Thursday, June 28, 2007

More Ice ?...........55

Nigel was always unlucky. But his luck finally changed!!
With his last Shilling, he purchased a Lottery Ticket,
And they drew his name!!!
His prize packet read....
CONGRATULATIONS....You've won the Guiness
Sponsored.."Voyage to America"..Inclosed are your
tickets, and hotel accomodations!!!
April, 15 1912.
South Hampton
White Star Lines
S.S. Titanic........


Snow White said...


Serena said...

LOL! That's one of those cases where if it weren't for bad luck, he'd have no luck at all. Poor Nigel.

Great 55, Galen!

Snow White said...

Hmm... good one, G-Man!

lime said...

gees.....4th, i must have nigel's luck...

another good one, gman

jillie said...

Hmmmmm...poor Nigel is RIGHT!

I guess it just goes to show have to be careful for what you wish for!

DAMMIT! I'm 5th.... :o(

Mona said...

GALEN! It disappeared again I swear! I have to wait full two minutes before they reappear again!

Poor Nigel! He is more unlucky because we are laughing at his beastly luck!

naughty us!

Mona! you shud be ashamed of yourself!

Evalinn said...

Great stroy G-man! I´m going off to vacation, will u manage without me?

G-Man said...

You Rock!!

Serena Joy??????
2nd again?
Thats OK...
I just glad your here at all..xoxoxox

Thanks Trini..

No Concert tonight?

What is it with my 55's
and your blogger?
It's a conspiracy!!!

S said...

LMAO thats brilliant, Gman! Loving it.
I am up, this time thing is really killing me.

G-Man said...

Bon Voyage..xoxoxox

Thanks for letting me "shine" on your post!

S said...

Didja know I used to live in Alaska Gman? Thats where I saw Aurora.

Are you up late? PM ID

Queenie said...

How's this for dedication, no computer but I've done a '55'.
Poor 'Nigel', great 55 G-man......

Shibari said...

Ya know.. that would so happen to me ! NO lie!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Awesome g-man.

GAB said...

Lucky? ummm Im think not! LOL good one g-man.

barman said...

Queenie, you the bomb. Well Gman is but you are too!

I love the way you slammed the door G. It seemed like a long story and yet i wasn't. Now because I did not like it but because I really was getting into it. Pretty amazing for the size. You did it again.

I am up late but thought I would post one last thing before a quick weekend getaway. Have a wonderful weekend G.

Mona said...

Hello Galen! How are you today?....
& I am wondering whether they could save poor Nigel :(

Serena said...

LOL, G. Second again. I blame it on the drive-in.:-)

Flash said...

Awesome! His luck has changed!

......wait a minute........

snowelf said...

Yikes! I just won something yesterday! Perhaps I should refuse!!


javajazz said...


CozyMama said...

good one - my husband has the same belief about luck that serana pointed out in her comment.

SignGurl said...

Wha? No food today? I'm hungry!

Mona said...

Galen Galen!! I also wrote a 55! would you go & check please???

tsduff said...

Loved the 55 - although I don't care much for sad endings...

Welcome to the weekend!

SignGurl said...

I felt bad since I haven't done a 55 in a while so I banged one out. Haha! I said, "banged one out"!

Snow White said...

LOL at Jenn... she said "banged it."

For all of you who, like me, are a sucker for a happy ending, I have it on good authority that Nigel's story DID have a happy ending. Seems he got tied up and missed the boat, soo... all's well that ends well!

Charles said...

Good one, G.
You've found a secret too. Its hard to say how many words a date may actually be, and a name like S.S. Titanic. Way to spoil it for bean counters! hehehe.

Hey, don't be surprised if you start getting questions about classic horror stars and films. I pointed to you.

Mona said...

Galen? I hope you are all right!!!!

He remains awake till three in the morning & disappears the next day!

Galen GALEN!!! where are you??? I hope you did'nt make yourself sick with the late nights!!!!

& I had to ask you about Vincent Price...[tear falls]

Manny said...

I really ought to try this.

Love you G!

G-Man said...

Hi susie,
No I didn't know that!
Maybe tonight...?

Queenie I was there..
You are the Queen of England!!

Welcome to the Jungle!
Thanks for visiting!!

Thanks Brother,
Any luck on the Hunt?

I know where you are going! You better take lots of Pics!!
Have fun, and drive careful....G

Someone wrote a sequel..
But wasn't me!!

Wake up,
Little Sherry
Wake up!!

Anytime you win something
Take IT!!

The Birthday maven!!
I'm very glad to see my little Flautist..xoxox

Jodi Girl!!
Surf on in here baby!!!

I'll have to see your literary work..xoxox

The sequel writer!!

Hello Miss Terry!!
Glad you flew on in baby!!.xox

You have a very long memory son!!
I counted S.S. as two words..
( in case anyone was counting!)
Thanks for stopping by..

G-Man said...

Welcome to the Jungle!
Thanks for stopping by.
I'll have to check you out....Galen

Hi sweetie,
I love you too!!

jillie said... concerts until!


G-Man said...

Awwww, Jillie!!!!
I'll be back everybody later.....
If it's Friday, it must be Border's!!!

Breazy said...

LOL! Very good G!

How are you? I am good just busy as usual. I thought once the kids were out of school my days would be free but boy was I wrong.
You take care!


G-Man said...

Hi Breazy..
Thanks sweetie for stopping By...


This is the last day of the month...And we will be crazy busy at work today!!!
As you all can see, I was too lazy to post new, I won't be around till late tonight....So have fun, and.......Have fun!!..Galen xoxox

Mona said...

You were lazy?? I doubt! you were up till 3: 24 last night!!!

Anonymous said...

It's ok to not post everyday galen, trust me, at this rate you will be burned out 6 months from now.
Hope you sell a lot of cars.

snowelf said...

Yes, Galen,
no worries!
take a break,
sell some cars,
charm some ladies,
have a great Saturday.

(Not necessarily in that order, but I recommend the Saturday thing today...or maybe a week from today.)


Mona said...

Yes Galen! you gotto rest!
We will fill in for you!

Yay! Ladies & gentlemen meet the filler!

... er...filled up

uh huh...fillin


G-Man said...

Mona my sweet,
Thanks for looking out for Galen..But I'm OK really!!

Top Cat,
Thanks brother, You are right about the posting, I guess I can lighten up a bit..xoxox

Thanks for your advice!!
Charm the Ladies?
I'm surounded by charming Ladies...xoxox

And you, and my fill in Mona, are amongs't the charmingest!!

Charles said...

Do another, do another. That Bacon stuff.

SignGurl said...

Did someone say bacon?

Charles said...

That's with an uppercase 'B', Sign

G-Man said...

Oh I'll give you guys food!!!
In fact, I'm gonna post about it yet tonight!!

Charles said...

The Francis Bacon stuff.

G-Man said...


I know....

Mona said...

what is bacon stuff galen???