Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ask Mr. Knowitall.......

Hi Everybody, If it's Wednesday, it must be time for..Ask Mr. Knowitall !!
A Mr. Charles Aitch of Hermasosa Springs Florida asks,Dear Mr. Knowitall.....
"Could you please tell me a little something about 3-Dog Night"?
Dear Charles....OK. The band started with 3 original members; Danny Hutton, Chuck Negron, and Cory Wells. Their first gold record was "One" in 1969, followed by "Easy to be Hard" from the musical "Hair". They had three U.S. #1 songs.."Mama Told me Not to Come", "Joy to the World", and "Black and White".
Listen to this...Songs by Randy Newman.("Mama...), Laura Nyro("Eli's Coming"), Hoyt Axton
("Joy to the World"), Leo Sayer ("The Show Must Go On"), and Elton John and Berie Taupin
("Lady Samantha" and "Your Song")..Were those songwriters first major hits!!!
All in all, they sold over 40 million records!!!
You wanna know how the group got it's odd name? In 1968 ( Lime, there's that year again) then vocalist Danny Hutton's girl-friend, read an article about Indigenous Australians, which explained that on cold nights they would customarily sleep in a hole in the ground while embracing a Dingo. On colder nights they would sleep with 2 Dingo's. And on very cold night's, they would sleep with 3 (count-em) 3 Dingo's...Hence, it was a 3-Dog Night!!!
Susie the Barefoot Mistress asks....
G-Man, er....Mr Knowitall, please tell us about 420.
Dear Suzay-Cue, I'll do my best...Supposedly in the 1970's, a group of high-school kids called the Waldo's, would always meet after school at exactly 4:20 PM, to smoke a little weed, and to cop a buzz. Others say that April 20, is the day that your "plants" should go into the ground before summer.
Whatever the real story, the number 420 has been part of the underground pot culture since the 70's. Stoners could wear hats or T-Shirts emblazened with the number 420, and all the straights didn't know what the deal was. It symbolized pot just as much as a Marijuana leaf did!
When the 420 icon worms it's way into the mainstream, users take notice. The next time that you see the movie"Pulp Fiction", check and see what time all the clocks are always set on..hehehe. Yep, 4:20!!!
Simply put, 420 is a symbol for cannibis and it's culture. April 20th has become an international event, and 4:20 on that day is known as "Burn-Time".
I hope that answers that question....Mr. Knowitall grows weary, maybe too much "burn-time"?

I've Been Tagged......

Hi Everybody...G-Man here. The lovely Pink Ginger has tagged me to list 8 things or thoughts about myself. Since I consider myself quite boring, I hope you can stay awake long enough to read this boring list......
1) I hate Puke...And all talk of Puke!
(Personally, I haven't puked since I was 12)

2) My Favorite music to listen to is The Doors!
(I have every album, cassette, and CD)

3)I go to the bar at least 3 times a week!
(....But I do NOT drink alcohol...well, rarely)

4) I love The Food Channel....Obviously!
(Sandra Lee is one HOT Bitch!!)

5) I love AND prefer to drive my own vehicle when I go on vacation.
( Me and my family have been to all contiguous 48 States together)

6) When talking with my friends, I tend to randomly spew movie quotes into the conversation, regardless if the person that I'm speaking with knows the movie or has seen it...Example: "I'm the boss, need the info".."You shot me you A-Hole"...
"Crazy Dutch Bastard"....or "I'll be your huckleberry".."Poor soul, the stress was more than he could bear".."Very Cosmopolitan"....And on and on and on.

7) Anytime I get the opportunity to see a Andrew Lloyd Webber Musical....I do! I have seen...
"Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"..1 time
"Cats"..4 times
"Phantom of the Opera"..5 times (Twice, at the beautifully restored Pantages Theater in Toronto, the last time being it's last run there, with Paul Stanley of Kiss as the Phantom.)
"Jesus Christ Superstar"..10 times ( 8 times with the fantastic Ted Neely as Jesus, and twice with Yvonne Elleman as Mary)

8) I love more than anything...Sitting in Section 41..Row 26..Seat 13..Ann Arbor Michigan...
This happens for 7 or 8 Saturdays in the Fall, as it has for the last 30 years..Go Blue!!!!!!

