Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I Look Like Who?..........

Do you look like anyone else? Have you ever been told that you look like someone else?
In 1974, I was a senior at the University of Michigan/Flint Campus. I should have graduated in 1972, but my first 2 years I majored in Euchre at the Student Union. Anyway, My friend Phil Cornell was the Student Govt. president. My friend Dave Wiget, was the Senior Class president, and I was on the student council, AND the sports editor of the school paper...
My job on the council was to cordinate entertainment on campus, and to grant the usage of the auditorium to fundraisers and lectures. One person in particular always stood out as being community oriented, and always had " off-beat " film festivals. His name was Michael Moore.
Without getting into Mikes Bibliography, we all know that he became a famous Documentary Film maker, and an Oscar Winner..He is also probably Flint's most famous reigning celebrity!
I've talked to Mike many times, we've met at many poetry readings, and have attended many functions together. If he saw me in public, he would certainly acknowledge me and nod, or maybe shake my hand, but I doubt if he would know my name...Maybe, but I doubt it.
The problem is that we look alike!! We are both men of considerable girth, wear the same black frame glasses, tend to dress rather casual, and we both have brown scraggly hair. More than once I have been told this by strangers, and friends alike..
One time I was in Boulder Colorado, taking a tour of the Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory, I was in the hospitality room enjoying an iced herbal Camomile Tea, ( I hear it's good for hemorrhoids ) I happened to be wearing a hat that indicated that I was from Flint Michigan, well someone in the room said outloud..'Theres Michael Moore', I was soon surrounded by a boisterous crowd of autograph seekers, and I actually had to pull out my wallet and show them my drivers license. That almost didn't work either because it said that I was from Flint...His home town. I finally convinced them who I really was, and I had to tell them some college stories to appease them..Galen holding court in Boulder Colorado...To total strangers!!!!

So what The G-Man wants to know is....Do you look like anyone famous? Have you ever been mistaken for anyone famous? And who is the most famous person from your home town?
BTW, those 2 other guys Phil and Dave, that was on the Student Council with me? All 3 of us still have season football tickets together...35 years later!.....Peace..... Galen


jillie said...


I'll be back later...xoxoxoxoxo

drinking with my friend Dot ;o)

S said...

Oh gee, you mean I missed an entire post abbout Nuremburgs? Darn it!

I used to get mistaked for Jodi Foster...and I get told I look like some actress..but I dont remember her name....

Breazy said...

I have never been mistaken for anyone famous.

Well I don't know of anyone that is actually famous from my hometown but Kenney Chesney, the country singer, is from two counties north of me. Another tid bit of info...Kenny Chesney is not really from Knoxville either, his hometown is a tiny little town in Union County called Lutrell. They always say he is from Knoxville because most every one has heard of Knoxville.

Another thing about Kenny Chesney and I will go...

When my oldest daughter was born in 1992, Kenny Chesney was just getting his career going. We named our daughter Chesney and everybody thought that it was because of Kenny Chesney but it wasn't. We named her after a girl that grew up in my husbands neighborhood.

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

Oh yeah, I read the post below and I almost spit sweet tea all over my monitor over the (rectum, hell almost killed em') comment! I love that one!


S said...

OK so whats this thing about you and feet? Need we to discuss further?

Evalinn said...

People mistake me for Li, but she´s not famous...

Zara Leander lived out in the nowhere where I grew up. But I doubt if she was famous in Michigan...

Cazzie!!! said...

I get told I look like someone else ALL THE TIME..especially at work.
The other thing I get told, is I SOUND like someone else.

Anonymous said...

Galen, you hardly look like Michael Moore to me, you are much better looking.
I went to High School with Chris Campbell the bass player for Bob Seger's Silver Bullet Band.
We were casual friends but did try putting together a band with another friend of mine, it was short lived because I was more interested in partying.
At that time people thought there was a physical resemblence in the two of us and sometimes when I'd be out someone would shout out "hey Chris."
I'm sure there's someone else famous from Plymouth but don't know who.

snowelf said...

