Wednesday, January 31, 2007


First of all hats off to the beautiful, talented, compasionate, and ever shrinking SignGurl. She is the one responsible for the new look. Before, I was like a homeless guy sleeping on a park bench, with nothing for warmth but the Sunday Free Press. Now, I'm more like the homeless guy that found an empty refridgerator box, and moved it over a steam vent. Quite an upgrade!

Nearly Game time! I had such an great response to my Gargonzola dip recipe', that I thought I'd share the second greatest dip that you could possibly want to serve your guests on Game day.
That being the awesome...Vidalia Onion Dip!! Folks, this stuff is not Rocket Surgery, and you can tweak it in any way you choose...But this way works for me.................
In a small casserole dish, combine 1 large grated Vidalia ( or sweet ) onion ( on-yone ) with 2 cups of shredded Swiss cheese ( try the Jillie Bean brand, it's a bit spicier ). Then add 1 cup of Miracle Whip salad dressing.NOTE: There is a special brand called Strumpet Whip, although it's really hard to find, it's well worth the effort.....OK, combine all the ingrediants, mix well, then bake in a pre-heated oven 0f 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes. Take it out, give a little stir to make sure the middle is melted.....VOILA!! ...Thanks again Jenn........Peace.......G-Man.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Tag I'm It!!

I've been tagged by Top Cat to name ten things that begin with the letter G......

1.) Gay
In light of my previous post, it's the 1st thing that popped up! oooooooh.

2.) Gold
Fever inducing, expensive, lusterous. It can be resting on the ocean floor for centuries, and washed ashore as glowing as the day it was stolen! An ounce of it can be wound to a wire so thin it can stretch for over a mile. If all the gold in the history of the world that has ever been recovered, found or plucked from Mother Earth, were to be put inside the Washington Monument, it would only fill it up 1/3 of the way!
The stuff that dreams are made of!

3.) Ganja
The stuff that induces dreams!.......................Spliff Mon?

4.) Garibaldi
Flash back to 1969.....Western Civilization 101...!st hour lecture hall....A half dazed ganja induced stuperfied G-Man, is nodding in and out of Dr. Drews diatribe of Garibaldi's reorganization of the Papal States......" G-Man (everybody calls me G-Man), In what year were the Papal States reorganized ?".....Holy Shit, did he just call my name?. Only semi-conscious, I pulled myself together long enough to pull a wild guess right out of my ass......1870? His jaw dropped about a foot, and then he uttered, " Out of the mouths of babes!"...( BINGO!) he never asked me another question for the rest of the semester.......I got a 'C' in the class, but thats OK, I never studied a lick....

5.) Gary
Sponge Bob's buddy........I love Gary!

6.) Georgie Pordgie
He kissed the girls and made them cry!

7.) The Game
The Super Bowl of course! One of my favorite days of the year. Me and several of my friends always go to a local Bar and Grill called MO' Doggies. We have several tables lined up in front of a big screened T.V., and we have pools after every quarter, drink specials, and he provides Hot Wings, Hot Dogs, condiments, and we have a pot luck from the regulars.....Every year I am required to bring the same thing, if I don't bring it, I'm barred from entering, it's that good!
It's a dip, I will share it all with you so that you can be the hit of your Super Bowl Party. It's a dip made out of .......

8.) Gargonzola
Ahhhhh, Gargonzola! This blue-veined, pungent product of Italy's bovine populace, is a marvel of nature. Some folks claim that Stilton, Rocquefort, or Danish Bleu is just as good, but I beg to differ.......Here is your Prize Winning, Taste Tempting, Mouth Watering, hit of your party.
This is the can adjust to the size of the crowd....
4 ounces of Gargonzola
8 ounce pkg of cream cheese
1/2 cup of pure apricot preserves ( be very careful here Crabby)
1/2 cup of finely chopped walnuts
( optional) 1/4 cup of bacon bits
Mix well with fork, but do NOT blend!....even if you don't like Bleu Cheese, this is KILLER!

