Tuesday, June 19, 2007

TMI Tuesday......

TMI..? You think you have TMI now?...Hahahaha...Just wait!!!


Moses...A reluctant public speaker, who described himself as "Heavy of Mouth" he had a major speach impediment and probably suffered from a cleft lip and palate. In Exodus 6:12, he describes himself as having 'uncircumsized lips'!!!!

Anne Boleyn...She had 6 fingers on her left hand, and had 3 nipples. If HenryVIII's divorce petition had failed, he was going to use these deformities to claim that she was a witch!!

Marshall Charles Maurice de Talleyrand...The famous French Revolutionary and statesman, had a deformed leg....The result of being dropped by a nurse!!

King Richard III...He was the subject of a number of inventions..His famous Hunchback was probably invented by his enemies; No portrait, suit of armor, or contemporary description attests to it!!!

Lord Byron...This Romantic poet was born with a club foot, which he later attributed to his mother's tight corsets!!

Napoleon...The emperor had hemicryptorchidism-one undecended testicle!!

Kaiser WilhelmII...His left arm was stunted and withered, the result of a complicated breach birth!!

Joseph Stalin...His left foot had webbed toes, and his left arm was shorter than his right!!

Joseph Goebbels...He was born with his left leg, 3 inches shorter than his right. Although the official version of this was due to a childhood illness...The possibility of one of the architects
of the Master Race to have a genetic defect, was unthinkable!!!

Adolf Hitler...According to Soviet Medical records, Hitler did indeed have only one ball! According to Eva Braun ( Snowelfs Cousin ), His testicular damage was due to a "boyhood mishap" with an alpine goat!!

I'll even give you a few bonus ones...Speaking of webbed toes, Both Aston Kutcher, and Dan Ackroyd suffer from this deformity. And do you remember 'Radar O'Reily' from M.A.S.H.?
Gary Burgorph had a deformed hand, but he was always clutching a clipboard, or holding something to hide it...Check it out the next time you see a rerun of M.A.S.H.
Hows that for TMI ?...I thought you'd like it... Peace.... Galen


Evalinn said...

I am numero uno! :-)

Queenie said...

Galen has anyone heard the goats side of the story?????

Also, un-interesting fact Lord Byrons home, is a stones throw from me.

Cazzie!!! said...

LMAO...I sure as hell wished ai had had 3 nipples when I was breastfeeding my babies....TMI indeedy!!

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh at Moses' *uncircumcised lips*
nowadays it's called Botox.
Can anyone say Angeline Jolie and Melanie Griffeths?
Someone was overheard saying Melanie Griffeths lips are so big they enter the room before she does.:)Badda Boom Badda Bing!!!

G-Man said...

Yes you are!!

You live by Lord Byron?
Does he keep his grass cut?..xoxox

That would make a great HNT!!
2 days in a row, thanks Baby..xoxoxox

Top Cat!!
I hope you are feeling better..
It's finally raining here today, Thanks...

Mona said...

Lord Byron's mother wore a corset when she was pregnant!!!!

Do they get corset like that!..pregnancy wear corsets!??

Vanity! thy name is woman!

Deformities of the body are easily dealt with Galen. Its the deformities of the mind that are scary!

G-Man said...

Dr. Mona,
Astute and profound as always!!
Thank You for adding your wisdom to my humble home...Galen xoxox

Charles said...

So you're saying that somewhere in Germany, there's an anti-semitic megalomaniacal Satyr running around?
Dudley Moore also has a club foot.

Hope your Tuesday is great.

G-Man said...

Hahaha...Thats a good one Charles, I guess there is!!!
Have a great day...

Charles said...

And I thought we only needed to worry about the Boys from Brazil.

Serena said...

What a fount of odd information you are, G. LOL! Some of those facts I'd heard before, but some of them are real eye-openers. Like, I never knew that Hitler had dated a goat before Eva. Now we know what was wrong with him and made him nuts -- he was pining for his lost goat love (the one that didn't care about the unfortunate missing ball).:-)

snowelf said...

Dear Galen,

Stop making me laugh out loud in the library!!

Your dangerously adorable friend,

lime said...

i find the goebels and hilter things very interesting.

and napoleon...hhmm....obviously more than just his height causing his issues huh?

and 3 nipples?????wild1 i can' timagine.

Breazy said...

Hey G! My sisters best friend has webbed toes. I knew that about the guy on M*A*S*H, I can't remember where I heard it from but I remembered it and it is true, he is always holding something with that hand to hide it.

I hope you have a good day!


jillie said...

It just goes to show you that goats WILL eat just about anything! lol....

Unknown said...

Hi - I found my way here via Ann's blog and enjoyed the read. Glad to have found you.

G-Man said...

That was a great movie!!
( I know what you meant )

SJ, I like to share any info that I may come across. There is a lot of info about Hitler that is little known.
I also heard that he was into "scat", and I ain't talkin about Mel Torme'..
I'm dead serious!!!
Thanks for making me remember that image from Uranus.xoxoxoxox

Well, well, well.....
If it's ain't Frau Elf!!!
We can't escape our heritage sweetie...
We don't blame you for anything..xoxoxox

Hi Michelle,
Pretty bizarre eh?
I wonder if she had 2 on one titty, or one smack dab in the middle?

Hi Breazy,
Hows my favorite little Volunteer?
I knew someone would mention the M.A.S.H. thing...Thanks.xoxox

Everybody likes nuts!!
Don't you?
Welcome back to your real home......Here!!!

Welcome to the Jungle!!
Any friend of the lovely Ann, is welcome here..
Thanks for visiting...Galen

S said...

You know weird stuff.

Who cares who has heard of Shopgirl or not, some of the cool things in life, you have to seek out on your own.

Hows my gman today?

Serena said...

Eee-yeww! I don't want to know nothin' 'bout that!:-)

barman said...

Found a picture of Gary if anyone is interested. I had never heard that before. Funny thing is I have heard people say that he is one of the nastiest people they ever met, than others say he is a wonderful person.

Boy is there anything you don't know. Next time I am stumped I need to come ask you.

G-Man said...

Don't get testy...
I believe you sweetie!
I'm doin OK Mistress.
You look great as always!

Not my cup of tea either, but that Hitler was a crazy bastard!!

Thanks for that Gary Link!
As usual, you always bail me out on the explaining of things!!
You come ask me anything brother....G-Man