Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ride On............

Well friends....the depression finally got to me, and I had to go visit my shrink! Perhaps you may have heard of him, his name is ..Harley Davidson!
I'm much better now after a long crisp ride...Thanks for all your kind words. That shit just has to run it's course....And the course has done run out!!
Anyway on a lighter note, tomorrow I am going to a birthday party for a lovely 82 year old Lady. She has 8 kids and I am friends with all of them. These folks are of Mexican heritage, and let me tell you they can cook!! All of us have grilled together many times, and each person has his specialty. We also exclusively grill on Weber Kettles...CHARCOAL!!..And NO ONE uses charcoal lighter fluid to start the charcoal...
There will be Baby Back Ribs
Sausage stuffed Pork Loin
Grilled stuffed Poblano Peppers
Beef Tenderloin
Galen the 'adopted' mariating as we speak Terryaki-Ginger-Garlic cubed Venison Backstraps that I'm going to put on Shish-Kabob skewers with Red Yellow and Green Bell peppers and Red Onion leaves...I think tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and 78, so what could be better?.Sorry about the downer 55, but we all have our moments. See ya for Musical Monday.....Peace!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Friday 55......

It grips you like a vise.
It zaps your energy.
It squeezes your soul....
It engulfs your existence
You try and mask it....
It's a bottomless hole!
Is it money?
Is it work?
Is it lack of love?
Is it health?
Is it danger?
...Or all of the above!
It's ugly.
It's torture.
It's depression!!!!!

I'm OK everybody, we all feel this way from time to time.
Thank God for the wonderful friends that we have on the WEB!!
You bring me great comfort and JOY!!!
Please do a 55, I't's easy, It's fun, It's Friday, so please play!!
...Then go tell Susie, her link is on my Blog-Roll.

Another 55, Back to Back....AGAIN!!!
I Rock!!!!

Impala HNT

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ask Mr. Knowitall......

Ahhh....Nearly time for one of my favorite movie quotes....
The Setting: A dark dreary forest somewhere in Eastern Europe..
The Scenario: A very frightened, and freshly Wolf-Bit Lawrence Talbot..
He visits an old Gypsy Lady, desperately seeking her advice. She says this to him;
"Even those that are pure of heart,
And say their prayers at night...
Can become a Wolf, when the Wolfbane blooms..
....and the Moon is full and bright"!

The beautiful Sherry Martin of Frog-Holler Virginia asks....
"Dear Mr. Knowitall, please tell me what you know about the Moon."

"Hey Sherry, I heard that Virginia is for Lovers!..Is that true?.
Anyway...The average menstrual cycle for women is 29.5 days-precisely the same as a Lunar month.
The human gestation period is 9 months???? Hmmm. The average birth occurs 265.5 days after conception-which is the EXACT equivalent of 9 Lunar months!!
More children are born after the New, and Full Moons than any other month.
More boys are born after a Full Moon..More girls after a New Moon!!
Stressed out people, have an increase in pulse rates after a New or Full Moon!!
Surgeons claim that during a New or Full Moon, their patients bleed more!!
When New or Full Moons occur, mental hospitals admit more patients!!
There is actually an increase in violent crimes during a Full Moon!!

"Lunacy" refers to the Roman Moon Goddess, Luna...
In ancient times, Moon exposure was thought to "affect the mind"!
People were advised NOT to sleep with moonlight shining on their faces,
or they could become "Moonstruck"..(Crazy)
Ocean Tides are affected by the Moon's cycles..
The word Lunacy was derived from ancient observations that during a Full Moon,
human behavior became more frenzied..
The term 'Lunatic Fringe' was coined by Teddy Roosevelt, who was describing some of
his followers in the Bullmoose Party during the 1912 presidential election...
Jeez, and I thought that was Red Rider!!!

Mr. Knowitall grows weary..I blame that darn Sherry for that... Pax

Monday, September 24, 2007

IT's In The Air............

