Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday 55.........

When Marilyn Monroe was married to playwright Arthur Miller, she was introduced to George Bernard Shaw...Not wanting to sound 'Dumb Blondish', she said....." Mr. Shaw, did you know that Sugar is the only word in the English language that begins with an SU, and sounds like Shhh? He thought for a moment, and said.....Sure!!!


Serena said...

That sure made a darn good 55, sugar. Poor Marilyn. :-)

I wish I could do these, but I'm too long-winded. LOL.

G-Man said...

Your #1 Serena
(Big Deal)
But your smiling face is always a big deal...xoxox

Serena said...

I know there's a prize for #1. Got to be. So come on, spill the beans -- what is it?:-)

G-Man said...

How about witty reparte'
with an old guy?
I'm quite cheap...sorry!

jillie said...

Oh I know why they give us blonds a bad name....SURE!!!!!!!!

I will be at work all day so no mo blogging for me today...hey that rhymes. Betcha didn't know I was THAT talented now did ya!!


javajazz said...

you just keep outdoing yourself
mr 55 Expert!
that was a great one!
very clever.
(not that the other ones were crap know what i mean!)

jillie said...'s call LUCKY!!! EVERYONE fights to be #1 on the g-mans blog...

G-Man said...

Good Night Jillie..xoxox

Lisa, I thought you were abroad for the Summer?
Nice to see you..xoxo

I thought you said that you were not blogging anymore!!
Love You Lots..xoxox

javajazz said...

naww, i'm not a broad,
i'm just an ordinary gal...

ps in your fist photo from yesterday
your wrist is SO small compared to
the rest of your odd!

just got home from this drum thingy.
it was okay, nothing earth shattering.
i didnt play till the closing segment,
well flute anyway, but i played percussion
and no drumming at all...then i dashed out
of there like so fast...didnt want to stick around
for the socializing part...

Serena said...

Sounds like the perfect prize for an old chick. Cheap works for me.:-)

G-Man said...

What a schlamozel!!
People are still looking for you there...
"Lisa"...."Has anyone seen Lisa"?

G-Man said...

You are so easy to please!

snowelf said...

Dear Galen,

I love your clever brain.
Thanks for being you.



snowelf said...

ps. Congrats Serena! :)

S said...

My goodness but look at all those comments already! I am up now....but it's still HNT for 1 1/2 more hours.

Thanks for playing Gman!

javajazz said...

no one gives a rats ass where i am.
they only think about themselves.
and thats not boo hoo
its just the truth about humans.

Anonymous said...

fantastic 55 g-man, I love it.

G-Man said...

Thanks Baby!!

Hi Susie,
Oh sorry, are you on West-Coast Time?
Thanks for comming!!!

G-Man said...

First you have to care where "they" are!
And then take care of the ones that love you!!
Like Galen perhaps...

Thanks for the review Mr. Cat...
Good luck on the "Hunt", it's a jungle out there!

G-Man said...



I baked you a cake...

barman said...

Very good G-man. I finally managed to patch something together just before running out the door.

Snow White said...

Poor Marilyn! It didn't take me long teaching English to avoid the words "only" and "never" like the plague. And "always." As sure as you use one of those, someone would come up with a contridiction! Great 55, as usual! xox

CozyMama said...

nice bike. mmm mmm good.

javajazz said...

to quote the G-man,
(did you get that one?)

javajazz said...

ps...its so not my birthday, today.
details and gratitude on JJ blog...
but do save that loooove cake
for when it actually is...

and do tell,
what constitutes
looking after people
who love you?

and how much love
is enough love?

SignGurl said...

Bravo!!!!! I love it. You are so clever *pinch*!

Charles said...

Friday Greetings, G.
Love the 56.
Have a good one Big Guy.

lime said...

clever as ever, gman!

you rock. you certainly do cover a lot of genres in your 55s, you never cease to amaze.

SignGurl said...

Charles is right, it's 56. Can I spank you for not following the rules, pretty please?

tsduff said...

