Saturday, August 4, 2007

Hot August Days............;

I love Saturdays off!!
And being the creature of habit that I am, I'm going to share my Saturday-Off routine with you!
First of all, I get up when I want to...
Secondly, I love either AMC, OR Turner Classic, because they have Saturday Morning Western's on the tube!
This morning I had an unexpected Joyful occurance happen to me, And it included the number 5! Im not at liberty to say what, but it was something that I Love very much, and some of you know what I mean.....
....Anyway, when I finally leave the house, I head straight to Tim Horton's for my usual...
Then I head to the Flint City Market...Only this time of the year IT'S JAMMIN!!!!!
This is what I bought today...
Smoked Bacon, sliced off the rind
Farm Raised fresh brown eggs
Freshly ground...Cuman.....Curry....Hot Chile Powder
Hot cajun peanuts...In the shell
2 Huge Michigan Honey Rock Cantelopes (sugar sweet)
1 dozen Home-Grown Peaches and cream Corn.....
Then I head to my second best friends corner market for some meat...
My buddy Brian Berkey always goes to the Michigan Home football games with me.
He also owns a little country store...
He makes his own Polish Sausage and Brats. He grinds the meat himself and season's it himself!
He makes this from 100% pork shoulder...I'm here to tell you it the best that you'll ever have!
No gristle...No bone...Hardly any fat at all...And he stuffs it himself....Trust me, It's the best!!!
His Burger is also the best in town...He uses nothing but beef chuck, and he also grinds that himself!
When I go in his store, He always greets me with a loud....Morning G-Man!
He then pours me a cup of coffee, we discuss whats in the morning paper, we talk politics and sports with all the old timers that come in his store, we talk about who died, about good car deals, and we end up solving the problems of the world!!! If only someone would listen to us eh?
We call it our Men's Rotary Club...He also sells sliced luncheon meats that he slices to your required thickness right off the loaf!!..I always buy a couple of lottery tickets, and then go home to do my required Honey-Do's....
After that, if there are no Family obligations later on that evening...I do my Saturday night routine....Coffee, Visiting with my friend Alex, Herbal solutions, Summertime-Fun!!!
God, I love Saturdays off........And Hot Fun In The Summertime!!!


Cha Cha said...


Did you get five blowjobs this morning?

You lucky bastard.

First, bitches.

G-Man said...

(laughing soo hard I'm shaking )
I wish!!!!

Congratulations on popping my Saturday post cherry!!!

You Rock Baby..xoxoxox

javajazz said...

its the first thing i thought of too...
well, no matter what it was
as long as you experienced joy,
possibly even reaching a state of nirvana,
what more could you ask for?

javajazz said...

Strumpie rules...

Serena said...

Nah, I'll bet it was five... oh, no, scratch that, couldn't have been. Hmmmm.

Wow, smoked bacon and fresh brown eggs. Add a couple of slices of cantaloupe and a big mug of great coffee and you have a breakfast to die for.

Hot fun in the summertime is the best, G.:)

G-Man said...

Hey Lisa!!
Great Minds think alike eh?
Hope you have a great day JJ..xox

Serena Joy...?
I'd love to serve you breakfast!!
You need a manservant to cater to your whims!!
And the more whimsical, the better!!
I hope your Saturday Started off as well as mine did!!!
Maybe we shared the same brain-wave!!!
Have a good one...Galen Lee..xoxoxox

lime said...

5 huh? you are indeed evil to taunt us like that.

and man i am so envying your farm market. we just don't have a decent one near us. where i grew up was a fabulous one. i miss them.

sounds like a rockin routine if youask me.

do enjoy your day!

G-Man said...

Oh Lime,
We all need a little mystery in our life!!
You my dear wrote the best 55 I have ever read!
I hope anyone that see's this, goes to your post and reads it..Thanks..G

Serena said...

Breakfast in bed. A manservent. Wow, talk to me, G-man!:-) My Saturday started out terrifically. All in all, it's been a hell of a good Saturday so far. Perhaps we did pick up on the same brain-wave. Who knows? I hope yours continues to rock on into the night.:)

G-Man said...

I'm sure it will...
I just talked to Alex, we are going to Border's. know.
Guy stuff!!!
But later on, I do believe that some fun might be in order...I hope anyway...
Do you have any fun plans Serena Joy?

javajazz said...

nice jovial greeting there,
mister knowitall.
y'all have a nice day too.
your friend and neighbour
across the border

Serena said...

Guy stuff, huh? Have a blast at Borders. Me, I just might have some fun unplanned plans. You never know what might pop up.:)

G-Man said...

News flash!!
Tim Horton's has the best Butter Tarts in the world!!
Better than the Dominian eh?