A few months back, I wrote a post about the only time that I skipped school. It was when I was a senior at Flint Southwestern Class of "68".. Me and a buddy had driven down to Toledo during 3rd hour, Lunch, and 4th hour, and bought 4 cases of Buckeye Beer..That night we had a party in a dusty field and about 25 cars showed up. We "circled the wagons" and turned our headlights on, and all had our radios blasting to The Big Six WTAC...AM ..I'm sure we were listening to Motown, The British Invasion, and 96 Tears!!!.There was also a local legend that played at all the local dance and Rock concerts...his name was Bob Seger. A while back I was reading an article about what inspired certain songs. This is what Bob Seger himself said about "Night Moves"..

"The song was inspired by AMERICAN GRAFFITI," Seger says. "I came out of the theater in 1972 thinking, 'Hey, I've got a story to tell too!' Nobody has ever told about how it was to grow up in my neck of the woods"..So Seger wrote"Night Moves" about the early 60's, when he and his teenage friends around Ann Arbor, Michigan would drive into farmer's fields to party. "Everyone had their their headlights on, so there was light to dance", Seger recalls. "They'd play 45's, and we'd be blasting them out: Ronnettes, Crystals..." Seger's personal "American Graffiti" sold over a Million copies, and it became the personal favorite of his repetoire..."I don't know if I'll EVER write that good again"!!.....
" I woke last night to the sound of thunder..
How far off I sat and wondered
Started humming a song from 1962
Ain't it funny how the night moves
When you just don't seem to have as much to lose
Ain't it funny how the night moves...
With Autumn closing in..."

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Musical Monday Memories......

Hi Everybody!!...I hope everyone had a great weekend...I sure did!!
Not only did Michigan win it's 2nd straight game, but the Defense did NOT allow a touchdown for those 2 games either!!..I think that I'm gonna ride the Hog for the rest of the day, so I 'm going to post my Musical Monday blurb a bit early...

When you think of an oldie what do you think about?..."Hound Dog" by the King?
"Great Balls of Fire" by Jerry Lee Lewis?..."Stayin Alive"...The BG's.? "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice???? Whatever your interpretation of an oldie is, it seems like every "Oldie" station seems to play 3-5 old tunes that have become Oldies Anthems.."Wipe-Out" by the Safari's.."Louie Louie" by The Kingsman, and " 96 Tears " by Question Mark and the Mysterians!!
The band responsible for that hit, were the embodiment of a number of rock phenomena:
They were the ultimate 'garage band', they were living proof that anyone could be discovered and become a star. And they were the classic One Hit Wonder band that zoomed to the top and suddenly disappeared forever..
They had a little gimmick going on at the time, whereas they didn't reveal who their true identities were....Does the name Rudy Martinez mean anything to you? That's Question Mark's real name.
The band's members were actually 5 guys whose families all migrated from Mexico to work in Michigan's Saginaw Valley. They took their group name from a Japanese alien-invasion movie series from the early 60's, and then developed a pattern of secrecy from Rudy, who always sported dark sunglasses as his trademark..
The band played around the Saginaw area for a few years in the mid-60's, developing a repertoire that included an original number called..."Too Many Teardrops", a poem that Rudy had written and set to very simple music. The rest of the group liked the tune but NOT the title. They wanted to call it "69 Tears" , but they knew that it would never get on the airwaves if they did, so they called it "96" Tears.
Like millions of other garage bands of the 60's, Question mark wanted to make a record but no big label would sign them. They ended up contacting a woman named Lilly Gonzalez who owned a little outfit in Texas called Pa-Go-Go Records.. She set them up with a Bay City Michigan studio( a converted living room), for a recording session, and Pa-Go-Go pressed 500 copies of the song, and sent them to the band to schlep around to the local radio stations for some airplay!
Suprisingly several stations did just that, and one of the stations that did play it regularly was CKLW out of Detroit (actually Windsor Ontario, but it's just across the river). Then the miracle happened!! Executives at a national label that was almost bankrupt, Cameo Records, heard "96"Tears on CKLW, and picked it up for distribution. They began selling the record in other parts of the country, and suddenly it took off.. The song was recorded in February of 66,and by October it was the #1 song in America!!
The band broke up, according to lead singer Robert Balderama, because it's anonymous lead singer Question Mark, was on an "ego trip"...Go Figure!!!! Rudy finally settled down on a farm on the outskirts of Flint Michigan, ( Home of Michael Moore and Galen Haynes) and had a dog-breeding business for years..But in January of 2007, a fire destroyed all his belongings and priceless memorabilia, and he was left with nothing!!..Soon afterwards, news of this tragedy swept across the airwaves, and local businesses and promoters have had several benefit concerts in his honor!!!..God I remember seeing these guys at a great local rock venue called Mt. Holly..I also remember riding my Motorcycle out there in 1968 to see a local guy named Bob Segar for $5.00..he happened to have the #1 song in America at that time called "Ramblin Gamblin Man"!!.....For $5.00....hahahahaha...OLD OLD OLD!!!.. Peace!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Friday Flash 55....

