Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Retro Wednesday....

My Great Grandfather brought this with him from Germany in the late 19th century. I have it still in the original case, The top pic I downloaded on E-Bay, it was selling for 25 Bucks..
It is a George Wostenholm & Sons Circa mid 19th century, fair condition..I'd NEVER sell it of course...:-)...(or anything else for that matter hehehehe)

Monday, September 29, 2008

A Rose By Any Other Name........

Cabbage Rolls...?
Stuffed Cabbage...
Pigs in the Blanket...
Whatever your family calls them, these little meat dumplings of delight are a lot of work, but well worth the effort. My Granny was German and she made the meat with with semi cooked rice, ground pork, ground beef, and salt and pepper. She rolled them in the Cabbage leaves, then cooked them in saurkraut..No garlic or tomatoes of any kind.
These are more my Mother-in-Laws..
The meat was made with beef, rice, salt and pepper, and about a BULB of chopped garlic!!
After they were rolled, she dumped canned tomatoes over the top...Yummo!!!
Pic.1..After the leaves were semi boiled, and the middle back vein removed, the left over cabbage was chopped and put on the bottom of the roaster.
Pic.2..The meat.
Pic.3..The 1st layer
Pic.4..Ready for the oven for about 2 1/2 hours at 350.
Pic.5..This is what was left out of about two dozen huge rolls...hehehe
They are always better the second day....
And yes, it is a very musical food!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

27-25 Yeah Baby......

It was the Big Ten season opener,
for the Wolverines that day.
The Badgers beat them last year,
there was retribution to pay!
The first half started poorly,
Wisconsin was very rude.
Behind 19 to zip at half-time,
the team was loudly boo'ed.
The Red and White grew complacent,
they thought the game was won.
Thats when the Mighty Maize and Blue,
began it's historic run...
Slowly the Wolverines took the lead,
It ELECTRIFIED the crowd.
The Big House went from silent,
to deafeningly LOUD!!!
The Badgers showed their spirit,
A touchdown put them within two.
But the Football Gods were smiling that day..
And it was the Red, that went home Blue!!!
This was the 500th game at storied Michigan Stadium.
This was the largest 'come from behind' victory at the Big House.
This was Glorious..
This was College Football..
This was MICHIGAN!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Friday Flash 55.....

"Hi Daddy"
'Hi Dolly, hows it going'?
"Guess what?...I'm engaged"!!!
'OH.....To who'?
"Stop it, you know...And he gave me a ring, a diamond"!
'Mandy, go to the closest window and see if it cuts glass'.
'OK....Dolly I love you with all my heart, if you're happy, I'm happy'!
This was an actual conversation I had with my daughter today.
She works part time for the State, and he works part time at a coffee house...
If you or anyone you know has written a Friday Flash 55, please come tell the G-Man. I will visit, read, enjoy, comment..... then BOOK!!!
Have a Great Week-End!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thursday Portrait.....

My Baby brother Matt was in the US Navy for 20 years. He now lives in Norfolk Virginia.
He was always on a Carrier, this hat was from one of his ships.
Hmmmmm..Now you all know what Friday is, right kiddies?
Carry On........

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Retro Wednesday.........

This lamp has been around for a long time, I can only tell you that it was made by the Van Dyke Lamp CO. of Chicago..See how old the plug is?
Well maybe you can't, cell phone photography is NOT the best..hehehe, sorry.
Have a Happy Hump Day....

X-Tra Large Roller Skate.......?

Hi Everybody...
Have you seen any of these goofy looking "Smart Cars" flitting about?
Yesterday a guy stopped by the dealership to try to sell us something, and I couldn't resist checking this thing out a little closer.
Supposedly they start out at about 12 Grand, but I think that the one that is shown was over 20 grand!
I dunno...See the Red Cobalt on the bottom? That is the Cobalt XFE..(extra fuel economy).
That one is less than 16,800, and it gets 36-38 MPG.
The Smart Car gets about 45.
Where do you put your golf clubs?
Have a Great Day.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Hi everybody....
I hope you had a swell Week-End, I sure did!!!
Saturday I had to work. and for some odd reason I was very busy.
I ended up selling TWO Trail Blazers and in spite of it being a S.U.V. It has so many incentives on them that they are too good of a deal to pass up..
And Sunday was our annual Golf Outing. Our team finished 1 Under par and we finished in 3rd place.
I would have had pics of some golf but I had made up a 1/2 gallon of Bloody Mary's, and had some pre-rolls, so you'll have to forgive my absent mindness behavior..hehehe
I won some great prizes...I table top CD player Stereo, a couple of 30 dollor gift cards, assorted hats, balls, towels, T's etc..
The guy in the 3rd pic down is my boss and over-all Great Guy, Richard Canever.
I'm very tired....Good Night....G

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Friday Flush 55......

