Friday, August 17, 2007

Flash Friday 55......

"That voice that calls to me...and speaks my name."

"Say the word, and I'll follow you.."

"You alone can make my song take flight!"

"No dreams within her heart...But dreams of love."

"Masquerade! Hide your face, so the world will never find you."

...Great lyrics Mr. Webber,
But a musical about a Phantom?


Serena said...

I like that a lot, G. People love a good mystery, and Phantoms make for great mysteries. Setting it to music had to be a big gamble, and luckily it panned out for Mr. Webber. Now he can count his $$ as he listens to The Music of the Night.

Terrific 55!

javajazz said...
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G-Man said...

Serena Joy!!!
You successfully corraled the #1 spot once again!!
Thanks for your kind words...G-Man xoxoxbgxoxox Lisa?
Are you counting?
Et Tu JJ???

javajazz said...
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Cha Cha said...

Phantoms are hot, dude.

It's that whole mystery thing.

javajazz said...
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G-Man said...

Lisa..(pinches Fingers together)
...Missed it by THAT much!

(agent 99?....Maxwell Smart?)

get it?

Your very special JJ..

She's Alive!!
She's Alive!!
...Break out the Margaux!!
Hi Sweetie...xoxoxoxo

GAB said...
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Mona said...

Galen (((Hugs)))

I think the last one " masquerade! hide your face so the world will never find you" suits so well with a phantom!

Little Wing said...

dreams of dreams within her heart....but dreams of love....

great lyrics.....
(dabbing at eyes....)

Anonymous said...

Awesome dude..I thought it would be one about

barman said...

I do not know about going to see an opera to begin with ... now we have a phantom too? Well maybe that will make it more interesting...
Galen does the classics. Nice.

Evalinn said...

Cool. I´ll have to get into this 55 thing soon...

ann said...

Mr Andrew Lloyd Webber is laughing all the way to the bank... not one of my ab fab favs I have to confess... the musical not your FF55 honey

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Snow White said...

Another awesome 55, G-Man! I don't know how you do it, week after week, but I definitely bow down to you! xoxox

Flash said...

You know, I always enjoyed that part of Phantom.....

and Just recently, I saw a musical about zombies!...and it was good! So I guess you can set anything to music

Great 55. and you know I played too!

jillie said...

I loved that movie. STILL want to see the play and the soundtrack is unbelievable...

Happy Friday to you!!


javajazz said...

sorry if i wrecked your continuity
by pulling a bunch of comments...
i think the flow is back now anyway,
as it were.

snowelf said...

I love Phantom.

AND GALEN: Ironically the boy I posted about this week was the one who took me to see it.
That night was the first night I ever took anyone's breath away just by opening the front door.
So thank you for posting this, because it brought back another beautiful memory for me.


Melodie Norman Haas said...

That is my absolute favorite musical!!! I will be in that show one day I don't care if I am a prop! Whoo hoo :) Great Fiction 55, I participated today even though I didn't get to post anything else this week.

Melissa Russell said...

Loved your flash G!!

S said...

What can be said about those freaky artist types?
You never know what will inspire them next.

I know. Im late again....sorry.

Breazy said...

Nice 55! I can't remember if I have heard this song before but the lyrics sound so familiar to me..hmm.

Have a great weekend G!


Charles said...

I didn't. But I can if you request it. Do you want me to?

Charles said...

The man can use any subject matter he wants to make a musical, it doesn't mean we will go see it. In fact, I've yet to have go see any of his works, they seem to get rammed down our collective throats anyway. What can you do? You can't stop him, but you don't have to support it.

Crabby said...

Phantom was a great musical. I'm gonna put on the cd.

See what you started?

Mona said...

I like the sound of music though & also Moulin Rouge...& the taming of the shrew too...

Rambling Prose said...

Dare I say I LOVED it! Great 55 g-man, but why should I have expected otherwise form such a witty man!


lime said...

ya know, i have to say i only went to see this particualr musical because my oldest girl loves it and i took her with her best friend to NYC to see it on broadway for her birthday. and i have to was AMAZING. truly amazing. i hated the movie, but i loved the broadway production.

and to respond to a couple folks yesterday...

barman, i am glad i am not associated with something awful in your mind :)

thanks ann for the kind words on my HNT

and snowelf....nod of awesomeness...i LOVE it.

Sophia said...

Phantoms -- ooh scary!

Mine is up!

Head Cookie said...

Oh hey there G-man did know you had such feelings for me. Nice 55. Mine is up so all stop by and check it out please

Charles said...

OK, did it anyway since I was being accus... since it was mentioned. I get 55.

javajazz said...

sorry, bad.
i pulled a couple of comments
last night during a menopausal
Cancerian freakout, which
makes Galen's comments
seem as if he is having an
out of body experience...
Galen jokingly called
me Charles because he thought
i was counting his words but really
i was calling him a nickname "57"
referring to his age...
because it was so random and
non understandable, he thought
i was calling his 55 a 57...
i probably wouldnt do that
at least not out loud, because
of how much of a fuss i made
about it when you did it...
soooooooo, i earned the
teasing in one way or another,
and now, we can all just move on
from there....if, however, you suffer
from any OCD tendencies, and who
doesnt, perhaps you can still enjoy
counting the words...
i've already apologized to Galen
for wrecking his continuity, and
he in fact, pointed out to me
that no one really pays attention
to much of this shit anyway,
to which i must reply,
then why the fuck do people write
and communicate in such a fashion
when no one is really listening?
anyway, that should clear up
the misunderstanding...
i'm sure Galen will deal with me
when he returns from Borders...
i can hardly wait...