It starts with a splash here...
And a splash there!
Slowly the lush forests transforms...
With a Firey crescendo!!
The once GreenVistas suddenly are Ablaze
with Red, Yellow, and Orange...
For a few weeks, the State is a Kaleidoscope of Colors
in it's Autumnal Glory!!
It is Spectacular!
It is Fall!!
It is Michigan!!!

Go Blue HNT

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ask Mr. Knowitall.....

Hydee-Ho all!!! If it's Wednesday, it must be time for Ask Mr. Knowitall...

A Mr. William Gates of Seattle Washington asks...
Dear Mr. Knowitall...How many different denominations of paper money are currently in circulation in the U.S.?

"Dear Willy, there are currently 12 different denominations of U.S. paper money, ranging from $ $100,000....The $100,000. bill has never been available to the public. It's only for transactions between the Treasury Dept. and The Federal's the lowdown on who is one each one..
10,000..Salmon P. Chase
100,000..Woodrow Wilson.

A Mr. Richard Clark of St. Augustine Florida asks...
Dear Mr. Knowitall, Did Mama Cass really choke to death on a Ham Sandwich?

Dear Dick...When the 220# Mama died in 1974, her Dr. issued a quick statement speculating that "She probably choked on a sandwich"..That bizarre statement was picked up by The NY TIMES, and THE ROLLING STONE and was presented as fact. Actually, when the coroners report was issued a week later, it listed the cause of death was" a heart attack brought on by extreme obesity"...Too late the rumor was already circulating..

A Mr. G.W. Bush of Washington D.C. asks....
Dear Mr. Knowitall, Is the 'secret ingredient' in Dr. Pepper really prune juice?

Dear G.W., This rumor has been speculated about for over 40 years. The company surmises that the combo of it's unidentifiable 'fruity taste' and their penchant for secrecy about the formula, fueled the fire! It got so bad at one time, that the company prepared a pamphlet which they send to those who ask about the contents. It Says: " There are 23 flavors and other ingredients(none of which are prune juice), that produce the inimitable taste of Dr. Pepper..

A Mr. Eddie Van Halen of Teaneck New Jersey asks...
Dear Mr. Knowitall...Do Green M&M's produce an Aphrodisiac effect?

Dear Eddie....No!...But the Brown ones do....

Mr. Knowitall grows weary..... Peace!

TMI Tuesday.......

Don't be so 'eristic', you 'cherubimical' scobberlotcher!
As the 'cicisbeo' daydreamed about his 'irrefragable' obsession..."She's so very 'lingible'.."

I'm sure most everyone out there loves to do crossword puzzles.
Just as most of you enjoy watching TV...
But since something called 'blogging' has entered your life, you just don't
have the time for it anymore.
So as NOT to get rusty at it, The G-Man is gonna fill you in on some very real words
that may prove useful some day.....

Franch: To eat greedily
Rhotacism: Excessive use of the letter "R"
Netop: A friend
Girn: To bare your teeth in anger.
Wamfle: To walk around in flappy clothes
Charientism: An elegantly veiled insult.
Juglandaceous: Pertaining to Walnuts.
Ergophile: A person who loves to work.
Lingible: Meant to be licked.
Cicisbeo: A married womans well known lover.
Yerd: To beat with a stick.
Mubblefubble: Mental depression.
Zuber: A European breed of buffalo.
Nazzard: A weak person
Alliaphage: A garlic eater
Nuddle: To push something with your nose.
Glossolalia: Gibberish
Ribazuba: Ivory from a Walrus.
Eristic: Argumentitive.
Roddikin: A cow or deer's 4th stomach.
Mabble: To wrap your head.
Scobberlotcher: An idle person.
Shench: To pur someone a drink.
Irrefragable: Undeniable
Palilalia: Helplessly repeating a phrase faster and faster.
Slibbersauce: A disgusting substance.
Walm: To bubble up.
Cherubimacal: Inebriated
Dendrofilous: Loving trees enough to live in them.
Kinetosis: Travel Sickness
Oligophrenia: Extreme mental retardation.
Ranarium: A frog farm.