9.) Mrs. G
Hats off to this smart, hard working, very pretty girl thats put up with me since college. Could you possibly imagine living with an ass-hole like me for all of these years? She takes everything seriously, I take NOTHING seriously. EXAMPLE: One time on vacation in the Black Hills, a line of cars were pulled over beside the road, and they were taking pics of some wild life. It was a very hot day, and the blacktop was very spongy. We stopped like everyone else to look, and there was a small herd of Big Horn Sheep down in a valley, I told her to get out and get a pic of them, when she got out of the car, the edge of the hot blacktop crumbled and she tumbled to the bottom of the ravine, once I saw that she wasn't dead, I hollared down to her" did you get the picture?"...Hey, I carried her back up, and put some ice on her broken ankle.......what?

10.) Galen
The first documented surgeon, he lived in ancient Greece and his ground breaking methods are still being used today.
The first name of Doc Adams on Gunsmoke
The name of the head Orangutan on Planet of the Apes
My name.....When I was born, we had no TV, and my Mothers favorite radio personality was a deep voiced, smooth talking man by the name of Galen Drake, she liked him so much she named me after him....later on in his career, he became the spokesperson for Preparation-H...
Some people say...How appropriate!.......Thanks TC...........PEACE.....G-Man

....And at this time, I would like to TAG the Sensational Strumpet, with the letter 'S'......xoxox

Friday, January 26, 2007

Oh Yeah Babe....I'm Your Back Door Man


Have you ever noticed that our society is selectively homophobic? In Europe it's quite common for men to kiss other men, either when greeting or leaving. But somewhere along the line our heritage of Puritinism seems to have prevailed. As kids we were taught to shake hands firmly, then to look that person in the eye. Rarely a hug, no kisses much past the age of 12. I'm not saying thats universal, but thats the way it is for the most part, don't you agree?

Women on the other hand, are free to walk in public arm in arm, dance together in a bar, or at a wedding reception, or even kiss. Have you ever noticed HNT comments on female posts by other women? Holy shit, it's like the Island of Lesbos! Hey, I'm not complaining, I find it very entertaining and rather arousing at times. Now I know that it is mostly friendly funny banter, and I'm sure that many girls have done more than twirled a few tongues together, but the point being is that it is read, then forgotten, and no big deal or value judgements are made.

Men on the other hand, are much more insecure in their sexual banter with one another. Bi women are hot, bi men are gay! Like Andrew Dice Clay always says.." either you suck dick, or you don't suck dick!"...Not that theres anything wrong with that!
How many people would bother visiting or reading certain blogs, if the conversations went something like this....................

Steven Novaks Blog....
Hey Steve, just read your new book. It was fabulous! The pictures of the cute little goats were sooo sweet. And I just find your sense of humor so hot and very sensual. It took me 4 days to read the whole book, I probably could have finished it sooner, but it's HARD to turn the pages with one hand*wink*...Toodles.....G-Man

Barmans blog.....
Oh Bryan, you look so *HAWT* in that turtleneck, I just want to get all snuggly with you. I can't wait to play' ride em cowboy' again..TTFN......G-Man

Top Cats blog.....
Oh TC, you make me PUrrrrrrrrrrrr. That dress that you wore on Halloween? So cute and sexy! After I saw it I wanted to become an astronaut right then and know, so I could visit.....Uranus.

Yeah, if the G-Man made comments like that, I got a feeling that most of my responses would be from the Bay area...Not that theres anything wrong with that!..Sorry guys......G-Man

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Coffee, Tea, or............

