Thursday, May 31, 2007

Friday Flash 55.........

It's down there waiting!
Waiting to emerge, and foul the air...
To escape from the bowels of Hell,
and make all that stands in it's path quake with fear,
and flee blindly and wildly into the night!!

"OK Mr. Haynes, this Gas-X should do the trick...
And please, eat nothing more from the cabbage family"!!

Big Boy Toys, HNT

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Set Him Free.......

Did everyone survive the Holiday?....Good!

I see Dr. Jack Kevorkian, aka Dr. Death, is getting released from prison this week after spending over 9 years behind bars.....9 years for mercifully assisting a few tortured souls to find peace!!
That reminds me of when we were in college, a guy by the name of John Sinclair, was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the possession of two joints.. He was the Mgr. of a very controversial rock band of the times called The MC-5. You may recall their mega party hit tune..."Kick Out The Jams..Mother Fuckers"!!...Yeah, I thought that would bring back a few memories..Ha Ha Ha!..Anyway, on my birthday Dec. 10, in 1971, John Lennon and Yoko Ono performed a "Free John Sinclair" rally in Ann Arbor in front of about 20,000 people, and I was one of them!!
John Lennon sang a song called 'John Sinclair' and he incouraged the audience to sing along...
"Let him be... Set him free... Let him be like you and me"!!...3 days after the concert, the Michigan Supreme Court overturned his conviction, and he was released from prison..


Two weeks ago in a pub in down-town Flint, John Sinclair gave a poetry reading to a small but enthusiastic crowd.....I did not find out about it until the next day and I was NON-PLUSSED to say the least!!

.......So! Do you think Lindsay Lohan will serve any jail time? See you tomorrow for HNT!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Week-End Diary.......

Saturday was my day off, but there has been some action this week because of some Memorial Day Bonus Cash now being offered on select vehicles. Because of this, I was round-a-boutly asked if I would come in and take care of any overflow customers...
I suggested that the company provide lunch for everyone, and that I would go to the Mkt and purchase all items necessary, soda, ice, chips,, onions, buns, brats, and Koegels Viennas!
...And of course, I cooked everything on the gas grill!
When the brats and the Viennas were cooked to perfection, ( I had a huge pot of beer ((Yeungling))onions and bell peppers, simmering in the kitchen ), they were dumped in the pot, and people could then eat when they were free of customers.
This worked out great, and I even ended up selling an Impala!! So it was worth going in on my day off I guess...
Last night I was bored , so I called on old friend of ours up and asked what she was up to......
Now lets get something straight here, My friend Pat is a single woman of Hispanic descent, we have known each other since college, and she is also my son's God-Mother, and my wifes friend and running partner, and she is like my sister, so it was not anything naughty because my wife is still in Europe,,,,,Are we clear on that?..... So I called her up and she said," come on over, me and my friend Lisa are drinking margarita's"! I said that I would be right over... 10 seconds later the phone rings and it's Pat again, " Gaaaaaalen Honey, me and Lisa and too buzzed to drive, could you stop and get some Tequila and lemons, and Triple-sec?"..What do You think?
Of course I stopped, and I did not buy anything cheap either, I bought this Cuervo Gold 1800!
So I finally arrived and the blender was anxiously awaiting me!!...Man they were great!!
Now Pat is from a family with 8 siblings, and I've known all of them for 35 years or more also.
I've gone to all of their family functions; Open Houses..Weddings..Funerals..Anniversaries.. Birthdays..Christmas Parties..New Years Parties... Tamale Making Parties..I'm an honorarie Gringo Family Member!!..So one by one, siblings dropped in last night at Pat's Place also..
By 10:30 her house was abuzz with fun and laughter!! Certain guests are blessed with having some very very good smoking material, and the blender never stopped running, so by Midnight everyone was pretty much mellow, low-key, and groovin to some great jazz...Pats brother Dan , who is a very good friend of mine also, asked me what I was doing on Sunday, I had no plans.
He asked if I could help him out from about 2-5 , because he was having a Christening Party at their church for his grand-daughter, and would I help in the kitchen because he had huge amounts of smoked meat that needed to be carved sliced and plattered...Of course I said yes!
I gotta tell you, these people can put on the Feed-Bag!! ..This was what they served 85 people..
Green Beans
Home-Made Scalloped Potatoes
Fresh Fruit Salad
Southern Fried Chicken
Slow Smoked Beef Sirloin Tip Roasts
Slow Smoked Hams
And Slow Smoked Pork Butts that was to die for!!
Cakes...Cookies...Brownies...Blah Blah Blah!!!
So.....after spending the better part of two days cooking and serving and cleaning up shit in the kitchen, me and Reese are going to enjoy the rest of our Holiday Bachelor Weekend, eating off of the huge food platter of left-overs that Danny sent home with me...Sorry this was so long and rambling....But who else has posted anything new since Friday?...Hahahahaha.... Peace!