There's a sampling of some very uncommon words that you may use in a conversation..... NOT!
Have a great day... Peace

Monday, September 17, 2007

Musical Monday......

Well well well....What a difference a week makes eh? From the depths of dispair and an 0-2 record...To a 38-0 thumping of Mighty Notre Dame, one of your top 3 rivals throughout history!
(Behind The Buckeyes and Spartans of course)...Life is starting to smell sweet again!
Speaking of sweet, as most of you know, me and my best-friend Alex do a lot of coffee drinking and road cruising, and herbal testing. Last evening while cruising, drinking, and testing, I heard a great old tune from the 60's on the oldies station.."He's So Fine" by the Chiffons..That leads me to my topic for this Musical Monday...Copy-Cats.
George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord" casually borrowed the melody from that 1963 hit by The Chiffons, written by Ronald Mack. The strangest aspect of that case was that Mack was dead at the time his estate pressed charges and won. But what was stranger yet? Although George had to pay, he was absolved of plagiarism...according to the judge, it was "unconscious plagiarism"
And speaking of The Beatles, their version of "Kansas City" was written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller when it came out in 1964. But it turned out that The Beatles had recorded a medley of "Kansas City" and "Hey Hey Hey", A Little Richard composition that originally appeared on the B-Side of his 1956 hit..."Good Golly Miss Molly". It took Little Richard about 20 years to catch on to this, but when he did, it paid him about $500,000.
Who Ya Gonna Call?
The "Ghostbusters" theme song, by Ray Parker Jr., sounded an awful lot like "I Want a New Drug" by Huey Lewis and the News..And sure enough, it turns out that the films producers wanted Lewis to pen the theme song. But when he refused, they hired Parker to write something similar the Huey's hit. I guess it was similar...The case was settled out of court!!
Surfin USA...
The Beach Boy's big hit of 1963 sounded vaguely familiar to Chuck Berry, and should have....
He wrote the melody!! Brian Wilson had simply stolen it from Berry's 1958 hit "Sweet Little Sixteen". Berry's publisher sued on his behalf, and won. Berry now owns 100% of the rights to his own tune, and to "Surfin USA"..
I hope that everyone has a glorious week, and if you don't....
Who Ya Gonna Call????

Thursday, September 13, 2007

55..Ode to Coffee...Double Trouble...

It's icy or hot....creamy or black
It makes it hard to hit the sack!!
It's picked...dried...ground...roasted
It's brewed and drank..with all things toasted!
It's your Morning's Inspiration
An Insomniac's Sensation!!
Drink it weekly....Drink it daily
Drink it with Kaluah..Drink it with Bailey's.
..It's Good, To The Last Drop!!!!

Come on everybody...see how easy this is?
A fifty-five does not have to be great literature,
But it does have to tell a story....In fifty-five words!!
So get off of your butt, get out your thinking cap,
and start pounding those keys..Trust the G-Man,
You'll be glad you did!!

OOPS...I did it again!!....Another 55...hehehehe

Golfing HNT

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ask Mr. Knowitall...

If it's Wednesday, it must be time for....Ask Mr. Knowitall.

A Mr. Ragdy Andie of Hasbro Pennsylvania asks..
Dear Mr. Knowitall...What causes freckles?

"Ragdy, except in the case of albinos, every person's skin has cells called Melanocytes, which produce a certain amount of Melanin, a dark pigment that absorbs ultraviolet light. These cells produce Melanin at increasing rates when the skin is exposed to sunlight..hence, the tan!
Some Melanocytes are more active than others. When groups of active ones are surrounded by groups of less active ones, the results are islands of pigment known as freckles".

A Mr. Steve King of Bangor Maine asks...
Dear Mr. Knowitall...Why do people get goose bumps?

