Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday Flash 55......

This Saturday is The University of Michigan's Home Football opener!
I know this probably does'nt mean much to most of you, but This is something that
I have been doing since My college days starting in 1968...
Tonight I took my daughter down to Ann Arbor to move her into her House she is
staying at for her Senior year..What memories this brings back..In that spirit, I present to
you my Friday Flash 55...

Opening Day, Ann Arbor Michigan!!
I live for this day...
I've had the same seats for Thirty years!
I'ts my Birthday, Christmas, and New Years rolled into one.
I can hear them screaming in the tunnel...God I love it so!
..."Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting the 255 piece Michigan Marching Band.
Baaaaand, Take the field"!!

Have a great Labor Day Week-End everybody...and
"Hail to the Victors"

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


If it's Wednesday, it must be time for ...Ask Mr. Knowitall!

A Mr. Ed Norton from Brooklyn New York asks...

Dear Mr. Knowitall...Why are manhole covers round?

Hey Norton.....It's so they won't fall 'through' the manhole itself!

Squares, Rectangles, and Ovals could be positioned so they could fall

through the opening, Round manhole covers rest on a lip thats smaller

than the cover. So the size and shape keeps the manhole from falling in..

A Mr. Buster Brown from Fargo North Dakota asks...

Dear Mr. Knowitall, How and why did people start polishing their shoes?

Dear Buster...A high Polish on shoes is a tradition passed down from the

Spanish Caballero whose shiny boots served notice that he rode his own horse

and did not walk along dusty roads with lesser men...

A Mr. Liberache Steinway from San Francisco California asks...

Dear Mr. Knowitall, Why do men have nipples?

Dear Lee...Males actually have the anatomical equipment in place to provide milk!

Fortunately it lies dormant unless stimulated my the female hormone estrogen..

Men may have suckled babies in the distant past..No one knows for sure!

A Mr. Fog Horn Leg Horn from Acme Iowa asks...

Dear Mr. ....I say Dear Mr. Knowitall...Why don't people eat turkey eggs?

Dear Fog Horn, they don't taste...I say they don't tatse good! The reason being

that they do not contain the amount of water that a chicken egg does. The next time you have eggs over easy, think about how wet they are. Turkey eggs when exposed to high heat, turn rubbery...

A Dr. Steven Hawking from the planet Mars asks...

Dear Mr. Knowitall, is it true that we only use 10% of our brains?

Dear Steve....Your kidding right?...No silly, you use EVERY part of your brain!

Just not every area at the same time! Although at any given moment, only about 5%

of your brain cells are actually firing...But as far as we know, there are NO brain parts

that NEVER do anything!!!

Mr. Knowitall grows weary..... Peace!!!

PS. Don't forget your HNT.....and start thinking about your 55!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuesday Info Session......

I hate MEMES....Many of them seem to be concocted by sleazy ignorant ass-holes that couldn't ask a sexy question in a cat-house..But from time to time I'd like to find out a little something extra from the people that so kindly read and comment on my blog. So if you are here already, and even if you know that I know the answers to these questions, there seems to be a new influx of fresh blood to the mix that may find these few questions enlightening.Please play along!

1. What was the first blog that you regularly read?
a. Always Aroused Girl..

2. Do you remember the first" blogger" that you had an E-Mail Relationship with?
a. Yes, and I wish that she was not so busy, cause I miss her...Roxi..

3.Why did you create your blog?
a. There were many talented people on the WEB that I wanted to comment with,
And this was my main motivation.

4. When was your first post, and who was your first commenter?
a. November 8th 2006....and Barman was my 1st commenter..
and he's still a very loyal commenter...much more loyal than me...

5. Are there blogs that you absolutely have to visit daily?
a. Absolutely!!....Lime, ...Serena Joy,...Strumpet,...SignGurl,...Top Cat,...
I visit many more daily, but these are a must for me!

6. Is your Blog categorized?..(I.E. Comedy, Literary, Personal Angst, Etc.)
a. Yes I would say...Informative and Primitive.

7. Do you see an end to your blogging some day?
a. God I hope not!!! I'm having way too much fun!!

8. What are you wearing right this very minute?....
a. My $30.oo Harley-Boxers..White Socks.....

.......Come on, It's easy, It's fun, It's only 8 questions!!!.... Peace.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Musical Memories..........