Oh BTW, If you feel like rambling...Tell me what you did so far..... I'm Listening...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Cogito Ergo 55.........

Sitting in his Philosophy class, the frenzied student was actually cramming for his Poetry final!
Seeing this, the Professor screamed aloud; "Mr Haynes, poetry and philosophy do NOT mix..
So what about Descartes"?

"Professor I say this with dread.
....It's perfectly clear,
Cause I haven't a thought in my head"!!

If you did a Friday Flash 55......Go tell Susie!!!.... Peace

Businessman HNT

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Happy Tuesday everyone!! You know, for a man of considerable girth, I've always gotten around quite well. I competed in sports in High School. I could always hold my own in Paddle-Ball, and Golf. And I've been known to cut a rug or two on the dance floor. I've never had a cavity, and although I've totaled out 3 cars in my life-time, and have "Kissed the Pavement" once or twice on my bike, I've NEVER had a broken bone of any kind!! Knock on Wood!!!
Yesterday for some unknown reason, my left knee became very painful to walk on...
Every time I stood to walk on it, I thought that I would need a cane to ambulate. After I got up and moved around a bit, it loosened up some, but I still have a slight limp. Last night I found some Ben-Gay in the medicine cabinet, and slathered some on before I went to bed. Well if you have ever smelled that horrid cream , you know how it's aroma can waft through the whole house!
Soon afterwards, my 17 year old son Reese came into my room to inquire about the pungent smell, he then tells me that "Ben-Gay works for shit...You need the REAL stuff"! He then brings into my room a very small container of this cream called "Tiger Balm". "I paid 12 bucks of my own money for this crap...It's the best".He then orders me to show him my knee......(as he was putting on a rubber glove). I said ' why the glove Reese ' ? He smiled and said..."You'll soon find out"! Next he came back with a medicine vial of 800mg Motrin, took one out, handed it to me , and ordered me to take it. YIKES!! Within a minute or two I could feel the burn start to increase until it felt like someone was holding a blow torch to my knee. But the pain soon gave way to relative comfort, and I was able to enjoy some rest..
GOD I FELT OLD!!! I certainly hope that this was not a harbinger of things to come...My son taking care of me, and handing me my 'Meds'!!! My mind tells me that I am 25 years old, but unfortunately my body and the mirror tells me a different story.
But before I went into a total state of depression and dimentia, I was reading a book someone had given me for one of my birthdays. It happened to be a book about events that took place the year that I was born. I've made a small list of the most prominent names that share my birth year, and here are some of them....
Billy Joel
Bonnie Raitt
Lionel Richie
Maureen McGovern
John Oates
Alex Ljiljak (my best friend)
Eddie Money
Maurice Gibb
Robin Gibb
Rick Springfield
Tom Waits

I think that it would be fun, if any of you out there, could name me a couple of famous people that may also share YOUR birth year...Of course if you are too old to do so, I understand!!
Thanks for visiting.............Peace!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Musical Monday....Sort of