"Dear Steve, Goose bumps are a vestige from the days when humans were covered with hair. When it got cold, the hairs were stood on end, creating a trap for air and providing insulation. The hairs have long since disappeared, but in the places where they used to be, the skin still bristles, trying to get warm".

A Mistress Chandra from Chicago Illinois demands...
Hey!!..Kneel!..OK, Big Boy...Where did the people who created "Star Trek" come up with the name of Spock's planet Vulcan?

"Mistress Chandra, at one time astronomers were sure there was actually a planet called Vulcan, located somewhere between the planet Mercury and the Sun. It's existence was first proposed in 1845 by The Frenchman Urbain Leverrier. It was his Hypothesis to explain a discrepancy in Mercury's orbit...But Einstein's general theory of relativity explained Mercury's odd orbit, and the existence of Vulcan was discredited".

A Mr. Alex ljiljak of Swartz Creek Michigan asks...
Dear Mr. Knowitall, Did W.C. Fields say.."Anybody that hates dogs and babies can't be all bad"?

"Dear Ajax, No!...But he DID say"....
'A woman drove me to drink, and I never wrote to thank her.'
'How do I like my children?..Boiled!'
'Never give a sucker an even break'

Mr. Knowitall grows weary.... Peace!

Just Plain Tuesday....

As most of you already know, I sell cars for a living. Chevy's to be exact! But I have sold other things in my life, and have been doing it for many years. There are many "Axioms" in this business of sales..
1. It's easy to remember the truth, it's a bitch to remember a lie..
2. You never get a second chance at a first impression..
3. If you see a guy walking towards the door smoking a pipe, carrying a clip-board,
and has a "Consumer's Report" rolled up in his back pocket...? RUN!!!!

For the purpose of my post, lets get back to #2.
Some people that we know, had less than stellor 1st impressions, and they've done all right..

In 1979, she was in a student produced film called "A Certain Sacrifice". She played a minor character named Bruna, who shows her breasts, has simulated group sex, and gets smeared with dead mens blood. The film is so bad that the home video version has a disclaimer warning the viewers of "technical inconsistancies"

In 1966, he had a bit part as an unnamed bell-hop in a flick called "Dead Heat On a Merry-Go-Round". He has one line in the movie.."Paging Mr Ellis", and the part is so small, that he is not even listed in the credits.

In "Death Wish" (1974), Jeff plays "Freak #1", one of the 3 unnamed punks that break into Charles Bronsons home and kills his wife, and rapes his daughter. Bronson then spends the rest of the movie tracking them down, and wasting them..

In 1974, Kevin was in a movie called "Sizzle Beach" He plays a wealthy rancher named John Logan. In this flick, he shares a house in Malibu with 3 big breasted women that exersize and do chores topless..He was also in "The Big Chill" as the dead college friend, but all of his scenes were cut out!!

Cruise plays a teen arsonist in the 1981 movie "Endless Love". He gives the movies co-star the bright idea of torching Brooke Shields parents house, then saving everyone to appear as a hero!

In 1970, Sly starred in a movie called"A Party at Kitty's and Studs". In this pre-Rocky flick, he plays a frisky Playboy named Stud. He has big hair, and small muscles, who spends most of the film naked...except for his medallian and wrist-watch. He never actually has intercourse in this movie...It was later renamed "The Itallian Stallion" cash in on his popularity..

It's a good thing all axioms have their exceptions eh?... Peace

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Musical Monday.....

During the 70's and 80's it was "The Thing" to have a TV personality record a song, and have the public buy into that current popularity..remember Eddie Murphy's "Party All The Time"?
Or how about Miami Vice's Don Johnson with "Heart-Beat"?
Well, this segment of One Hit Wonders is about David Soul and "Don't Give Up On Us Baby"..
David Solberg dropped out of college in the 60's to become a folk singer. He decided he needed a gimmick to get attention, so he wrote a song called "The Covered Man"-Which he sang while wearing a ski mask. The stunt got him on "The Merv Griffin Show" more than 20 times, but he still couldn't sell any records. After he changed his name to David Soul, he did get enough attention to land a starring role on the TV show "Starsky and Hutch". The programs popularity encouraged him to try music again. He released "Don't Give Up On Us Baby" in 1977..The song did hit #1...But none of his follow-ups made it into the top 40. He gave up recording about the same time "Starsky and Hutch" went off the air!

