Monday, June 25, 2007

TV Musical Monday......

HeHeHe......This is why you love me!!

The first TV theme ever to become a Top 40 Hit was the theme from "Dragnet". It was recorded by bandleader Ray Anthony as "The Dragnet March" in 1953 and reached #3 on the national charts. At the time, it was the 2nd most popular show on TV behind "I Love Lucy"..

"Bonanza" was one of the most popular TV shows of the 60's. It's theme song-an instrumental by guitarist Al Caiola- Hit #19 on the charts in 1961.
Most fans NEVER knew that there were lyrics to the theme song! At the end of the pilot episode, Ben, Adam, Hoss, and little Joe, all rode off into the sunset singing....
"WE got a right to pick a little fight, BONANZA....Anyone fight with any one of us....They got to fight with me"!! The song was sooooo awful, that it has only been shown on blooper shows only, since that pilot!

When "Happy Days" made it's debut in 1974, It did not have a theme song. Instead the producers used "Rock Around The Clock" by Bill Haley and the Comets. In 1955, it was a #1 hit
but had not been on the charts since. The show was so popular, that Haley briefly resurrected his career again in 74. In 1976 a new theme was introduced. "Happy Days", was sung by a duo named Pratt and Mclain, It immediately shot to the #5 spot on the national charts!

"Gilligans Island" creator Sherwood Schwartz had a hell of a time selling this show to CBS. Network execs insisted that the viewers that tuned in for the 1st time, would have a tough time following the story line. They wanted Schwartz to turn it into a sitcom about a charter boat captain....Desperately wanting to keep the original premise, he came up with a solution: He wrote a theme song that described who the characters were, and how they wound up on the island...During the final presentation of the pilot to CBS execs, he abruptly got up and performed the tune. They bought the show!!!

There you have it....Oh, one final thought to throw out to Barman, Top Cat, Charles, or any "interested party"...Ginger Or Mary-Ann???????..G


morgetron said...

OOOOOH ... I say why choose when you can have a threesome?
*winks, snorts*

Mona said...

I still love watching 'I love Lucy' & 'Here's Lucy'. I have the dvds.
The Gillian Island story is awesome. It is strange how an idea can change your life!

Yes indeed, the numbers add a lot to the sitcoms I noticed.& now they have theme songs for movies too. I just love the Celin Dion Number for Titanic & also the Elton John's number for The Lion King [ yes I do watch all the disney's cartoons!!]

G-Man said...

You so funny.

It's funny how Mona can change your life!
Thanks sweetie..xoxox

Charles said...

I can remember listening to the theme of Hawaii-Five-0 on the radio, and to the theme song from Welcome Back, Kotter, too.
Mary-Ann, definitely.

Anonymous said...

Ah such memories g-man.
Why do I have the theme from the Adams family going through my head?

I have to agree with j morgetron about the threesome.:)

Serena said...

I guess the question now is, would Mary Ann go for a threesome? LOL!

Interesting TV trivia which, once again, I had no clue about.:-)


Charles said...

Your implication would seem to be that Ginger would be fine with it. We know that she was a vain woman, so you don't think she'd be so jealous that it would be out of the question?

Mona said...

Galen? GALEN!!!!!!!!!!!

You were awake till 3:03 AM again!!!!!

You are losing on sleep????


Serena said...

You have a point, Charles. Chances are neither of them would go along with it.:-)

G-Man said...

Somehow I knew you were a Mary-Ann guy..hehehe

TC.....That girl is a rising talent, you'll see!
(Lurch Voice)
...You Raaaaaaaaang?

I have always thought that the professor was gay...How could you have possibly turned down that Peach?
She was by far MY choice!
You are much Hotter to me because you are Serena!.xoxoxox

Mona...? I slept until 8:30!...I'm OK!!
But thanks for careing!

Charles..Serena..A threesome? I'm not so sure that they even did a One-some!
They were too busy making and eating coconut cream pie!!
I'll tell you this,
I'd have been eating Ginger Snaps!!

Mouthy Girl said...

I gotta say that one of my fav tv theme songs is from Sesame Street. I dig that!

I've also had a thing for The Dukes of Hazzard. Bad. I know

Serena said...

Aw, G, now you're making me blush. Maybe Gilligan could run and fetch me a fan so we can talk about this.:-)


Charles said...

Poor Gilligan, those hammocks...

Anonymous said...

A threesome in an hammock??? That's a promises for a lot of... funny situations... ;-)
You brought back to me the little crush I had for Fonz... Now, who didn't?...lolollolol..

snowelf said...

Good-almost-afternoon, Galen,

Have you noticed almost every show these days seems to be getting a "soundtrack" even. It's very trendy, apparently!

