Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Camping anyone?
The first lantern was always my favorite because of the Steel Base.
It's a Coleman, and probably from the 50's.
The other lantern is kind of an interesting novelty. It's a Smelt dipping lantern!
Back in the late 40's, Salmonids were first introduced experimentaly into the Great Lakes, since commericial fishing had decimated sport fishing. To feed these fish a feeder fish called a smelt was also introduced.
Eventually the Sea Lamprey killed off the Salmon and most of the native Lake Trout. But the smelt, with no preditors, EXPLODED!!! They became so thick when they ran upstream in the Spring, that you could net a 5 gallon bucket in about 3 dips of a net. For about the next 50 years Smelt Dipping became a Rite of Spring in Michigan.
But with successful Lamprey control, and an agressive hatchery program, the salmon, Steel-Head, and Walleye, have all but made Smelt Dipping disappear.
OK, so you are in a stream, drunk, wearing waders, and holding a net, you are dragging a laundry tub in an innertube to deposit netted smelt, you DO need to see where you are going right???
hehehehe...Smelt Dipping Lantern!!!
It's rare...And of course, they BOTH work.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Up North Dining At It's Best......

I've been waiting for this meal for YEARS!!
Never-Ending Walleye!!!
The first pic is assembling the Jalapeno Poppers. I made a stuffing concoction using sharp cheddar, and chive cream cheese. After thoroughlly cleaning a dozen peppers, I filled each one with the mixture. I then wrapped a 1/2 slice of bacon around the top, and stuck a toothpick through the top to keep the bacon in place, which in turn kept the filling inside. It was then placed in a Pepper rack.
The potatoes were thinly sliced along with an onion , and placed on a sheet of bacon lined aluminum foil.(yeah Baby) I then covered the top with more foil and crimped the edges.
We then turned the grill on low and cooked the taters and poppers for about an hour.
The Walleye was pan fried after dipping them in an egg wash, and coating them with a mixture of crushed saltine crackers and Cheez-Its.
The Cheez-Its not only added a different flavor, it also turned them a beautiful golden brown.
The last pic is my plate....
Trust me, I've had meals all over this country, but very very few better than this one was. To make things even better....It was with good friends!!
BTW...That dish of fillets was much bigger than it looked.
I'm still smiling...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Canada...? HELL NO!!!....This Is Walleye Heaven!!!

I'm Baaaaack....

WOW...What a Trip!

Friday night I buggied out of work about 4 PM.
Went home, finished packing, waited for Alex to pick up me and Reese .
We then drove over to our friend Jim's place, and he drove the 110 miles up to his cabin in Au Gres.
The first pick is his magnificent fishing boat, a 22 foot Grady White.
We built a little bonfire, drank a few Labatt's Blues, and turned in early.
The next day was PRISTINE on Saginaw Bay.
As the day wore on...HUNDREDS of boats were trolling for Wall-Eye.
By 1 pm we had 11 in the box, and decided to go in for lunch.
We almost hosed-out and didn't go back out that afternoon, but we heard that there might be 25 mph winds on Sunday, and we went out for a second run.
I'm glad we did because we landed 6 more keepers.
17 in all for a terrific day of angling.
Reese is holding up about a 5# Sheepshead.
Shep is holding up a nice Wall-Eye.
I lucked out and landed the catch of the day..A 23 1/2 inch Hog!
We feasted today on Fried Wall-Eye, Taters, and Home-Made Jalapeno Poppers.
Of course those pics will be posted tomorrow...
I want to thank Jim for hosting one of our greatest fishing trips EVER.
And thats saying something because we have fished together DOZENS of times over the last 40 years.
Reese had the time of his life with his old Pop.
Grab the fun while you can, cause life is way too fleeting...
Food Pics tomorrow.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Friday Flash 55.....

"And lets see what else you've done Mr. Haynes...
You bought your son fireworks"?


"You've given him beer"?


"You bought his first tattoo...And a scary one at that"?


"And just why again do you think you deserve Heaven"?

'Well Sir, I've always taken my son fishing'.

"OHHH!!...In that case, ENTER!!!


Remember last week when I begged your help because I didn't know if I was gonna have Internet Access at the wedding week-end? Well tomorrow me, Reese, my friend Alex, and my dear friend Shep, are going to Au Gres Michigan to Wall-Eye fish for the Week-End. I'm almost absolutely sure that I'll be incommunicado till Sunday. Here is what I'm suggesting...If you come tell me that you've posted a Friday Flash 55, please at least visit the person that commented the one before you.
OK?....Do that for me?....Much obliged.!!

If you or anyone you know has posted a Friday Flash 55...
Please come tell The G-Man!
I will visit, read, enjoy, comment, Then... BOOK!!!
So from the most gracious host from coast to coast...
Have A Great Week-End!!