"Those were the days my friend
We thought they'd never end
We'd sing and dance forever and a day
We'd live the life we choose
We'd fight and never lose
For we were young, and sure to have our way"

God what a great old tune with a catchy, haunting sound. This was originally a Russian tune
called "Darogoi Dlimmoyo", which means "Dear To Me".The original artist was Alexander Wertinsky, who recorded in 1920..In the 50's, a Finnish singer translated it to her native language and recorded it. An American named Gene Raskin heard it and recorded it to English lyrics. It was popularized later by a Folk group named The Limelaters.. In 1965 Raskin and his wife performed the song in a London club called The Blue Angel. Paul McCartney was in the audience.

Three years later McCartney heard about a young Welsh singer named Mary Hopkins. The Beatles had just formed Apple Records and were looking for people to record-so Paul asked her to audition. She did, and when she she floored him with her high soprano voice, Paul immediately thought of "Those Were The Days". He bought the rights to the song, and Hopkins recorded it. Her record was specially boxed in a special introductory set of the first four Apple Releases. It became the second million-seller on Apple("Hey Jude" was the first). Worldwide it sold 5 million copies...

"Through the door there came familar laughter
I saw your face and heard you call my name
Oh my friend we're older but no wiser
For in our hearts our dreams are still the same....

Those were the days ".................

Friday Night Lights Out..........

OK, by now I'm sure most of you have heard on the news about our "excitement" last Friday?
...Let me recap it for you. At about 4:30 PM I left work early to take my son Reese to his school, so he could suit up to play in his High School's Marching band for that evenings game. Since I had just came straight from work and still had my work stuff on, I wanted to go home and put on more casual attire .As soon as I dropped him off at 5:30, the sky got black, the rain came down in sheets, and all the sirens started blaring. The game did not start until 7, so I decided to stay home and read a few 55's before going to the game. About 6:15 the phone started ringing off the hook..."Galen, are you OK?"..."Galen, is the store OK".....It seems that a news bulletin came on saying that a tornado had touched down in Fenton, and a building near US-23 and Owen Rd. had been destroyed. Now, I started to freak out a bit since all my co-workers are there till 6 on Fridays, so I called my boss, and he assured me that they were OK...
So about 6:55, the sky started to clear up, and it stopped raining, and since we live about 20 miles from Fenton, our power unaffected and the game went on. As a matter of fact, it was a great night for football, and it didn't rain a drop the whole night..Now since I was scheduled for work on Saturday, I got up as usual about 8:30 and started to get ready. Just then My phone rang, and a fellow employee called and asked if I was coming in to work. I said of course why?
He said that 90% of Fenton was without power, and that the National Guard had been called in, no one was allowed into town without proper proof of residence, and there was a curfew..
Furthermore, he said that I should come to his house, and bring every cooler that I have because, he had power, but none of his relatives did, and since they are all hunters they wanted to give away all the venison that they had in their freezer, since Bow Season starts on Oct 1st..
They all figured to replenish soon enough since the deer around here are as plentiful as Rats.
So I headed to his home with my coolers, and the scene that I witnessed was like out of a disaster movie...Barns leveled, Garages smashed, 100 year old trees uprooted like weeds being plucked from a garden, it was horrific!!!..Oddly enough, no one was injured, our dealership went unscathed (including all our vehicles), and traffic was moving along quite well...
The twister just hopscotched along on it's merry way, leaving terror and destruction wherever it touched down...Lets never again talk about luck eh?......And BTW, I now have a freezer full of corn-fed back-straps, tenderloins, burger, and sirloin steaks...Merry Christmas Galen!!!!
So thank you all for you concern, I am fine, our store is fine, and all is well on my end of it!!
You are all very kind and careing to the G-Man...Much Love...... Peace!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Friday Flash 55........

What was I thinking?
Why did I let you go?
You've been with me since the 60's...
I actually thought we would be together forever.
What a Yutz I am!!!
You made me feel complete.
....But it really doesn't matter much now, doe's it?

"Galen! Please stop your whinning....
Your hair will always grow back"!!!

Haircut HNT

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ask Mr. Knowitall.......

