Monday, August 13, 2007

No Wonder My Happy Heart Sings...

Hi everybody!!...Well my family reunion went much better than expected. When me and my brother Mark got to the party, I was quite suprised to see my baby brother Matt had driven up all the way from Virginia. I say Baby brother.... he was born the same week JFK got shot!!!
But to Me, is my baby brother!! Matt is also a U.S.Navy retiree, and when he was stationed in the Phillipines he married a Phillipino girl named Nanette. He had 2 beautiful children, and they are now 17 and 14. I had never met either of my nieces, and he brought the youngest up with him..Wow!! What a beautiful child....we have talked lots over the years, and I was always that "Crazy Uncle Galen" that had a Harley! So all in all, it was grand...I hugged and kissed cousins and aunts that I had not seen in 30 years, and they were all glad to see me!!
We exchanged many stories of our wasted youth, and lamented over the relatives that are no longer with us. On the way home we were playing the Oldies station, (What Else?) and an old song by Bobby Rydell came on the radio named "Volare". My brother asked who sang it, and I told him... he said that he thought Dean Martin had sung it, I said he did! I also told him that I thought that the guy that played "Johnny Fontaine" in the 1st "Godfather" had a version of it.
So of course that got the Old G-Man thinking of my Musical Monday post, I did a little research, and this is what I came up with.....

The original version of "Volare" was in Italian. It was sung by Dominico Modungo, and was a Million seller in the U.S., and was the #1 record in 1958. The original title however was not called "Volare", but "Nel Blu, Dipinto di Blu"(Literal translation:" the blue, painted in blue")..
The lyrics told a story of a man dreaming he was flying through the air with his hands painted blue.....When Modungo's record started selling in the U.S., American artists started clammering for an English-Version of the song. So a fellow by the name of Mitchel Parish wrote new lyrics, retitling the song "Volare". About a dozen versions were released right away, and combined sales in the U.S. alone were about 8 Million...The best-selling American renditions were:
Dean Martin's (#12 in 1958), Bobby Rydell's (#4 in 1960), Al Martino's (#15 in 1975)...
Shoot, even Chrysler named a car after the song, in fact, I owned a 1979 Plymouth Volare...
I remember that car well, because I put an Alpine stereo system in it with a 40 watt power booster, and 2 twelve inch Jenson Speakers. Each speaker had a 20 OZ Magnet, and for the time was kick-ass!!!!!....Hahahaha, by today standards it would seem very wimpy....
Have a great week.....Peace!


Mona said...

Wheeeee!!! its meeeee!!!~

Mona said...

meeee again!!!!

Mona said...

And againnn>>>>>

Mona said...

AND again!!!!

Mona said...

gold silver bronze iron

Mona said...

& now plastic too

Mona said...

yaaaayyy no seven too!!!!!

Mona said...

oh!!! & Now I see the title of the post!!!

Mona said...

now let me read it

G-Man said...


Holy Shit Girl.....


Mona said...

ah! Galen! you have a baby bro who is rettired and hasa filipino wife & americoino kids! Great!

I am so happoy yuou had an enjoyable time with family. I LOOOVE family reunions! my mom is here & I am having a great time here with her!

& I have heard only one blue song that goes something like "dum dee ba dum I'm blue.."

morgetron said...

I'm glad the fam reunion went well. Those can be scary, eh?

Sorry 'bout the pre-popped cherries. I tried to save 'em for yah.


My brain is on fiiiiire!

Thanks for the info on Volare, Volare, and Volares.

And, Geeeez Mona. You so crazy!

Mona said...


(((((((((A hug so tight that you are barely able to breathe))))))))))

Mona said...

morgetron! yeah baybee that is me.. crazzzeeeee! Whhheeee!!!

G-Man said...

Jeez Mona...
You actually read the post ??
Good for you!!
Now don't you feel better about this now?

I'm sorry Sweetie, here's some warm milk..
(with about 2 Oz's of Scotch added)

Mona said...

Galen! I love ALL your posts! even when I dont understand some like the musical mondays posts!


Melissa Russell said...

Well here I am not sleeping like Morgy, I have had about four hours sleep in the past twenty four hours. I told a fellow poet it was because he was having problems sleep too, but his comes from having sick children.

Someone make me a hot toddy and maybe I can go to sleep as well. Okay I am going to try to get some sleep.