This is a very monumental post for the G-Man....I downloaded and posted this pic myself..
Special Thanks to...
Jenn of course, for walking me through this..
Mona, for E-Mailing me this pic..
Corrine for tagging me..
And all my blogger buds that have given me almost a years worth of encouragement!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Musical Monday......

The awesome SignGurl ladies and gentleman..WOW!!! What a great new look...Thanks Jenn...
This is probably a bittersweet moment for me Blogger Buds. You see, those of you that know me well, know that I have a very primitive PC at my disposal. The color card is shot, the sound card is completely blown, and my blog was in Cyrillic Script. Yes folks, Cyrillic!! I had no idea what any of my prompts prompted me to do. I was like a poor little..er poor huge wandering waif, trudging through Siberia, with Jenn Helping me out every Thursday with my HNT, my badges, and any cosmetics done to spruce up my blog. But I see she somehow switched this back to English to me, and that only leads me to believe that she will soon be teaching me how to post my own Pics. Yes, I may soon become sorta independant!! I don't know though, I'm very Low-Tech..

As far as Musical Monday is concerned... It seems that every wedding reception from 1970-now, always played certain songs..."The Chicken Dance"...."The Bunny Hop"..."The Hokey Pokey"...And "Proud Mary"!! This million-selling single about a Mississippi paddlewheeler established Creedence Clearwater Revival, as America's chief exponet of Swamp Rock!!!
They were destined to emerge from The Big Easy as the biggest stars from there since Fats Domino.
But there was just one catch: CCR was NOT from New Orleans. They were from El Cerrito California, and they had never been to New Orleans ever!!..In Fact, John Fogarty had never been any farther East than Montana. And the closest that he had ever been to a Bayou, was a swamp by his hometown of Winters California.
Actually, "Proud Mary" was not supposed to be about a paddlewheel at all. Fogarty envisioned her as a washer-woman, but the first few chords he chose, reminded him of the PaddleWheel going round and round. That brought him thoughts of The Mississippi River, and Mary became a boat..On a later interview, Fogarty explained that the sound was easy to duplicate, cause he listened a lot to New Orleans Music..Including Fats!!!
Uh....I wasn't going anywhere with this story, I just thought that it was interesting..
Thanks again Jenn......Peace!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Flash Friday 55......

Have you ever tried to lose five pounds?
How about twenty pounds?
How about eighty?
This week, our good friend SignGurl...
Celebrated her 2nd Blogaversary, AND 500th post!

...At any weight she is,
Stunningly Beautiful
Incredibly Sexy
Extremely Talented
Unbelievably Strong!!!

Congratulations Jenn...
Your Family
Your Friends
The World.....Loves YOU!!
....168 and counting!

(S)Hemp HNT

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ask Mr. Knowitall......

If it's Wednesday, it must be time for ask Mr. Knowitall....

A Mr. Ed Magoo from Hollywood California asks...
Dear Mr. Knowitall, Other than the "House of Wax", What Horror 3-D movies would you recommend?

Greetings oh myopic one...Thats an easy question!..."The Creature From the Black Lagoon".
Here's a bit of Hollywood Trivia...The star of this 3-D epic, the scaly creature that became the symbol of all 50's cheap monsters, was actually modeled after the Oscar statue given away at the Academy Awards..
More Trivia...Two different actors appeared inside that latex costume. On land it was a big strapping actor named Ben Chapman. In water, it was champion swimmer Ricou Browning, whose main claim to fame was that he later created and trained TV's most famous aquatic hero... Flipper!!!

A Mr. Adam Ant of Hasbeen Connecticut asks...
Dear Mr. Knowitall...Has anyone ever became famous because of Ants?

Yes Adam, (certainly not you though)..In 1954, the movie "Them"!!!
The first of the 'giant mutated insect" movies, the movie starts out by a little girl wandering in the desert, and all she can say is "Them" over and over..It was about Giant Killer Ants!!
But one of the actors that made this movie watchable was a young Fess Parker. In 1954 Walt Disney was planning a feature about Davy Crockett. The studio just couldn't find the right guy for the part, until they saw the movie "Them". They immediately hired Parker for the part, and his coon skin cap started a craze that swept the nation, and made him a star.. He later became TV's Daniel Boone. Also featured in this film was James Arness ( TV's Matt Dillon), and Spock..
Leonard Nimoy..

