Sunday, June 10, 2007

Summer Time Fun.......

WOW!!! What a ride, and what a day!! For all concerned parties, yes I wore my helmet!!
Although on all police escorted rides it is not required. We met at our little biker bar called Scooters. This is a great Biker bar for one reason, the front of the place is all glass, and everyone in the bar can see their own bike, and all the other hot ones that come in...
I got there at 9:30, although it was not scheduled to leave until 11:00. I hooked up with 3 other people that I ride with. We registered for the ride, got our vest pins and wrist bracelet for the event, and milled around and mingled with the other bikers. As I was admiring some bikes, the local Rock station..103.9 "The Fox", was doing a live remote, the DJ on the scene was a local celebrity MC and DJ named Roy Moore! Roy has done many 'live' remote spots from our dealership, and of course knows me well. As we were talking over some cool bikes, he asked me to go on the air live with him. Well, the G-Man certainly is not shy, so yea, I spent a few minutes bantering about how charitable and careing bikers are, what a glorious day it was, and what an awesome event this Ride was. I think I could really dig being a DJ, but my big mouth would probably be my downfall..."OOOPS"!
About 200 bikes pulled out right at 11, and we had a 60 mile ride of our own, before we hooked up with the main group of about 300 bikes at a Harley Dealership about 20 miles north of here.
We had about an hour to kill before the actual 'Main' ride started, and we were greeted by a very good cover band in the parking lot. They had this "Goth" chick as their lead singer, and let me tell you, she could bite my neck anytime! They played Bob Segar, Ted Nugent, and Jimi Hendrix perfectly, and the party was on!! We pulled out at 1:30 pm for about a 45 mile ride.
Man...5-600 bikes, a great day, good friends, your on your bike, you are not at home, you are not at work, Was I in Heaven? YES!!!!...Well, not quite yet. Heaven was upon our arrival to the park! First of all, the parking for your bikes was on a huge paved lot. That is always better than some fricken field in the middle of nowhere. Secondly, the food was to die for. Grilled hot-dogs burned to perfection, roast pig, great corn on the cob, baked beans, coleslaw, various desserts, Ice cold Bud, ( or Pepsi ), and another kick-ass band!!
They also had a female lead singer, and she was SMOKIN HOT!! She had on a skimpy halter top, she had on these tight jeans that looked like spray-paint, and she was barefoot!
You all know how G-Man likes pretty feet( Susie )....And a voice that was like a cross between Janis Joplin and Ozzy.....Anyway, she was great.
After much mingling and partying, I was home by 6:00..
My wife then informs me that she wants me to take her to a small community about 10 miles away for their annual summerfest called 'Flushing Days'...Well, what could I say? She really did not give me a lotta shit about me being gone all day, so I agreed to take her. It was very odd going somewhere with my wife ( Hahahaha ) but some things just need to be done!!
Actually, we had a very good time, One of my very best friends Dave, lives right in Downtown Flushing. I called him and asked if we could park in his driveway, and he said of course.
His wife and my wife are also good friends, and they love to entertain. So upon our arrival, they insisted on having a drink on their patio before we walked the 2 blocks to the festival. Well, it was such an awesome summer night, and the booze kept flowing, and we could hear the band from their backyard...So thats where we stayed until 12:30...
So my Saturday was filled with fun, food, music, libations, pretty girls, and a happy wife!
...What did I say yesterday?......GOD I LOVE THE SUMMER!!!!!

If you finished reading this post up to here....You are very loyal indeed....Thanks.


Queenie said...

Gosh! IT sounds fantastic, any photos?
Always keep the wife happy, makes life so much sweeter!!
Oh! looks like I was first.......

Anonymous said...

This a very good week end for you G-Man... but hey... 5-600 bikes... this is probably the noisiest thing in the world!!!
I had a wonderful week end too... even if more quiet... It feels like I'm getting old... lololol...

Mona said...

Ah! That indeed sounds like you had a roaring time!

& a happy wife under the belt is some achievement! Some are always moaning & murderous [ like me of course!!]

& I like to imagine you all on the patio with drinks & music in the background. That is so absolutely Romantic!!

Anonymous said...

loyal reader #3 says.
It sounds like you had a great day g-man and the weather was PERFECT!
I think I would need a few six packs before I could even listen to a chick singing Bob Seger or some Ted Nugent songs, some things are
Glad you had a great day and thankfully you have today off.:)

javajazz said...

wow G, loyal reader #5 says that sounds
like a perfect day...imagine having all that
fun all in one day! and hanging out with
your wife too! i think you broke all records
yesterday, happy G-man!

G-Man said...

I have my moments..xox

It was Noisy, but in a good way..Jo, the older you get, the hotter you get...xoxox

Moaning and Murderous Mona?
Thanks sweetie..xoxox

G-Man said...

Actually she was pretty good. Even without the 6-pack!! Enjoy this perfect day redux!!

Lisa...I stayed up late, and you disappeared!!

SignGurl said...

What an awesome day, G! I've never been to a bike rally. Sounds like great fun.

A happy wife makes a happy husband ;)

Serena said...

All in all, it sounds like it was an absolutely perfect day. Any time you put happy people, fabulous food, and smokin' music together, ain't gonna be no bad time. You know what? I'll bet you'd make a great DJ. Kick back and relax today, g-man. Happy Sunday!

Evalinn said...

Loyal #8 - what an awesome day! Hope u got some rest today then. Can´t write more now, have to go home get my feet fixed for a photo shoot...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like sooo much fun :) *sighs wistfully*

Charles said...

