Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Plethora of Information.......

Nothing nostalgic...Nothing funny....Nothing sad
No deformities...Just The Facts.....

Pound for Pound, Earthworms make up half of all animal life!
Albert Einstein slept 10 hours a night.
In the 90's 1 in 4 Americans who ate out for breakfast, ate at McDonalds!
80% of American men, say they take out the garbage.
Technically, snow is considered a mineral.
The game of Badmitten, used to be called "Poona"
Bill Clinton used to call Cooter,..... "PoonTang".
White is the most common house color..
Canada, is the 2nd largest country on Earth.
Whats the most popular Candy Bar in the US?..Snickers
Someone pd. $14,000.00 for the bra Marilyn Monroe...
wore in "Some Like It Hot"
Michael Jackson pd. $10,000.00 for Gary Colemans Jock Strap!
Some toothpastes contain Anti-Freeze.
The worlds longest foot was 27 inches..
One in Eight Americans are of British descent.
Sigmund Freud had a morbid fear of ferns.
Millie the White House dog, earned 4 times what Pres. Bush in 1991.
A scallop has 35 eyes...All of them blue!
Elvis's nickname for his pecker was "Lil Elvis"
Everyday Americans eat 20 acres of Pizza.
Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, was the 1st man to piss his pants on the moon!
Galileo went blind studying the Sun through telescopes..
Only 16% of all Americans can tell which President is on the 20 dollar bill.
There are more plastic Pink Flamingos in America, than real ones!
Alexander the Great, was buried in a vat of honey!
The Praying Mantis, is the only insect that can turn it's head..
There are only 9 members in the "official" Rin Tin Tin Fan Club...
The average American Senior Citizen, takes 14 prescription drugs.
Most Lip Stick contains fish scales..
The London Bridge has never fallen down!
There are as many chickens in the world as people!
The 100 years war lasted 116 years..
The Roman Emperor Nero, played the bagpipes!
Mosquitos have teeth!
Leonardo da Vinci, only painted 17 paintings...Many unfinished!
The index finger is the most sensitive finger on the hand!
American Hens lay enough eggs to circle the equator 100 times!
Until 1850, most golf balls were stuffed with feathers.
Rats can live longer without water than Camels.
Galen is tired, and is going to bed soon.... Peace!


morgetron said...

80% of American men, say they take out the garbage.

-- The operative word here is "say".

Bill Clinton used to call Cooter,..... "PoonTang".

-- He must be friends with my grandpa.

Someone pd. $14,000.00 for the bra Marilyn Monroe ... wore in "Some Like It Hot"

-- I can think of nothing more practical.

Michael Jackson pd. $10,000.00 for Gary Colemans Jock Strap!

-- This should have been a red flag for someone somewhere.

Some toothpastes contain Anti-Freeze.

-- This surprises me not.

The worlds longest foot was 27 inches..

-- You know what they say about men with big feet? (They wear big shoes.)

Sigmund Freud had a morbid fear of ferns.

-- What this doesn't say was that his mother's name was Fern.

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, was the 1st man to piss his pants on the moon!

-- If only I could aspire to a fraction of his greatness ...

Only 16% of all Americans can tell which President is on the 20 dollar bill.

-- As long as Google is nearby, I can tell you just about anything.

Galen is tired, and is going to bed soon.... Peace!

-- So is Morgetron, but she's an insomniac, so no such peace for her.

Thanks for the fun facts. I hope to visit again.

Take care,

Serena said...

Astonishing! Can't say I'm surprised about Michael Jackson. Or Bill Clinton. Or Elvis! I am surprised at earthworms and toothpaste. I'm throwing out all my lipsticks, never becoming a Senior Citizen, and burning my bras which don't amount to any $14,000 if you count the whole drawer full. And I knew there was a reason I was scared of live chickens.:-)

javajazz said...

hi mr knowitall!
chris hooked me back up!
i am up to my ass in internet capabilities.
apologies about this aft....
sarah was taking the bus back
and it arrived way before i expected it.
so i dashed and missed saying
ciao baby!
power finally came back on at,
well, i dont know, i was out...maybe
around 8 or 9 pm. crazy day i say.
missed you all on internet land....xoxo

Mona said...

Those are some facts to reckon.

London bridge never fell? That nursery rhyme witer should be sued!!

& I went on reading till the last in the same tone! LOL

J morge is so funny TEE HEE!

Queenie said...

NO wonder you need your bed.
Are there really fish scales in lipstick, or was that a wind up?

Evalinn said...

Lots of useful information, thank u!