...Sorry I haven't been around much this week-end, we have had relatives from all over the country converge on "The Compound" this past week because of a family reunion on Sunday.
For those that may not know what I mean by "The Compound"...My Brother-In-Law lives right next door to me, and across the street, lives my wife's Uncle..And on the other side of my BIL's house, is the house that he and my wife grew up in as children..So one does not have to go far to get a beer or a "Highball" on my block!
And I would like to thank all of my loyal Blog readers for continuing to visit and comment, you guys all ROCK!!!...Peace.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Special Flash 55......

She welcomes all strangers
She's irreverent and bold.
She flirts with the Devil
And her hearts made of Gold!
She's up...And she's down
She's happy...She's sad,
But thats the Essence of Strumpet
...She rarely gets mad!
She loves with passion,
She listens with care....

Please go wish our favorite new College Girl, a warm congratulations!!!
Everyone that she has touched.....Came!..hahahahaha..xoxoxox

Brother HNT

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ask Mr. Knowitall.....

If it's Wednesday, it must be time for Ask Mr. knowitall....

A Miss J.D. Rose from Pismo Beach California asks...
Dear Mr. Knowitall, whats the deal on Mood Rings?

Dear J.D., They are temperature -sensitive jewelry that supposedly reads your emotions.
Mood Rings were the brainchild of Joshua Reynolds, a new age heir to the R.J.Reynolds tobacco fortune. He envisioned them as "portable biofeedback aids" and managed to sell about 1 Million dollors worth of them in a 3 month period in 1975. Even so, the company went bankrupt- but not before a hoard of imitators hit the market. There were even " mood panties"..Underwear studded with temperature-sensitive plastic hearts.

A Mister Oahu Kamonawanalaya from Hilo Hawaii asks...
Dear Mr. Knowitall, was Hawaiian Punch invented in Hawaii?

Dear Oahu....NO!!! It was invented in 1936 by a couple of Southern Californians, A.W. Leo, and Tom Yates. It actually began as a soda fountain syrup, when mixed with water it was a fountain drink, but it was also used as an ice cream topping. By 1944, department stores started selling it in their gourmet food section, so Leo began bottling it for consumers. At first it was only available as a syrup, then Leo brought it out as a 46-oz premixed bottle. Most of it's popularity was due to the famous commercials of the late 50's and early 60's, when a guy in a Hawaiian shirt asked.."Hey how about a cool refreshing Hawaiian Punch?" He then socked the person that was asked in the puss!!

A Mr. Roger Smith from Detroit Michigan asks...
Dear Mr. Knowitall, was Henry Ford a buddy of Adolph Hitler?

Dear Roger, Ford was a BIG donor to the Nazi party!! Ford bankrolled Hitler in the early 20's, when the party had very few sources of income. In fact, he may have saved the Nazi Party!!
In 1922, The New York Times reported that the wall beside his desk was decorated with a large picture of Henry Ford. Ford Never denied that he had bankrolled Hitler, in fact he presented him with the highest decoration for a foreigner...The Grand Cross of the German Eagle!!

A Mr. Mike Jackson of parts unknown asks...
Dear Mr. Knowitall, if I were to stock my own private zoo, what 2 animals should I start with?
Dear Mike, knowing what I know about you, I would have an Anteater and a Giraffe...
The Anteater can stick out it's tongue over 160 times a minute..
The tongue of a Giraffe is over 14 inches long...

Mr. Knowitall grows weary...Good Night!!

Tuesday Monday...........

My Grandmother used to have these "Sayings" or old adages hung up all over her house when I was growing up. You remember them I'm Sure. Sayings like ..
"Come in, sit down, relax, converse...
Our house doesn't always look like this,
Sometimes it's even worse!"

or the ever famous..

"If your so damned smart, Why ain't you rich??