For years this has been my Friday night routine.....
After a tough week at work, all I want to do is quietly chill a bit. Upon arriving home about 6:30, I peel off the work duds and don my week-end warrior garb. That being my alter-ego of.......
Galen G. Man...Biker Businessman.
My wife always says to me.."you must have 50 Harley T-shirts"! Hahahahaha, little does she know that it's probably closer to 90. I try and find my most obnoxious dangly ear ring,...( I have a huge skull and cross-bones with piercing emerald eyes). I put my long flowing hair back in a pony tail. Black Levis, and a leather vest. Yeah Baby...Sleazy Rider!!
Then (sometimes the family is too embarassed to go with me) I head off to Borders Book Store. I enjoy coffee much more than booze. And sometimes they have local entertainment like poetry readings, New-Age improvisation, Celtic singers, blah blah blah. Because of this, the small cafe' fills up early in the evening, thats why I leave home early enough to procure a table.
Upon arrival I usually get the house brew, grab a few tatoo and biker rags, and sit back and observe.......Every week you see the same people.
1.) The elementary teacher correcting papers.
2.) The table of caffeine saturated teen-agers churning out a term paper.( group effort)
3.) The 'just came from the gym' jogging couple.
4.) The group of four late arrivals that stare at you dirty because you have a table, and they don't.
5.) The bubbly chick that is always trying to schlep some muti-level marketing scheme to a few of her friends.
6.) The recovering alcoholic that craves the crowd action, but doesn't dare go into a bar.
7.) The nearly blind Jewish guy that holds the novel that he is reading about 2 inches from his face.( he always wears his yamulke)
8.) And always a crowd favorite...Computer Boy! My son coined that term to him because up until 9:00 you can find him at the food court at the mall( about a mile away) sitting in front of his lap-top, grinning and talking to himself on his wireless. Then when the mall closes he comes to Borders because they are open till 11:00.
Of course, somewhere in the crowd, is a person observing her surroundings also, her eyes glance toward me( Hmmmm, not bad looking for his age, needs to drop about 40 or 50 pounds though, I wonder what HE does for a living? Probably works in a garage..if at all! Nice hair, is it real? Reads the same shit every week. I wonder if he really has a Harley, or is he just a wanna be? He always flirts with, maybe he's just friendly. Nice tats.........) DILLIGAF?.......G-Man.

Monday, January 22, 2007

The Killer !

The music post seems to be popular on Mondays in Bloggerville, so I think it's time for another walk down musical Memory Lane.......with the G-Man.

A few weeks back I had a post about witnessing the implosion of our local hallowed concert venue, the IMA auditotium. One of the reasons that they could do that was because they had built a place called The Whiting Auditorium. The Whiting is a beautiful place, very intimate, as it only seats 2001 people. It is built nearly as a replica to the New York Opera House. It has huge acoustic sheilds hanging from the ceiling, and the seats are quite comfortable in plush thick red valour....Our college fraternity had contracted the job of providing ushers for every show that came to Flint. Ballet, Opera, Motown, Jazz, Rock, Broadway, whatever show came to town, we saw it for FREE! It was a sweet deal really, when all the other frats and sororities were having car washes and BYO's to raise money, we were dressing up and watching every big name in show biz.
My job at every performance was to tear tickets at the door until show time, then go back stage to keep the 'unwanted' groupies away from the entertainers. It was great, and I have many back stage tales to share......but in due time. This particular story is about Jerry Lee Lewis.
Jerry Lee at one time was as close to becoming the king of rock and roll as anyone. He could play piano like a madman, he was charismatic, he was handsome....but he made the unfortunate mistake of falling in love.....with his 14 year old 3rd cousin! I realize that in the Deep South thats the same as total strangers, but for the rest of society, that was tantamount to incest.
But he was still an awesome entertainer, and he still could pack em in.
So Jerry Lee came to town back about 1970? I did my normal stint on the door, and then slipped quietly back stage to assume my other nightly duties. It was kind of quiet in the wings, so I was just chilling and mingling just off stage, waiting for the show to start when I felt a presence behind me, I slowly turned around, and it was Jerry Lee. Now I have been at the behest of many famous people at the Whiting, and I didn't usually become star-struck, they are just normal insecure folks, like you and me. We were both waiting for the MC to announce his name when the theater Mgr. came up to him and said.." Jerry, I've seen your act, and get you get sort of wild, you can do what ever, but DO NOT jump up on top of my 8,000 Dollar Steinway piano...get it"? Jerry Lee gave a big grin, agreed to those terms, and just as the MC announced his name, the roar of the crowd started to become deafening, he turned to me and said.."Son, hang onto your socks, here comes The Killa!"

....."You shake my nerves, and you rattle my brain.
Too much love, drives a man insane.
You broke my will, but what a thrill....
Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Fire".

He kept his promise that night, he did not stand on the Steinway...But he did smash a 500 dollar piano bench, much to the chagrin of the Mgr. But, as he put it, "well worth the price of admission". ..Guess what tune was on the radio this morning?.......Peace.......... G-Man

Thursday, January 18, 2007

....I Feel So Broke-Up, I Want To Go Home

Even if we have no musical talent, can't play an instrument, or carry a tune in a bucket, music is an intregal part of all of our lives. You may remember the first chords you learned on a guitar, the first time you finger plinked 'chop-sticks', or your solo at the Christmas pageant.
Whatever the case may be, certain songs bring back different memories, good or bad!