If it's Wednesday, it must be time for...Ask Mr. Knowitall.

A Mr. Larry Caplan from Scarborough Canada asks...
Dear Mr. Knowitall....."Is there really lead in a pencil?"

Dear Larry.....At your age, I kinda doubt it....Oh! You mean actually,
Not metaphorically?...OK, Not anymore. The ancient Greeks, Romans,
and Egyptians used small lead disks for drawing guidlines on papyrus before
writing with brushes with ink, and artists in Europe used metalic rods of lead silver and zinc
to make drawings centuries ago. But all that changed in 1564, when a graphite deposit was
unearthed in Borrowdale England.
But using graphite for writing wasn't new, the Aztecs did it long before the arrival of
Columbus to the New World. But it was new to the Europeans. They discovered that the
graphite-a form af Carbon- made rich dark lines. They then began carving pointed
"marking stones" out of it to write with.
The problem was that the stones marked the writer's hands as much as the paper. Eventually
people figured out that they could wrap a string around the stone to keep their hands clean,
and unwinded it as the graphite wore down, That was the 1st version of the modern pencil!

A Mr Rudolph Guliani of Queens New York asks...
Dear Mr. Knowitall..."Why is NYC called The Big Apple?"

Dear Rudy, It appears to be a jazz term. Musicians of the 30's coined many terms for different things, their travels, their music, even the towns that they stayed in. A town was an "Apple".
The head of the NYC travel Council at the time, Charles Gillett, learned of that term, and bragged..."There are Lots of "Apples" in the U.S.A., but we are the biggest and the best, we are the "Big Apple"!!!

A Mr. Richard Kildare of Hoboken New Jersey asks...
Dear Mr. Knowitall..."How heavy are our bones?"

Dear Dick, Our bones are a remarkable combination of strength and lightness, in a 160# man, only about 29 #'s less than 20% represent bone weight. Steel bars of comparable size would weigh at least 5 times that much...

OK Mr. Knowitall grows weary.....until next time.... Peace!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Big Flop Tuesday......

Have you ever wondered how people keep coming up with new inventions?
Just when you think that everything is already invented, that needs to be invented,
someone comes up with an awesome idea. These things are much more evident at Christmas time of course: The Clapper....Chia Pet...The Tabletop Pizza Oven....The list goes on and on.
But some things just never caught on, see if you can vaguely remember any of these.....

BIC PERFUME..The snazzy $ 5.00 perfume that looked like a cigarette lighter. Why wasn't it a bigger hit with women? According to one industry expert.."It looked like a cigarette lighter".
Bic lost $11 million...

CHILLY BANG! BANG! JUICE...The kiddie drink shaped in a pistol shaped package. Kids drank it by putting the barrel in their mouths and squeezing the trigger...outraged parents and state officials got it yanked from the shelves almost immediately...

HOP'N'GATOR...The inventor of Gatorade sold his original drink to a major corporation in 1966. Then in 1969, he used the money for another "can't miss" idea..A mixture of beer and Gatorade.
The Pittsburg Brewing Co. tried it for a couple of years.....Big Flop!!

ZARTAN the ENEMY action figures...Hasbro promoted the soldier doll as a "paranoid schizophrenic" that becomes violent under pressure. It got pulled after mental health organizations complained,,(were they crazy?).

PEPSI A.M....Get your caffeine from a colas rather than coffee.? Big flop!! Pepsi found out that most people did not want a breakfast soft drink, plus they still preferred the taste of original Pepsi..

"NEW COKE"...Even with Bill Cosby Schlepping it, People screamed kicked and clammored for the return of the original Coca Cola....They lost Millions!!

HANDS UP!!...Kids soap in an aerosol can, introduced in 1962. Instead of a nozzle, there was a plastic gun mounted on top. You get soap out of the can by pointing the gun at the kid and squeezing the trigger. The Official Slogun?.."Gets kids clean, and MAKES them like it"!!

.....These are just a few of the many many unsuccessful items that were introduced. But just think, you may be the inventor of that "Pocket Fisherman"! Or that hand held little vibrator thingy that relieves stress in women! Or that Table-Top Rottisserie Oven that all you have to do is .."Set it, and forget it"!!....Get to thinking America, ideas happen every day!!.. Peace!

