Sunday, July 31, 2011

Musical Monday.....

Whats in a name?
The band Kiss was originally named...Wicked Lester!
The Who is said to have come by it's name because by
the time they were ready for the bigtime, they were very
hard of hearing and kept saying...What? And THE WHO?
UB40 got it's name from the British Unemployment Benefits
Steely Dan was named after a Dildo, in the 'Beat Generation'
Book...Naked Lunch, by William Burroughs in 1959.
Queen...? C'Mon, Freddy Mercury!!!!
The Eagles were originally called...Teen King and the Emergencies!
But renamed The Eagles in honor to the group...The Byrds!
David Bowie used to be David Jones, but renamed himself
after the knife because of Davy Jones of the Monkees.
The group Simple Minds is named after a line in a Bowie
song....Jean Genie.
The Mothers of Invention used to be called The Mother
Fuckers! But the record label persuaded Frank Zappa to
add ..Of Invention.
Judas Priest was named after a Bob Dylan song...
The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest.
Bob Dylan was born Robert Zimmerman, but changed it
in honor of Welsh poet Dylan Thomas.
The name Bad Company is from a 1972 Jeff Bridges movie
of the same name.
Buffalo Springfield was named after an asphalt rolling machine
parked outside the home that they were staying at....
AC/DC came from a sewing machine label. They knew it meant
Electric, but they didn't know of the sexual inuendo.
Flint's own Grand Funk Railroad named itself after the
company Grand Trunk Western Railroad!!
Mr. Knowitall is weary from eating too much Brisket....Peace!

Sunday 160....

After delivering 6 vehicles in 6 days, not only was a day
of relaxing in order, it was well needed. What was I going
to do? I have my lawn chair. A charcoal Weber. Labatt Blue.
A Beef Brisket!

I'm going to start the charcoal about 8:30 AM, Dinner at 5:55!
Is it Sunday? Can you write Micro-Fiction in 160 Characters?
Yes?....Post it on your blog, then go tell Monkey Man..
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Friday Flash 55.....

Lewis and Clark never grew tired of the majesty.
Around every bend in the river, atop every overlook,
they alone were the first white men to set eyes on
America's unspoiled beauty! As the pair made their
way up the jagged outcropping, something was boldly
carved on the mountain side......
"FRED 03"


Theres always one in every crowd isn't there?
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So from the most gracious host from coast to coast...
Have a Kick Ass Week-End!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thursday Portrait.....

A little too long for the Micro-Managers.
Now I look like a computer teacher
at a middle school!
Brigham Young?
In lieu of Friday's theme, please guess how many
wives the Mormon leader had.
Go on guess....
And yes, he really DID have exactly that many!
See ya Thursday 8:00 PM EST.....Peace

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Venus and Mars.....

Hi everybody!!!
Thank you all for your well wishes.
I'm feeling much better.
I heard Paul McCartney's Venus and Mars on
the radio today, and I just couldn't get a few
interesting facts out of my head.....

*Women are better at remembering faces than men.
Especially womens faces!

*Women have a better sense of smell than men.

*1/3 of all women, and 1/5 of all men are scared of Spiders!

*Women's favorite food are Chocolate, Bread, and Ice Cream.

*Men's favorite food are Red Meat, Pizza, and Potatoes!

*Women cry FIVE times more than men.

*More men can whistle than women.

*Boys get more Colds than Girls. But Women get
more Cols than Men!

*Women sleep and Dream more than Men.

*Men Snore more early in life. After Menopause...
Women make up for it!

*Twice as many women...Can touch their nose with
their Tongue.

*The 2 highest IQ's ever recorded were by women!

*In general, Men can read finer print than Women.

*Women tend to hear better than Men....HUH?

*Men smile more at strangers than women.

*Women generally are Crazier than Men.

*More Men are Ass-Holes than Women!

* G-Man grows weary and will see Y'all Tomorrow!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pure Michigan....

Hi Everybody...
What a Kick Ass Week-End My son Reese and Myself had.
This is the Super-8 Bridgeview...Very Rustic looking.
Walk across the street, and you are at a free public park
with The Mackinaw Bridge and Mackinaw Island, and the
Upper Peninsula for your viewing pleasure.
I didn't go to The Island Saturday, I hung out in town by myself
recovering from The Ague that was helped GREATLY by the
fresh unpolluted air! This fish joint is one of THE best in the state.
The Copper Dude is a local street performer that reminds me a
bit of the street folks in New Orleans.
That stone house is right next to the park, and in my opinion is
located on The most beautiful lot in America.
On the way home Sunday we took a detour and ended up in a
very quaint spot called Cross Village. It's claim to fame is this
authentic Polish Restaurant that is on a bluff overlooking
Lake Michigan. If you are lucky enough to secure outside seating
you are blessed with a panoramic view thats unforgettable.
Of course those deer on the front lawn are Real. Click on each
Pic for a larger view.
Michigan doesn't have any mountains, but it is one of the most
beautiful States we have, come visit us sometime.....Peace!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sunday 160.....


