Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Sitting around the Thanksgiving Dinner table waiting for someone to say Grace,
the host thought it would be a 'Hoot' for weird Cousin Dale to have the honors.
Looking somewhat bewildered, he bowed his head and proceeded...
"On this blessed day, please let us give thanks for the very stretchy nature of
yoga pants...Amen."

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Well Well Well.....Look what the cat drug in....G-Man!!!!!!
You know for 6 glorious years, Thursday nights was the highlight of my blogging week.
At 8:00 PM EST or EDST, I posted my weekly Flash Fiction Friday 55, and invited
any interested party from Blogdom to join the fun. I have met some very talented and
wonderful folks along the way, and I was honored to host the bevy of talent that participated.
These past few months starting in April with my daughter and son-in-law visiting from Poland
where they now reside, I knew that I couldn't devote the time and energy in the upcoming
months to do the Meme justice. So sadly I passed the torch on....
But I will say that I used my extra time to work hard, relax, and do a tremendous amount
of fishing. car sales has been awesome, and I have a freezer full of fish!!! I miss blogging
and maybe this Winter I'll be around a bit more.
One of the very talented people that I've met and you all know is Laura Hegfield from..
Shine the Light Divine. Every year about this time Laura puts together a Gratitude Quilt.
It's offerings from fellow bloggers about what they are really really thankful for at the moment.
With Thanksgiving in a week, she makes you stop and think about what this very
American Holiday is all about. It's not about Black Friday sales, or kicking off the Christmas
shopping frenzy, it's about Family, Friends, and the Joy of Living.
Please visit Laura
Contribute to her quilt please, it doesn't have to be artsy, just honest and heartfelt....Thanks