Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wild Wednesday.....

Everyone knows how low-tech I am. I know, it's quite pathetic. For example, my HNT pics if they are taken by me or my boss, are E-Mailed to Signgurl, she in turn loads them on my blog and I do post them when ready.
This week in the car business has been very slow. We are in between incentives, and there are no really great deals going on now. The dealership where I work at only requires you to work 5 days a week, this happens to be a week that I work Saturday. That means that I can have Today off if I choose to. It just so happens that it will be Sunny and 87 today, and tonight is also
"Bike Night" at my favorite bar Scooters....No Brainer Right?....Right!!
My boss at work has not been bringing his digital camera as of late, and I was kind of worried that this weeks HNT would be a bust.....Again, the beautiful and ever-shrinking Signgurl to the rescue!!! She suggested that we meet for lunch, and she could shoot a few pics for me..
Isn't she awesome? She even suggested that we meet about 1/2 way so I wouldn't have to drive so far..So at Noon today, we are meeting in a small town called Perry Michigan. It's about a 20 mile drive for Jenn, and about a 25 mile ride for me. I can stop fretting about tomorrow's post, and I can have a great lunch with one of my favorite people in the whole wide world!!!!
I'll even buy this time.........

Have any of you fellow bloggers, ever had the opportunity to meet another blogger?
I've met Jenn and Barman before, they are both very neat folks, and I am so looking foreward to today's lunch........Have a great day.....Galen


Snow White said...

Have fun, and tell Jenn "Hi" for me! xox

G-Man said...

Snow white, I sure will!!
Congratulations on getting the top spot!!

lime said...

i've had no such opportunity but have a GREAT time and give her a hug for me:)

SignGurl said...

I'm at your beck and call since you said you were buying, LMAO!

jillie said...

Meeting fellow bloggers is so much fun! I've been fortunate enough to meet a few fellow bloggers...BTE, Simplyme, Toby and Autumn Storm. I already knew Twink and Jodi when I started.

I wish I could be there for lunch with you today...HOW FUN and what a beautiful day for a ride. Please ride safe...Blogging just would be the same without you. Jenn too!


S said...

Thats so cute: "the ever shrinking signgurl"! Yay Signgurl!

Ok well, I have met....
It Really Is A Dogs Life ~Logo
The Idiot
Mr Ratburn (heh)
Fortress Guiness
plus from my old hangout, Trivia Madness, I have met...

Tension in Suburbia

I think there are a couple more but I cant remember off hand....

Heh, that bra purse of will hold ALOT of stuff beleive me, its a 36DD.
Alas, I had to toss the jumbo bras....with weight loss, out go the giant bazoombaz as well!

G-Man said...

OK I'll give her a hug for you..
That gives me another excuse to hug her again!!

Oh Hi Jenn,
Yeah...anything you want,
King Crab
Grilled Cheese
Name it baby!!!!

Remember the plan!

Holy Shit, what time do you get up out there?
OK, if you sent Lime an old bra, would you consider sending G-Man an old pair of your.....
(you know)
Anyway, you sure have met a lot of bloggers..
Lucky Them xoxoxoxoxxox

snowelf said...

Good morning G-man,

I have met another blogger, but it's a secret who it is.
He's stolen a piece of my heart forever.


S said...

Oh yeah, Im sure you want an old pair of my granny panties!:P

MilkMaid said...

Hey G, you and Jenn have a great time!

I've met several internet friends. Not all of them were good LOL, but some have been GREAT.

One day one day, I intend on meeting my longest and dearest net pal Crabby. There will be lots and lots of tears and laughter I suspect. She's about the only net pal I'd like to meet at this point, I've had some issues in the past and think for the most part, I'm happy to keep them separate for now, IRL pals and net pals. There is an Alaskan biker fella I've been friends with for a LONG long time, someday if ever I get to Alaska, him and his girlfriend are on my short list.

And I might could consider a Corvette test drive if I were to happen up north somewhere LOL

Looking forward to the photos!