Saturday Night me and my best friend Alex was at our little neighborhood watering hole. Friday and Saturday they have a DJ. The DJ's name is Chuck, he's about 48-50 yr's old and also does Kareoke. He is a friendly guy, and will play any song that he has upon request.
Chuck is quite impressed with my musical trivia skills, and every so often tries to stump the G-Man. Last night as I was downing a Scotch on the rocks, Chuck sneaks up behind me and says, " OK, I'll buy you a drink if you can answer this Trivia question," What song was the 1st Psychedelic Song?"...I thought for a minute, but before I could answer his question, a real Pseudo Knowitall that I drink a few with named Barry, pipes up with Inna-Godda-da-Vita!! Chuck immediately agree's, declares that is the next song to be played, and orders Barry a beer!
I quickly turned to him and said..."Thats not correct though". "The first generally regarded Psychedelic Album was Surrealistic Pillow by the Jefferson Airplane"!! " It had such great hits on it as 'Somebody to Love', and 'White Rabbit', and it was released in 1967".
They both disagreed , and walked away. I shook my head in disgust, smiled, and sipped on my drink. About 10 minutes later, Chuck sheepishly came up to me and said softly....."You were right. That album was released 2 years before Iron Butterfly"! I smiled and said, "Yes I know, that was the first year that I ever smoked a joint."......Alex looked at me and and declares...
Mr. Knowitall"!

Do you remember what the Billboard top 2 songs were 10 years ago?

Elton John..." Candle in the Wind 1997"
Jewell..." You were meant for Me"

20 Years ago..1987?

The Bangles..." Walk Like an Egyption"

30 Years ago..1977?

Rod Stewart..."Tonight's the Night"
Andy Gibb..." I Just Wanna Be Your Everything"

40 Years ago..1967?

Lulu..." To Sir With Love"
The Box Tops..."The Letter"

50 Years ago..1957?

Elvis Presley..." All Shook Up"
Pat Boone..."Love Letters In the Sand"

Thats as far back as I am admitting to knowing...Have a great week everybody... Peace!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hail to the Victors.......

Hi everybody! G-Man here. This is going to be short and sweet. Yesterday, Mrs. G and a girlfriend of hers, flew to Europe to see our daughter Mandy. She will be gone for 2 whole weeks.
Then finally, Mandy flies home to stay, on June 2nd. She has already informed me that she and 4 other students, will be sharing a house for her senior year at U/M......
The first thing out of my mouth was..."Are you close enough to the stadium, for me to park at your place for the football games"? Speaking of which..............

This week I sent in my season football ticket renewal letter with the money owed.....
TWO tickets...the same two seats that I've had for 30 years....are costing me $800.00!!
Thats on top of the $125.00 per seat surcharge that I had to pay in February to even get the renewal form sent to me!!..THAT my friends comes to a grand total of $1050.00 for my two seats! Yes, there are 8 games this year. And yes we play, Oregon...Notre Dame...Penn State, and
The Buckeyes at home, but when I was a student I had much better seats, and two tickets in 1972 cost me $36.00...For TWO FUCKING SEATS!!!!.....FOR SIX FUCKING GAMES!!!

..........My last name is NOT Trump!!!.....I'm going to bed, G'Nite All!!... Peace

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Flash Friday 55.......

His black suit looks great!
Tonight, my 17 year old son is performing with his
high school Symphony Band.
This comfy auditorium, sure beats watching the
Marching Band on a cold drizzly November Friday!
Where have the years flown?
I swear it was just yesterday, that he was playing....
"Hot Cross Buns"!
"Hot Cross Buns"!

Biking For Burns HNT

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Food Fest......

OK, I've been putting this off long enough....The beautiful and very talented Cathy, has tagged me on a meme. I'm supposed to name my 5 favorite restaurants in my area where I eat....