....OK, speaking of Matt Dillon, he actually became famous for portraying a Vegetable!!

In 1951, Howard Hawks of John Wayne epic Westerns fame, directed a movie named "The Thing". This was a movie about an alien discovered near an Arctic research station. This movie was notable for 2 reasons: First, it kicked off a whole generation of "It Came From Outer Space" flicks. And second, The 'monster' that was actually a giant vegetable, was played by James Arness. TV's Matt Dillon from Gunsmoke. Arness, who was 6ft 5...wore 4 inch lifts on the set.
He was on screen for all of 3 minutes...

......And, Arness's real life brother was Peter Graves, who starred in TV's Mission Impossible.
Remember....? He was the guy that started every episode by playing a tape recorder that had his orders on it...."Good Evening Mr Phelps".........

Mr Knowitall grows weary....... This post will self-destruct in 10 seconds!!!!! Peace!

TMI Tuesday..........

Hi everybody!! Today's meme is so simple and easy, that you can easily tell that I was un-inspired today...Oh well! Anyway, I thought to myself that I might as well ask about something of great interest to me..( No, NOT Red-Heads ) Food!!!!...I call this my ...Easy Food Meme.

1) Peanut Butter....Creamy or Crunchy..(...And what is your favorite brand?)

2) Jam or Jelly...Smuckers Strawberry Preserves..Welches Grape..or Honey?

3) French Fries...or Onion Rings?.....and from where?

4) Potato Chips..Corn Chips...Popcorn..?

5) Steak.....T-Bone..Prime-Rib..Porterhouse..or Filet-Mignon?

6) Canned Tuna....Miracle Whip or Mayo?

7) A potato....Baked or Mashed?

8) Favorite Cuisine..Italian..Chinese..Greek..Indian...Thai...Vegetarian?

9) Seafood.. Lobster..King Crab..Shrimp..Oysters?

10) Pizza......You tell me!!!

Bonus Question:
You have just won 1000.00 Dollors on a scratch-off instant lottery ticket, and it coincides with a special event.. You decide to celebrate at a restaurant of your choice....Anywhere in this country where you may have been or want to go...Where would it be? And what would you order?

Thanks....I'll answer all questions somewhere in my comments.. Peace!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Musical Monday..........

The year......1968.
The scenario....Officials at the Crocker State Bank in California, contacted a San Francisco ad agency about a campaign that would help attract young depositers to ther bank..
The ad execs came up with a basic approach.."The one thing that all young people have in common, is that they are starting out new"...So their theme was, "We've only just begun."
The ad execs then got another inspiration. They decided to pay a real songwriter to come up with a real song using that theme. So they commissioned Paul Williams to write a song with the phrase, "We've only just begun" in it.
As part of the deal, the banks used it on their commercials- but Williams was free to do whatever he wanted to with the song....He Did! He sold the song to the Carpenters, and they recorded a sugary version of it that not only sold a million copies, but it has been played at every wedding and elevator ever since...Meanwhile, the bank made it's money back by licensing commercial rights to the song that other banks would use for years to come!

One Final Note of Irony....The bank then realized it didn't want the young peoples Biz after all!
Young adults flocked to the Crocker Bank to borrow, NOT save their money, and since they did not have any collateral, they turned out to be very bad risks...and the ad campaign was stopped!

One more final note.....One of our fellow bloggers and a very kind soul Little Wing, is being Rail-Roaded and slandered...Please do not beleive all that may come your way in regards to her...
More to follow....In the mean-time...Happy Musical Monday!!!... Peace!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Birthday 55

He was the happiest baby.
He had the cutest giggle.
He was my fishing buddy
...my movie buddy...
I've seen all of his concerts,
all of his parades, all of his marches.
Today, he can get tattooed....
Go to war...
Without my permission!
Happy 18th Birth-Day Reese!!!
Your Father Loves You Very Much...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ask Mr. Knowitall......

If it's Wednesday...It must be time for "Ask Mr. Knowitall"

A Mr. Snoop Dog of Alpo New Jersey asks...Dear Mr. Kazizzle....
What be the 'tip' on the Dog Days??