Stellar - best 55 ever. You are the KING of interesting stuff Galen - Love it!

Hope you have a great weekend - one day maybe I'll try to hang enough of my braincells together to make a 55 of my own.

PS: JJ TRIVIA FLASH: she likes hands.

G-Man said...

OK Barman, I'll be sure to check you out...

Thanks for the kudos, and you my dear, ROCKED today..xoxoxox

Hi sweetie, Hot Cali-girls are always welcome!

Lisa..Stop asking so many questions!!

Jenn..Pinch me here> (l)

You a fricken CPA?
Thanks ......
( Have a good one)

Michelle, you are something special yourself Baby...
Thanks Trini..xoxox

G-Man said...


Then you must be the Queen! Glad you liked it.
If I have your approval, I'm complete!!
Thanks lots....
(We'el have to redo todays faux pas in July)

Charles said...

Nope, I'm not a fricken CPA. Its because I've been sharpened by the Spice. Hope you have a good weekend, I'm off to hunt Harkonnens. Still, it was a good one. Just needed a.

tsduff said...

No fur paw... uh I mean, hey, it IS an unbirthday ya know, I'm just sayin...

G-Man said...

Baron Vladimer?

I'm up for another party!

Mona said...

Galen! this is just brilliant!
I loved every word! & I am ROFL!

Bernard Shaw is my favourite author. I love his plays!

javajazz said...

he likes feet.

javajazz said...

ya G,
i loved your 56 and a half point 37684...
would anyone like those pickles
removed from their ass?
(yes i said that.)

Breazy said...

Hey G! Sorry I am here late but I have been gone all day long.

Great 55 as always!

Hope you have a good weekend!


Charles said...

Rest assured, that this isn't the first time I have counted the words, and not found 55. I wasn't familiar with the rules, and was trying to figure out what they were talking about. It has only been a week or so that I actually saw something about rules, and the it was supposed to be 55 of them. Some have been way off, as in sixty something. That was the reason I was confused about it. To even attempt it, takes a love greater than I am capable of. I salute you, your efforts, and the humor you bring. Plus, who else has read Dune and can have fun with it? If I've bruised anyone's sensibilities, please forgive my transgressions.

G-Man said...

I'm so happy that you liked this . I was inspired a bit on this one...Thanks..xoxoxoxox

Calm down sweetie!
We're OK...Really!

Hi Breazy,
You sure do stay up late!
Thanks for reading and all your support and love!
Galen xoxox

PinkHippo said...

G man, you not fair! Why am I not given a prize when I am first!

You not fair! LOL

G-Man said...

Pink Hippo,
If you were ever 1st on my post, I would raise a banner in your honor!!
and you need to visit every night about midnight to be first!!
remember that...Galen

javajazz said...

pickles pickles pickles...
i'm glad you can count Charles.
to bring it down to an earth level here,
this lovely exercise has more to do
with the joy of being creative and
expressing oneself
than it does with pointing out
what others have failed to do.
sometimes the greater wisdom comes
in knowing something,
but not having to say it.

javajazz said...

and G-man?
this IS the calm version of me.

PinkHippo said...

You're not fair!

I was First for your post dated "Saturday, June 16, 2007" - Go check it out! lol

G-Man said...

Arrete' S'il vous plait!

G-Man said...



Was first on my June 16th post....

She is a very smart lady.
She is very talented..
She is always quite gracious..
Please visit her blog, she always makes you think, and she knows many different ways of healing different i'lls.
Sorry PH, It will never happen again!!!..xox

Evalinn said...

Nice 55...any week now I´ll have to give a go at this 55 thing!

PinkHippo said...

G man, you are naughty again! :)

G-Man said...

Finally, I was starting to worry..
You could easily do one!
Try it, you'll like it!

Pink Hippo....
I love it when you call me naughty...xoxoxoxox

javajazz said...

okay okay,
i'll arrete, dammit.