G-Man said...

Good Morning everybody,
I got up late, so ramble about like you own the place..
Comment away...
And this time I promise I'll be back tonight to answer all comments..
I already have my HNT for tomorrow, so I won't have to concern myself with that......
Carry On, and thanks for visiting!!!

dickiebo said...

Brill blog mate. Well done.

Charles said...

Teeth in an insect? Heck, give 'em the anti-freeze toothpaste. I take it that they must be pseudo-teeth, not like that of vertebrates.
Hope your's is a good one.

snowelf said...

"Technically, snow is considered a mineral."
Of course I am!! I'm a diamond in the rough!! Hee hee hee...
I mean, obviously everyone can see I'm brilliant. :P

Hope you are having a fantabulously wonderful day, Galen. These were wonderful fun facts!! :)


PinkHippo said...

Galen, dropping by to say hello! :)

Be good boy, go to bed if you are tired. Sweet dreams... see you tomorrow morning... :)

javajazz said...

hee hee
you already have your HNT for tomorrow!

barman said...

You know I have waited for you to add something to the list like you did on this one. Something about you. Yep, great list. Why would you want to buy someones bra or jock strap. There are people out there with way to much money. They can send it to me if they like...

jillie said...

Ok...the jock strap thing is just a little too weird EVEN for me!! Can you say...WACKO JACKO?? I wonder if he washed it first or just put it on his head right away....LMAO

If I had the money...I would have paid that much for Marilyn's bra. I guess if you had that kind of money to spend...it wouldn't matter.

Always a barrel of information my dear galen...xoxo

lime said...

the average sneeze contains enough germs to kill the entire population of bolivia. i learned that in 3rd grade or so. i had terrible allergies back then and used to worry about bolivia a lot as a result.

Anonymous said...

Damn..you are a plethora of information.
My brain is overwhelmed.
$10,000 for his jockstrap eh?(sicko)

javajazz said...


S said...

Oh great, I am killing thousands of innocent people in Bolivia!


Mona said...

hi Galen! Good morning from India!

& I just remembered, That Angelina Jolie bought a 136 diamonds studded soother for her baby for I dont remember how many millions!!!

Now I heard that swallowing a diamond is always fatal [ one more way of commiting suicide to remember!]

SignGurl said...

I'd sell you my bra for the low, low price of $10.

snowelf said...

Wow, Mona, I guess that's a better way than swallowing hot coals like Portia did in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar!!

GAB said...

Yep I miss that more than anything.

G-Man said...

Welcome to the Jungle!
Thanks for dropping by!!
Oh I visited you Baby!!!

G-Man said...

Stick with me baby, I got many more..xoxox

High-Tech Lisa!!!
Welcome back!!!

Mona, she is a funny and talented girl!
No wonder, she's a teacher!!!
Love you .xoxox

That fact is true!
Although, I did make up 2 of those facts!!!
Guess which ones....xox

Your welcome Evalinn.xoxo

G-Man said...

Hey Dickibo,
Are you an Aussi?
Welcome to the Jungle!!
You are welcome anytime!!

G-Man said...

Thanks for comming over and participating so much. I really appreciate all you clever inputs!!! Your all right brother!!!

I really love you sweetie, Your visits always make my day..
In spite of your sordid family tree, you are always welcome here..Hahahahaha..xoxox

Pink Hippo,
Are you a doctor?
You always have great advice...It's good to see you again..Thanks.xox

Yes I do have my blogging priorities down pat...(Sometimes) xox

I heard that Barman!!
Money to burn!!
You doin OK?

Thanks Ratchett!!!
I think I need some Jillie Medicine, as only you can dose out!!!

You can germinate me anytime!! xoxoxo

Please don't believe that you read!!!
Somethings are satire..
But most are just plain weird...Galen



A diamond in the gut?
I'll be careful!!!

I'll start the bidding at $3.00....xoxox

Hey Hey Hey...
Did I mention the Bard?

Whats this all about?
E-Mail me please..xoxox

Queenie said...

Is it the bagpipes and blue eyed scallops?, that sounds like the title to a song don't you think???

G-Man said...

Yeah Queenie,
something by Jethro Tull!

dickiebo said...

Not an Aussie .....yet! But the way that the UK is going, I may soon be!

Charles said...

Don't be giving me up to the Bene Gesserit, I'll have to use a laser on your shield.

G-Man said...

Thanks Dickiebo,
I'll remember next time!

Paul Atrides...?
No it's just Charles!!
Thanks buddy, I like to play....Galen