Dear Mr. Dog...If you are referring to the hottest days of Summer...
The Ancient Romans believed that there was a period during the Summer when the brightest star in the heavens, the dog star 'Sirius', added it's heat to the Sun's heat, making it even hotter!
A veritable 'inferno' if you will.

A Mr Mickey Spillane of Bayonne New Jersey asks...Dear Mr. Knowitall...
Does any of you'se guys knows where da expression 'Private Eye' comes from?

Mickey...As a matter of fact I do! The Pinkerton Detective Agency, founded in 1850, used the motto.."We Never Sleep", and accompanied it with a picture of an open eye. It was commonly referred to as "The Eye", and Pinkerton agents hired by private concerns, were then called "Private Eyes"...Now the term "Private Dick", has a completely different origin...Another time.

A Mr James Olsen of Metropolis asks...Dear Mr. Knowitall..
Where does the expression"Great Caesars Ghost" come from?

Jimmy...Actually your boss Perry White is the only person that says that phrase..I'm fairly certain that it an abberation of the phrase "Great Scott"!!!..Now that term comes from one of America's most admired soldiers during the 19th century, General Winfield Scott, hero of the Mexican War in 1847. During the mid-1800's, that was the hip thing to say!!!

Mr. Knowitall grows weary....Tomorrows HNT will be Blogdom's biggest coup!!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

TMI Tuesday.........

Look out.....The G-Man is now a Meme Maniac!!! I shall call this my .....
Memory Lane Meme...

1.) Can you remember the first movie that you saw at a theater?

2.) Can you remember your Kindergarten teachers name?

3.) Whats the very first Family car that you can remember?

4.) What was your FIRST favorite TV show, that you can recall?

5.) What Country were your great-grandparents from?

6.) Do you remember the first autograph that you asked for?

7.) Did your Family have a favorite vacation spot?

8.) Do you remember your family phone number as a teen?

9.) What was your very first car that you owned?

.....I hope you play along. What else you got to do now?

1..."House of Wax"...in 3-D.....circa 1954
2...My name is Mrs. Grotz...They call me Mrs. Pots.
3...A 1953 Nash Rambler...The seats folded down to make a bed!
4...I used to run home from school after Kindergarten to see....
"Hey kids...what time is it?...It's Howdy Doody Time"
5... Scotland..
6...There was a local TV personality from Detroit called..
Sagebrush Shorty, he was a ventriliquist, and his dummy's name was Bronco Billy Buttons!
7...We stayed only about 40 miles from home, at a place called Miller Lake.
Our family knew someone that had a cabin there, and we would rent it from them.
8...313 238-9109
9...A 1963 Chevy Bel-Air...stick-shift....no air!!

Come-On...Play along...it's only 9 questions...unless you are too senile to play along!
Unless you are too senile to play along!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Maniacal Musical Monday.......

Hi Everybody!!! I hope you all had a great Week-End.....For today's Musical Monday, I have an interesting little story to tell you, pull up a seat....
One night musician/songwriter Michael Sembello rented a copy of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre", a particularly gruesome horror flick. After watching it he decided just for kicks, to write a song about a mass muderer. After he and his writing partner churned out a rough copy of a song, they put it on a cassette and returned to writing silly love songs.
A few weeks later record producer Phil Ramone, asked Sembello to contribute a song or two toward a new project over at Paramount films called "Flashdance". He penned a couple of tunes he thought might work, and asked his wife to put them on tape and send them off to Paramount.
She went to the studio, grabbed a tape copied the songs, and dropped it in the Mail.
The very next day she took a call from Paramount. It seems the studio listened to the songs, but there was one in particular that they were really crazy about....They tested it with a specific scene they were shooting, and it fit perfectly, and they definately wanted to use that song for the movie. "Which song?" she asked. The reply, " I don't know, all I know is that at the end it just keeps repeating something about a Maniac!"..."OMG" she thought, she had put his demo songs on the tape with the "Chainsaw" inspired tune. She called the studio and told them that it was a mistake that the song was even on there, but they insisted that they wanted that song!!
When Sembello found out, he was so shocked that he didn't believe his wife. But Ramone confirmed it, adding that Paramount wanted the lyrics changed to fit the dance scene. In the new version the Maniac was dance-crazy, NOT bloodthirsty!!!
"Maniac"---the song no one was ever supposed to hear--Became Sembello's first million selling hit--A #1 song-- and an Oscar nominee.