(My Grandpa used to say.."Every day fishing, is an extra day in Heaven")



Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thursday Portrait.....

Hi Everybody...

White Trash Dad of the year here!!
The first pic is the Tatt E-Mailed to Chris.
Chris working on Reese.
The Tatt in perspective..
The 'customized' product!!!

I'm off now contemplating my next Friday 55...Are You?


Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Hi everybody...

I might as well finish the corruption of my son eh?
I have this customer named Chris Page. This dude is STRICTLY 'Old School'!!
He used to own a custom bike shop in the 80's.
But for the past 15 years or so, he has been the owner of American Grafitti Tattoos in Brighton Michigan. The Bike is my entry in this weeks Retro Wednesday, although he is a very worthy candidate himself.
Oh yeah, would you like to see the finished product?
Tune in tomorrow at the same Bat-Time, and the same Bat-Channel...


Monday, June 22, 2009

The Perfect Week-End Continued......

As promised, more pics!!
I'm really sorry to bore you all with this wedding thing, soon enough I'll be boring you all with my regular boring shit...hehehe

The first pic is the wedding dock lined with votive candle mason jars. As you can see we spared no expense!!!

The next day started out a bit overcast, but soon cleared right up. That beautiful Golden Lab is Miller. He is Seans brothers dog, and if you toss a rock into the water, he will fetch it and return it.....ALL DAY!!

The red haired chap in the pontoon is Rick Byrne. He and his wife Sharon are our oldest friends. They drove 1200 miles from Robertsdale Alabama to attend the wedding.
Rick has a Harley as well, and we have been to Daytona Bike Week many times together.
Sean has relatives that live next door on the lake, and that is their pontoon.

The last pic is of my Sophomoric (literally) Son Reese, downing a Bud Light.
Before you all freak out, he is quite responsible!!
AND like his father, he HATES puke and all talk of puke, so he knows when to quit.
Thank you all for humoring me and visiting...Galen


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day......

Hi Everybody...

Well I survived the week-end without any major waterworks.
Not that I'm insensitive, but it was such a joyous and informal event, that it was just a REAL celebration of love and commitment.
As a native Michigander, and someone that has travelled the entire contiguous 48 States extensivly, I can honestly say that the closest thing to Paradise is Northern Michigan for about 4 months out of the year. Mandy's In-Laws have a very quaint and Lovely cottage on Beautiful Fife Lake. They have a Sandy Beach, a long dock, a boat to pull a waterskier, and a pontoon.
The first pic is the kids after some afternoon boating the day of the wedding.
The little boy is Seans nephew Timmie, The Ring Bearer.
Mandy wanted all of us to have a pic of both families in front of a little country school house not far from here.
Mandy's God-Mother and our lifelong friend Lynne, happens to be an On-Line ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church. And she married them with such love that it was very touching.
Mandy bought her dress at a Resale Shop and had it altered by friends.
Her hat and veil was purchased at an antique store, and Seans sister resewed the veil to fit her perfectly.
Mandy and Sean each recited their own vows that they composed themselves, and it was at that very moment when I realized how much they truely loved one another.
After the ceremony we retreated to a party tent set up in the backyard, and Reese gave a GREAT toast to the Bride and Groom. I was very proud of him....
Almost as proud as his awesome fireworks display that followed the toast..hehehehe
We partied well into the night, and had such a great time, that everybody decided to come back the next day and kill the rest of the keg.
Those pics will be the next post....
To everyone that is a Father...Happy Father's Day!!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Friday Flash 55...

2 Days Old...
TOOK her home, slept under her crib hearing her breathe.
Age 7...
TOOK her to get her ear pierced, she never flinched!
Age 18...
TOOK her to her dorm in Ann Arbor.
Age 20...
TOOK her to Metro Airport to live in Prague for a year.
Age 23...
GAVE Amanda to Sean.....


Yeah, the Big Day is nigh! I made it through all of those 'Landmark' events without blubbering. I don't know about the last one yet, we'll see.....
If you or anyone you know has written a Friday Flash 55.
Please come tell The G-Man...
NORMALLY I would visit, read, enjoy, comment, Then BOOK! But as you well know by now, I will be busy being The Father of The Bride...
Since I will be without Internet Access up in the Boonies where this wedding is being held, I am asking a small favor from the participants. Please make it a point to visit a few of the very talented and creative 55 posts today. I'll be up and running Sunday with some pics. That is if I don't fall in the lake again!
So from the most nervous and gracious host from coast to coast...
Have A Great Week-End.!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thursday Portrait.....