Wow, I gotta get another motorcycle.
I remember how happy and free it feels riding, and the dreams I used to have of riding. I always loved it.
You obviously had a great Saturday.
May your life be filled with more of them, even if they're not on Saturday.

Little Wing said...

G.......the absolutely perfect day!!!!!!

Scooters sounds like a really awesome place to hang at!

G-Man said...

Yes Jenn,
Those are wise words indeed..

Good Afternoon Serena,
I had fun at your blog today...xoxox

Evalinn, that was the nicest thing anyone has said to me today!!
I can hardly wait to see the results..xox

G-Man said...

It was lots of fun, thanks for dropping by!

Charles my man, Thank You for those kind words!
It's hard to lose Cycle Fever...

G-Man said...

JD, You would love that place...Of course you would be the hottest chick there!!

MilkMaid said...

Talk about a summer day of perfection!!

lime said...

it sounds like a PERFECT day. i am so glad you had such a great time. I'm glad too that you and the wife had a nice time together. makes me smile to know you had such a good day. i'm also glad you wore your helmet, thank you.

G-Man said...

Hi Milkmaid!!!
You know what I'm talkin about...xoxox

Michelle...I did it for you, just in case there are pictures of the ride!

Mouthy Girl said...

Summertime fun, baby!

G-Man said...

Hey BG,
Nice to see you sweetie.
Now that schools out we'el see a little more of you...Thanks

KJ said...

I love the summer too darlin'

lime said...

if that's what it takes to get you in a helmet i'm ok with that. it's only cuz i loves ya, gman. :)

snowelf said...


First off, good boy for wearing your helmet. :) I am turned off by guys who don't. On my way back from St.L, I saw someone literally being scraped from the interstate. Highway patrol was trying to "hide" it by holding a tarp over the area, but I saw the bike laying there and it was just devastating.

Okay, morbidness aside, this post was so fun to read! I felt like I got to share in your happiness and that's just awesome. Here's to many more beautiful days of summer!!


S said...

Ya know, I was starting to get worried because for the first few paragraphs, there was no mention of edibles whatsoever!

Glad you had fun Gman!

Serena said...

I had fun making sure you had some fun, G-man.:-)

GAB said...

Very Loyal! While we were living in SD and the bikes would come riding through on their way to Stergis, we would stop what we were doing to watch them go by we would wave and talk about the different bikes and when ever they stopped at the grocery store or gas stations we could get an up close look and talk to some of the bikers. My sister and her hubby belong to a group here in MN. My hubby owns a small bike that he got when he was in Hawaii. Unfortunally the motor is stuck. He never even gave me a ride :(

G-Man said...

Hi KJ,
I love my little Southern Comfort...xoxox

I thought of you scolding me if I was caught without it!!
I loves limey too..xoxox

Now I have to suffer your wrath also?
I'm glad that I was a good boy!
Good to see you sweetie!

Baby I love you,
You know I gotta mention food !!
Always glad to see YOU!!!

Serena Joy
Is My
( Hehe another haiku for You!)

You can ride with me anyday sweetie..xoxox

barman said...

What a perfect day and what a smart G-man. Weekends like that are possible because of taking the wife out too and keeping her happy. Life works much better that way. Besides you had a PERFECT day.

Mine was nice too. I get my car repaired for about $60 (I feared it would take longer and cost much more). And I needed to by shoes and I found what I wanted and on sale. I would say I saved at least $70. Now that is not bad. Of course I spent that replacing my bathroom faucet but hey, I was going to do that anyway. Not as nice a weekend as your but I am pretty pleased.

I need to catch one of these charity rides sometime and get some pictures. I best be fast with my trigger finger.

G-Man said...

You do your own plumbing?
That saves you gobs of money!!

Serena said...

You're hooked on haiku (and short-ku) now, aren't you? LOL.

G-Man said...

No Serena, I'm hooked on you!..xoxox

Mona said...


G-Man said...

I love a hug from a beautiful woman Mona!!!
Boy, is your internet ever fast!!!

Cazzie!!! said...

I am loyal, now, what is my prize, LOl.

Anonymous said...

did evalinn say *feet photo shoot*?

SignGurl said...

I was hoping you were going to offer me a ride......

G-Man said...

Cazzie....You have another new Avatar?
I got no prizes sugar!!
....Relax, I'll think of something...

Top Cat..
As a matter of fact she DID say Foot Photo Shoot!
That was my prize for her contest last week...

You can have a ride whenever you want Baby!!

Scary Monster said...

Me shouldda known better that to judge a blogger by he avatar.

You be a rider too!
Ridin with 500 other folks. Man, that had to be awesome. Me be tryin to imagine what it would be like feelin the vibes of hundreds of riders goin down the same road. Damn glad you dropped by me place.

Me will definitely be back.

jillie said...

You sound like you had the most fantastic time ever. No pics to go with the post?'s up with that!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA....

Anyway, I am glad that you had a fun and safe ride. What would we ever do without you? I never want to find out.

I love going for bike runs...great way to spend the day that's for sure


S said...

No sound card? What? Sorry I cant hear you.

G-Man said...

Scary Monster,
You have a pretty cool blog yourself!!!
Thanks for stopping by..

Me...? Pics?
Thanks sweetie, you never will have to find out......xoxox

I'm Pathetic!!!

tsduff said...

I do so miss the rides and runs I used to go on with my hubby. My Love doesn't ride, and so unfortunately, I don't much either any more. Those were the days though - great music - fun mingling looking at other bikes, great biker folks, and of course, the ride. thanks for the great post and the flood of memories it brought back for me Galen.