Hope you all enjoyed that little tale.... Peace.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Flash 55.....

Hello Baby-Girl!!!
Her first night home,
I slept under her crib
Just to hear her breath!

But since, it's only been Good-Bye Baby-Girl for....
...Her first day of Kindergarten.
...Her first day of College.
...One year in Europe to Study.
A Senior, She flew to Vegas today for Fall Break.
...Daddy Loves You!!!

If you have written a 55, please go tell the Beautiful Susie!
She is on my Blog-Roll....
Have a Great Week-End.... Galen

Football HNT

This is me and the gorgeous Roxi Moon.

Roxi, here is a picture of my desktop per your tag.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ask Mr. Knowitall.......

Hi everybody!! If it's Wednesday, it must be time for ask Mr. Knowitall!! But Mr. Knowitall does not feel like answering any questions today, instead he is going to throw out a topic for discussion....ready?

Discuss the long terms effects that "MANIFEST DESTINY" had upon the developement of American Domestic, and Foreign Policy. And is the current administration still practicing a form of that concept now?......Or you may talk about any topic, that you know will be of interest to me....Discuss:

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

TMI Tuesday........

I usually hate Meme's. Most of them are stupid, lascivious, and redundant. Thats not to say that there aren't some very interesting ones out there. The beautiful Lime is the Queen of Meme's, and her answers are always worth the price of admission, but for the most part I prefer my own! So if you choose to participate, be careful, it may date you......

1. Do you own any Video or DVD that you have never watched?
A. Yes, My brother always gets me that stuff for Christmas. And those $2.99 vids in the "Bargain Bin" at Wall-Mart seemed like a good idea at the time!

2. Do you own a Vid or a DVD that your spouse/other does NOT know about?
A. What do you think?

3. Have you ever owned an 8-Track player?
A. Hahaha....Many! In fact I own several right now that still work!

4. Do you have a device in your home that would play a vinyl record?
A. Of course! I still play my old albums, scratches and all!

5. Is this you...."Boom-Box"...."Sony Walk-Man".....I-Pod...?
A. Yes, although I never carried a Boom-Box around on my shoulder!

6. Is there a Black/White TV in your home right now?
A. Hmmmm, Me? The King of Trash? Saver of everything?....No, oddly enough.

7. Have you ever been on TV?
A. Many times....Commercials for our Dealership!

8. Do you personally know a celebrity?
A. Does Michael Moore count?

9. Have you ever puked at a Concert?
A. I haven't puked since I was 12....EVER! ( I hate puke, and all talk of puke)

10. Have you ever been puked 'on' at a concert?
A. By Mrs. G, at George Harrison, 1975, Detroit Michigan....Too much cheap Canadian Wine!
Also I got a few drops of puke 'splash' on me at The Who ( with Keith Moon ), 1975, The Pontiac Silverdome...By some drunk mother-fucker named Eddie that was sitting behind me ....

....If you have the urge to participate in this Meme, feel free to do so. Or you may steal it, or you may just answer either of the last two Nauseating questions..... Go ahead, I have some Pepto!
Have a great TMI Tuesday.... Peace!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Musical Monday......

Hi everybody!! As you may have surmised from my previous post, the G-Man was very thrilled this past Saturday to meet a long-time Blog Goddess...... Lady Roxanne!!! I once told her that If we were ever to meet at The Big-House, I would buy her a $4.5o Stadium Bratwurst..
So when it came time to do a little snackin, I asked Roxi if she would like one, she said " No Thanks G-Man, Bratwurst gives me the wind"! I then asked her if she would like anything else, she said that some nacho's and cheese would suffice. So I sent my friend Berky off to get the grub, and she and her friend Cathy shared the treat together. The only reason that I'm relaying this story, is that they ate the nacho's in a very strange way, they licked the hot melted cheese off of each others face...I know it sounds gross....But it was quite HOT!!
OK.....Getting back to Musical Monday. All of this strange and exciting behavior, inspired me to incorporate my favorite subject...FOOD, into a Musical Monday Food-Fest.....Enjoy!!!