Thats what I keep askin myself...Which leads me to believe that I ain't so very smart!
But some folks are, and here's a prime example...
One night in 1975, an unemployed Ad Exec named Gary Dahl was hanging out in a bar listening to his friends bitch about their pets. That gave him the perfect idea for a pet...A Rock!! He spent the next 2 weeks writing The Pet Rock Training Manual, which included istructions on how to house-train the Rock.(Place it on some old newspapers, The Rock will know what the papers are for, and will require no further istructions.) He had a friend design a box shaped like a pet- carrying case-complete with air holes and a bed of straw-then filled them with rocks that he bought at a building supply store for a penny apiece. The Pet Rock debuted in August of 1975 and sold for $3.95; By the end of October he was shipping 10.000 a day!! The fad encouraged a host of imitations, as well as an entire Pet Rock service industry, including dude ranches, hair care products, and a burial at sea kit..The fad completely died out in 1976...
I need a brain-storm .....Instead of a brain-fart.... Peace

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Blue Monday......

OK....Back to the real world...Remember "The Ed Sullivan Show? If you would have tuned in on a particular night in 1963, you would have seen a peculiar sight; A Belgian Nun in full habit, playing a guitar and singing a song called "Dominique". The nuns name was Sister Luc-Gabrielle, but she was better known as Soeur Souire(Sister Smile) , and her song was becoming a huge hit all over the world.
The funny thing was, hardly anyone knew what the hell she was singing about because the words were entirely in French. But the tune was catchy and the song soon went to #1 on the U.S. pop music charts, and sold 1.5 Million copies. It also won a Grammy for the best religious song. The Singing Nun also became a star in her own right, and even Debbie Reynolds played her in a Movie..
Soeur Sourire got her start singing religios songs at retreats..In the evenings the Nuns would sing songs by Sister Luc-Gabrielle, and the songs were such a hit that the other nuns and the young girls wanted her to record them..One of her catchiest tunes was "Dominique". A song that honors St. Dominic Guzman founder of Sister Smiles Dominican order..He was also the man credited with introducing Rosary Beads to the Roman Catholic faith!!
Soeur Sourire seemed to adjust to her celebrity status quite well at first...But that didn't last long. She left the convent in 1966 before taking her final vows. She said she wanted to do Missionary work while persuing a musical career..(She did in fact turn all of her royalties over to the religios order that she left.)..Sadly, she lived to regret that decision.. The Belgian Government hounded her for back taxes for the next 20 years, and the Center for Autistic Children that she and another ex-nun founded, had to close in 1983 due to lack of funds..
Her life ended tragically in 1985 when she and the friend were found dead, the apparent victims of a double suicide pact, brought on by their financial woes, she was 51...
Wow!! Theres a real up-beat Musical Monday eh?.... Peace

Saturday, September 1, 2007


"The outlook wasn't brilliant, for the Mudville Nine that day,
The score stood 2 to 4 with but one inning left to play,
But when Cooney died at first, and Barrows did the same,
A sickly silence fell upon, the patrons of the game"......

The opening lines to a favorite childhood poem of mine..
"Mighty Casey at the Bat"
If you are not familiar with it it, is about A lesser team that
In a David and Goliath like fashion, whips a better teams ass !!!

Yes, Thats what happened today!!
Appalacian State for Christ Sakes!!!!
The greatest upset in the history of Man's inhumanity to Man!!
Against MY team.....And I was there!!!
I've already received 2 calls from a Spartan, and 1 from a Badger!!
I'll take it....I've done it before...But I'm NOT happy.......

Appalacian State???
Their running backs name was Joe Bob...Thats it, just Joe Bob!!
His favorite hobbies are ...
1. Whittlin
2. Fiddlin
3. Giggin for frogs

Their Tailgating???
1. BB-Qued Buzzard Wings
2. Mustard Greens and Possum Innerds
3. Racoon Ka-Bobs...Otherwise known as "Ring-Tail Suprise"!

But they whupped our ass!!!..They deserved the win...NO Excuses!!
Let the calls begin...A miserable day..A miserable week-end...A miserable season!!!

"OH, somewhere in this favored land, the sun is shining bright.
The band is playing somewhere, and someones hearts are light,
And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout,
But there is no joy in Mudville-Mighty Casey has struck out".......

...It may as well say;
"There is NO joy in Ann Arbor, Mighty Michigan has struck out"......
Have a great Labor Day Everyone.....I hope it will be better than mine"....
PLEASE..No condolences...Let me bask in my misery...... Peace