Tuesday, June 26, 2007

TMI Tuesday.........

TMI Tuesday again eh? Can you really have TOO much information? Hehehe, we'll see!!
The average person sweats 2 1/2 quarts of water a day.
A "Lone Ranger" Fan? The word Kemo Sabe means 'soggy shrub' in Navajo.
The #1 juke box song of all time? "Crazy" By Patsy Cline..
( Yeah I know, written by Willie Nelson )
Only 1 household in 7 ...Speak English in America.
The word for a pubic hair piece is Merkin...
Elvis Presley NEVER ONCE..Gave an encore..
Jimmy Carter was the 1st U.S. President born in a hospital..
The Great Salt Lake, is only 13 feet deep..
American Chickens are the direct decendants of the ones Columbus brought over.
Most of the Villains in the Bible have red hair..(Serena?)
Chickens can live for as long as 14 years..
The average American keeps their old Magazines for an average of 29 weeks..before tossing.
Nuts usually remain fresh for 1 year in the shell..
In 1990, the U.S. had 8915 killings by handguns..Britain had 7...(YAY We Won!!!!!!!)
Thomas Edison was afraid of the dark..( HA..Thats why he only slept 3 hrs a night)
Elvis Presley once ate nothing but Meat-Loaf, Mashed Potatos, and tomatoes for 2 years!
Elvis became addicted to Feen-a-Mint gum, while battling severe constipation..
Elvis was once injected with the urine of a pregnant woman during a fad diet..
Elvis's last meal was 4 scoops of Ice-Cream, and 6 Chocolate Chip Cookies..
.....And Finally, Death was actually Elvis's best career move. If he had lived, he would have
almost certainly been bankrupt within 6 months. In 2006, his empire was worth an estimated $150 Million dollars...Are you worth more dead than alive?..I am.....Hahahaha


GAB said...

Are you kidding I must have magizines as old as me!

GAB said...

whoo hoo I was first

G-Man said...


Holy Shit, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes...


Mona said...

Hey Galen, they also say that a dead elephant is worth much more than the one alive, because of the ivory!

Yes I think elvis would have become another M. Jackson if he were alive for six months more.

& I wonder why Americans love spoilt brats!

Mona said...

Galen? are you afarid of the dark?
I sure am!! so I keep a florecent frog at my bedpost!

& NOW I know why edison invented the light bulb.
Sucess comes to you only if you want it as badly as AIR!

I feel myself asphyxiate in the dark... maybe Edison felt the same!

G-Man said...

No Mona, I am NOT afraid of the dark...
Don't worry, I'll protect you..xoxoxox

barman said...

You know far be it from me to disagree with Mr Knowitall but something smells like fish here.

According to the 2000 census, 82.1 percent of homes speak only English, with just short of 11 percent speaking Spanish. Then comes French, Mandarin and German at just over a half percent and 306 other languages at less than a half percent. I had no idea there were so many different languages.

Something here does not quit jive. Speaking of jive, I did not see it listed as a language. lol

No question I am worth more dead than alive.

Man I do not know where you dig this stuff up but most entertaining for sure dude.

Oh man, Vally girl is not listed as a language either.

Snow White said...

LOL We'll never have too much information as long as you're around, G-Man, 'cause you'll always have more! And about the redheaded bible villians... um, I've got red hair, so should I take offense to that? LOL Great post! Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Serena said...

Redheaded villains in the Bible, G? Hmmm. This requires further study, but hey, I'm all for it!

I may never say Kemo Sabe again without giggling. And chickens living for 14 years? Not in my house, not during a full moon, they wouldn't. I'm not even going to ask who wears, er, Merkins.

Elvis was a bit quirky, huh? LOL. As always, great stuff to file away in my head and pull out on a weird day.:-)

G-Man said...

Well Well, Great job Bryan! Last week I threw in 2 herrings in the salad. This week only ONE.. And you caught it!!

I'm not sure what I like best, Red Heads, Or Red Toes?..Now I think you may have both!!
Thanks sweetie..xoxox

Serena Joy,
You are far from villianous.But you are right on Fabulous!!
Thanks for playing this morning..Galen xoxox

CozyMama said...

hi my friend. heads up - good post - i was never much of an elvis fan but his life was pretty amazing.

Serena said...

But I want to be villainous! Just look how much fun girls like Delilah and Jezebel had.:-)

Charles said...

Good call, Barman! I was going to look up the census too, but then saw you had saved me the work. Thanks. Don't do it again (just kidding.)

Hey G, how do you know what he ate for his last meal? Were you there sharing "stuff" with him? I'll bet you were pissed when he wouldn't come out of the bathroom. ;)

G-Man said...

Jodi...I think that it was Mission Accomplished!

Hahaha, you gotta try a whole lot harder!!!
..You are way too sweet!

Actually I've been to Graceland, and they take you to the infamous bathroom..
And his housekeeper is still there, and they always have a Peanut-Butter and 'Nana' Sammich waiting on the stove for him..

Barman's got the Eagle-Eye!!!