The Life and works of the great Italian Composer Giocchino Rossini, were greatly inspired by food. "Di Tanti Palpiti", the most popular Aria of it's time, was familiarly known as the "Rice Aria" because he wrote it while waiting for his risotto to cook. Also, it is said that the aria.."Nacqui all A'ffanno e al Pianto" from Cinderella was penned in less than 20 minutes in a tavern in Rome while drinking with buddies. But by his mid-thirties he had written 39 Opera's and was the most acclaimed musician of his day, but he suddenly went into early retirement, and spent the rest of his life throwing dinner parties at his home in Paris..
Rossini is said to have shed tears only 3 times in his life..
1. The first time he had his 1st opera performed in public..
2. When he heard Paganini play the violin..
3. When his picnic lunch fell overboard during a boating trip..
Rossini is now well known for a steak named after him, created at the Cafe' Anglais in Paris.

Elvis (The King), liked to watch lesbian sex through a see-though mirror in his bedroom while nibbling on a bucket of giblets from a local diner....
Elvis once ate nothing but meat-loaf, mashed potatoes, and tomatoes for 2 whole years...
Elvis became addicted to Feen-A-Mint chewing gum while trying to overcome severe constipation...
To this day, his estate has a freshly made grilled peanut-butter and 'nana' sandwich sitting on the kitchen stove ...in case he comes walking in the door...
He would fly his whole entourage to Denver, because he was a huge fan of a restaurant that specialized in a sandwich fave of his..Peanut-Butter and Jelly and Bacon!!( This one IS great)
And his last meal was 4 scoops of Ice Cream, with 6 Chocolate Chip Cookies....

Have a great day everyone, and make sure you check out Roxi's Blog this week, I heard that she will be posting pics of Saturday's Historic Event!!... Peace!!

Sunday Ramble.........

Hi Everybody!! I'm in such a great mood that I have to get rid of all that depressing crap that has been posted..As you may, or may not know, I have had season football tickets to the University of Michigan for over 35 years. Three of us that are great friends, each have 2 tickets, so we have 6 seats together. Ocassionally My friend Dave will not attend all of the games, if he can't get one of his kids to go, he will usually ask me if I know anyone that would want them. Yeterday was a picture perfect day! The only problem was that none of my friends wanted to attend either. I was just gonna take the extra tickets down there and try and sell them for whatever I could get for them. Well, Saturday's opponent was Eastern Michigan University, not quite a powerhouse, in fact they are NOT even a Big 10 school, and there were tickets everywhere to be had. Late Friday night as I was doing a little Blog Surfing, I visited The Super Hot site of Lady Roxanne...AKA...Roxi!!! She is a Michigan Blogger, and we have been friends for over a year now, she indicated on a post that she was attending the game on Saturday, but did not have any tickets yet. I immediately E-Mailed her and told her that I had 2 available...For Free!!!...She eventually contacted me, and we met before the game, I gave her the tickets, and I drove off to get my parking spot. She actually showed up on time for the game, she was with her best friend Cathy, and her U.S. Marine boyfriend Dan. Dan actually had to scalp a single ticket since I only had 2 available for free, but he did purchase 1 for 40 Bucks and we squeezed him in with us since the stadium was NOT packed to capacity.
OK, getting back to Roxi....OMG!!!! People, you have NO Fricking Idea how beautiful this girl is!
Of course you can visit her web site, her name is on my Blog Roll to your left. She has pics of her and her friends and family. But if you are feeling lazy today, and can barely wade through this boring post, you just have to take my word for it...She is a beauty of Model-Like quality!!
For being only 25 years old, she is very well read, and very smart. She has a great sense of humor, and acts just like "one of the guys"...This girl and the infamous Strumpet, are the soul reasons that The G-Man even exists at all, ( blog wise ) She has always been an inspiration to me, and I have always wanted to meet her....in person! Could you imagine sitting next to someone that you idolized and respected for so long on a day that was at least 87 degrees, a beating down Sun, and having 108, 936 fans crammed into a game like Sardines? Trust me, you get to know someone real well after 4 hours of that!! I kind 0f felt sorry for the girl, but let me tell you there were 108, 936 Sweat-Hogs at the game yesterday, so i didn't feel too bad at all..
She used to be one of those flag twirling chicks on the field with the Marching Band, and she knew all about that stuff, she really enjoyed Michigan football, and her boyfriend Dan really got into the game, and he gave me someone to scream and swear with all day long. Needless to say I had the best days at the Big House, since they also won the game!!
I'm still on Cloud 9, and probably will be for weeks to come....Thank You Moon-Pie for making Yesterday one of my greatest days EVER!!!..You Rock the WORLD!!!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Friday Flash 55.......

