Thursday, June 14, 2007

Friday 55......

Salem's Lot, The Dark Tower.
The Dead Zone, The Running Man
Examples of evil power.
Pet Sematary, Firestarter, and Carrie.
His tribute to unbridled Rage.
Eyes of the Dragon, The Tommyknockers.
Night Shift, Cujo, Roadwork.
Kids clean off his rocker!!
Interesting story, The Shining
Nicholson was Jacked
Galen's story seems disjointed....
.(But the title's cryptic)


S said...

First hah ah ahahahaha LIME!:P

S said...

OK now.
We must always remember this:

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Thanks for playing 55 and as always, you are first, and up before 55 is about allergies! Heh! Wont be up for 3 more hours though...because you know I do prefer people seeing me in my glamourous fan blown hair HNT shot!

Sweet dreams G~man

G-Man said...

The Hostess with the Mostess...
Is firstess!!!
Ya know Susie, your last 2 HNT's have been extraordinary.
You Rock Baby!!!xoxox

Breazy said...

You know , I have saw every one of those movies!

Sorry I haven't been around a lot lately but I have been busy.

Great 55!


G-Man said...

Hi Breazy,
Honey I know you are busy.
Thanks for taking the time to visit me...

Serena said...

Oooo, it's a King-fest. Disjointed, hell. It makes a great 55! Nighty-night.

G-Man said...

Serena Joy,
You're so sweet to me, Thank You for the critique..xoxoxox

lime said...

you hadda bring up al the scary stuff before i go to bed didn't you. now the monsters are gonna get me......

cathy said...

No wonder I can't find enough time to get things done, Fridays keep happening on Thursday!

Oh my! cryptic at this time of the morning. Good stuff though. I made it this week, barely.

Mona said...

Yikes!! this 55 runsa away too before it reappears!

Galen! your 55ves are playing hide & seek with me!!! Please keep them bridlled & on leash!

& first the runaway 55 & then the ghosts!!!

EEEEEEE guess time for me to run!

Little Wing said...

doesn't like scary movies!!!

But I did like One Flew Over The Kew-kew's Nest, lol!!!

Mona said...

& I attempted one today, clubbed with an HNT... inspired by snowelf!

Queenie said...

Your a star*.
I've gone with a bit of nature this week. Just going to pop round and look at the other 55s.

barman said...

Very interesting although I am with LittleWing here, anymore I just do not do a lot of the scary movies. Freddie Krewger, Jason... not for me. The Shining, now that was most interesting. Not a lot scary happened in it but they kept you on the edge of your seat waiting for it to happen. They filmed it in a way that you did not see where you were heading so you could not tell if something was going to jump out at you. Yep a very scary movie that really was not scary at all.

Most interesting 55. I have seen most of those and it so has me remembering them. You have a wonderful FATHERS DAY WEEKEND there Galen. Oh and I finally played. I flip flopped and finally settled on a theme for fathers day, in a way.

G-Man said...

You are up very late tonight, sorry I missed you..xoxox

I think this is early for you, I'll stop by..
Thanks for wandering over.,,G-Man

Thats the weirdest thing about my 55's and your PC! Maybe Stephen King is the internet provider?

I don't think, Stephen King wrote that, but thanks for stopping by!!

I'll be there, I'm sure it's great...xoxoxo

Thanks for the greetings,
I think I just wanna stay home and cook that day!!

barman said...

G, if you are BBQing, could you blow some smoke down south. I can only imagine what feast you will be cooking up. It would smell heavenly.

Anonymous said...

g-man another great 55.
King is an awesome writer, thank goodness his freaky mind has an

CozyMama said...

dude - u only come by when I give you a heads up?? what gives? ;)

snowelf said...

Morning G-man!

Does that make this a frighteningly dangerous 55??! :D

Stephen King is my mother's favorite writer, so I basically grew up on his books. No Cat in the Hat for this kiddo!! :)

Of course, Eyes of the Dragon is my favorite. ;)


S said...

More food? Dammit Gman Im starving over here. You make me really hungry~

Serena said...

Thank YOU for clueing me in. Now I "get it." I think I have End of the Week Brain Drain. Thank God it's TGIF.:-)

Mona said...

see! there it diappeared again!

Attention everybody! does the spooky disappearnce of Gman's 55ves happen at your screens too????????????????????

Charles said...

I love horror movies. I'm not the biggest fan of King, though. Come on, Killer Clowns? That had to be from his sense of humor or that he was trying to capitalize on a small percentage of people's fear of clowns. Gimme monsters and demons any day. Aliens and sleeper psychos. But keep the King.

Hope you're having a great one. Have one for me.