Anonymous said...

I have a question regarding the pubic hair piece. Does this mean the hairpiece is made out of pube hairs or is it for a bald pubic area?

Breazy said...

I must not be the average American then because I hate magazines and never buy them.

Great info on Elvis boy there! I wonder if constipation is why he was sitting on the can when he killed over? LOL!

As a child, and some through adulthood, I was afraid of the dark, then we moved to a home located at the foothills of the mountains. I worked at a local college here in town and I had to oversee the late night catering gigs so I wouldn't get home until four or five in the morning. Taught me not to be afraid of the dark by walking from my car to the house each night that I worked late. Now I will get up and walk around in the dark and sometimes I even go walking outside when it is dark.

My husband use to ask me why I was afraid of the dark. He would say "there is nothing there that isn't there in the day" and I would reply "yes, very true however in the day I can see it and get a good run ahead of it"!

Have a good day!

S said...

Yeah I will be, because like Van Gogh, many creative souls are not famous until after death and all the cool art that they have been hoarding is dragged outa their closet!

S said...

Magazines and newspaper are a waste of trees and in this day and age of modern technology, a shame to waste all that paper on news, information, ads and crap that you can easily get online!

S said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jillie said...

The only one that scared me in the list or should I say surprised me was that only 1 in 7 people in America speaks english...what happened there?? Ok...I just read barman's posting. You know barman...if you are worth more DEAD than ALIVE...I'd only sleep for 3 hours....lol! AND with one eye open. Gotta watch out for Galen...

Cheers to ya...


snowelf said...

ROFL! Tc!!
And yikes!! Can people donate pubic hair like they do for Locks of Love?
Apparently we need more information, G-man!


Charles said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Charles said...

That adds new meaning to "Locks of Love."

Mona said...

GALEN! ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUUUUUUGGGGGSSSS)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Mona said...



tsduff said...

I'm so happy to know that my one remaining chicken (Italian though she may be...) may live another 8 or 9 years or so! uh - not sure I like the image of sweating out all that quantity of sweat - ewwww, gross! Also I didn't know people would wear a merkin... what for? Geez Loueeeze, that is weird. (Don't want to know where you learned that odd piece of trivia... LOL)

The Rogue Kitchen Witch said...

Women who have had hysterectomies get prescribed Premarin which is pregnant mare's urine ... but to be injected with it for a fad diet? Just further evidence that the hollywood/rich and famous lifestyle will drive you to madness. Look what it's done to Michael Jackson, LiLo, Britney and Paris.


Crabby said...

Hunny! I'm home.

PS. I'm pretty sure I'm not worth much dead or alive. ......ok. That's depressing.

Red-haired villians, before Milkmaid was even born?

SignGurl said...

Uh, I just made you a Merkin. Mr. Sign was joking that I looked like I had an afro. I told him it was a weave, hehe!

Snow White said...

I think you should present G-Man his Merkin in person... and then photograph it for an upcoming HNT!

G-Man said...

Top Cat,
No it is NOT made
out fo pubic hair...
It is made from Beaver!

Well Breazy,
I'll leave the light on for you xoxoxox

Bravo Susie!!
I agree!!!!!
Thanks xoxox

Your getting MUCH better at reading my comments..

Yes Snowelf,
I have donated ALL of mine...
I'm like hairless!!

Good One Charles,
Always feel free to kibbitz!!

(((((((BIG HUG ))))))))

I get around!!

They used to make Aspirin out of the same stuff, Thanks Angel..

Hi Crabby,
Thats my Girl..xoxoxox

Snowwhite....Thats a great Idea!!


Charles said...

I did. I think. Heck, what do I know? I'm not from New York!

Mouthy Girl said...

Honestly, I'm not an Elvis fan at all. Never have been.

After reading the stats on him in your post, my views on him have remained the same.

lime said...

according to the thing i just posted i am worth about $4000 dead. hahahaha

barman said...

I know since this is not the last post Charles will never see it but ... promise Charles, never again. It is fun knowing the games a G-man plays now. I am sure he will change it all up.

Charles said...

Huh? You're going to have to explain that to me, Barman. I'm clueless.

Cha Cha said...

You are not worth more dead than alive!

What would I do without YOU?


barman said...

Sorry Charles, I just did not want to ignore the one comment you made earlier...

Good call, Barman! I was going to look up the census too, but then saw you had saved me the work. Thanks. Don't do it again (just kidding.)

I was just saying I wont let it happen again. I know, inside my head it made sense but as a comment ... say what? Hey someone has to keep an eye on G-man. LOL

Charles said...

Thanks Barman,
Yeah, and you called him on it. And please, do it again. :D

Spoony Quine said...

` Kemo sabe? Soggy shrub? I thought it meant 'trusty scout'.
` After some Googling, I have learned that the meaning 'soggy shrub' was invented by James Smart just to poke fun at the name.

` While I know some of it is true, most of this sounds like a bunch of 'internet trivia', which is the kind of stuff I've analyzed here, here, and here. Perhaps I'll do more someday.