Saturday, August 11, 2007

Family Fun Fest.......

Hi Everybody!!! What a glorious Saturday it is in Mid-Michigan!!
Today, My little brother Mark is down visiting me from Oscoda Michigan.
Oscoda is about 135 miles North of here on the shores of Lake Huron.
I say "little" even though he is 47, and retired from the U.S. Air Force.
We are quite close, and when he was in the military he was deployed to Kuwait,
His son Kurtice stayed with me, and went to my children's High School with them!
Anyway, our family reunion is today, and Him, myself, and my other little brother Dennis,
are travelling to Pontiac together to wreak havoc on the rest of our cousins and aunt's and uncles!!!
I'm very excited about going to it, since the only other time we all get to see each other is funerals and weddings. We are bringing a pass around dish, my brother Mark is making Jambolaya. ( he was going to use smoked sausage but I got up early and went to the City Mkt and bought some home made Andouille Sausage for him to use...Family Reputation you know!)
Me? I'm making my World Famous Hot Sausage Baked Beans !
Enjoy This Great Day. ... Peace!!


Serena said...

Sounds like a wonderful day in store. Your pass around dishes sound yummy. Enjoy!

javajazz said...

man, you are such a gourmet chef!
andouille sausage....nothing but the best!
who could say no to a little sausage?
sounds like a great day and a wonderful
gathering mr G-chef. so nice to get
with everyone, and ya, not at a funeral.
they're gonna love your cookin'...!
have fun, baby. xoxo

G-Man said...

Hi Serena,
Your #1 in more ways than may realize!!
Have a great day Sherry!

Thanks for your cooking Kudo's...
Comming from you thats awesome!!!
Have a great Sabboth!!

lime said...

oh have a wonderful time, gman. family reunions are such a special time. i just love them and i know your value on family and special times. i have no doubt everyone will love your dishes.

ann said...

have fun and enjoy; sounds like a great day

morgetron said...

Beans, beans, the musical fruit,
the more you eat, the more you toot.

The more you toot,
the better you feeeeel.

Let's have G-Man's famous beans
with every meal.

S said...

Food again, and I am not there?
You make me hungry gman.

Now, thank you again for commenting at some of the 55s before I got there...I think I got em all now.....

What a fun batch of 55's...a lot of romance! LOL

Jo said...

That sounds like the best time of the summer!!
Let us know how you had fun and enjoy your relatives out of any obligatory visit... I am starving for some of that, but seems I will have to make the event on my own, and invite people, and go throught he all cooking and receiving stuff this summer... Oh! Well... It is about time some of us, youngsters (hummm) take the lead for such moments... ;-))

Melissa Russell said...

Sounds wonderful Galen, I love making Jambalaya and Gumbo. I can't spell the sausage you bought for the Jambalaya, but it is the best. Are you of Cajun descent? Ew We dontcha know.

Have fun!!!

javajazz said...

no, he's Jewish.

javajazz said...

(Galen Lee, doesnt that sound
like a jewish name?)

javajazz said...

so, how was Galen
in Sausageland?
did you have funnnnn???

Little Wing said...

Ohhhhhhhhh your sausage sounds soooooooooo hot!

G-Man said...

I had a marvelous time!
Here's hoping you did too.
Thanks sweetie..xox

Hi M'Lady!!
God, it's so good to see you back. What a whirlwind last weeks you had...Hope to see some of that wnderful writing very soon...Galen

My ass was just a whistling Dixie too!!!

Susie, No problem !!
I'm always at your service!!..xoxoxox

Thats EXACTLY what you have to do about such things.
often times when a Matriarch of the family dies or becomes ill, no one wants to take on the initiative of taking over family history and traditions...Maybe this should be you. Thanks Jo, have a good one..xox

Maybe in another life, I was a Cajun..Ooooheeeee!!

Galen in Sausageland?
Sounds Like a Frank Zappa Album!!

Little Wing,
You too with the sausage?
My HOT sausage?
Hahaha...More like Vienna Sausage!
But thanks for the thought..xoxoxox

Melissa Russell said...

When are you going to add me to your places to haunt Galen???? Glad you had a fun time. Sounds like the food, was musical.

snowelf said...

There are ALWAYS good times to be had at a family reunion!
At least at mine there are--though I'm sure your family is just as rascally if they are anything like you. ;) :P


Head Cookie said...

Hey there Gman please check out my mute monday and anyone else visiting this blog check it out

G-Man said...

I'll have to talk with SignGurl!!
Be patient!!

Thanks sweetie for stopping by, I know your takin some time off....
You Rock!!...G-Man xox

I've been there, thanks for visiting, come back anytime!...Galen

morgetron said...

There are three cherries begging to be popped.


"G-Man! G-Man! Pop us! Pop us! Pop us into your mouth!" -- The Cherries

G-Man said...

Missy, just HAD to beat me, even after SignGurl had unbeknownst to me, added her to my blogroll!
What gratitude!

morgetron said...

Missy's good. She's damn good. Oklahomans are known for their furious fingers. I know how much you like being on top, Big Boy. Maybe next time The Cherries will email you.

Be sure to read the responses I left on The Big Three. I think I might be insane.

"We'll email you next time." -The Cherries

Mona said...

baked beans!!! Yum yum!

You have a bro called dennis???

have you by any chance a mom called alice & a dad called henry?????

Melissa Russell said...

Lordy y'all, Morgy cherries? I am missing something here aren't

tsduff said...

Jambalya is my favorite! How was it? Yummy. I bet your World Famous Sausage Baked Beans was the hit of the party though...