1.) HomeBoy Bar- B- Que.
This is a tiny little place that mostly is just take-out.
It's a husband and wife operation and it's only open from,
11 am-9pm Wed-Sat.
They have all your favorite rib-joint fare, but 2 things are worth mention!
For 4.99 you get this Kick-Ass beef briscut sandwich, with one side.
The sides are all made from scratch.
Baked Beans..with huge amounts of pork in it
Cheesy potatoes
Redskin potatoes
Home-Made slaw
And the other great deal is the rib-tips..
For 5 bucks you get a box of perfectly seasoned tips,
that you can not eat in one sitting...It's that huge!!

2.) La Azteca.
Another Family run operation, that does mostly take-out,
But it does seat about 30 people!!
When you walk in the place it smells WONDERFUL,
immediately your mouth starts watering and you can't wait to dive in!
It's in a real rough part of town, but ironically it's such a great place that when you walk in the door, everyone is very friendly and polite..( They should be at the UN )
The Beef Combonation plate is only 8.95 and you get...
Mexican Beef Stew
A taco
A tostada
A tamale
An enchalada....It is all superb!!

3.) The Badawest.
A family run Lebanese Restaurant.
OMG...The smells that greet you when you walk in the joint,
are out of this world! They have your typical Middle-East fare,
But they really do Lamb up right!
I always order the Lamb with baba ganouche...
Or my favorite is the Lamb with Hommus.
I always ask for extra toasted pine-nuts in my dish,
And they always graciously oblige...
The Taboule Salad and Fatoush Salad with toasted pita chips,
are to die for..The Lentil soup?..Outfuckingstanding!!

4.)The Hong Kong Buffet.
This is the class of Chinese Buffets.
Everything is just outstanding...Very top flight!
But the best thing about it is the quality of the Sushi!!
It's sooo fresh, and sooo good, even non-sushiers love it!
And the dessert table is worth the price of admission...
The Flan is to die for!!!

5.) The Starlight Diner.
Flint is world famous for it's Coney Island style hot dogs!
Reason #1 is the Koegel Hot Dog..
This company has been in business for over 90 years,
and their quality standards were always much higher than the State Standards!
The hot dogs " snap " when you bite into one and they NEVER give you heartburn.
The coney sauce is NOT a chile sauce, it's thick, meaty, and drier than chile sauce.
But it is Oh so very good. If anyone should ever pass through this area, and they see a sign for a Coney island, I highly recommend trying one, I'll do a post one day on the history of the Flint-Style Coney's...
The Starlight also grinds their own beef for the Hamburgers...WOW!
They are voted the best in town every year.
The onion rings are home-made and big and thick and always perfect!
The best part is that they are open 24/7..
The owner is an old Macedonian gentleman named Alex Popoff, his son Kosta runs it with him and one of them is always there. The head cook in the kitchen is Alex's wife Magda. Most of their
children also help out there. When I walk in the place Alex always flashes me a huge smile and yells out.."Oshko", He always comes over to my table to talk no matter how busy they are, and it's all I can do to keep him from picking up my tab. I love the Starlight.....Breakfast Anytime!!

I hope that this fulfilled my tagging obligations.....Peace ....... Galen ( Oshko )

Monday, May 14, 2007

Heads Up......

I love my bathroom! Not that it's anything fancy, cause it's not, but I love it just the same.
Sometimes a fella just has to have a place to hide.....You know what I mean? It has a very comfortable wooden seat, I have an ample supply of reading material, I have a TV tray in front of me that holds writing material, and the remote control for my color cable TV thats in there.
I also have a land phone extension in my little haven.....Hell, if I had a fridge and a mattress, I'd never have to leave the room.......Which segues me right into todays post theme. There were a few people the world, that met their demise while sitting on the 'throne', maybe they felt the same way that I feel about my special place....

Roman Emperor Elagabalus ( 218-222 AD )...Hacked to death by the Praetorian Guard as he sat on the toilet! His body was then thrown down the sewer...

King Edmund II "Ironside" ...Murdered in 1016 by a Dane armed with a long sword, who was hiding in the cess pit underneath the Royal Commode...

King Henry III of France, stabbed to death as he sat on the toilet, by a Dominican Friar named Jacques Clement. The Friar was convinced that the king was a heretic...

