Saturday, June 9, 2007

Ride ON........

Happy Saturday everybody!! Today, I'll be riding in a charity motorcycle event that benefits the Shriners Children's Hospital..It's 20 dollors and we will travel a distance of about a 100 miles, all police escorted , and it ends in a beautiful park with bands, beer, and a pig roast!! The weather forecast is sunny and 78...GOD, I LOVE THE SUMMER!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh!!! Have fun babe! If you get pics please be sure to share :) I adore a nice ride... Today I'd sell my soul to hit the open road and just fly...

lime said...

have a GREAT time, if i really have to tell yo uto. ;)

I sure hope i have a chance to ride this weekend. It's going to be such a busy one...

Mona said...

GALEN! You wouldnt say that about Indian summer!

It is raining Fire here!

Maybe that is why I feel so hotheaded today

God save the "QUEEN"

Anonymous said...

g-man, you have a beautiful day that's for sure.
Sounds like fun, you're a great guy to be doing this for charity.

Serena said...

Sounds like a great time, and all for a good cause. Ride well, g-man.:-)

ann said...

sounds a wonderful way to spend the day... except I'll pass on the pig if you don't mind!

enjoy the road and safe riding

cathy said...

Wow! You have made me jealous now.
I'm going to spend my day overseeing our school's theatre group and preparing students for their English exams before catching up on my housework.
I'm not sure if I can stand the excitement.

Mona, The queen can save herself. God has got bigger problems to deal with:)

Manny said...

Sounds like a great time. Be careful and have fun.


Little Wing said...

Ride like the wind, G!!!!
Wish I was on that ride with you, that's for sure!

Mona said...

Galen! I posted a picture of my son today, for want of a post! wont you see?

Cathy> The queen sure does I see, by hiring henchmen...
we have an abusive term for them in our language: " Bhaade ke tattoo"
I wonder how the queen pays them...
I heard so many rumors about women of Buckingham Palace paying their servants like riders etc. in sex!

snowelf said...

I hope your weather is as beautiful there as it is here. It's a gorgeous, gorgeous day and I'm about to go and soak it up!

Have a fantastic time sweetie!


SignGurl said...

What a beautiful perfect day for a ride. Hope you enjoyed it, Galen.

S said...

Food, beer, again? Dammit, you get all the good eatin dont you Gman?
I am fucking starving over in in California, bring me something other than an avocado sandwich willya?
What does this frost my bobbin expression come from? Ya got me wonderin'

Betcha had more fun than anyone else there!

javajazz said...

mmm avocado sandwich, one of my faves! i brought a whole avocado to the gig last night and it saved my life at the end of the night when i needed a bit of grounding...just ate it with a spoon, no bread, no mayo no lettuce tomato or cucumber...!

G-baby...hope your ride was're always doing things for others, so thoughtful, so giving, so compassionate and caring...i bet the day was perfect!

Evalinn said...

Good for u - enjoy!

GAB said...

Have fun be safe.

Mona said...

Offence is the best 'defence'..thus speaketh..

..ah! ever so many!

Galen, Good morning. Have a good sleep my friend!

Little Wing said...

G, last year I rode in the Lacey Peterson and her baby memorial. It was also police escorted, in Southern Cali.......went right to the grave yard where they are buried, there were thousands of bikers. The Peterson family spoke at the Memorial. It was heartbreaking but also awesome, to see so many bikers participate.

Breazy said...

Wow, what a great thing to do G-man! Not only are you doing something good for a wonderful cause but you get to mingle with friends over a nice frosty beverage and bbq at the end!

Way to go!


Cazzie!!! said...

I am green with envy, yet I envy you, I am happy that such a wonderful cause is being recognised, and you can enjoy the day also..what a bonus!!

G-Man said...

Hi everybody...yeah 12:30! hehehehe
Great party!!!

Jeanniegirl,It was a great ride..You certainly don't need to take that drastic a measure..Hop On!!

Limey, sometimes you just gotta putter around the house..Whatever you do...have fun!! xox

Mona.....Chill out girl!!

TC, It was well worth it, and it was a picture perfect day...Thanks

Serena Joy, thanks I did have fun...xoxox

Serena said...

You must have had BIG fun if you're just now getting in. Good for you!:-)

G-Man said...

Ann, NO chuzzer for you!!
Believe me, I ate your share...Thanks for thinking of me...galen

Cathy...It's Saturday!
They go to school 6 days a week in Greece?
No wonder you are Bummin!
Thanks for stopping by..

Manny..? Is that you?
It's been so long..xoxoxo

JD, Hows it going sweetie?...xox

Snowelf...I had a very fun Saturday..Thanks xoxox

A new avatar?

Susie...I mention food and you come out of hiding!!
Why don't I just cook you a big ass meal?
Come to Michigan...Please!

Lisa, steller is the word! And yes, it is now perfect..xoxox

Evalinn...Hi sweetie xox

Gab...Hi sweetie xoxox

JD, now that sounds like a very moving ride...And awesome with that many bikes..I would have drug an effigy of that lying coward Scott Peterson behind my Hog!!

Hi Breazy, thanks sweetie it was a great day, and a great cause..

Hi sweetie, thanks for the well wishes...It was lots of fun!!!

G-Man said...

Serena Joy, I had a blast!! Thanks again!!
Can I get you some warm milk?
How about a foot massage?
Can I rub your temples?
You aren't sleeping very well these days Lady!!
Galen xox

Little Wing said...

G they should have hung Scott Peterson by his balls!

Serena said...

I hate warm milk but I'll take the foot massage in a heartbeat.:-) I'm dead tired and getting ready to turn in. Nighty-night!

G-Man said...

Littlewing...You got that right!!

Good Night Serena...
Hope you feel better..xox