The new neighbor kept pretty much to herself.
Her yard was always picked up and mowed, and
she always said hello. As she smiled, I smiled back.

Nothing is innocent to your wife or girlfriend is it?
Is it Sunday? Can you write Micro-Fiction in 160
characters EXACTLY? Yes? Then post it on your
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Friday Flash 55.....

In only it's second year, Tempe State Teachers College
won The Arizona Collegiate Open Tournament.
Coach Sellah's prize medalist Helen Bedd (Second from
the right with the Huge Smile), seemed to benefit the most
from the coaches mentoring.
Her Secret? Keep a firm grip on the shaft, and always wash
the balls before each stroke!!

Sound advice for any recreational activity if you ask me.
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So from the most gracious host from coast to coast.....
Have a Kick Ass Week-End.....FORE!!!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thursday Portrait....

This Friday, Reese and I are going to one of my Favorite
spots in America...Mackinaw City!
It's at the very top of the lower peninsula in Michigan,
And it's where Lake Michigan and Lake Huron meet.
It's one of those rare spots where you can see both a Sunrise
and a Sunset over open water where you can't see an opposite
shore. The Mighty Mac Bridge, is the 3rd longest bridge in the world!
It joins Michigan's upper and lower peninsula. The area is rich in
history, and I can't wait to go. I'll take lots of pics.
And the Tim Horton's? A large regular coffee with double cream
with a senior discount...$1.55!!!!!
hehehehehehe. Go Figure eh?
See you Thursday at 8:00 PM EST...I WILL have Wi-Fi access!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wednesday Info....

Do you know why I blog?
Because it's great fun!!
I love being silly and sardonic, and I love making
people smile and encouraging them to write.
Write what you say? Anything!!....Just write.
Everyone has their little nitch; Poetry, Micro-Fiction,
Philosophy, Daily Diary's, Etc...
I usually keep things Short and Sweet.
Speaking of Short, did you know that....

*Giraffe meat and milk are kosher!

*Giraffes are one of the few animals born with horns!

*Giraffes clean out their noses with their 18 inch tongue!
They also are very prone to drooling.

*The blue-black color of a Giraffe tongue helps it from
getting sunburned while feeding.

*Male Giraffes are bisexual...94% of ALL couplings are
between two males!
(Not that theres anything wrong with that....)

Monday, July 18, 2011

TMI Tuesday.....

I've always been an avid hand washer.
I'm not quite the Germ-O-Phobic dickweed like
Howie Mandel, but I probably lather the hands 10-15
times a day. I also like to sleep with the window open
as much as possible. Because of this I'm usually cold
and flu free. So this latest bout with congestion that
has lasted for well over a week now is really Kicking My Ass!
I do have a Dr. Appt. in the AM, and I do feel a bit better
so I feel that relief is in sight!!
This is the perfect segue' into some interesting facts.
*A recent study on hand germs has found that individuals
have very few bacterial strains in common with each other!
Even the left hand and the right hand of the same person
only share 17% of the same bacterial type.
*Every Flu strain has it's origin in Asia! Flu viruses are constantly
circulating and mutating among the countries of China, South
Korea, Singapore, and the Philippines. Travelers spread them
around the World.
*The Germiest thing in the average Hospital is the remote control
of your TV in the room!
*The Germiest thing in a Dr's. Office is the sign-in ink pen!
*Licking wounds may actually be beneficial to healing.
Compounds found in human saliva fight infection and
encourage healing. That is why cuts in your mouth heal much
faster than cuts on any other parts of your Body.
*The worst time to get a perscription filled is at the first
of every month. Thats when Social Security checks are mailed
out and pharmacists are the busiest. The first few days of
every month are when the most errors are made.
*Medical mistakes kill almost 98,000 Americans a year!!
Yikes...I'm glad this is the Middle. Hope to see you soon....

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Musical Monday....

