Thursday, June 28, 2007

Spoony HNT

From the Fabulous S e e Quine!


lime said...


Serena said...

Lookin' good, G. Mighty, mighty fine, indeed. But then you always do. Mmm-hmm.:-)

lime said...

i am utterly confused but that ain't hard to do. always good to see you mugging. :)

HHNT gman

G-Man said...

OK...The Portrait that I am holding, was hand drawn for me by SeeQuine!
This is a self-portait..
She is a very smart college student from Washington...If you visit her site, I must warn you that she's way way out there in Smart-Land!!!!
But she is also very funny, and she has another blog thats not so Erudite...It's a blog of her drawings...
She so graciously did this for me upon request!
(for a nominal service charge)


What happened?
One of these days sweetie, one of these days....xoxoxox

Serena said...

I don't actually know, G. But that's okay, we'll sort it out at summer camp.:-)

Wow, SeeQuine is very talented.

S said...

HHNT Galen!

G-Man said...

Remember, I'm on top!!
Of course you are smart enough to understand her!
Thanks ..xoxox

Thanks Susie-Q
You Rock..xoxox

Mona said...

WOW! Art! this is my favourite HNT Galen!

G-Man said...

She has a site called..
"I can draw too", if Barman reads this post he can link it in his comments.....
Because I'm too pitiful to do it myself...xox

Roxi said...

oh yeah... it is HNT.. whoops..

I'm forgoing this week.. wait another week and I promise it will be good..

your shit is always awsome.

Roxi said...

I lied.. I felt bad.. I put one up..

there.. I am a good little girl

G-Man said...

Damn, it's good to see you squirt...
You just made my day,
And a HHNT to you too.
Thanks sweetie.xxox

jillie said...

What an awesome HNT....How in the hell did I get to be number 12 when it's only 11:14??

WTF....I am feeling lonely...hahaha

barman said...

OK the link you mentioned to I Can Draw

You know I visited that once long ago and forgot it existed. She is very interesting indeed. My only question... did she move already? She had a piano and I said I was busy.

Thanks for the explenation as I was a little confused. Very nice indeed G. HHNT.

Evalinn said...

Happy HNT!

G-Man said...

In the Summer, it stays lighter later..
We stay up later..
Waiting for you!!
Have fun at Steve Winwood?
Did he play"Low Spark for High Heeled Boys"?

Barman...Thanks brother, I can always count on you!


Anonymous said...

very cool and original HNT sir.:)

SignGurl said...

I love the HNT!!

I left something for you at my blog.

Snow White said...

Happy HNT, G-man! You're HOT! xox

tkkerouac said...

Happy HNT Galen!!!!

erika said...

That is a great portrait! Very talented!

snowelf said...

Aww, Galen, this is such a sweet HNT!!

You both look fabulous!! :)

Did you know Thursday is my favorite day?


Queenie said...

Love the look!!!
Next week I'll be there, computer willing!

Breazy said...

Very cool pic you are holding, the pic of you holding the drawn pic is cool too!

Whew..I better stay away from that blog..I am blonde remember?

LOL! I hope you have a good day!


Mona said...

Galen! I went to see quin's & saw ever so many cats there!

she has a way with her charcoal! LOL!

Charles said...

I've been there before, too.
Its nice to see someone who thinks with such intelligence.

Bunny said...

HHNT, Dude!

S said...

Who the hell is Connie Francis?

Spoony Quine said...

` Yes, rah rah rah, I have a blog, my mad scientist alter ego has a blog, and I have an art blog.

` And for anyone who thinks I'm a lot smarter than they are... I weep for you. ;D

` And Mona...

Galen! I went to see quin's & saw ever so many cats there!

she has a way with her charcoal! LOL!

` Charcoal? Cats? Whose blog did she go to?

G-Man said...

Thanks brother,
Much Obliged!!

Your the Greatest!

Thanks sweetie, your quite the inferno yourself!! xoxox

You have the Skimpiest HNT' far as clothing goes that is!
Thanks for the visit!!

Where have you been?
G-Man only see's you on HNT..xoxoxox

Thursday is my favorite day also!! xoxox

G-Man said...

Hi Everybody...I gotta make a quick run, I'll be back in a few, to finish thanking everybody!!!

G-Man said...

Awww Queenie...
PC still not up to snuff?
Thanks for coming..xoxox

Your a blonde?

Mona Dear,
She is very talented..

Charles..YOU could actually understand her !!

Oh Bunny,
Bunny Bunny Bunny!!!
Thanks for visiting!!

G-Man said...


The star of the show!!
Calm down....xox

Spoony Quine said...

` There are a lot of bunnies on my art blog, randomly scattered about.

Spoony Quine said...

` Simultaneous post with Galen!!!! How SEXy!!!

` ....Uh.

` Yeah. I think I'm done being a smartass for the evening.

G-Man said...

Thank You Sara..

Crabby said...

LOL! You crack me up. That's great! You're so darn cute, G.

Seequin is brilliant, isn't she? Sometimes I swear it's hard to keep up with that girl. LOL!

G-Man said...

Crabby, I can't believe that I caught this hahaha