroit Metro on Friday to pick up my daughter.

On Friday, my wife and son picked me up at work, and we all went to Metro to pick her up at Noon. Boy was I glad to see my baby! (Although she had her 21st last month and I missed it)
When we picked her up she was starving, and she just had to go to Detroits Greektown, which is another 20 miles in the heart of Detroit. But since it's been a year.....You guessed it, we went!!
We did have a real good time, and we came home to many stories of her great adventure...
One of her stories was, that to save money that last night on her own, she booked a room at a hostel for 16 Euro's. The only problem was, that it was in the 'Red Light' district and Street Hawkers trying to solicit tourists for their 'club', kept her up all night with their incessant sales pitch... So she only got about 3 hours sleep her last night!
But Friday when she got home, she had her friend Katie come over, and they went to a concert!!
Nothings Changed A Bit!!!

My wifes brother Joe, is a retired carpenter and he and his wife live right next door to me.
He has been in Arizona all winter, and only just got back this week himself. My wife was thoughtful enough to invite them all over for a BBQ today. So I had a houseful of people all day long. I made Home-Made Yukon Gold Potato Salad, a Spring Mix and artichoke heart green salad, and I slow roasted on the Weber, a huge beef brisket AND a pork butt!..I roared them for 8 1/2 hrs, lemme tell ya....... they were tender!!
So since Mandy is a vegeterian, of course I had to grill her some terriake tofu...
That was my week-end, I'm very tired, so long for now, and I shall return tomorrow with a vengence...Hahahaha.....Peace ....Galen

Friday, June 1, 2007

Summer Vacation......

Sitting in class.....Sweating my ass,
Clock watching, waiting for the bell!
C'Mon ring, Oh God please ring...
Release me from this Hell!!!

Doe's your mind ever wander?
Can you remember?
The happy times way back when...
Of Hershey Bars, and big long cars,
and the Summer when you were ten!

Hi Mom, Bye Mom, sorry I can't stay.
School is out, the Sun is out, I gotta go out and play....
'Kick the Can', 'Hide and seek',
staying out way after dark.
Football, basketball, army, and baseball in the park!

Grubby, filthy, dirty...Man! It's really hot!
A bath every Saturday Night, whether you needed it or not!
We didn't have much money,
but we knew how to have fun..
How much money do you need,
to swim, and fish, and run??

Lunch time- Munch time, Peanut Butter and Jelly.
Hot-Dogs, watermelon, Kool-Aid, really fills the belly!
Firecrackers, Fourth of July, popcorn at the drive-in movie,
your big tree swing, and bumble-bee stings.....

Summer-Time Joy..The Ice-Cream Boy!
Mom, can I have a dime?
Creamsicles, Fudgesicles, Push-Ups,
and Popsicles...Lemon-Lime!!

Doe's your mind ever wander?
Can you remember?
The happy times way back when...
Of Hershey Bars, and big long cars,
and the Summer when you were ten!

...I now look in the mirror, and shudder with fear,
but in my mind.......I'm still ten!!!

First week-end in June already?.....Have fun.....Galen xox