Saturday, June 23, 2007


You know what bothers me? When I'm driving down the street on trash day, and I see people throwing out furniture thats LOTS better than what I am using!!!
God, are my standards THAT low? In 1988 my friend Dave and I were having a drink at his house when I glanced at his trash bags set out at the curb, amongst them was an old beat up wheel barrow. I asked if he was tossing it and he said yes, it had seen better days. I then tossed it in the back of my P/U truck and took it home.....I'm still using it today!
If something works, I keep it. I still have a very old Tonka Truck from 1952, and it still works great. I also still have 8-Track players and tapes from the early 70's..Remember when you heard that tell-tale "click" when the 8-Track program switched tracks..To this day I still expect to hear it half-way through the guitar solo on "Stairway To Heaven"...
Anyway, thats all I wanted to say for now. Have a great Saturday. It's my day off, what do you think I'm doing today? .......Peace.... Galen


Serena said...

I still have old stuff that still works, too. No 8-tracks, though. LOL. It is amazing what people will throw out.

I'll bet I know what you're doing today. And I may go listen to 'Stairway to Heaven.' :-)

Have a great day!

Charles said...

Sounds like the Antiques Road Show is looking for you. That Tonka's likely worth a small fortune.
My guess is ride. What better thing to do? Well, there's a few, but I'm not into asking about private matters. Cooking on the grill later, perhaps? Spray me down with lighter fluid if I'm getting warm.
Hope you have a good weekend, Bud.

Mona said...

Galen! you are like me! I too am sentimental about my old stuff.You know I have a poetry book that is over a hundred years old, & I will tell you something! I still have my baby's scarf that he wore the day he was born! & It still smells like when he was a baby!! can you believe that!& I have letters & books from my old friends that they wrote to me when I was a child!

GAB said...

Have a good ride

Snow White said...

Hope you had fun ridin' today! Ya know, I think this is the closest to the top of your comments I've ever been! lol

G-Man said...

Hi Serena!!
On being #1 for the 2nd time this week!!

Serena said...

Thank you, thank you. You can hand over my prize now.:-)


G-Man said...

You got it Charles!!
I wish I were BBQ'ing..
Maybe tomorrow...

Hi Mona,
I love old books, I have many myself!!
Get well soon....Galen xoxox

Gabby sweetie,
I sure hope you can get your PC fixed soon.xox

You are getting closer..
pretty soon you'll be at the top!!!
Keep trying..xoxox

G-Man said...

A pat on the back!!
Good job....
I told you I'm very cheap.

snowelf said...

Hey Galen,

Enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather our part of the world is gifting us! It's begging to be taken advantage of!!

Weird! I just posted about a sentimental item!

My dad still has his Tonka dumptruck he got for Christmas when he was little. I'm not sure the year... but Woobie plays with it every time he goes to Grandma and Grandpa's. He lines up all the little matchbox cars in the back and drives them around in it! Too cute!

I don't have the need to keep EVERYTHING, just the things that matter. ;)


G-Man said...

Snowelf, what you just posted was a wonderful story...Everybody reading this comment should go read it...
You Rock ...xoxoxox
(PS. Thanks for the heads up! )

GAB said...

I'm up and running check my post

Cazzie!!! said...

Yep, nothing like the old records, tapes, VCR tapes and old tunes!!! Furniture, we got some nice furniture here, and we got that after having had the same ting for 15 years and gave ot to people who didnt have a razoo to rub together, so helping others that way was great :)

Stairway to heaven..indeed!!!

Anonymous said...

Hang on to that Tonka truck it could be worth a good amount of money. I sometimes watch Antique Roadshow on PBS and it's amazing how much some of this old stuff is worth.
I think over the years I've heard Stairway a kabillion times but it's still cool.

lime said...

it bothers me a lot when i see furniture liek that sitting by the curbside. donate it to goodwill or some college student for heavens sake, don't put it in a landfill. oh yeah, and mr lime is a scavenger like that too...hahaha

Mona said...

shhh! Galen is asleep! he was up, uptil 1:46 AM !!!

jillie said...

Do you realize that that Tonka truck is worth some big bucks?? SAVE IT SAVE IT SAVE IT! I wish I kept the ones that I use to play with as a kid.

Oh yeah, the 8 track cartridges were so big and clumsy. You'd want to take only a "couple" with you unless you wanted to carry a suitcase to bring your collection along...hahaha! There are certain things I keep otherwise...if I'm not using mans junk will turn into another mans treasure. I either donate it or give it away...

cheers to ya Galen...hope you're having a great wknd!

Evalinn said...

That´s a good habit, very climate-aware too! I know today u are brightening the day of those around u, like any day! :-)

G-Man said...

Gabby I'll be back later when I'm through with my outside stuff..xoxox

Cazzie dear,
I've had my furniture for over 20 years..
No new till the kids ALL leave home, WITH their animals!! xoxox

I know for a fact, that you had to have owned an 8-track!!
Good luck on the hunt son!

I'm a recycler!!
Hows things this week Trini *wink*!!!! xox

Thats OUR time together!
Now everyone will know..

Hi Jillie Bean, I'm having a great week-end as a matter of fact!!
Stay Off Your Foot!!!

That was a very nice thing to say..Thanks xo

stella sweden said...

Galen is a Swedish world, it means you are crazy...
Saw you on Evalinns blogg and took a trip to Michigan.
Nice blogg!

(I`m a Kungadottir and the people around me always helped me to write and speak english, so my spelling and all the other "stupp" isn´t so good I think!

morgetron said...

Well Galen, I have never been above dumpster diving. In fact, as a teacher, dumpster diving is a must. How else would I keep things interesting on such a small budget? I make a "Please save Mrs. M. from Dumpster Diving" plea to parents every year, and usually I get a few donations, but there's just so much treasure out there! I can't pass up a freebie. I just can't. It goes against the nature of the beast that is Morgetron. GGRRROWL ... !

G-Man said...

Thank you so much for stopping by...
Any friend of the beautiful Evalinn, is a friend of mine...Galen

OMG....You too?
What an affliction we are cursed with eh?
Thanks for stopping by again...Galen