Monday, August 18, 2014

Here I Am!!!

Hi Everybody...Remember me? Galen Haynes aka...G-Man!!
It has been a very busy Summer this year at work.
In spite of all the negative publicity the auto industry has been getting, our sales has
been booming! Needless to say we have been jammin...
With little time left for personal recreation, most of my spare moments have been
used persuing my favorite pastime...FISHING!
Reese, myself, and my life long fishing buddy Jim Shephard, have been fishing the
bountiful Saginaw Bay. From junk-fish to the fabulous Walleye (Sander Vitreus),
we have had a fantastic time reeling them in.
I miss all of my blogger pals, but I don't miss the deadlines and time consuming blogging
obligations. I suspect that when the foul weather returns, I'll return (somewhat anyway)
to my blogging ways. But for now.....Fish-On!!!!!!