You're marvelous :)


lime said...

hehehe, my limelette #1 LOVEs bonanza even now and could sing the gilligan's island theme when she was quite small... fun memories...

oh and maryann....

Snow White said...

I enjoyed your post, as always, but don't really have anything to add... just wanted to comment!

Cha Cha said...

You mean I can't have both?

I'd MUCH rather enjoy them together...

...I'm sure the three of us could find a few bananas, or something, on the island to play with...

Oh...I just read J's comment.

I think we should make it a foursome.

We can build a little sex hut away from everyone else to hold romps when needed.

We'll have secret smoke signals and everything to announce our 'meetings.'

Galen, you can watch.


I own the Welcome Back, Kotter Theme Song on 45. I am very proud of that possession.

Let's just say I've ALWAYS had it bad for Vinnie Barbarino.

Up your nose with a rubber hose.

And Mr. Cat,

I LOVE the Addams Family!!

I used to have a boyfriend who would play with my hair and mess it all up and call me Cousin It.

Other than that he was kind of an asshole. But, the Cousin It thing was fun!


I'm pretty sure both Ginger and Mary Ann could EASILY be down with a threesome.

They're stranded on a desert island for fuck's sake. You need to keep it interesting somehow!

And Galen,

You can speak to me in your Lurch voice anytime you please....

...especially if you talk dirty.

You know how I love tall men.


jillie said... I have all of those theme songs running through my mind. you know it's a show comes up with the "catchy" theme song. It kind of pulls you in.

I loved Hawaii Five-O song...and the Bookem Dano! lol....

You have the most interesting stuff...I need to come up with some ideas. Right after I finish with my yard work here...


Anonymous said...

Let's not forget ol' Jan Hammer.

SignGurl said...

I'd pick Ginger too. Then I would steal her dress, hehe!

Really I would have done Mr. Howell because I loved his voice and his money!!!!!!!

SignGurl said...

Ok, I think maybe after reading the comments, it should be an orgy! Woo hoo!!

Charles said...

Devolving fast here, G. Better hurry before its over...

Cha Cha said...

So down with the orgy.

Excellent call, Ms. Sign.

By the time we're through we can have our own spin-off on the Playboy Channel!





Breazy said...

I still watch Bonanza on TVland and Hallmark. Love it!

Hope your Monday has been a good one!


barman said...

Mary Ann, no question.

You know the funny thing about Gilligan's Island. For the first season The Professor and Mary Ann were referred to in credits as "and the rest." The second season it was changed to "the Professor and Mary Ann."

Fast forward many years and what do we have, The Professor and Mary Ann are almost the only remaining characters. Ginger is still around too but maybe someday...

G-Man said...

Buddha Girl..Love those Daisy Dukes!!!

Searabbit..It could happen!
Really...Are you old enough to remember Fonz?

Hi Baby, glad you could make it . Are you in the Library?..No not THAT library, the bibliotec library!!..xoxox

I'm very jealous of the MIL you know....

Well Di,A quick visit is better than NO visit!!!

Come here, I got an idea..(psssssst psssssst)
(psssssst Psssssst)
What da you think?
I'll go get the Jello...

Third of Never?
Welcome to the Jungle!!
I loved Miami Vice.."OK Pal"!!
Thanks for stopping by..

Jenny, I mean, Lovey!!

Hi Breazy!!!
I was busy, but thanks for asking..xoxox

Charles..OK OK, I'm taking over this mess right now!!!
( OK Strumpet dear?)

Well Well....
The Prodigal Daughter returns!!
Nice to see you Missy.
See how much fun you've been missing?
AAAHHHHHH...Music to my ears, spreading all that sweet Strumpetry hither and yon!!!
I'm smiling
I'm Happy
I'm shocked
I'm giddy with delight!
I'll always leave the light on for you Chandra my love...xoxoxox

G-Man said...

Gingers still HOT!!
...But so is Mary-Ann.
Thanks Brother...G

S said...

I always wanted to be Ginger when I was growing up... I longed for a feather boa and ruby red lipstick so I could sing like Ginger, "I wanna be loved by you, by you, and nobody else but you, I wanna be loved by you alooooone ...booop boop bee dooo!"

...I turned out to be a lot more like Maryann though....what can ya do?

barman said...

Hubba, hubba Susie... Mary-Ann turned out to be pretty popular too. Oh and I remember that scene where she did that song. Didn't Mary-Ann end up thing she was Ginger and tried to do the song and had a terrible time with the boa?

GAB said...

Awwww Gilligan! Whoo-hoo be still my heart!

G-Man said...

Susie, you are lots hotter than Mary-Ann..

Barman, Gabby....Are you guys hanging out together?

Cha Cha said...


Much love to you, my dude.