Sunday, August 26, 2007

Musical Memories..........

"Those were the days my friend
We thought they'd never end
We'd sing and dance forever and a day
We'd live the life we choose
We'd fight and never lose
For we were young, and sure to have our way"

God what a great old tune with a catchy, haunting sound. This was originally a Russian tune
called "Darogoi Dlimmoyo", which means "Dear To Me".The original artist was Alexander Wertinsky, who recorded in 1920..In the 50's, a Finnish singer translated it to her native language and recorded it. An American named Gene Raskin heard it and recorded it to English lyrics. It was popularized later by a Folk group named The Limelaters.. In 1965 Raskin and his wife performed the song in a London club called The Blue Angel. Paul McCartney was in the audience.

Three years later McCartney heard about a young Welsh singer named Mary Hopkins. The Beatles had just formed Apple Records and were looking for people to record-so Paul asked her to audition. She did, and when she she floored him with her high soprano voice, Paul immediately thought of "Those Were The Days". He bought the rights to the song, and Hopkins recorded it. Her record was specially boxed in a special introductory set of the first four Apple Releases. It became the second million-seller on Apple("Hey Jude" was the first). Worldwide it sold 5 million copies...

"Through the door there came familar laughter
I saw your face and heard you call my name
Oh my friend we're older but no wiser
For in our hearts our dreams are still the same....

Those were the days ".................


Serena said...

I've known that song forever but never knew any of the history behind it. Fascinating! You always know your stuff, G.:)

Mona said...

Once upon a time there was a Tavern/ where we used to have a drink or two...

That is one of my most favorite songs :)

Thanks for the history

I think, for the first time I understood your Musical Monday post..:)

Little Wing said...

Great lyrics Mr. G!!!!!
That would have been 'living the dream'!!!

dickiebo said...

I well remember Mary Hopkins winning a TV talent show called 'Opportunity Knocks'. Hosted by a very well-known TV personality called Hughie Green. She certainly took off thereafter - as, of course, one would expect from a South Walian!!

snowelf said...


You picked the most adorable song today!! And I am glad to have it skipping around in circles in my head!

Happy Monday :)

G-Man said...

Serena Joy...You slid right into the top spot didn't you?
Welcome back..and Thanks, you know a thing or two yourself Baby. Girl you got it goin on!!

Something that you finally like and know..

Hi Jadey,
Thanks my dear, If you don't listen to "Oldies" you may never have heard this tune..xoxox

I knew she won something. Wasn't that like Whay we used to call "Star Search"?

Awww SnowElf,
I told you it was haunting...Thanks sweetie. xoxox

lime said...

very cool. how com ei never heard of the limealators before this???

Mona said...

Those were the days has been a very popular number here too.
& you have had me singing this one today :D

Scary Monster said...

It often puzzles me just how much you really do know, Mr. Know it all.

Lurking here after reading yer comments at Serena's place always gives me a feelin that Me be coming away with more 'n me came here with.

Man, you do STOMP!

S said...

You have the most interesting bits of information.
Have a great week, Gman,and lol, yes, I used to go to Mollys when I was 10 as well!

Charles said...

I remember the song, I always thought the singer had a French accent. Its good to know more about the song and the artist. I can't wait until Christmas time, you should be able to pull out a plethora of old ones to tell us about. Not Bing Crosby, and Burl Ives, but some of those others like the Carpenters, and that period of time. Not that that is that old.

Melissa Russell said...

Ah reflections, I liked this song as I have liked many of them of old. They held more meaning in there words compared to much of the music today.

and Galen, kiss my ass!!!!!!!! refer to Ambre's Gallery photos for reference to this comment lol wahahahahahaha.

Melissa Russell said...

oops there = their

Little Wing said...

Gman, life would not be worth living without the oldies!
I love the oldies and listen to an oldies station and sing along!!!!

tsduff said...