Russian Emperess Catherine the Great...Died of heart failure while trying to "pinch one", because she was always suffering from constipation...

King George II...According to his personal valet, one evening a loud noise erupted from the palace toilet, quite louder than the usual "Royal Wind", when he rushed in to investigate, he found the king dead on the floor. It seems that the king had fallen off the stool, and hit his head on a cabinet...C'est Dommage, N'est ce pas?

Lupee Valez...In 1934, this 36 year old actress was known as the "Mexican Spitfire". One evening during an attempted suicide, she miscalculated the required dosage and merely got sick, as she made a mad dash for the bathroom to hurl, she slipped on the tiled floor and was flung headfirst into the toilet bowl. The Maid found her the next day....drowned!

King HaakonVII of Norway...In 1957, he slipped on some soap in his marbled bathroom and smashed his head on some taps, fatally fracturing his skull...

Judy Garland...found dead by her 5th husband Mickey Devinko, on June21st 1969, sitting on her toilet: Official Cause of Death; barbituate poisoning...

Elvis AAron Presley...Died of heart failure on August 17, 1977, while trying to 'pinch one'
in his Graceland Throne room...

Michael Anderson Godwin...Having spent several years awaiting the electrical chair in South Carolina, In March of 1989 Goodwin had his sentenced reduced to life. Shortly afterward
he attempts to bite thru a cord on his TV while sitting on his toilet, He bites into a bare wire and since his toilet was metal..,.he was electrocuted!!

So the next time that you have to use the bathroom, be very careful, it could be your last!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Monday Monday.......

It's Musical Monday everybody!! How about a little Rock and Roll Trivia to start off the week?

B.B. King's first name is Riley. During his early years in Memphis, he was given the nickname of
" The Beale Street Blues Boy ". It was later shortened to "Blues Boy", and finally abbreviated to B.B.

The lyrics for The Byrds big hit, "Turn! Turn! Turn!", were taken from the Book of Ecclesiastes!

Dr. John, The Night Tripper, must have been a beautiful baby. His baby face once graced the cover of the Ivory Snow box.
( ...additional trivia. The first 2 Big Porn Stars of the 70's were of course Linda Lovelace, and Marylin" Behind the Green Door" Chambers...Marylin was also an Ivory Snow box girl. Only she was a wholesome Mom! )

Woodstock was definately a life or death situation for some of the 400,ooo+ attendee's. During the week-end event, there were 3 deaths, 2 births, and 4 miscarriages!!

One of THE greatest Rock Icons, And Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Chuck Berry.....had his only #1 hit in 1972 when he was well past his prime! The novelty tune..."My Ding-a-Ling"....

Elvis Presley allegedly had an aversion to soap and water. He would only give himself sponge baths without fully immersing himself. Fortunately for his friends, he took a liking to BRUT cologne!

Chubby Checker was given his stage name by the wife of Dick Clark...She thought he looked a little like Fats Domino...

Alice Cooper's pet Boa Constrictor that used to appear on-stage with him, was named Yvonne!

Three Dog Night got their unusual name from the Australian Aborigines. To ward off the cold night air they would curl up with their dogs for warmth....The chillier the night, the more dogs!

Buddy Holley and the Crickets were the very 1st white performers to appear at Harlems famed
Apollo Theater ( August 16, 1957 )

The last Beatle Album, " Abbey Road ", had a song that segued out of "Carry That Weight", and was essentially the last song on their last album, the song?....."The End"!

The Chipmunks got their name from the Head Honchos at Liberty Records...Alvin Bennett, Theodore Keep, and Simon Waronker!!

......And finally, the acoustics of bathroom tiles resonate to bass and baritone voices, but NOT soprano. This may help explain why it seems that there are a disproportionate number of men shower-singers!!...Hope you had a glorious week-end and Mother's Day.... Peace

Saturday, May 12, 2007

JILLIE !!!!!

