Thursday, June 21, 2007

Biker HNT

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lime said...

first!!! very cool twofer!

love the fulll bike shot.

HHNT ya wild biker dude!

jillie said...

HEY LIME...I wanted to be first!!! lol....

That is such a cool shot! Yeeehaaaa!!



G-Man said...

Girls Girls.....
No Fighting over my affections!!!
You are both #1 in my heart....xoxoxox
Thank you both sweeties!!

morgetron said...

Finally ... someone to analyze my dreams. May I call you Freud? Are you afraid of ferns?

No ... really ... that's exactly what I ... hmm hmm ... *dreamed of* when I created "Horizontal Thought.* You're the first to catch on.

Thank you.

G-Man said...

J, Thank You for being such a great sport..
Please visit often, I really like your comments.
And I really like your blogs!!!

S said...

OMG Are you wearing khakis with that bike? LMAO


S said...

Peeing? What are you talking about? I am just standing there sneezing...the grass is 6 feet tall. You dirty old man.

G-Man said...

Susie...It was fuckin 92 out!! Did you want me to wear my leather chaps?
....You were peeing!

Mouthy Girl said...

1. Loved the 2-fer pics!

2. I read your plethora post...ferns???? Freud was afraid of fucking ferns? No pun intended.

javajazz said...

wow, very clever!
you flasher you!

G-Man said...

Hi BG,
Thanks for stopping by. Now that you have the Summer off, we should see you more often eh?

Yeah, it was ALL my doin!
(you know better)
Hi Sweetie..xoxox

Breazy said...

well, well, well a two for one deal!

I like your bike and your ring G-man!


G-Man said...

Can't sleep sweetie?

Mona said...

Galen! I LOVE that Harley Davidson!

&I love that ring...skull with an extra row of teeth!!! COOL!

SHARK!...reminds me of... me...

Ouch! I bite too!

Queenie said...

Gosh, that made me jump.
Very clever, how do you do that???

Great HNT, I suppose I have done one but not titled it HNT, because that would confuse my son. You will have to take a look to understand what my ramblings are about.........

G-Man said...

You are teasing the G-Man!
A little teeth is always great..xoxoxox

Oh honey, you KNOW I'll be right over now!!
Thanks..Now remember, tomorrows 55 day !!!

barman said...

Love the pictures ... and love the way they are together. I assume Sign did this. Nicely done. Love the ring.

Evalinn said...

G-man I can´t see the pic, it is banned by our filter at work. Which makes me wonder!! I´ll come back later at another computer to calm my curiosity!

Serena said...

Exceedingly cool HNT!!


G-Man said...

Barman...You assume correctly!!
Like I could ever do this?

I am lying naked on a bear skin rug, and the appropriate parts are barely covered!
You'll like it..xoxox

Hi Serena Joy,
Thank You very much!

Mona said...

GALEN! ((((HUGS)))

Anonymous said...

g-man..Mr High
great shots, love the way they flick back and forth.
Your ring frightened me!

snowelf said...

You should be on a brochure G-man!!
Happy HNT!


p.s. Nice helmet. ;)

javajazz said...

i'm glad you calmed Evalinn's curiosity, Mr Bareskin, with your apt description of your lovely photo...
how about you work on that one
for next weeks HNT?
it would calm my curiosity to see that pose
as well....

SignGurl said...

What's all the ruckus in here?


Nice flashy thing and you had a superb photographer too ;)

Evalinn said...

Ah, sure sounds promising :-)

Snow White said...

I'll never be first (pout), but I'm glad I stopped by! Great HNT! Did ya steal that ring from Keith Richards? xoxox

tkkerouac said...

Cool shots!! Happy HNT, Care to share???

Anonymous said...

Cool effect!!!! HHNT!

G-Man said...

((((BIG KISS))))

Yep TC, I did it all with no help what-so-ever from Jenn!!

Yeah Snowelf,
Then you can write, edit, and publish it!!
You do it all!! xoxoxox

Hahahaha...My lovely Lisa always reads all the comments..xoxox
You Rock Yenta!!!

OK Jenn....You did everything as usual..
I did nothing!!!
I'm a slug, and I don't deserve you..xoxox

You'll love it!!!

It's confusing with both you AND Snowelf on the same page...In these 2 cases, Snow is HOT!!!
Thanks for Storming by!!

Thanks Tracy,
Whats mine is yours!!
Take what you want from me...xoxox

G-Man said...

Bonjour Sweetie!!
Thanks for saying so, although this is kindergarten to you..Your blog is awesome!.Thanks for stopping by.xoxox

T - Another Geek Girl said...

Lovin' that bike.
I'm so jealous I could spit.


G-Man said...

You can hork on by blog anytime...xoxoxox

morgetron said...

The thing I love most about that ring is that if you punched someone in the forehead that person would have a skull-shaped bruise on his/her forehead.

It would suck to get punched but I think having a skull-shaped bruise would make up for it.

PinkHippo said...

I like Ring, so cool! hehehe

Fengshui says ... fleshy fingers means wealth... so ??? LOL

Evalinn said...

Awesome legs!! :-)

G-Man said...

You crack me up!!!

Galen says..
Fengshui not always right!

Are you blind?