Growing up with grand-parents, it wasn't automatic that I could drive the family car when I turned 16. In fact I couldn't. I worked at a job after school and in the summer for ONE dollar an hr. I had to rely on rides from friends and family for years. I did buy a motorcycle, but you couldn't ride it that often, so I scrimped and saved and when I was almost19 I could finally afford a car that was reliable...A 1963 Chevrolet Bel-Air automatic with a 283 V-8. I paid the whopping total of 300 dollars for that fine ride.....So here I was, after 4 years of begging rides, alone in my very own car... Hot summer day, windows down, I eased out of the driveway toward everywhere and nowhere. I turned on the radio, found my station, and cranked it up....

"Lines form on my face and hands, Lines form on my left and right. I'm in the middle, without any plans, I'm a boy and I'm a man...I'm 18, and I don't know what I want, I'm 18"........

To this day when I hear that Alice Cooper tune, I think of me being alone, cruising in my own FIRST car, 18 and confused every day!!
The first girl that I ever kissed was a girl named Suzie G. One Friday night after a football game me and my buddy Edd, (who is now gone) met a couple of girls at the local pizza parlor. We talked for a while, I was my normal charming self, and in no time we were invited to a party. Well the party was quite boring, but no one wanted to go home quite yet, as me and Edd together were quite a duo. Loud, funny, charming, and I had home-made wine to boot...AND my grandparents were out of town for the week-end!
Yeah, you know the scenario, back to the house, down a few glasses of vino, turn on the stereo, and find a room to make-out in. The album that I put on was The Beach Boys..Pet Sounds. What a great make-out album. And make-out we did, but to this day whenever I hear Sloop John-B, I think of that first magical night, when every boys fantasy finally comes true...

I'm not going into every tune that rings a bell with my memories, but those two songs always bring a smile to my face, and I drift back to a happy time, with no worries, and an exciting uncertain future.
Do any of you have a song that holds a special place in your heart, or in your memories? Maybe it's a more recent tune, or a tune that reminds us of another time and place. I really enjoy the feedback that I get from all of my new friends, it means a lot to me, and I appreciate it.

....Now for the tie-in. My last three posts have been about ...Sex..Drugs..and Rock & Roll !!
After this I'll have to think of a new series,( LIME )......but for now, Peace...G-Man

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

TMI Tuesday

....And Mother Nature placed a cold , frosty kiss, upon our cheek!

I don't usually participate in blog theme days, but here goes....answer any, all, or none.

1.) Valium......or joint?

2.) Tylenol 3 (or 4) ......or 800mg Motrin?

3.) drink.....shot?

4.) Draft beer......or bottle?

5.) Shot of Cuervo....or shot of Jagermeister?

6.) Chardonnay.......Merlot?

7.) When out with a group of friends, are you more likely to end up at a bistro with booze....or a coffee place like Borders, Starbucks, or Tim Horton's?

...Bonus Question...If you answered 'joint' to #1. ....joint, pipe,......or bong?

G-Man is going somewhere with these posts, stay tuned for for the connection.........

Saturday, January 13, 2007

A Rose By Any Other Name.......

I sure hope I don't get web blocked for this post......Last week a fellow blogger printed up a letter that she received from a friend. It was quite funny. But in that letter was a slang reference to sperm. I believe the term used was 'throat yogurt'. My My, that was a term I had not heard. I know of a few slang words for male ejaculate, but I had never heard of 'throat yogurt'!
Now I have heard of a few terms like spunk, and jizz. Well I guess there are a couple of others also like.....load, spode, choad, tongue splash, mouth wash, back splat, tiny swimmers, spew, goo, spluge, Eewww!, dick wad, dick drip, dick snot, dick spit, belly splatter, cum drop, dna, fresh creme, butter-milk, white wash, sour cream, dick fizz, jazz, hot lava, honey drip, magma, hand lotion, jack juice, white lightening, love sludge, love sauce, love potion #9, juice, ranch dressing, piston juice, cream rinse, mayo, wad, gob, love explosion, pearl drops, pearl necklace, milky way, spill your seed, silky stream, fondle fluid, love spash, hollandaise, love loogie, miracle whip, gunk, stuff, alfredo sauce, carrot juice, 10w30, if it's the 2nd go around...10w50(thicker), sac gak, cum, BJ residue,...and for the holidays, clam nog!
Whew I can't think of any more right now. Thank you Manny for your friends letter, and if any one knows of any other term that might be a personal favorite...please feel free to share it with the rest of us. The G-Man felt SO naughty today....sorry.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Jodes is bugging me for a new post, and I really haven't given it much thought. Today was sort of a somber day around blogdom. No HNT due to the death of a fellow blogger. And that in itself hung a dark cloud, that won't soon go away...R.I.P. Betcha