I've told my story several times of how and why I started my blog. Before I actually started it, I was a lurker and an anonymous commenter for several months. So like everyone else when they first start up, you hop around bloggerville, leave comments, invite people over, and hope people find you interesting enough to visit more than once. My first few posts were primitive at best, and for the life of me I can't to this day figure out why anyone would have wanted to come back more than once. Actually, some people haven't come back after the first visit. Thats OK...I'm a little weird, caustic, and a big Knowitall. Your first post that got more than 10 comments, was like the most exciting thing in the world. And as I learned more and more about blogging and posting, and editing, the comments sort of stayed the same. Many people have aided me in my blogging education. You know who you are, and you know that I love you dearly. All of you!!

Today I am singleing out one person that in my opinion, has helped The G-Man become the Blog Monster that he is today. ( Notice I did Not say Icon ) And That person is Jillie!!
I didn't know how lucky I was to have her stumble upon my blog, but it has not been the same since. She is witty, smart, lots of fun, very sexy, extraordinarily beautiful, extremely careing, loyal, giving, silly, and loves to play!!!...And play....And play....And play! She has run my blog when I have been too busy to comment myself, she is quick with a retort, she always has a funny comeback for everything, and she has a motorcycle in her avatar...How perfect is that?
She doesn't have a mean bone in her body, and just loves life to the fullest...
The reason for all of this gushy stuff is that Sunday, Mothers day, is also Miss Jildo's Birthday!
Most women would not like their true age blabbed for all the world to know, but she does not care one lick about that vain crap...she is 45 still today, so you do the math!
She thinks young, she looks better than most 25 year olds, and she is Smoking Hot!!!
I love her with all my heart...As I know everyone else does that has had the pleasure of knowing her.. Please go to her blog and wish her a Happy Birthday. You may also do so here, because she is very loyal, and brightens up my day...Every Day!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Reason Why........."Friday 55"

The beauty of riding a motorcycle on a sunny afternoon in the countryside, is that you don't ride through the countryside, you are part of it! The sights, the sounds, the smells....Especially the smells! Cow shit.....Road kill.....Pig shit.....Tractor exhaust.....Horse shit.....Mowed grass.....Lilacs.
And the greatest smell of all.............Freedom!

Guest HNT...Little Miss Know It All

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Thats Trump......

I come from a very loving family. Almost every Friday evening the routine was always the same. On the way home from work ,my Grandfather would stop at Holy Redeemer Church, and get 3 take out orders of fish and chips. Then like clockwork, several members of the family would stop by and we would play cards till all hours.
We played.....
Double Deck Pinochle, something different each week! I also always tell people that it took me 6 years to get a 4 year degree in college, cause my first 2 years I majored in Euchre.
So if you are from a card playing family, you may find some of these facts interesting....

The four modern suits-hearts, clubs, spades, and diamonds-originated in France around 1480, at a time when card makers were beginning to mass produce decks for the first time. But not all cards have these suit symbols. Traditional German cards use hearts , leaves, acorns, and bells.
Swiss cards use roses, sheilds, acorns, and bells. Italian cards use swords, batons, cups, and coins!
For more than 500 years playing cards were much larger than they are now. They did not have the 'indices' ( the numbers and suits in the left corner ) that let you read the cards in a tightly held hand. Card players either had to hold their cards in both hands to read them, or they had to memorize them and put them down. In the mid 19th century, card makers began adding the 'indices' in the corner of the cards, so that you could squeeze the cards closer together in your hands. These decks were called 'squeezers'...
It was in a 'squeezer' deck that the jacks became part of the deck. In the early days they were called knaves, but knave also started with the letter 'K' just like king, so to avoid confusion the knave was changed to jack.
The first face cards were elaborately painted, full length portraits. While beautiful, they posed a serious disadvantage: when they were dealt upside down, novice players tended to turn them rightside-up. Thus telling experianced players how many face cards were in their hand. Card makers corrected this in the 19th century, when they began making decks with "Double-Ended" face cards.
The Joker is the only American card in the deck. It was originally added as the highest value in a early version of Euchre. But later it gained huge popularity as the "wild" card in poker.
The word 'ace' is derived from the Latin word as, which at that time meant the smallest unit of coinage..
In 1742, an Englishman named Edmond Hoyle published a rule book for the game of Whist!
The book was so successful that dozens of people plagiarized it, even using the name of Hoyle in it's pirated editions. Today's Hoyle rule books are just decendants of the copied versions, NOT the original version!!!
I hope that you've found this post a bit interesting, the following is my favorite obscure movie line...." How was I to know that the 10 of Diamonds was the Big Casino"?.....Peace.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Saint Alphonso's Pancake Breakfast.....

