Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Not Again..?

Look....I don't make this stuff up. Tonight after work I called my friend Alex to see if he wanted to go to our little Pub to watch the Tigers Game. We headed to the place, and when we walked in it felt like a blast furnace!! The A/C was out and they were waiting for the HVC guys to show. I was "over" the heat after one cold one, so we decided to go to another Haunt to watch the game in comfort..We walked in and Alex knew a few of their regulars, so we bellied up to the bar , and ordered..The game was pretty exciting, even though the Tiger Bull-Pen blew another lead to lose the game..The good ole boys that were already there, were already pretty well lit, and I noticed them staring at me..Yeah, OK, I just got outta work, and compared to the way these guys were dressed, I guess I looked a step above casual!! Finally after about 5 minutes of this ogling, the one guy said, " Hey, I don't know you from Adam, and I don't know what your politics are...But you look exactly like Michael Moore"!! Jeez, Talk about 8 different necks snapping all at once to stare me down even more than this guy talking to me...I had to say something to break the tension, so I had to tell them the story about me in Colorado at the Celestial Seasonings Tea Hospitality Room, when an avid crowd gatered around me and I pulled out my drivers license to show them my name was NOT Michael Moore...But then someone shouted "See , he's from Flint, he IS Michael Moore"!!..Just then in this Bar, I reached in my back pocket and pulled out my DL,.....for a second you could hear a pin drop.......But then all on cue.... They all erupted in laughter!!!!
These Yahoo's were convinced that I was indeed Galen Haynes AKA G-Man, and all was well in the world again!!!
I guess I need to drop about 60 pounds and get a hair-cut, and this shit will finally stop!!!
Great post eh?.....Sorry, but I'm in my HNT mode, and I'm already thinking about my 55...
So you guys out there try and stay cool, and Michael Moore bids you...... Good Night


Snow White said...

I bet Michael Moore doesn't know TMI! xoxo

Mona said...

Galen! Big hugs to you! You are wonderful just as you are & we love you!

Snow White said...

Woohooo! I finally made it!

Serena said...

Great balls of fire, late June is no time for AC problems. I think getting mistaken for Michael Moore is kind of cool. Hey, it could be worse -- you could look like Dubya. The main thing is, you had fun!

Mona said...

Galen! Lime has a wonderful post there which is your favourite! Tee Hee!![ rubbing my hands in glee!!]

lime said...

they dunno sheeeit, you're much better looking that MM!

Mona said...

Galen! I am so glad you enjoyed that!!! I am dying!!!!

Mona said...

not dying as in dig up & bury me, but dying laughing you know...LOL LOL!!!!

You are super cool! But LIME is cooler! Ah! for that cool breeze on a hot summer day!

G-Man said...


A photo finish between you and Mona, and I think that you won by an eyelash..

You both are loved by the G-Man very much, and I'm so lucky...xoxox

What happened?
Your Fingers of Fire sort of flickered out tonight....
But I sure love you too Sherry...Thanks xoxoxox

I just read your post!
I was duped by Mona...
She led me to believe that you were Naked!!!
Love you Especially!

Mona said...

GALEN! Did I say that? cross your heart & tell me! Did I say that!!!???

Galen I shall sue you I think!!!

Evalinn said...

Do u think people keep asking Michael Moore if he´s really MrKnowitall?

Anonymous said...

It always amazes me when people think people who don't look anything like someone think they do.
I see absolutely NOOOOOOO comparison, WTF?
Michael Moore looks like an ass and acts like a self righteous pompous ass who's a leech making a good living pretending like he really gives a shit.
(and I'm being polite)
He's no different than the people he criticizes in his films, he twists the truth and edits his films to further his agenda.
Stay cool today brother.

barman said...

Oh my god, you know you instantly became a regular yesterday, don't you. They will be talking about you and remember you when ever you come in again. Way to funny.

I bet you loved it, you had the attention of everyone in the joint. G-man at the center of everything. Yep, you enjoyed that.

I finally put my room air units in cause I could not stand the heat and I was not even in the kitchen. It was a steamy one last night.

barman said...

Mona, you did say it was G-mans "favorite thing" about her post. So of course he thought she was naked. I mean, come on. What fun.

MilkMaid said...

I wonder how many times ol' Michael has to reach to his back pocket to prove he's not the infamous G-Man?


Mona said...

Barman! I am suing G Man from India to get him extradited and shipped here!!

& then I guess with the type of our courts here, the actual hearing will come after 20 years.

Meanwhile I shall have him get out on a bail... Understand?

I am screaming scheaming [ evil laugh]

Charles said...

I'd have to agree with TC, no resemblance. That's why it took five minutes, the guy had to find somebody that shared some trait with you. You should have gone with it and told them you were doing a documentary on the politics of bars. Good thing they were good natured and didn't shoot you when you reached for your wallet.:)

G-Man said...

Maybe I jumped to conclusions...

I don't think that has happened, but your sweet for saying that.xoxox

Thank You!!
Thats what I'm Sayin!!