One of my favorite Seinfeld episodes, was the one where George was seen emerging from Jerry's privy clutching a large book. Jerry was irate and refused to read a "bathroom book"!
George tried to return it for Jerry, but was refused because it was a "bathroom book".....
Guess I can't return my new lap top now....Can I????

Hehehehe, where do you think that I'm typing this at now?
If you or anyone you know has written a Friday 55, please come tell the G-Man.
I will visit, read, enjoy, comment, Then Book!!!
Please have a Great Week-End ....

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thursday Portrait.....

Hi Everybody.....
This is me with my NEW LAP TOP!!!!!
This is my web page...I can see SKULLS!!
My page had skulls?
Hewlet Packard
3 Gig Memory
250 Gig Hard Drive
Carrying Case
Wireless Mouse
24/7 Tech support
Complete Program set up
100 Bucks down
600.00 balance
90 Days..Same as cash!
Are we thinking about Friday's 55 kiddies?
I am...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Retro Wednesday........

Oh I got many of these old baby's...
The model at the top is the 1951 GE. Model 422
The white one is the 1954 Zenith Model 1151 w.
They are easily found in my old radio guide book.
Of course they both work beautifully....
I'm going Lap-Top shopping tomorrow, wish me luck!

Mr. Fixit......

OK...So it was about 5:00 O'clock Sunday afternoon, just an hour before dinner was to be ready. Reese came running outside to tell me that the basement was flooding and we had to start moving stuff. Now I have a sump that runs all the time in wet weather, but I also have an emergency sump pump that runs off a battery back-up, and believe me it has saved my basement on more than one occasion. But he said that there was a leak in the sewer pipe.
Now THAT freaked me out, so I rushed downstairs to see if that were true. It seems that the cement that packed the pipe in the wall had sprung a leak about the size of a quarter, and water was indeed shooting in my basement. Fortunately, the leak was not far from my basement floor drain, and I could easily squeegie it into the drain. But water is a powerful force and It's hard telling how much bigger the hole was going to get, so I went next door to consult with my BIL for some expert advice. He told me to go to Home Depot and get some stuff called Hydraulic Cement.
I prefer Lowes because at Home Depot there is NOBODY ever in that department that you need help in. Of course the rain had made both places a mad-house, and the 10# buckets of that Cement were all sold out. The price on the sold out bucket was 10.25, the price on the 20# bucket was on sale for 10.75!
I know that was way more than I needed, but WTF!!
When I got home Joe (BIL), told me exactly how to do it. You mix 4 parts cement with one part water and stir till it starts to thicken up. Then I put on some rubber gloves and 'worked' it by hand till it started to become the consistancy of silly putty. I then rolled it by hand till it was about the size of a ring of bologna, I placed it around the pipe and pressed it into place. VOILA!!
Leak stopped..I did it myself...And all for under 11 bucks!!!
It was wet and wild, but it turned out to be just fine. Dinner was set back about 15 minutes, and we laughed about it later..I felt very Lucky!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away.........

Has anybody got a used Ark for sale?
I have been wet for 3 days, and it's getting on my last nerve.
Yesterday I had a hankerin for a smoked turkey, I had hoped it would clear up just a tad but No Such Luck! Ever tried to start and keep a charcoal fire going in a driving rain storm?
Hahaha...It CAN be done kiddies. As you can see, I used a little 'Yankee' ingenuity..
The corn was ungodly sweet
The Home-Grown Tomatos sprinkled with Feta cheese and drizzled with Olive Oil was spectacular.
The 5 1/2 hour apple-wood smoked turkey was moist and very flavorful.
My BIL and SIL came to dinner with us and brought a New York Cheesecake froms Sam's..So in spite of a lousy day weatherwise..We ate Good!!!
Tomorrow I'll have to tell you about my basement springing a leak during the closing moments of dinner...Stay Tuned!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

### Friday Flash 55 ###...

Just in case you are ever on Jeopardy, this sign..#..is an ancient symbol from the old Norse word for farm or village called a 'thorpe'.
The symbol was originally used in map-making representing a village surrounded by eight fields... So it was aptly named the 'octothorpe'.
..."I'll take Word Origins for Two Thousand Alex"!!
If you or anyone you know have written a Friday Flash 55 this week, please come tell the G-Man. I will visit, read, enjoy, comment... Then Book!
The two winningest programs in college football are going head to head this week-end, and all you hear about is Beanie Wells's Turf Toe....Very Sad.
Have a Great Week-End Everybody!!!!
(hehehehe double 55's)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thursday Portrait.......