But the one constant is that life goes on, somber or not. Life is for the living, and when we are gone all that is left is memories. Good or bad? Thats up to us.

.......I always wanted to be teacher. That was my childhood ambition. And I'm sure that I would have been a decent educator. But I was a victim of circumstance! (sorry Crab)
The Gulf of Tonkin incident that precipitated the Viet Nam War occured in 1964, each year those of us teen-age males kept hoped that the war would end soon, but it didn't. It kept dragging on and on and on. More and more of our childhood friends kept comming home in body bags. And the war kept on and on and on. To get out of the military, you could do several things, you could become gay, you could go to college and maintain a 2.0 gpa, or you could get a job vital to the upkeep and maintenance of the country.
Since those were times that even gay men married for appearance sake, college was the best bet. Back then jobs were easy to get, if you really wanted to work. But the jobs that kept you out of Nam were scarce, except one.....teaching!
So year after year, starting in about 1966 on, the college enrollement soared. Each year as the graduating classes got bigger, more and more grads looked to extend their military deferment any way they could. Since there was a limited amount of openings for cops and firemen, they looked to the most logical choice....teaching!
So almost overnight teaching became the hottest job in town. What was once a profession that begged grads to enter, suddenly had their ranks swell to huge proportions. Then like everything else, after putting several years in and gaining tenure, you would be crazy to quit. So in the 70's it was quite difficult to get into teaching. All the positions were taken by people that wanted to avoid the draft, and not really want to teach.....Of course that is a gross generalization, and doesn't apply to all teachers. The women were not draft dodgers, and some men really loved what they did, but it was so hard to get into, it discouraged the many future Mr. Chips of the world........pity!.....That lousy war destroyed more than lives, it destroyed the dreams of many young men.....Just like that lousy war that is going on now! When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?..........G-Man

Tuesday, January 9, 2007


Whats the matter Bunky, you say you got your jocks handed to you on national TV?
Your Heisman winning QB got sacked 5 times?
Your greatest offensive weapon got knocked out of the game in the 1st Quarter?
Your highly touted offense didn't even gain 100 yds?
Is that whats bothering you Bunky?..................

C'mon! It's only a game...look at Michigan...
They lost to their arch rival for the 3rd st. year
They lost their 4th st. bowl game.
They slipped to 8th in the final pole, behind Wisconsin, a team they beat by 2 TD's.
Behind BOISE STATE for Christ sakes!!

Let Galen tell you a little story..............Several years back, I had a bit of a health scare.
For a period of about 4 days I was constipated. Ewwww, you might say, but it was NO laughing matter. I couldn't even pass gas. Something was seriously wrong. Finally, I went to the local clinic, upon X-Raying my innerds they promptly called an ambulance and had me taken to Emergency.......From there, more tests, X-Rays, Colonoscopies, blah blah blah.
I had a blockage in my intestinal tract, they called it a fistula. It had to come out, major surgery, and they did not know at that point if it malignant. Actually I had a pretty good attitude at first, but then the mind starts to wander....I was 49. My mom died at age 49 of cancer of the colon. Shit, is this hereditary? I was starting to feel a little apprehensive, as I was laying there feeling sorry for myself, I suddenly got a new room-mate.....Charley!

Charley was about 60. He was on his back, writhing in pain, screaming in agony. His right knee was about the size of a soccer ball! It had kind of a brace on it, and it was all swollen and pusy, and NASTY....After about an hour of this, I was getting very aggitated. Then a team of Dr's finally arrived, and my enlightenment began...Charley had had a knee replacement operation about 2 weeks earlier, and it had became infected, he desparately needed another operation.