Yes Bryan I know...
At that place, I am now the "Guy That Looks Like Michael Moore"

Carol...Firefox will not let me access your posts from this PC...I try believe me..So thanks for coming by in spite of my ineptness!! xox

Mona, you want me to be kept under "house Arrest" by you for 20 years?..You?....OK!!!!

G-Man said...

These guys were blasted!
I don't see it either..
Maybe I should do a Michael Moore HNT?

jillie said...

Good morning g-man....I'm off to work today...YEP you heard it right!!!

Working in the recovery room at an outpatient facility. YAY!!!!


Charles said...

Pleeese don't do a MMHNT. Unlike you, there are many of us who do vomit.

snowelf said...

Yea, G-man! Michael Moore wishes he was YOU!

And yes...some of us do have sensitive tummies! :)

Mona, do you think they will mistake him for Michael Moore in India too? Heehee! Let me know if you need help with that lawsuit. :P


Mona said...

G man! come to think of It I never ever vomit! I did not even throw up during pregnancy!

Snow. NOOO! I do not want help with the lawsuit! I want it to be a totally screwed lawsuit! don't you understand? Let it stretch & stretch till eternity!!

Mona said...

Galen ! whoevr this miachel moore is , screw him! You come as YOU!

Evalinn said...

Don´t be so modest. U never know :-)

Mona said...

Siiiinnng siiiing a song!
make it simmmmppppleee to last you all Night long!
dont worry if eet eess not goood enough
for anyone else to hhhhheeeeaaaarrr
Just siiingggg sing a sonnnng!!!


Queenie said...

Don't you change a single hair on your head, or else!

morgetron said...

I bet Michael Moore doesn't have nearly as many stellar tattoos as G-Man.

Cha Cha said...

You've been to the Celestial Seasoning's Tea Hospitality Room?

I'm SO jealous!

I would have made up some whacked-out story about Marilyn Manson. He was my favourite part of that flick. I gotta say that I do want to see that Sicko movie that's comin' out. I think it'll be fun. I like all the skeletons in the poster.



I am also jealous of your steamy night.

I want details!

SignGurl said...

You would need to become much more of a skanky, grimy, unkempt man to look like MM. That's all I got to say about that!

SignGurl said...

Oops, when I read that back it sounds like I was saying you were skanky and all those other things.

I'll assure everyone that Galen is very well kept and very attractive!

Charles said...

hehehe. We knew what you meant signgirl. But after you said that, rereading it could sound like that. To look at him, I think MM probably sweats way more than the 2 1/2 quarts per day. blech.

G-Man said...

Hi everybody!!!
As usual, my Wednesday's are kinda crazy..I promise to answer all comments upon my return from taking my son to see the new Die Hard Movie at 7..See you later, and have fun!!!

jillie said...


Anonymous said...

No AC in abar... I wouldn't like to see that today... About staying cool... it is impossible here... ;-))
BTW... your comments are back at there places... I found the problem... You were considered as a spammer...ROFL!!!!!!

Cha Cha said...

I went to the movies today too!

I saw Mr. Brooks.

It was superb.



And lovely.

And I REALLY liked it.

It's some pretty sick and twisted shit.

There was only one scene I didn't like cos it didn't fit in with the whole tone of the movie...but other than that, it was fantastic.

G-Man said...

Hi Everybody!!!
The new Die Hard was action packed and very suspenseful.....OK..

As you should be..
Saving America!!!

There is no chance of that happening!!!

India has enough problems without Michael Moore adding to them...

You NEVER ralph?
Wow...I know I love you now..xoxoxoxoxoxox

You should be very glad that Michael Moore does not want to visit Stock City..xoxox

Mona said...

YAYY!!! Galen loves me NOW!

MilkMaid said...

Hey G, are you online? I took some stuff off my blog, can you see if you can load it now....I hate dicking with this CRAP! LOL what do you pay Jenn to make your's so nice and pretty? ;)

Come post to me if you can get it to load on IE now....carol

G-Man said...


Calm down girl, It'l be just fine...xoxox

Awwwww Thank you dear..

You Likey da tats?

Is that you?
Twice in one week!!!!!!
You sound like you are in a very good Mood *wink*..A Happy Strumpet is good for all..xoxox

So I'm skanky, well kept, and attractive?
Thanks sweetie!!!

Jillie, I know where you are going tonight!!!
Have fun..xoxoxox

Thanks sweetie for fixing the problem, I was getting very disgusted..And I am very low-tech...
Love you lots Jo..xoxo

Wednesday must be movie day eh? I'm glad to see you get out Baby..

G-Man said...

(I'd love you even if you were a Puker..Shhhhh)

First Searabbit..
Now you?
Thanks for making it easy for the G-Man to visit..xoxoxox

MilkMaid said...

LOL thanks G! Missed ya..

barman said...

I thought I would put up a shameless post. It is about you but there really is not to much to it. I just thought I would mention it.

Mona said...

really Galen?... will it be...?



S said...

Youre late
youre late
for a very important date!

Im up K

Mona said...

I was ay Bryan's ..they compare you with HIM!!!!

G-Man said...



Barman...You are fucking awesome son..Thanks

Thats OK, it was OZ!!!!
Thanks for the heads up

Mona...I know honey..xox