Manny said...

Happy Friday!


G-Man said...

Mona Dear,
I'm so glad a crisis was averted on your home-front..great news xoxox

Heres my hankie Jadey
(blows a huge Loogy in it)
....Er Keep it!!

I already did a pussy post!
...Glad your back son!!

I saw this at the Wharton Center...

Have a great 55 sweetie!!

Thanks, for crossing the Ocean for me!!

Snow....You Rocked...

OK Everybody...
Including LISA!!!!


Charles said...

'Salright. I've had my name used in such a fashion previously, in much worse ways. I wouldn't think that I suffer OCD, but I might be a bit obsessive. As I said before, I hadn't seen the rules, and was curious about why they were called 55s. Galen's wasn't the first I had run across that I didn't count 55 on, that's why I was a bit confused. In fact his wasn't even the furthest off. I've yet to even attempt one, and I'm not sure I want to try. There's a lot of story to fit into very little space. I bow to those who attempt it, even when they are off.

Jo said...

Well... comments supressed are always intriguing... Once we know why, we do understand that we are all normal...
About reading... did ever one of you took the time to read the novel from Gaston Leroux, Phantom of the Opera
Leroux was one of my favorite author when I was about 12 years old... He is a master of the thrillers, and Phantom isn't, for me, the best of his books...
And, as always, the novel is so much better than all that was done with it after... Ah! That may be only me... a perpetual nostalgic...
I wish some will take the time to discover the writer and the rest of his work... ;-)

morgetron said...

One time I got poison ivy on my face, over one eye and down the side of my cheek. Hubbetron called me "Phantom of the Opera" until it cleared up.

morgetron said...

Why are there so many deleted comments on this post? What up? What UP?!


PS: My 55's up, ripe for the poppin'.

Cha Cha said...

Pussy Post?


G-Man said...

Your 55 was awesome!
AGAIN!! Thanks..Galen xox

Thanks Missy!!

Hi Baby, better late than never!!
Thanks, and I do try to help you...xoxoxoxox

I'm glad you liked it,
I hope your feeling better also...Thanks xox

Glad to see you back buddy,
Yeah you should do a 55!
Any subject matter will do...

Hey Pam,
I usually start trouble, I'm glad I started something different...xox

Mona Dear,
I loved all of those..xox

Upstate Ambre,
Hi Baby, I loved your 55 today also..Giggles

You saw it on Broadway?
That must have been awesome!!
I've seen it at the Masonic in Detroit
The Wharton Center in Lansing
And Twice at the Beautiful Pantages Theater in Toronto, The second time it starred Paul Stanley from Kiss on it's farewell run, and he brought me to tears...Thanks..xoxox

Jadey...Thanks ladies, both of yours were great, thanks for visiting!!...Galen xox

Thanks for being so understanding, i appreciate it very much, you are always welcome here...You Know It!!!

All is Forgiven...because there is nothing to forgive!!
I just want to have fun..
With you and Everybody else..Thanks for explaining though, I love you..xoxox


Thanks again...Galen

I also loved that novel,
I loved this musical even more..But you are kinda French, so I see why you liked the Novel better...xoxoxox

I loved your Poison Ivy story....Do you have pics?..xoxoxox
I'll go check it out finally!!!

G-Man said...

It was on one of your Hiatus's!!!!
If you are A Bad Girl, I may try to find it for you!!
Like I can find anything!!! xoxox

Charles said...

That's also available via Project Gutenburg in a variety of languages and formats as a single file, as well as thousands more books.

Charles said...

Gutenberg, rather.

G-Man said...

Thanks Charles.....


Me and my friend Alex, are going to visit my brother in the very quaint little resort town of Oscoda Michigan..

If you want a little project, try googling the origin of Paul Bunyan, I think you'll be quite surprised...
See Ya Sunday!!!!
Galen xoxox

Cha Cha said...


I can never find anything either.

Have fun!

Unknown said...

Galen, it's not only a French thing... it is more of a librarian thing... ;-)

GAB said...

Ok yesterday was just plain weird....I posted a comment but it came back as deleted WTF! Ok try again.....Said I deleted my comment? What? I didnt delete I posted oh hell forget it, Hugs!

stella sweden said...

The world will never find me because I`ll find the world!

Mona said...

Galen? why are the comments going haywire here???

((Hugs)) Thanks for inquiring! Yes that could have been a huge calamity!Everything is okay now.

G-Man said...

Even with your New-look Apt?

You crack me up!

Hi sweetie, welcome back!!!
I can see that you like the Phantom!
Thanks .....Galen

That stuff has been happening to me all week...Crazy shit I tell you!
Thanks for trying again...Galen xox

I think your PC is haunted!!

Spoony Quine said...

` Phantoms are hot, what are you talking about? Even disfigured ones!

Cha Cha said...


It still has a LOOOOONG way to go.

Trust me.

Baby steps...

Hope you're havin' a blast, dude.

Head Cookie said...

Hey there G-man I insist here is your hankie back.

dickiebo said...

No thanks, Jadey. S'not fair!

Cazzie!!! said...

Excellent 55 Galen :)
Hey, could you check this out..I think it is a wonderful tribute to remember a loved on who loves to ride..

Snow White said...

I hope you had a nice weekend. I've missed you! xox

G-Man said...

I'm sure all phantom's think that you are hot as well...G-man

I did have a blast, Thanks..

OK give it back,
I think Dickiebo wants it!!

OK I'll check kit out right now.
Thanks sweetie....G

Lady Di,
Aww Honey, that was soo sweet, But I'm back now...xoxoxoxox