Hi Everybody...
I thought I'd bring back Musical Monday for the next
few weeks, but instead of posting Youtube vids that no
one takes the time to listen to. How about a bit of Music Trivia?
*The first ever musical audio recording was in 1877
By the Rock Star Thomas Alva Edison...
Mary Had A Little Lamb.
*Early phonograph recordings were played at 78 rpm's
because the first record players had to be hand cranked
and 78 rpm's closely resembled the human heart beat
per minute!
*Early records were made from Bakelite, then plastic
then vinyl.
*The cassette tape was introduced in 1963
*The Compact Disk became available in 1983..
Five years later CD's OUTSOLD vinyl records.
*The last 8-Track tape released by a major label
was Fleetwood Mac's Greatest Hit's in 1988!
*The portable MP3 player was introduced in 1997.
*Some people have been known to pick up radio
broadcasts through the fillings in their teeth!
*Some people are sick and tired of being sick,
and are going to bed...Peace!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sunday 160.....

Fido? I'm out.
Fluffy? Check.
Spike? I'll bet one buck!
Fritzy? I'll call.
Duke? I'll see that dollar, and raise you two more!
Manfred, 3 Bucks to you.. ARF!

Sorry, when you're as sick as a Dog, you start
thinking like one! Is it Sunday? Can you write
Micro-Fiction in 160 Characters? Yes?
Then go visit The Monkey Man!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Friday Flash 55.....

Some are Flabby
Some are Hard
Some have rounded Cheeks
Most men do a double-take
Especially the Greeks
Some are Smart
Some are Flat
Some you want to Bite!
Some are Wide
Some are Bad
Some...Quite Petite
You can have the Back Door
I much prefer The FEET!!

I just LOVE the Summer!
If you or anyone you know has written a Friday Flash 55
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So from the most Gracious host from coast to coast...
Have a Kick ASS Week-End!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thursday Portrait.....

Hi Everybody...
This is what I've been living on for the last 55 Hours!!
What a pathetic looking bastard eh?
Last week was the LOWEST Flash 55 turnout in a couple
of years, are people on vacation?
Have people lost their Mojo?
I see there are several other Friday prompts out there...
How easy is 55 words?
Anyway...Thursday 8:00 PM EST....I'll be there!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm Your Huckleberry......

For Three days I've been Hacking!
My Sides hurt, My Head hurts, My Gut hurts.
Within the last hour or so, it has subsided somewhat.
I feel like Doc Holliday, they called him a Lunger.
As in Lung....Er.
Sorry to be such a Blog Dweeb.
I have Nyquil....Good Night!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Home Safely....

Hi Everybody...
After a 10 1/2 Hr Drive, I'm home chillin.
See You Tomorrow...G

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Friday Flash 55.....

When I was back there in seminary school
there was a person that put forth the proposition
that you can...petition the lord with prayer.
Petition the Lord with Prayer!!
"Can you give me sanctuary, I must find a place to
Who's God am I praying to?
Whats the deal with Blind Faith?

For the last 40 years, whenever I was feeling
pensive, I put on a Doors Album...Thanks Jim.
And Prayer?
I still haven't heard an answer...
If you or anyone you know has written a Friday Flash 55
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I will visit, read, enjoy, comment...Then BOOK!!
So from the most searching host from coast to coast.
Have A Kick Ass Week-End!!

Hi Everybody...I'm outta Town!!!
If you post a Flash 55 today, please visit at least TWO
people that have contributed to the Friday Funfest.
Please? You would be helping out Ole G-Man, and
you will thrill a fellow blogger....
Sorry for any inconveniance, and Thank You for your

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I'll be out of town until Monday July 11th!!
But there WILL be a Friday Flash 55 going up
as usual on Thursday 8:00 PM EST...
I may have some Internet access, but it's
already posted and ready to go.

Monday, July 4, 2011

TMI Tuesday.....

Been watching LOTS of The History Channel.
And I've come to these conclusions.
There ARE indeed Aliens among us.
My next door neighbor is an Alien!!
He goes by the Earthly name of Joe, but his given
name is TRex...Bang a Gong!
Sasquatch is for real!
There are about 2000 living in The Pacific Northwest alone.
Humans stink so bad that we announce our arrival hours
before we are seen!
Paul is indeed DEAD!
The person we think is Paul is.....
The One and Only Billy Shears!
Elvis is alive as well.
He's a retired Service Station attendant from Battle Creek!
Jim Morrison is Dead!
Although he WAS alive for years...
He died in 2007 after being run down in a Paris France
street by a speeding out of control Citroen!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday 160.....

I've always said that getting a tattoo was like giving
birth. While it's happening, you swear you'll never
go thru the pain again. That lasts five minutes!!
Is it Sunday? Can you write Micro-Fiction in 160
characters? Yes? Then post it on your blog, and go visit
Monkey Man.!
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