Doc? Can you help me this knee hurts like Hell!
" Charley...we can't operate on you now."
Why not Doc?
" Because you also have pneumonia, and we can't put you under until you get better..
But Charley, I need to know your complete recent health history. I see here that you had another operation about a year ago?"
Yeah I had prostrate cancer.
"They removed your prostate"?
Yeah, they removed my prostrate.
"The heart?"
Oh yeah, I got a pig valve.
"So Charley, this is the deal, we can't give you any pain relief because of your pneumonia, we can't operate as long as you have pneumonia, and then it will be tricky because of your heart!

Suddenly I felt like Jack LaLane......Poor Charley, couldnt breathe, bad heart, couldn't walk, extreme pain, had cancer, no prostate(couldn't f**k). I had it rough?
Just then they came and wheeled me into O.R. No cancer, But they DID remove 11 inches of my intestines...Yeah, I can live with that....And have. I eat lots of roughage and fiber, and I am as regular as clock-work, and take pretty good care of myself.....I never saw Charley after that..

Sooooo. your having a Pity Party over a game? Are your kids healthy? Did the Sun come up today? Do you still have the ability to get laid?...........IT'S A GREAT DAY!!!!! G-Man.

Monday, January 8, 2007


On my arm, just above my Harley Bar and Shield tat, is a huge Maize and Blue block M....

I promise to have a post explaining my zeal in the future. But because I have so many new Ohio blogging friends, for now I'll simply say........


Greatness is determined by the strength of your enemy.............G-Man

Friday, January 5, 2007

What Cha Doin?

I've had many jobs in my life. My first real job was when I was 15 yr's old, I worked at an ammunition reloading store melting down lead, and casting bullets for police municipalities. I worked my way through college working 2 or 3 different jobs at a time until graduation.
With my degree, I got on a civil service register, and worked for several agencies. I have worked as an employment counselor, a clerk for the Dept. of Motor Vehicles, and a counselor at a prison.
There have been other jobs that are too numerous to mention.
I have been selling cars at this same dealership for nearly 20 years. The original owner, who passed away 10 ago, was a wonderful man. He was honest, taught us selling integrity, and treated us like family. The car business has provided me a good living, allowed me to travel to some great places, and given me job flexability second to none.
I always tell people that I have a B.S. in Sociology, attended graduate school in Canada, and now have a job that a high school drop-out can do!.....But I can tell you this, not once in my 20 yr's at this dealership, have I NOT wanted to come to work. I meet a diverse and interesting cross section of society, drive great cars, and truly help and advise people with their automotive needs.
In short, I love my job, I love coming to work, I love helping people..........
What I want to know from you is.......

1.) Do you like your job?

2.) What was your favorite/worst job?

3.) What would you rather be doing?

If you don't work by choice or retirement, please let me know about that too.

Remember, we are all spokes in the great wheel of life!..........G-Man!

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Resolution Redux

The Old Gold Dancers
"Call for Phillip Mor-Ray-As" ( Philip Morris)
The Marlboro Man
Us Tarryton smokers would rather fight than switch
I'd walk a mile for a Camel
LSMFT..Lucky Strike means fine tobacco..(loose strap means floppy tits)
Outstanding...and they are mild (Pall Mall)
Show us your Lark pack
Kent...imperial sized cigarettes
Parliments recessed filter

I stole my first smoke from my uncle Petes pack of unfiltered Camels at age 14. In college, our Frat house had a non-electric machine. Smokes were 23 cents a pack, you put in a quarter and got back 2 shiny pennies for change in the bottom of the cigarette pack. I went to grad school in Canada, I liked Rothmans and Export-A's, but Quit when they went up to 2.50 a pack!
I stayed smoke-free until about 10 years ago, but on again, off know. So for umpteenth time I'm smoke free again.....2 days and counting. I'll leave you with a little Yin/Yang of smoking......

'Winston, taste good like a cigarette should
Winston, taste good like a (clap clap) cigarette should
Winston gives you real flaver, full rich, tobacco flaver
Winston taste good like a cigarette should

Tobacco is a dirty weed
and from the the Indians it did proceed
It empties your purse and burns your clothes
and makes a chimney out of your nose