Monday, August 20, 2007

I'm Baaaack.....

Hi Everybody, I hope you all had a wonderful week-end, I sure did!!

Me and my buddy Alex, left early Saturday morning to head up north to the Lake Huron shoreline, and pay a visit to my brother Mark and my nephew Kurtice. They live in a sweet little resort town of Oscoda. For years, Oscoda was the home of Wurtsmith Air Force Base, but during the Clinton Administratrion it was closed down. It sat useless for many years, but a few years ago, the city decided that it had value, and began to sell all the housing on base as resort property. That was a great idea, and Mark decided to buy a home there for after his 20 years was up. Anyway, thats where I have been these last 2 days. We golfed 9 holes on Saturday, and yesterday we golfed 18. My Step-dad Earl lives about 30 miles away near a town called Hale Michigan, and he joined us for golf on Sunday.....We all had a blast!!

So this is Musical Monday eh?...How about a little Elton John Trivia?

According to a Rolling Stone Interview, in 1968 Elton had not come out of the closet yet, he met a woman..."She was 6 feet tall, and was going out with a midget in Sheffield...he used to beat her up, and I felt so sorry for her. But I fell desparately in love with her, and we moved in together... but it was 6 months of pure hell....I tried to commit suicide, but it was a very Woody Allen type suicide, I turned on the gas but left all the windows open". In spite of all this dysfunction, Elton still had planned to marry her. The night before the ceremony, his friend and manager, John Baldry, came over and convinced him to call it off. ( I wonder HOW he convinced him?) Some time later, Elton and Bernie Taupin, wrote "Someone Saved My Life Tonight" about Baldry's 11th hour marriage intervention.

For the record, Elton didn't like this song at all. In fact, he thought that it was the worst vocal of all time,.,...But it hit #4 on the charts, and was nominated for a Grammy.

...It's a rainy day, AND a Monday...but I'm not letting it get me down....... Peace!!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Flash Friday 55......

"That voice that calls to me...and speaks my name."

"Say the word, and I'll follow you.."

"You alone can make my song take flight!"

"No dreams within her heart...But dreams of love."

"Masquerade! Hide your face, so the world will never find you."

...Great lyrics Mr. Webber,
But a musical about a Phantom?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Thank You For Asking...........

Uh Oh!!...If it's Wednesday, it must be time for....."Ask Mr. Knowitall".....

A Mr. Muckluk Sealbop, from Frozen Bag Alaska asks.......
Dear Mr. Knowitall, Did an Eskimo invent the Eskimo Pie?

..."Dear Muckluk, you got home-schooled didn't you boy?
In 1920, a guy named Christian Nelson owned a Candy and Ice-Cream store in Onawa Iowa, A kid came in and ordered a candy bar...Then changed his mind! He then ordered an ice-cream sandwich, then changed his mind again, this went on and on until it made Nelson wonder why you couldn't have a candy bar and Ice-cream together....He then decided to make one for himself, a vanilla bar coated with a chocolate shell. Once he figured out how to make the chocolate stick to the ice-cream, he had to figure out a name for this treat. At a dinner party, some one suggested "Eskimo", cause it sounded cold. But other people said that it sounded too exotic, so Nelson included the name pie"!!!

A Mr. Peter Parker from Cleveland Ohio asks.....
Dear Mr. Knowitall, how do flies walk upside down?

..."Dear Peter, you slept during Science Class didn't you Rip?
A fly has 6 legs, on each leg there are 2 little claws, like a lobster. Under each claw, are a pair of web-like fuzzy pads called 'pulvilli'. These are functional suction pads which the fly presses to any surface it wants to walk on, he can squeeze out enough air to hold itself up. Thus with the claws and the suction pads, it can walk upside down"...

A Mr. Bobbie Zimmerman from Hibbing Minnesota asks....
Dear Mr. Knowitall, can you really tell a tree's age by counting the rings on a stump?

...Dear Bobbie, the answer is "blowin in the wind"...
Not necessarily, In temperate climates, a single ring of light and dark wood are added each year, but sometimes, more than one ring is produced in a growing season, and in severe drought sometimes no ring at all is produced. So it is just merely an approximation at best!!