I am not a happy camper right now...I just spent 2 frickin hrs typing a post because I'm such a shitty typist, only to have it not publish because of some frickin error that I've never heard of!!!
Serenity Now

Serenity Now

Serenity Now...
Let's try this again...I was about due for a more serious post, but it seems that no matter what subject you try and research, some elements of humor keep popping up.
The Roman Catholic Church has over 5,000 saints, many of them are "Patron Saints"...
Protectors of certain professions, sick people, and even hobbies. Here are a few of the more interesting ones...

Saint Matthew: Patron Saint of Accountants ( He used to be a tax collector )

Saint Joseph of Cupertino: Patron Saint of Air Travellers ( Nicknamed the Flying Friar, he could levitate )

Saint Matrona: Patron Saint of Dysentery Sufferers.

Saint Louis IX of France : Patron Saint of Button Makers.

Saint Anne: Patron Saint of Women in Labor. ( Not to be confused with Saint John Thwing, Patron Saint of Women in 'difficult' labor )

Saint Nicholas of Myra: Patron Saint of Children and Pawnbrokers

Saint Bernardino of Siena: Patron Saint of Advertisers and Horseness

Saint Blaise: Patron Saint of Throats ( He saved a child from choking ) and Diseased Cattle ( He also healed Animals )

Saint Joseph: Patron Saint of Opposition to Atheistic Communism.

Saint Joseph of Arimathea: Patron Saint of Funeral Directors.

Saint Eligius: Patron Saint of Gas Station Workers. ( He miraculously cured horses, the precursor to automobiles )

Saint Martin de Porres: Patron Saint of Race Relations, Social Justice, and Italian Hairdressers.

Saint Martha: Patron Saint of Dietitians.

Saint Adrian of Nicomedia: Patron Saint of Arms Dealers.

Saint Fiacre: Patron Saint of Taxi Drivers, Hemorrhoid Sufferers, and Venereal Disease.

Certainly from this list, theres a Saint just for you.....Peace ... Galen

Sunday, May 6, 2007

I Found My Thrill..........

Hi Everybody!! I trust you all had a marvelous week-end...I did!! And since we are all still basking in the afterglow of a perfect Spring Day, I thought I would provide some Musical Memories ......for Musical Monday!!
It's funny how certain bits of Americana, play such a roll in our lives and our recollections of a happier and less stressful time. I'm going to give the opening lines of some classic tunes, these are so very easy, that this is not a quiz! These are just songs that have been played so much over the course of our lives, that they will instantly transport us to a different time and place.....

1. " Trailer for sale or rent"

2. "Memories light the corners of my mind"

3. " There she was just a walkin down the street"

4. " The purpose of a man is a woman"

5. " All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go"

6. " 73 men sailed up, from the San Francisco Bay"

7. " It's getting to the point...where I'm no fun anymore"

8. " You shake my nerves and you rattle my brain"

9. " Go away from my window, leave at your own chosen speed"

10. " I'm getting bugged driving up and down the same old strip"

11. " Slow down, you move too fast, you gotta make the morning last"

12. " Well it's one for the money, two for the show"

13. "Flew in from Miami Beach BOAC, didn't get to sleep last night"

14. " There is a house in New Orleans"

15. " Left your motor runnin......Head out on the highway".............

You may never think of these songs at all......Till you hear the opening lines!
Have a great week.....Thanks for visiting ole G-Man..... Peace!!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Lucky 7...............