Night all. Morgy go to bed you have school

morgetron said...

We've commandeered your post G-Man. Sorry.

Must. Get. Sleep.


Hi Missy.

javajazz said...

i think i even have an italian jazz version
of that tune Volare...well, played by
a jazz quintet from Italy...i remember
that one from my childhood too...
glad you enjoyed your family time
mr cool Uncle Galen with the Harley!

Cazzie!!! said...

Sounds like an ace time had by all :)

G-Man said...

Having fun?...Of course!
If you guys love it here..?
Then I'm happy!!

Hi Cazzie...
A sane one!!

barman said...

Glad you had a great time at the reunion. They are fun and what a fun song you brought back. I do not know the words but I sure do know one part of it.

"Crazy Uncle Galen". I like that. Every family should have a crazy uncle like you. There would never be a dull moment that is for sure.

Serena said...

The Bobby Rydell version of 'Volare' is the one I remember best. It's hot as hell today; I think I'm in the mood for some King Crimson.:-)

I had a crazy uncle, but he didn't have a ... Harley.:)

Breazy said...

Good Monday morning sir! How are you this fine day? All is well down here in my neck of the woods, I am just chilling out today with no definite plans, actually I am taking this week easy since I start work next week.

Someone needs to take the espresso from Mona, I think she had way too much this morning...heehee...j/k Mona!

Y'all have a beautiful day!

snowelf said...

I know!! Mona child, you're cracking me up!!... what did you put in your tea last night!! :)

Happy Monday, Galen!! :)


Melissa Russell said...

Galen where are you I am still waiting on my coffee

PinkHippo said...

Glad to know that you are happy! :)

S said...

What have they put into Miss Monas chai!

I was so looking forward to a post about the FOOD eaten...darnit....

lime said...

i'm so glad your reunion was so special and that you had such a wonderful suprise. makes me smile.

and i can just see you and your pimped out volare. hehehehe. yougotta find an old pic and scan it an post it for us. ;)

Snow White said...

Glad you enjoyed your weekend! You can't beat time spenoxt with family. Well, you can, but I haven't lately! Did you ever get your mega-breakfast on the table? xox

Head Cookie said...

Hey there G-man Just wanted to say thanks for visiting my mute monday now I would like you all to see my tribute to the color pink and the color blue so everyone and anyone just come and see it and leave me a comment. :)

Keith Hillman said...

Glad your reunion was a success! They are my worst nightmare! At mine, everyone tries to prove how much better they've done than the rest of us!

Oh, and Dean Martin gets my vote!

SignGurl said...

We call you crazy all the time (said quietly behind your back)!

Sounds like you had an awesome weekend. I'm so glad you got to experience the good side of family. You know, the one you can visit for a few hours and then leave?

Little Wing said...

I don't know the song you are talking about but so glad you had a great day Sir!!!

G-Man said...

Just like "Crazy Uncle Bryan"..hehehe Thanks..

Hey Serena Joy!!!!!
Always adds a touch of class this Fine Lady does...
Hi sweetie, Yes you are much younger, you would like Bobby better!!!

Hi Breazy,
I thought of you too, my cousin came up from Oak Ridge to the reunion..
Thanks My Little Vol..xox

Hi SnowElf!!
Thanks Honey xoxoxx

Pink Hippo...
I am much happier now!!
You always have very kind words...Thanks

Hi Susie,
Whats that Hindi word I'm looking for????
Ah yes...Mushugena!!!!!

My Volare?..Limey, now you got me thinkin!!!
I'll have to look..xoxox

Hi SnowWhite,
Yes, Thanks for askin..
It was wonderful and delicious, just like you!!.xoxox

Your lots younger than me...You fetch it.


Thanks sweetie, I"ll sure try to make it..G

Thanks Keith,
So glad you stopped by, you are always welcome..

Hi Jenn,
I've always been crazy, but it keeps me from going insane!!
(Thanks Waylon)
Have fun, be careful, and Viva Las Vegas!!!!

Little Wing...
You've never heard Van Halens version of "Volare"?
Thanks for stopping by anyway..xoxox

Evalinn said...

Sounds like u had a wonderful time!

Mona said...

GALEN ! there is NO hindi word like Mushugena!!

tsduff said...

Rats.... now I have "Vooolllaaare, whoaaaaaooo" in my head.