Sunday, June 17, 2007

Musical Monday Name Game...

Today for Musical Monday, this is going to be a Name Game post. First I'm going to fill you all in on who was the real life person that some famous Music Acts took their name from....

Uriah Heap...

What a great group from the 70's.."Stealin".."Easy Livin"..."Gypsy".

Uriah Heap was one of the first villains of "David Copperfield" (1850)

He first appeared in the novel at age 15...."but looking much older"!!

He worked as a clerk for Mr. Wickfield, and professes humility...

But he is actually a hypocrite and a scheamer, and over the course

of the novel plots Wickfields downfall.

Englebert Humperdinck...

Another dinosaur from the 60's and 70's, he is now a huge

gray hair act in Vegas and Branson...

The original Humperdinck was a German Opera Composer( 1854-1921)

He is mostly well known for writing the Fairy-Tale Opera "Hansel und Gretal"!

Jethro Tull...

Awesome group from the 70's Classic Aqualung. They are still going strong!!

Jethro Tull was born in 1672 in England. He was one of the 1st proponets of

taking the scientific and empiracal approach to agriculture..

In 1701, he invented 'The Seed Drill' , up until then seeds were merely cast

to the wind, and allowed to germinate come what may...He changed all that!!

Enough of that crap for now...How about a Name Game Quiz?...No Googling!!!

Match the stage name with their real names.....

1. The Big Bopper.........A. Sylvester Stewart

2. Cat Steven.................B. Waldon Cassotto

3. Elton John.................C. Jiles Perry Richardson

4. Ringo Starr...............D. Arnold George Dorsey

5. Chubby Checker......E. Steven Georgiou

6. Dean Martin.............F. Rudy Martinez

7. Bobby Darrin............G. Reginald Dwight

8. Sly Stone...................H. Ernest Evans

9. ?

Question Mark (96 tears) I..Richard Starkey

10. Englebert Humperdinck..J. Dino Crocetti


Good Luck, and thanks for stopping by....Galen

Oh BTW, for Fathers Day my children gave me a card,

They adressed it to.....El Bloggo!!!.....(Smart-Ass Punks!!)


lime said...


lime said...

ok, my guesses....

1. D
2. E
3. G
4. I
5. H
6. J
7. F
8. A
9. C
10. B

digging the stories behind the other names. ;)

and your kids...too funny...el bloggo! a new nickname!

Mona said...

Hey! I just knew about who Uriah Heep was. The rest beats me! But seems fun anyway...

Queenie said...

Well I'm with Lime, save repeating it (I did know 3.G).
Making me thinK on a Monday morning its not healthy!!!!
'El bloggo', ha,ha, wonder why??

Cazzie!!! said...

Love this post, s usual, the name game makes us think :)

Serena said...

I knew 2, 3, 4, and 6. Had no idea on the rest. I am a total dunce. And I thought I knew my music!:-)

G-Man said...

Congratulations Limey!!
You win a pat on the back!

And for everybody else as well, I HAVE TO WORK EARLY TODAY!!
So I' will answer all comments tonight, as well as answering the Quiz Results...

Have a Great Monday!!!!

Mona said...

GALEN!!! The blogger is really playing Truant with me!!!

I put in You tube Of classical Indian dance by a courtesan there & IT ATE SIX OF MY PREVIOUS COMMENTS!!!

Sniff Sniff!! [ tears are pouring]

I so wanted to elaborate on them!

Charles said...

LMAO! El Bloggo. PEGGED!
I'll pass on the quiz.
Hope your's is a good one on this Monday of Madness.

Charles said...

Oh BTW. Jethro Tull, great group. I got to see them in concert once, when they did War Child, it was one of the coolest performances in memory.
Ian Anderson was singing the song and the whole while they had flashpots going off around the stage and he was dodging around the stage. At the very end, the last one goes off right where he is and the lights go off. Wow.

Evalinn said...

Ok Mr, this post is just a bunch of strange names, locations and English slang that I didn´t know before. And know I should play anyway, because u always joing my games...and I know I should know Elton John, but I can´t remember. Have to run now, see u later! :-)

SignGurl said...

I'm hungry. Why do I equate you with food?

S said...

I have no idea...except that Elton is Reggie.

What no mention of food at all in your post?

Hope you had a good weekend, G~man.

Breazy said...

Hey G-Man! I won't be guessing but I can tell you that I like me some Jethro Tull!

Hope you had a good Father's Day!

LOL @ your kids name for you!


Anonymous said...

Interesting!! I like the El Bloggo card... ;-))

Snow White said...

Hey El Bloggo,
You missed my favorite "name" story... how Steely Dan got their name! [grin] xox

G-Man said...

I am quite upset with Blogger..
I was first on that post!
Hi Queenie
Hi Cazzie
Hi Serena
Hi Charles
Hi Evalinn
Hi Jenn xoxo
Hi Susie
Hi Breezy
Hi Jo
Hi Snow...You mean.....
Boroughs "The Naked Lunch"?
When we were kids, the big thing was"Banned in Boston"

I'm sorry that I'm Hosin out on this post, but I had to work late, and I got in late...
The answers to the Quiz is...

Lime you Rock!!!

snowelf said...

El bloggo!!!
I love it!

I don't know crap about music people.

My Monday was crazy too!! Obviously as I am commenting to a Monday post on a Tuesday.
Really, that's just wrong.


G-Man said...

Snowelf, I'm so glad I came back to check this..