It hits you like a train!
NOTHING eases the pain.
It's the same old refrain
It strangles the brain.
It drives you insane!!
Before the silence turns to thunder
Before your mind is torn asunder
Her warm heart and understanding
Finally makes you see
That your NOT crazy!!
Thank you Madame, for saving me....

Have a great week-end everybody..xoxoxox

Office HNT

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ask Mr. Knowitall......

If it's Wednesday, it must be time for...Ask Mr. Knowitall.........

A Mr. Joe Schlitz of Milwaukee Wisconsin asks..Dear Mr. Knowitall,
Who invented the pull-top can anyway?..I loved using the old 'church-key'!!!

"Mr Schilitz...you sure are a 'Tall-Boy'..Hehehe..Anyway, In 1959, an engineer named Ermal Cleon Fraze, was at a picnic when he realized that he had forgotten his trusty can opener..
As luck would have it, no one else had one either, so he had to use the bumper guard off of his car to open a can of soda! It took him a 1/2 hr to get it open, and he vowed that it would NEVER happen again. He patented the first pull-top later that year, and 3 years later the Pittsburg Brewing Co. tried using it on it's Iron City Beer..The rest is history"!!

A Mr. Tommy Chong of San Quenton California asks...Hey Dude,
Whats the deal with pot?

"Tommy, you know what?..I got the bathball jones, but thats besides the point, for thousands of years, hemp(cannabis sativa) has been one of the most useful plants known to man. It's strong stringy fibers make very durable rope and can be woven into anything from sails to shirts. It's pithy centers called 'hurds' make excellent paper, and it's seeds are very high in protein.(high hehehe) The seeds can be also pressed into oil used for lighting and lubricating oils, and can also be added to animal feed....also
Washinton AND Jefferson grew it.
Our first flags were likely made from hemp cloth.
The first AND second drafts of the Declaration of Independance were written on hemp paper.
When the pioneers went West, their wagons were covered with hemp canvas( the word "canvas" comes from canabacius hemp cloth).
The first Levi's sold to prospectors were sturdy hemp coveralls.
Abe Lincoln's wife , Mary Todd, came from the richest Hemp growing family in Kentucky.
After the Civil War, hemp production in the States declined steeply. Without slave labor, hemp became too expensive to produce. Besides, cotton ginned from machines was cheaper. Still hemp fabric remained the second most common cloth in America.
In fact, during WW-II hemp saved the life of a young pilot named George Bush who was forced to bail out of his burning airplane over the Pacific...
Parts of his aircraft engine were lubed with hemp-seed oil.
His life saving parachute webbing was made entirely from U.S. grown hemp.
All of the rigging and rope from his rescue ship was made from cannabis hemp.
The firehoses on the ship were woven from hemp.
And if you ingest the buds of the female cannabis plant either by smoking it or baking it in some sort of brownies or cookies, it has been known to produce a euphoric effect on the brain!!!!"

Tommy ........." Far Out Man"!

A Mr. Hardon Johnson, of Dicksburg Tennessee asks...
Dear Mr. Knowitall, What were the real names of Doris Day, Lucille Ball, and Sophia Loren?

"Mr. Johnson...you seem like a real straight shooter"...
Doris Kappelhoff
Dianne Belmont
Sophia Scicolone

Mr. Knowitall grows weary talking about Alcohol, Dope, and Women... Peace!!

TMI Tuesday.........

With the onset of October, I'm sure that we will start seeing more and more horror flicks on the tube this month. I'm a gonna fill you in with some little trivia facts about some classic horror films...Then I'm going to ask you to participate in a teeny-tiny mini-meme...