Morning Galen,

I don't look like anyone famous, but I do look like "someone's daughter".
I used to waitress and more than once a customer would say to their spouse "Doesn't she remind you of so-in-so's daughter?"
And the funny thing--it was never the same person's daughter!!
I must be a twin of a whole bunch of different people's daughters.

Happy Wednesday!


G-Man said...

Marked your territory, then split!
Just like you...xoxoxox

You look much hotter than Jodie Foster...xox

Breazy...Who's Kenny Chesney?...Oh, the guy that married Rene' Zellwegger for about 2 months?


THATS IT!!....Zara Leander!!

Anonymous said...

When I was younger ( and blonder and more athletic) a lot of folks said I looked like madonna (when she was younger, blonder, etc.)

Mostly I get Greta Garbo or Barbara Stanwyck(when I do my glamour photos)

I've never been mistaken for anyone though...

Does it count if you've been called by your own stage name? I've been in different cities and people have remembered roles I've done there and yelled out my "name"

G-Man said...

Cazzie...Like who?
Have I told you that I love your avatar?
Thanks for stopping by sweetie..xoxox

Top Cat, how weird is that looking like another musicion?
Looks like the perfect day today...

Snowelf...you look fantastic! People should say they look like you!
Study hard, do your homework..xoxoxox

G-Man said...

The Maritime Madonna?
Jeannie Girl, I don't know how you found this place, but I really like your blog and your writing style...Thanks for contributing...xoxox

SignGurl said...

I don't think I look like anyone and have never been mistaken for anyone famous (or infamous).

Apparently I do have a doppleganger in my city. I've been grabbed, hugged and kissed many times by people thinking I was someone else. I've heard she is a waitress, but I've never seen her.

You don't look like Michael Moore to me. He's so unkempt...ugh! I used to think he was pretty cool back in the 90's until he went over the deep end in the 00's.

Galen is WAY better looking!

barman said...

Nope, nothing famous here. I looked up in IMDB and found a writer comes from my home town but not real famous. I looked where I was born, Wyandotte, MI and found that Lee Majors was also born there. Best I got.

The only person I have been mistaken for was my best friend over the phone. That hardly counts and he certainly is not famous to anyone other that a small circle of friends.

By the way, I think I see a little Garfield in Top Cat, seriously. :)

Serena said...

I don't think I look like anybody famous. I'm really hoping that people won't start telling me in another few years that I look like Dr. Ruth. Or Dr. Phil.:-)

Mona said...

Galen,in my town, I don't look like anybody, not even my father & mother. Guess I ama hybrid of two!

On the larger front I have been often mistaken for Indian Film actor Rekha.

lime said...

ya know i wouldn't have thought about it until you said so but i can see the resemblance now. let me just say you are way better looking than michale moore though. he doesn't look like he attends to hygeine so much either.

i have had people tell me i look lilke stockard channing. my 9th grade algebra teacher put the fear of god into me when she told me she wanted me to stay after class. as it turned out she only wanted to tell me she thought i looked like the bond girl from 'octopussy.' i had some very skeezy guy tell me he liked the porno film i appeared in. um, no, that was not me...no sir.

famous people from my home area. steve, the first host of 'blues clues.'
elaine irwin, model who is married to john mellencamp.
darryl hall of hall & oates.

PinkHippo said...

Me.... Angelina Jolie! Please dont laugh... :)

It is my nick name. I have this nick name in office, a male colleague called me " Angelina Jolie"... not because I look like her but because he called this handsome colleague "Brad Pitt".

I think it is only my long hair that looks like her. lol :)

The Rogue Kitchen Witch said...

I get Jodie Foster a lot, have for years.

jillie said...

From Burlington there are a couple of famous people. Tony Romo...the new quarter back for the Dallas Cowboys? My nephew played all star baseball games with him in little league. He dated my friends daughter "briefly". Another famous person, well, she hasn't been around much anymore, but the little girl in the movie "My Girl" was also from Burlington. As for me? I've been told I look like Kim Basinger and when my hair would get REALLY bleached out, it was Daryl Hannah. I just said...no...I look like Jillie Bean ;o))

Queenie said...