This morning was a BEAUTIFUL day to ride to work!
But there was only one problem...It was 38 degrees!
Nylon Riding Jacket
My heaviest riding vest
Full finger gloves
I velcro'ed the bottom of my pant legs so the wind woudn't blow up my britches!
I zipped the insulative liner in my helmet...
I went on-line and figured out that if it is 38 degrees, and I travel on the E-Way at 80 mph, then the wind-chill was 20!!!!!
...The pics?
My vest with.....My Favorite Watch and chain!!
Me with my lined helmet on.
A very shaggy looking G-Man!
Friday will soon be upon us kiddies...Start thinking about your 55's!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Retro Wednesday...

In 1978, I had a bottle of Dom Perignon 1969. That was reputed to be one of the very best vintages EVER!. A buddy of mine was relentless in trying to weasel me out of it. He made me a great offer. He traded me a 1969 Charles Krug Special Vintage Cabernet Sauvignon AND the above shown Beaulieau Vinyards 1970 Private Reserve..Even Steven!!
I have long since drank The Krug, but looky what I am still storing on it's side in my dark cool basement...hehehe
Wine expert Robert Parker say's...
"The 1970 has always been considered one of the great BV Private Reserves!
Well stored bottles continue to taste brilliantly. This wine performed spectacularly at a recent blind-taste testing. Revealing a huge, complex bouquet of over ripe, sweet, jammy, pruny fruit, cedar, spices, and fruitcake. Fat and Rich, with unctuously-textured, chewy expansive flavors, and a full-bodies finish. This was all a great wine could be!!!!
I don't know about all that happy horse-shit, all I know is that a GREAT Cabernet, when properly stored, opened, and allowed to breathe for at least an hour, is kind of wonderful to the nostril, chalky to the taste, and magically disappears in your mouth, leaving a fond memory of that little swig of liquid perfection!!!
But as I always say....Drink what you like!!
I still Love Boone's Farm!!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Tuesday Tips......

While browsing through some old books of my Mothers, I came across an interesting article on dating tips just for girls from the 1950's. These little life lessons are TIMELESS and in my opinion should be implemented ASAP!!
OF GOOD CONDUCT...........
1.Be a girl with taste, dressing approprately for the occasion.
2.Act like a lady, and he will treat you as such.
3.Be able to enjoy an everyday date as well as the glamour occasions.
4.Don't hang on him possessively.
5.Don't have him fetch and carry just to create an impression.
6.Make up if you like, but do not try to make over what you are.
7.Be popular with the girls as well as the boys.
8.Learn to like sports..It's an All-American topic in which all boys are interested in.
9.Don't be too self-sufficient; Boys like to feel needed.
10.Be natural.
Ya know, maybe some of these commandments could use a little 21'st Century updating. What do you think? Got any ideas? OK...I'll go 1st...
1.Be a girl with good taste, A lavender or coconut oil bath beats a vinegar douche ANY day!!
Get the picture?...Take it away Kiddies......

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Basking in Victory.......

Hi Everybody....
If you know anything at all about me, my 2 passions in life are Harley-Davidson, and U/M Football!
Yesterday the Maize and Blue finally posted a Victory over the very tough Redhawks of Miami of Ohio. (The Cradle of Coaches).
We park in a friends driveway about 4 blocks from the stadium so we do not as a rule tail-gate. Hot dogs in the stadium are 4 Bucks apiece! Pop and water are 3 bucks at least.
About a block from the Field there are street vendors selling dogs, brats and other goodies. I got 2 Hot Dogs, chips, and a soda for 5 Bucks..YAY!!!
This is Alex with his party fare.
Inside the stadium they provide cool, refreshing Absopure Water for free!
When it gets hot I will spill for a 4 Dollar Blue Bunny Lemon Icy Chill!
Some fans get there waaaay early..hehehehe
Some fans dress like Idiots!
But after the game it's a Sea of Happy Fans!!!!
Have a Great Week...Peace..!!!