BTW. Didn't the King die on the crapper back in 78? ;)

tsduff said...

I've read them all.... great except it could have been a picture of Christine...

Spoony Quine said...

` What about The Rat? Not really horror, but at least it's cool and full of really well-done violence (thanks to my sweetie Lou Ryan).

Spoony Quine said...

` Oh yeah, and it has nothing to do with Stephen King. Minor detail.

jillie said...

Love love love Stephen King

Great job!

Have a great wknd....


Anonymous said...

I didn't see the movies, but had read all the books!!
BTW, you are tagged!!!

javajazz said...

hi Mr. Showitall...!
oh right, its not thursday anymore....

Melodie Norman Haas said...

I posted a 55 today! First post in a week. :) Have a terrific weekend!

SignGurl said...

G, you rock the King house! I, too, was raised on King. I read Salem's Lot when I was 8.

I hope you have a fabulous father's day!!

G-Man said...

Hi everybody,
It's Friday Night, and we all know what that means.........
So Carry On with your real life till I get back!
BTW, I'm very surprised that no one noticed what the 1st letters of each sentence spells......

javajazz said...

wow! G-man
that makes your 55 even 55-ier!!
you genius you!!
have fun a la cafe, babalu!
happy friday
cryptic man!
(wow, that must have been
an ultra challenge!!)
very cool!

SignGurl said...

ok, you are a genious!!

snowelf said...

Why Galen! You creative little rascal!


Anonymous said...

For sure we all saw the first letters and decrypted it... It was so obvious that no one felt the need to write about that.... ROFL... lllololol....
Don't forget to come my place and get your tag... Pleazzze?

G-Man said...

Barman...Come on down son.
I always got some ribs for you!!!

TC, I'm late tonight!!

you are right, I apologize...xoxox

You are so Hot and Hungry!! xoxox

Serena Joy,
My playmate..xoxox

G-Man said...

This only happens to you!
Good morning..xoxox

Is your blog Mona's blog too?
I tried hitting your blog, and got the 2 Bits?
Thanks for playing..
Thank You, Thank You Very Much...

Welcome home sweetie...

I love your visits, I can tell that schools out for a while...xoxox

My displaced Hot Mama!!

I'm It!!!!
I'll do it..xoxox

Is that you?

I will be right over..
I know it's late..xoxox

Haven't we met before?

I have my moments..xox

It's me Galen!!!
Don't confuse me with someone else. xoxox

I love your visits so much, you've spoiled me!!
Thanks sweetie..xoxox

Anything for you baby!!

Evalinn said...

Hope u have a great weekend G-man!

javajazz said...

Galen Lee, you have plenty of moments...

G-Man said...

Evalinn, you have a great week-end also..

words can't describe how I feel about you, although I've tried...

Mona said...

Hey Galen! That 'ferocious' look in the profile pic seems a fake!

You still havent learnt how to look ferocious...

& that gun sure looks like a toy bubble maker!

Charles said...

No sir, The Two Bits is Mona's, my blog, Artificial Intelligence-One Man's Quest, is my own. Just click it, it should take you down to Florida.

G-Man said...

I don't look mean?
C'mon, I'm G-Man...
And a crippled old Biker Bastard!!!

Thanks for the link,
as you know, I'm very low tech!!

Mona said...

galen? GALEN!

Charles is not playing! I had problems with my blogger & I requested him to help me & added him as an admin of my blog. I give him that 'power of attorney' because I trust him for the gentleman he is & has been for the past more than two years that I know him.
& as much as I know of him, I know that 'playing' is one thing Charles would never do [ except if it is some good sport, then that is another matter]I have always known him to be diligiently self righteous, honest & perfectly truthful & an unafraid person & I have my deepest respect for him for that.

I wonder if you clicked the wrong link at his blog.There are two Artificial Intelligence listed, out of which, one does not work. I am sure you must have clicked the wrong one.

& I am low tech too & I need help too like you do you say, from sign gurl & Barman, who have been kind enough to help you as Charles has been kind enough to help me with.

G-Man said...

You misunderstood my meaning....
I was referring to his reading of my post...
Nothing suggestive!!
It had nothing to do with you sweetie..xoxox

Mona said...


Charles said...

Hmm. I don't know if I'd call myself self righteous, maybe something more along the lines of (mostly) self governing. I tend to think of self righteous as more on the negative side. But, if that's how I'm perceived, then that is how I'm perceived. I'm a self righteous SOB.

G-Man said...

Moan dear,
no problem !!
I bet you are just getting up, aren't you?

Self-governing is OK!!
...and so is a self-rightous SOB!!!
You wouldn't believe how I'm perceived sometimes!