Mr. Knowitall grows weary.....Thats enough questions for this week, and don't forget the Two Funnest days in Blogdom....HNT, and Friday Flash 55....Get Moving!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Dime Marches On...........

One thing about being old, is that you remember stuff that no one gives a second thought about anymore. Since I needed a post idea, I reached in my pocket and pulled out my.............
Change. When I was a kid, we had Walking Liberty Quarters, Ben Franklin Half Dollors, and Mercury Dimes, the only things you ever see in current circulation that's half way rare is an occasional Buffalo Nickel, and a Wheat Penny. Have you ever wondered how and why FDR's likeness wound up on the Dime?.....Do you get the feeling that you'll soon know why?......
Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was crippled by polio in 1921, escaped from his disability by swimming whenever he could. One of his favorite swimming holes was in Warm Springs, Ga.,
a natural spring. In 1926, the future president donated enough money to start a polio foundation at the site, so that other polio sufferers could enjoy the waters also. Despite the large donation, the foundation was running out of money.
Singer Eddie Cantor, a popular Radio Personality, knew about FDR's concern for the foundation, and in 1937 he proposed to the President to ask every American to send a dime to help the stricken foundation..This Promotion was called The March of Dimes..
The public response was huge...On some days the White House received as many 150,000 letters each containing a Dime. FDR became so closely associated with The March of Dimes that after his death in 1945, Congress voted to create the Roosevelt Dime in his honor. The 1st ones were released to the public on Jan. 30, 1946, FDR's birthday......and ever since the start of the annual fund-raising campaign.
The vaccine for polio was announced on April 12, 1955, the 10th anniversary of FDR's death!
Hahahaha....All this drivel because I only have one Dime to my name, I'm glad I didn't have a hole in my pocket.............. Peace!

No Wonder My Happy Heart Sings...

Hi everybody!!...Well my family reunion went much better than expected. When me and my brother Mark got to the party, I was quite suprised to see my baby brother Matt had driven up all the way from Virginia. I say Baby brother.... he was born the same week JFK got shot!!!
But to Me, is my baby brother!! Matt is also a U.S.Navy retiree, and when he was stationed in the Phillipines he married a Phillipino girl named Nanette. He had 2 beautiful children, and they are now 17 and 14. I had never met either of my nieces, and he brought the youngest up with him..Wow!! What a beautiful child....we have talked lots over the years, and I was always that "Crazy Uncle Galen" that had a Harley! So all in all, it was grand...I hugged and kissed cousins and aunts that I had not seen in 30 years, and they were all glad to see me!!
We exchanged many stories of our wasted youth, and lamented over the relatives that are no longer with us. On the way home we were playing the Oldies station, (What Else?) and an old song by Bobby Rydell came on the radio named "Volare". My brother asked who sang it, and I told him... he said that he thought Dean Martin had sung it, I said he did! I also told him that I thought that the guy that played "Johnny Fontaine" in the 1st "Godfather" had a version of it.
So of course that got the Old G-Man thinking of my Musical Monday post, I did a little research, and this is what I came up with.....

The original version of "Volare" was in Italian. It was sung by Dominico Modungo, and was a Million seller in the U.S., and was the #1 record in 1958. The original title however was not called "Volare", but "Nel Blu, Dipinto di Blu"(Literal translation:" the blue, painted in blue")..
The lyrics told a story of a man dreaming he was flying through the air with his hands painted blue.....When Modungo's record started selling in the U.S., American artists started clammering for an English-Version of the song. So a fellow by the name of Mitchel Parish wrote new lyrics, retitling the song "Volare". About a dozen versions were released right away, and combined sales in the U.S. alone were about 8 Million...The best-selling American renditions were:
Dean Martin's (#12 in 1958), Bobby Rydell's (#4 in 1960), Al Martino's (#15 in 1975)...
Shoot, even Chrysler named a car after the song, in fact, I owned a 1979 Plymouth Volare...
I remember that car well, because I put an Alpine stereo system in it with a 40 watt power booster, and 2 twelve inch Jenson Speakers. Each speaker had a 20 OZ Magnet, and for the time was kick-ass!!!!!....Hahahaha, by today standards it would seem very wimpy....
Have a great week.....Peace!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Family Fun Fest.......