Evalinn said...

Another great day for Mr Knowitall, how great!

One of my best friends is a dedicated blogger and she´s the one that encouraged me, and then another good friend I got started setting up a blog as she moved abroad.

But I haven´t met up with anyone that I´ve met over here.

The day we meet, I´ll be barefeet :-)

Paul Champagne said...

Well at least it's not only in West Texas that the car business is slow ... spoke to the factory rep yesterday and he promised me they were going to raise incentives for the 4th of July ... my reaction was, "And what do we do till then?"

Anonymous said...

Hey you picked a great day sun!:)
As you know I've had the privelege to meet Bryan "barman".
Have fun today.:)

G-Man said...

Snowelf, I remember that post...
What a lucky guy!!!

Milkmaid, I read your post yesterday about the Chicken snake, but when I went to comment, I lost all of your posts..
Firefox eh?
Very frustrating!!!
Thanks for stopping by. xoxox

If you wore them?
HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are sooooo sweet to me....
And your foot pics????
Thanks xoxoxox

Paul Champagne,
Welcome to the Jungle,
You sell cars too?
Our Reps tell us the same thing!!!

Top Cat,
We would like you to join us one of these days.
I'll even buy....Again!!

Serena said...

You're going to have a whole collection of undies by sundown, G-man. LOL. It's so nice to get to meet some of the people you become acquainted with online. Hope y'all had a great lunch!:-)

Queenie said...

I talked Akelamalu to start a blog, we met on holiday. So we meet up at least twice a year and comment everyday god willing on our blogs. There is so many of my blogger buddies I would love to meet, one day I will get to the States "so look out boy cos here come" (loved that song).

SignGurl said...

Well, thank you so much for lunch! It was delish!

I got all the hugs from everyone that gave them here. Either that or G just likes hugging.

Jillie, payback are hell!

G-Man said...

Serena Joy....
I am?
Are you donating also?
( I wish )
Yes it was a great lunch,
( I paid ) and she took lots of pics...You'll see one or two on HNT..
Thanks sweetie..xoxox

G-Man said...

Queenie, you definately have to come to Michigan!
We would have a special meet-up just for you!!

Signgurl, I had a great lunch, and lots of fun!
You are so Hot and Beautiful in person!!!
Thanks ...xoxoxoxox

Serena said...

Sure, I could donate a little something.:)

Pictures. Yay!

G-Man said...

Serena Joy,
You are so good to me,
Thanks for volunteering!!

Manny said...

I was posting new as you were commenting. LOL

Will you take me a ride?

Manny said...

BTW, I know Crab. Does that count?

SignGurl said...

HNT is up with the ever famous GMan!

Mona said...

Ah! signgurl is really sweet. In fact i love all the ppl from Michgan for a very personal reason. It was my Dad's favourite place too! I miss my dad horribly.
You can never know what you had until you lose it/them...

Barman is also awesome! I loved his comment on Tops' the other day.

Mona said...

Please hug then from my side if you will Galen!

barman said...

Well I have met a small handful of wonderful bloggers. Before this I was on a usenet news group back in '95 and met up with about 10 people there. Out of it all there has only been 1 person I regretted meeting and no it it not you, Sign or TC. I guess I consider myself lucky.

My phone was not busy, I do not remember hearing it ring. No messages. Boy!

Glad you guys had a nice lunch. It sure was a nice enough day that is for sure.

So where are these HNT pictures already???

barman said...

Mona I can not speak for everyone in Michigan but I have met up with 6 other bloggers here and they have all been so super.

Should the day ever come that you find your way to the United States you will always be in Michigan.

G-Man said...

Yes, Manny...
Knowing Crabby counts!!


Michigan in the Summer, is the greatest place in the world..Barman is awesome, he is a Techno-Whiz, and he can find any answer to any problem.
You need to move here..xox

Jenn has pics, I'll post my HNT at 11, I'm not sure what she has loaded!

Serena said...

LOL. I'm always happy to support worthy causes.:-)