Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's ALIVE...It's ALIVE!!!!

Hi everybody, Look what the cat drug in...G-Man!!!
I want to thank my loyal, trusted, and caring friends in
Bloggerville for all of your well wishes, positive thoughts and prayers.
What I thought was a painful  boil on my ass, turned out to be a very
fast acting Flesh Eating Virus called...Necrotizing Faciitus!!!
Yes the one thats been on the news EVERY NIGHT it seems since
I came down with it. I was literally hours from either wearing a colostomy,
losing my Manly-Parts, or DEATH. I'm only here through the luck of having
the brilliant Dr. Gutenkunst on duty when I was admitted to ER. He recognized
my situation, ordered immediate emergency surgery, and saved my life.
In the 16 days that I was in the hospital, I had FOUR OPERATIONS!!!
This is my third week home, and I just got my stitches out Tuesday. I still have
trouble sitting for any period of time, so my posting will be sparadic. As far as
Friday Flash 55 goes, I'm just not ready to tackle it yet. Please be patient.....
I so cherish the warm heart of all my Blogger Peeps.
Thank You from the bottom of my heart and.....
Have a Kick Ass Holiday Week-End....G-Man

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Love From G-Man

I spoke with Galen today.  He is finally home from the hospital.  He is not able to sit, so he hasn't checked email or this blog.  He wanted me to let you all know that he's feeling much better but will be down for a while.  He sends all his love and thanks everyone for their well wishes.