Hi Everybody!!! What a glorious Saturday it is in Mid-Michigan!!
Today, My little brother Mark is down visiting me from Oscoda Michigan.
Oscoda is about 135 miles North of here on the shores of Lake Huron.
I say "little" even though he is 47, and retired from the U.S. Air Force.
We are quite close, and when he was in the military he was deployed to Kuwait,
His son Kurtice stayed with me, and went to my children's High School with them!
Anyway, our family reunion is today, and Him, myself, and my other little brother Dennis,
are travelling to Pontiac together to wreak havoc on the rest of our cousins and aunt's and uncles!!!
I'm very excited about going to it, since the only other time we all get to see each other is funerals and weddings. We are bringing a pass around dish, my brother Mark is making Jambolaya. ( he was going to use smoked sausage but I got up early and went to the City Mkt and bought some home made Andouille Sausage for him to use...Family Reputation you know!)
Me? I'm making my World Famous Hot Sausage Baked Beans !
Enjoy This Great Day. ... Peace!!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Friday 55.......

She looked unbelievably HOT for being 60!
She sat down, bought me a drink, and asked....
"Ever had a Sportsmans Double"?
I said...."Whats that"?
She replied....."A mother and daughter three-some silly"...

I slammed my drink and said....Lets go"!!!

....Her place was quiet.
....She unlocked the door and yelled,
"MOM....You up"?

Bike Run HNT

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Dont'cha just love that show on The Discovery Channel called Myth Busters? I sure do, those two wild and crazy guys usually dispell most myths, but once in a while they prove something can or could have happened.....And once in a while The G-Man likes to dispell a few myths of his own.
After all, how can you have Too Much Information?

The Myth: In 1626, Peter Minuit bought Manhatton Island from the Canarsee Indians for 24 Bucks worth of trinkets, beads, and assorted bull-shit...

The Truth: Minuit did indeed give about 60 Guilders (roughly 24 Bucks) worth of beads, knives, axes, clothes, and Rum to Chief Seyseys of the Canarsee tribe..."To let us live amongst them" on Manhatton Island. But actually, the Canarsee got the best of the deal...BECAUSE THEY DID'NT OWN THE FRICKEN ISLAND!!! They lived on the other side of the East River in Brooklyn, and only visited the southern tip of the island to hunt and fish. The Weckquaesgeeks tribe, which lived on the upper 3/4 th's of the island had a much stronger claim to ownership.
Needless to say they were extremely pissed off when they found out they had been left high and dry on the deal. They in fact, fought with the Dutch settlers for years until the Dutch finally paid them off too!!.....The Dutch are crazy cheap bastards!!!
I hope you all learned something today, after all...Knowledge is Power!! I have to pandiculate in a few minutes, see you all tomorrow........ Peace!

Monday, August 6, 2007


Hi Everybody, I hope you had an eventful week-end, I sure did!!!
Riding around tonight listening to the oldies station, I heard a forgotten old rendition of the Box-Tops great hit "The Letter". It was a slow version, and the group was called The Arbors.
There are many hits that have been redone, remember Jose' Feliciano's slower version of The Door's hit "Light My Fire"? How about Jimi Hendryx's version of Bob Dylan's hit, "All Along The Watchtower"?.....Well since this is Musical Monday, and I AM Mr. Knowitall, I think that you will find the following little story interesting......Remember the song by The Tokens' called "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"?

The original title of this song was "Mbube"(which means lion); The subject was a sleeping lion..
The real lyrics went something like..."Hush! Hush! If we will all be quiet, there will be Lion meat for supper". It was sung with a haunting Zulu refrain, that sounded to the English like "Wimoweh"..
"Mbube"was popular on the boats that is now Swaziland. In the 1930's a South African singer named Soloman Linda recorded it...It soon was passed down as folk music. In the 1950's, Miriam Makeba recorded it in it's original Zulu....And an American folk group named The Weavers adopted a version that actually reached #15, called "Wimoweh"!
In 1961 a Brooklyn doo-wop group named The Tokens, were offered a try-out with RCA Records. Since the country was Folk Music crazy at the time, they auditioned with "Wimoweh". The RCA execs liked the song, but decided it needed new lyrics, so they wrote "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"for The Tokens--not knowing that the original version was also about a lion..The Tokens' record hit #1 in 1961, and a singer named Robert John had a #3 hit with it in 1972...
Lotsa mileage out of a song about a lion eh?
I hope you learned something today......Peace!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Hot August Days............;