Liz Taylor, honest! Its only because my hair is dark (now showing bits of white), and I have blue eyes. I remember a while ago when I had my hair cut really short, someone who I no longer talk to said I looked like Liza Minelli, which I don't and she has brown eyes. There is a British Soap actress called 'Claire Sweeney', who when I was nursing and walked on the ward everyone would ask me what had happened on 'Brookside'(the soap she started of in). But really I just look like me.........

barman said...

Oh Jillie Bean, can I get your autograph?

Spoony Quine said...

Some people say I look like various hot actresses, but I don't agree.

cathy said...

Just a small sample of the many famous folk from my home town.
There are hundreds and that is without counting the football players.

Hylda Baker Comedienne, Actress, Music Hall and TV Star

Kenneth Dagnall Officiated in 1966 World Cup and was referee in the FA Cup Final 1967.

Prof Christine El Mahdy has published several books on Egyptology including 'Tutankhamen: The Life and Death of the Boy-King' and 'Exploring the World of the Pharaohs' (as Christine Hobson.)

Frank Finlay Starred in 'Casanova', 'Bouquet of Barbed Wire' etc. spotted by Laurence Olivier while at RADA.

William Lassell Discovered: 1846 Triton (moon of Neptune) - 1848 Hyperion (8th moon of Saturn - with WC Bond) - 1851 Ariel and Umbriel (moons of Uranus.)

Andrew S Oldcorn Won the Volvo PGA Championship in 2001.

Robert Shaw Films include 'From Russia with Love', 'A Man For All Seasons', 'The Sting', 'Jaws' etc - Starred as Captain Dan Tempest in 'The Buccaneers TV series 1956-57.

Nigel Short World's youngest International Chess Master in 1981

S said...

OK My HNT is up, but please try to....remain calm so as not to alert the natives.
(Mr Ratburn hasnt seen it yet, I might get in trouble)

barman said...

Run, don't walk to check Susie out, trust me.

G-Man said...

Jenn, I love you so much!

Barman..I just seen Top Cat in a little Garfield!

Serena Joy, You look like Rita Hayworth!!
Only you have a nicer smile...xoxoxox

Serena said...

Never heard that before, G-man. You think so? Shoot, I'll take it. And run with it.:-)

G-Man said...

Mona, If you look like Rekha, she must be the Hottest Chick on the planet!

Limey...You do look like a young Stockard Channing!
Is Darryl Hall the pretty one or the ugly one?

Pink Hippo!!
Nice to see you back Angelina..xoxox

Angel...THATS the stupidest thing ever!!
You are 10 times hotter than that Sapphite!!!
Thanks for playing..xox

Jillie, you really do look like Kim Basinger..
Only Kim wishes she had your great Ass!
Thanks sweetie xoxox

Queenie, if you look like Liz or Liza, you gotta be Smokin Hot too!
You is good enough for me!

javajazz said...

are you gettin' Half Nekkid, Mr Knowitall?

javajazz said...

oh yeah, here's a laugh...
i cant believe people think i look
like sarah jessica parker! ha ha ha ha!!!!
i dont think she has grey hair
and dresses like a shlump...hee hee!
the other one that i think is more accurate
is actress Carol Kane...wonder what happened
to her...me not see her anymore...

G-Man said...

Sequine, You my dear, are one of a kind!
Various Hot actresses can't hold a candle to you!!

Cathy, That was quite an impressive list of celebrities!
Robert Shaw was great in Jaws..AND From Russia With Love...Thanks

( I know, I never heard of any of them either )

Susie..(Shhhhh...you rock )
Ladies and Gentlemen..Please do not go to Susies HNT post...

Barman...good God, you weren't kidding!!!

Serena..Red Heads are stunning! Plus your smile is so
infectious,you light up the whole room with it!
I mean every word I say too!....Galen xox

Serena said...

You always make my day, g-man.:-)