I have always loved that song - for its mix of nostalgia and sweet/sadness intertwined. I can remember riding the schoolbus up the twisty road (Cold Canyon), hearing that song on the way to school when I was in the 9th grade. I imagine it was around 1970 or so. Thanks for the rundown on Mary Hopkins... she did have a phenomenal scope of range with her voice. I don't mind having that tune stuck in my head today :-D Thanks Galen.

barman said...

My own personal little Paul Harvey. Gotta love it. I really am enjoying this behind the scenes on songs.

Unrelated... did you see what they did with UM (and MSU and probably others) football coverage on TV. It is now on Big Ten Network which is some new channel I think. Of course you have tickets to home games so you probably do not care...

Manny said...


sorry, sign got all the x's this time.

Anonymous said...

do you remember another group who were signed to Apple?
tc(and no fair googling the answer)
I've got my eye on you Focker!

SignGurl said...

I have no idea what this song is. Is it the one Archie and Edith Bunker sang?

G-Man said...

In the early 60's there was a show on TV called, Hootenanny. It was the forerunner to Hulaballoo and Shindig, except they played Folk Music. Everyweek they had groups like The Kingston Trio, The New Christy Minstrells, Peter Paul and Mary, and of course, The Limelighters...
Hey, what can I say, I'm old..Thanks.xoxox

I love this song!!

Scary Monster,
You talk just like Bizzarro Superman from Bizzarro World..
You am very cool,
Me thank you for going!!

You are serious?
I was just kidding!
very cool...xoxox

I'd be glad to thanks for asking!!

After all, I am Mr. Knowitall!!

I've said it a million times before, you are wise well beyond your years. You are almost an anachronism..Thanks sweetie..xoxox

Terry My Friend..
I love it when you visit my Musical posts, you always understand..xoxox

Yes Bryan,
I heard...
And yes I'll be there..
Opening day is like Christmas
New Years
And My Birthday,
All rolled into one!!!
"Hail To The Victors"

And Manny...
We Got the Bucks at The Big House this year!!
Yeah baby!!!!

TC, I loved that movie!!
And BTW no need to google such an easy question.."Badfinger"?

Hi Jenn...
No Jenn...
I really missed you baby!

morgetron said...



Little Wing said...

...wondering what the hell an anachronism could be.....

Little Wing said...

I am almost a misplaced person????????
How can I be ALMOST misplaced??????!!!!!!!!
Trust me Sir, I am totally misplaced!!!!!!

Little Wing said...

wine.......give me more wine..........
let me be totally misplaced......
If I could have been old enough to go to Woodstock I wouldn't be this fricking misplaced.......

Rambling Prose said...

I remember this song well. I actually began singing along.

(shhhh, don't tell) The results could be deadly.

~humming quietly~

ann said...

Mary Hopkins was a delight
and I loved her version of the
song... now it's gonna spin
around my head all day long.

Galen, you have sent me on a
trip of my own down memory lane
and believe they were good
memories and good years...
thank you

have a great week

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Anonymous said...

BAM!! how crazy of me not to think you'd know..I believe James Taylor was also signed to Apple.
Good job mrKnowiTaLL.

ann said...

gosh... what did you start?

the words, "those were the days" acted like a prompt and got my fingers skipping the keys with a poem...

G-Man said...

Hi Morgy..

Misplaced out of your time frame is all...
And you fit right in here.

Thanks for finally making it..xox

Awww TC,
Twernt Nuttin.

As always,
I love your visits to the Colonies..Might you be inspired to put this on your Poetry Blog?

Cha Cha said...

Whenever Peter, Paul and Mary are mentioned I can only think of one thing.


Ahem. Ahem. Ahem.


Puff, the magic dragon...lived by the sea...

Okay, that's enough. And about all I remember...

I mean, we all know what Puff, the magic dragon REALLY represented...

But, I haven't done that in months.

It's been a good thing.

Have a great day, Galen!

Good movie, though.