Is everybody ready for the Week-End? Yeah, well I have to work! But last week our very good friend, and the Worlds Hottest Angel of Mercy Jillie, tagged me on a meme...
I'm supposed to list 7 habits, bad or good. And list my 7 favorite songs, so here goes;


1. I go through about one pack of Q-Tips every month! But if I run out, I just peel some of the cotton from around the tip of a used one....and re-use it! I can get about 4 days from one if I don't break it!

2. Often I work late, so I have a tendancy to eat a meal way too late at night!

3. I Like my Soda Pop very cold, so I put it the freezer for about 45 Minutes.
Well, sometimes I forget about it..............BOOM!

4. If I have an appointment, or if I am going to an event, I am always way early!
I love getting the best seat at the theater, or being 1st in line....

5. On the flip side of that, if I have a test, or a perscription to fill, I always wait until the very last minute to do it

6. At every meal no matter whats for dinner, I make a sandwich! Either out of whatever bread is being served, or out of the dinner roll.....Every meal!! It drives my friends and family CRAZY!! Of course thats part of the reason that I do it!!...Hahahaha

7. Since I don't blog at work anymore, I blog way too much at home! I hardly ever watch any TV anymore, and when I do watch TV, I'm also blogging........

Favorite Songs

1. Free Bird.....Lynyrd Skynyrd

2. Radar Love...Golden Earring

3. 25 or 6 to 4 .....Chicago

4. Dynamo Hum....Frank Zappa

5. Highway Song....Blackfoot

6. While My Guitar Gently Weeps....Beatles..( George Harrison )

7. In The Hall of the Mountain King....Edvard Grieg( composer )

Tomorrow I could have a different list, but today, this is it!! Oh yeah, I'm supposed to tag 7 other people for this little self-revealing meme...

1. Roxi.....Lady R.
2. Manny
3. Jodi
4. Buddha Girl
5. Barman
6. Gabby
7. Lime...Trini....Michelle

Tag....Your It!!!.......Sorry guys, but it is an easy post!!!....... Peace...... Galen

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Good Evening............55

" You're leaving again? Just once I wish you'd stay all night. I feel so cheap!
Every night it's the same old thing. You come over, we screw, you get dressed, and you leave again. Just once couldn't you please stay till morning? How far is Pennsylvania anyway?"
...'My Dear, I live in Transylvania........Not Pennsylvania'!

Scooters HNT

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

We'er Number One..............

Happy Hump Day Everybody!!! I can almost guarantee that at one time or another, I have been the very first Commenter on one of your posts..I guess in blogging circles, if that feat is accomplished with any regularity at all, you are referred to as a Blog Whore.
Now I have been called that on more than one occasion. Whether that moniker is deserved or not remains to be seen. Some people think that I get some sort of perverse delight in being the first to "Mark My Territory", Hahahahahahahahaha....Me?
Be that as it may, I have had my moments. But there are some other famous firsts that may be of greater interest to you.......

Buzz Aldrin was the first man to take a dump on the Moon

Before he became the First French King to lose his head,
Louis XVI was the First French King to brush his teeth!

George Bush was the first U.S. President to puke on live TV!

Joseph Stalin, was the first dictator to have a theme park named after him,
Stalin-World was built in 1950 in Lithuania

Fatty Arbuckle was the first alleged rapist to have a chain of fast food restaurants named after him

Henry Laurens, a statesman from South Carolina, was the first person to be formally cremated in 1792

James Madison was the first President to wear long pants instead of knee britches.

The first Frisbees were invented by children on the Oregon trail. They flung discs of Buffalo dung in a Frisbee-like manner during play

The first World Testicle Cooking Championship, was held in Serbia in 2004

The first big screen Tarzan was not Johnny Weismuller, it was on old silent actor named Elmo Lincoln..

The first actor to play 007 James Bond, was an actor named Barry Nelson.
He played him in an early 1950's TV drama production of "Casino Royale"

Thats What I know about being first!!.......Peace.......... Galen.....