Father and Son at dusk....
Happy little bastard isn't he?
He must be thinking about my 55.
See You Friday....G

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Retro Wednesday.....

My daughter Amanda was born April,11,1986.
We brought her home 2 days later.
This mylar balloon was waiting for her when we came home.
I've kept it in the cupboard for 23 years.
It's a bit faded but still full and firm.
She's getting married this Friday...


Monday, June 15, 2009

Just How Old Are You Anyway....?

A few weeks back I wrote a 55 about things you just don't hear anymore...
The annoying clicking of a room full of typewriters..
Your parents hollering at you to 'Burn the Papers'!
Well, I have a few more forgotten tidbits of advice and parental direction, that may have slipped into oblivion.
And I'm just the Buck-A-Roo to jar your memory.
So....When's the last time (if ever), you heard someone say...?

"Quit slamming the screen door"
"Fill the ice trays, were having company"
"Watch for the postman, I want this letter to out today"
"Don't forget to wind the clock before you go to bed"
"Roll your pant leg up...You'll get it caught in the bike chain again"
"Don't you dare go outside with your school clothes on"
"It's your turn to dry the dishes"
"Walk more quietly! You'll make the cake in the oven fall!"
"There's a dollar in my bill-fold, put some gas in the car"
"Don't go very far...I may need a push to 'pop the clutch'.
"All the foods in the ice-chest..I'm defrosting the Frigidaire"
"Get out from under the sewing machine, pumping it messes up the thread"
"Don't sit so close to the TV, it's hard on your eyes"
"Turn the antennae a little to the right..Bonanza's about to start"
"A Quarter for the movies? Is my name Rockefeller?"
"Quit crossing your eyes...They'll get stuck that way"
"Don't run in the house with the sharp scissors"
"I don't know where it is, look in the 'junk drawer"....
"Say that again, and I'll wash your mouth out with soap"
"Your cruisin for a bruisin".........

OK..Did your Mom or Dad have any favorite Words of Wisdom?

Feel free to share.....


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Let Your Fingers Do The Walking......

Hi Everybody...

Friday was a SUPER day for Flash 55's, thanks to all that found the time to contribute. I finally read and commented on everyone's that visited me, it was fun!

I have a friend that buy's lots of great stuff On-Line... Shoes, Comforters, Books,
almost whatever whim she is feeling at the time. I'm kind of in a whimsical shopping mood myself today, and so far this is what I've chosen...What do you think?

1. A Mermaid Tampon Holder...$21.95 on eBay. It hold 3 Regular OR 2 Super!!

2. Jesus Band-Aids..."Treat your cuts with it's INCREDIBLE healing power"!
$9.95 on eBay..

3. Those Sea-Monkeys always look so happy...

4. Who wants Gingivitus? Not me! These are very popular with women for some reason!

5. I have a friend in mind for this one...hehehehe

Lets hope these advertising claims are true eh?
Have a Great Week...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Friday Flash 55.......

I was only in the store for 3 MINUTES!!!
But there she was, writing a parking ticket.
"Ma'am..? Could you please give a Senior a break"?
Undaunted...She continued.
"NAZI BITCH!! I screamed"!
THEN she smiled...And flipped to Ticket #2 for 'worn tires'.
It wasn't my car....I was just trying to help.


If you or anyone you know has written a Friday Flash 55..
Please come tell The G-Man.
I will visit, read, enjoy, comment...Then BOOK!!!
So from the most gracious host, from coast to coast.
Have A Great Week-End...

BTW, tomorrow we are short handed at work, so please be patient with me. I promise I will finish all commenting by Midnight.
( Contrary to popular belief....((Lou..:P))

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thursday Portrait.....

Reese Harmon Haynes...

Mr. Knowitall Junior!!!

He's my guest Object D'Art Ce Soir Ici...

Pensez-Vous D'un Ciquante-Cinq??

Bon Soir...!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Retro Wednesday......

Hi everybody...

Remember these? I've had this gum since 1965!!!

Just Kidding...Retro Candy, bought Saturday..Hehehehe
I'm looking for some Bonomo Taffee now....

Monday, June 8, 2009

Where's Noah When You Need Him?......

Holy Crap....
What is it with water and me?
Whenever I go golfing, ANY water hazard makes a claim on my balls! (Golf Balls)
Saturday's little unexpected swim laid waste to my cell phone and Ray-Bans.
And tonight? HA!!! After taking over an hour to drive the 21 miles home in a rain storm of Biblical proportions, I thought I'd take refuge at the local, excuse the pun, "watering hole". All of a sudden the bar had lakefront property!!
This was the scene out front....
Needless to say, I took the Long, Dry, Back way home...Chevy doesn't make an Ark!
Stay dry....