Serena Joy,
Thanks sweetie..

javajazz said...

ha! who ever said
Dominion had good tarts,
mr iknowmoreabouttorontothanlisadoes?
well, did you know it was Caribana weekend,
mister smarty tarts?
that means that its very quiet in Michigan
because everyone in detroit is here
shakin their booty...
now this is one parade
methinks you would dig!

Little Wing said...

You are such a brat to tease us with the five!!!!

We have a farmers out-door market in my town, every single Saturday morning and I love it!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

O never saw any market as nice as Granville market in Vancouver... Everything seems so good and tasty there!!! Full of colours and flavours... There is nothing like that around here... Not even a decent farm market... the only one I know is almost downtown and so crowded that it's not even fun to go there... ;-((
Lucky you... no matter what the 5 is about... ;-)

morgetron said...

My guess? The five finger reach around.

I see you entered Missy's contest. May the best poet win ...


Cha Cha said...


I always knew you were a tease.

You taunt and you tantalize with your five whatevers.

It's sickening.


Do you want me to get down on all fours wearing my new panties and beg you to tell us what the FUCK you are talking about?

Cos I have no problem doing that at all.

GAB said...

Yeah I was thinking along the lines of having sex 5 times. Sigh..
Mr Gab would love the first two items on your list of groceries. He also loves Polish and Brats. I on the other hand would take the sliced lunchoen meats. Yeah honey yummy yummy yum!

Unknown said...

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G-Man said...

Something I did NOT know!
You rock today girl!!!

Hi Jadey,
I bet a California Farmers Mkt. is awesome!
Have a great day..xox

Back from camping I see!!
You ARE one funny bitch!
(5 finger reach around)
I'm still laughing!!

Hi sweetie I could not access your site yesterday, I hope everything is OK!!
Funny you should say Vancouver, because my favorite farm mkt is Pikes Place Mkt in Seattle...Thanks..xoxox

Thats what I want!!
Thanks for the offer...

Did that come out of your fingers?
I kinda like that...thanks.xox

Erik Von Tongerloo!!
Thanks for the offer, but I don't know if I want more traffic..
You see these people that visit me are very loyal, caring, witty, and they accept me for the over-bearing ass-hole that I am!!
I can hardly visit all that comment as it is, and if I got lots more people I would be swamped!!
So Thanks for the offer...I will think about it...Maybe I'll write something, we'll see....Thanks....Galen

(Crazy Dutch Bastard)

G-Man said...

BTW....I'm going to Ann Arbor today, Mandy wants to show me the house that she and her friends has a deposit on for the fall... I'll be back later on today, while there we are going to visit thge Whole Foods store..I love that place, they give away more free samples than Sam's!!!

Unknown said...


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Manny said...

Now that you've made me hungry, you have to feed me.

5 lbs. of bacon?

G-Man said...

No..2# of bacon!!
With the rind on!!!

GAB said...

Gab is so embarrassed that actually came out of her fingers onto your comment page ;)

Snow White said...

I'm withholding comment until you give up the 5! xox

Cha Cha said...

I'm with Snow.

The time has come, Galen.

Loose lips bring bucking hips.

javajazz said...

well, so far none of us
have a clue what you mean
about your joyous #5 experience,
mr cryptic...
tho everyone really wants it to be
about sex...
plus you always think
things are soooo obvious
when you've thought ahead
about 20 steps beyond where
any normal person would have
gone in their mind...
(did that make sense?)
like that citizen kane 55
or naming his sleigh
which was really a vagina,
or squirting during
the Rocky Horror Picture Show
which ended up just meaning
squirting, not, you know,
no one's gonna rest
until they solve the mystery
of the 5...
so you'd better make it good,
even if it wasnt, originally...
just make something up, dammit.
we'll call it Imagination Sunday.

bucking hips, huh?

G-Man said...

I'm so proud of you!!

Ladies, Ladies please!
Can't a fella Inadvertantly spew a word out and not have it mean anything? Come on, I'm a guy afterall, I'm NOT an Alfred Hitchcock movie..Hehehehe..xoxox

Mona said...

what is happening here?

HEY! I know what Galen means there.

It is about his five figure bonus that he recieved!

Jeez...what are these women upto...
& I thought that they said that only MEN had one track mind..

Poor Men...

Evalinn said...

Wow, that´s such a great Saturday routin. And G-man, u really are a connaisseur, such great taste in food!

morgetron said...

Alfred Hitchcock movie ... hahahahaha.

Cha Cha said...

Strumpet fully supports the use of five fingers in the morning to start your day off right.

It's more important than breakfast.

And Galen, don't lie. You know exactly what you were talking about.

You are Mr. Knowitall!

Strumpet's favourite time for self-appreciation is the morning.

tsduff said...

HA HA HA - Lisa you really outdid yourself ... I forgot what fun it is around this place.