I love Saturdays off!!
And being the creature of habit that I am, I'm going to share my Saturday-Off routine with you!
First of all, I get up when I want to...
Secondly, I love either AMC, OR Turner Classic, because they have Saturday Morning Western's on the tube!
This morning I had an unexpected Joyful occurance happen to me, And it included the number 5! Im not at liberty to say what, but it was something that I Love very much, and some of you know what I mean.....
....Anyway, when I finally leave the house, I head straight to Tim Horton's for my usual...
Then I head to the Flint City Market...Only this time of the year IT'S JAMMIN!!!!!
This is what I bought today...
Smoked Bacon, sliced off the rind
Farm Raised fresh brown eggs
Freshly ground...Cuman.....Curry....Hot Chile Powder
Hot cajun peanuts...In the shell
2 Huge Michigan Honey Rock Cantelopes (sugar sweet)
1 dozen Home-Grown Peaches and cream Corn.....
Then I head to my second best friends corner market for some meat...
My buddy Brian Berkey always goes to the Michigan Home football games with me.
He also owns a little country store...
He makes his own Polish Sausage and Brats. He grinds the meat himself and season's it himself!
He makes this from 100% pork shoulder...I'm here to tell you it the best that you'll ever have!
No gristle...No bone...Hardly any fat at all...And he stuffs it himself....Trust me, It's the best!!!
His Burger is also the best in town...He uses nothing but beef chuck, and he also grinds that himself!
When I go in his store, He always greets me with a loud....Morning G-Man!
He then pours me a cup of coffee, we discuss whats in the morning paper, we talk politics and sports with all the old timers that come in his store, we talk about who died, about good car deals, and we end up solving the problems of the world!!! If only someone would listen to us eh?
We call it our Men's Rotary Club...He also sells sliced luncheon meats that he slices to your required thickness right off the loaf!!..I always buy a couple of lottery tickets, and then go home to do my required Honey-Do's....
After that, if there are no Family obligations later on that evening...I do my Saturday night routine....Coffee, Visiting with my friend Alex, Herbal solutions, Summertime-Fun!!!
God, I love Saturdays off........And Hot Fun In The Summertime!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Friday 55.......

I MUST make this movie..
But I know his power will ruin me.
His power will tarnish my masterpiece!
His words are his power...
But his power must be exposed!

And the irony of it all?
One word will define this project forever,
and seal my IMMORTALITY!

His nickname for his Girlfriend's cute vagina...

Overfed Longhaired Leaping Gnome HNT

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Ask Mr. Knowitall.....

Ok folks, after working 25 hours out of the last 48, I'm only answering a few questions so make it good. Who wants to go first?...You there!! The one with the magnificent ass, go ahead.....

A Ms. Foxy Cargo from Mt. Prospect Ill. asks....
"Dear Mr. Knowitall: Why is Chicago called The Windy City"?

Dear Foxy Cargo....Chicago is pretty windy(with a 10.3 mph-wind average), but thats
not where the nickname comes from. It comes from the 1893 Chicago World's Columbia Exposition- which was supposed to commemorate the 4ooth anniversary of Columbus's
discovery of the New World, but ended up being used by local polititions to hype Chicago.
So boastful and overblown were the local politico's claims about the exposition and the city,
that a NYC newspaper editor named Charles A. Dana, nicknamed Chicago, "A windy city"..

A Mr. Ben Dover from Cornhole Nebraska asks...
"Dear Mr. Knowitall: When did the 1st motels start appearing"?

Dear Ben...The world's very 1st" motor-hotel", The Milestone Mo-Tel, opened in
San Luis Obispo, Ca. in 1925...And heres a bit of trivia for you.
The Motel 6 is called that because originally all rooms were only 6 bucks..
The Days Inn, used to be called The 8 Days Inn, because all rooms were only 8 bucks...
The Super 8 is called that because....?...You guessed it.....

Please forgive me everybody for such a short session, but I'm very pressed for time here,
I'll see you all tomorrow for HNT....Peace!