The role that made Boris Karloff famous was originally offered to both Bela Lugosi, and John Carradine; both turned it down. One of the factors was that the costume weighed 62 #'s and the make-up took over 4 hours to apply.
Boris had to wear 22# size 24 boots. He also wore 2 pairs of pants with steel struts shoved in them, and a double thick quilted suit.
His make-up was 1/16th of an inch thick, and the bolts on his neck left permanent scars!
The famous scene where he carries Dr. Frankenstein off was memorable for Karloff in real life also-He strained his back so hard that he had to have an operation to fix it!!
Bette Davis wanted the part of Mrs. Frankenstein, but she was turned down because she was too aggressive!

DRACULA (1931)
Bela Lugosi became the first great monster of the talkie-era with this role. He had been playing the role of Dracula on Broadway since 1927, so he already knew his part well! Unfortunately, he was only pd $500. for his part in the film...
Among the films lighting tricks: Twin pencil-spotlights were shined in Lugosi's eyes to give him that famous hypnotic stare.
The Castle Dracula and Carfax Abbey sets were so expensive to build, that Universal Studios kept and reused them several times in the 30's..
The enormous spider web on Dracula's staircase, was actually a string of rubber cement. And the Mtns. in the opening scenes were4 really the Rockies-Not the Alps, or the Carpathians!!

THE MUMMY (1932)
Karloff's second big monster flick was inspired by the discovery of King Tut's tomb in 1922. And the widespread belief that several men connected with the expedition, had died mysteriously and had been cursed!
Karloff was wrapped every day in linen and gauze, and was covered in mud!
Karloff became so famous from his previous role, that he was billed as only..."Karloff", at the time, Only Greta Garbo had acheived a single named billing!

OK....I think thats enough for today, I'll finish up next week with some more 'insider' info!.....
As for the Meme....

1. What was the very first 'Scary Movie' that you remember seeing at the theater?
(The original House of Wax...in 3-D!!!)

2. Name me the top 5 Horror flicks that really scared the Bejeezus out of you, or that has left a lasting impression on you...
a.Rosemary's Baby
b.The Exorcist
c. Night of the Living Dead...the original
d. King Kong....the original
e.The Tingler....Some theaters were actually wired for shock

Come and play with the G-Man...it will help me feel better... please?

Monday, October 1, 2007

Musical Monday....

Hi everybody...OK...One more day of this morose, and I'll be done with it.......

You know that bald guy that leads the band on the David Letterman Show?...Paul Schaffer?
He calls his band..."The World's Most Dangerous Band"...Hahaha..NOT even close!!!

THE BYRDS...5 Dead
Gram Parsons...OD 1973
Clarence White..Killed by a drunk 1973
Gene Clark ....Heart Attack 91
Michael Clark..Bad Liver 93
John Guerin..Bad Heart 04

Paul Williams...Suicide 73
David Ruffin..OD 92
Eddie Kendricks..Lung Cancer 92
Melvin Franklin..Brain Seizure 95

Jerry Garcia...Heart attack 95
Pigpen McKernan..Bad Liver 73
Keith Godchaux... Car Wreck 80
Brent Mydland..OD 90

Bill Murcia...OD 72
Johnny Thunders...ODS 91
Jerry Nolan...Stroke 92
Arthur Kane...Leukemia 04

T-REX...4 Dead
Marc Bolin...Car Crash 77
Steve Curry...Car Crash 81
Steve Peregrine Took...Cocktail Cherry 90
Mickey Finn...Natural Causes 03

Ronnie Van Zant
Steve Gaines.....Air Crash 77
Allen Collins...Respiratory Failure 90
Leon Wilkeson...Bad Liver 01

David Lynch...Cancer 81
Nate Nelson...Heart Disease 84
Paul Robi...Cancer 89
Tony Williams...Emphysema 92

Duane Allman...Motorcycle Wreck 71
Berry Oakley..Motorcycle Wreck 72
Lamar Williams...Cancer 83

Stuart Sutcliff...Brain Hemmorage 62..(Oooooh I smell a post here)
John Lennon...Murdered 80
George Harrison...Cancer 01

Joey Ramone..Cancer 01
Dee Dee Ramone...OD 02
Johnny Ramone...Cancer 04

There you have it....Musical Monday!!!
Thanks everybody for all your kind words and well wishes..
When family members and non-Believers ask you.. "why do you blog?"
This is why........I love you all, thanks..xoxox