Thursday, August 2, 2007

Friday 55.......

I MUST make this movie..
But I know his power will ruin me.
His power will tarnish my masterpiece!
His words are his power...
But his power must be exposed!

And the irony of it all?
One word will define this project forever,
and seal my IMMORTALITY!

His nickname for his Girlfriend's cute vagina...


snowelf said...



snowelf said...

whoa...what an ironic coincidence THAT was...

I love being all magical like that. ;)


Mona said...

Now who the hell can be that!!!

Funny as usual...The end is hilarious.. only one that g man's mind can think of!

You are a real KLPD galen.. & ask me what that means !!!! You will be shocked outta your wits so io wont tell!

Serena said...

And they thought it was just a sled. Ha! Nobody's sled ever netted her a California castle.

It's a great 55, G.:)

G-Man said...

Yes I know you love Irony!
Thanks xox

OK....Whats it mean?
I can take it..xox

G-Man said...

Oooooh Serena Joy!!!
You actually get this!!
I think I love you!!
(and NOT in a Partridge Family way)
Thanks Sherry..xoxbgxox

barman said...

Leave it to the G-ster. Nice one.

I jumped in this week again. I will go visit Susie now...

Little Wing said...

I wonder what she called his penis????????????
LOL! Good one!
Gonna go post mine now!

GAB said...

you named it? lolololol ok then Cute.

Cha Cha said...

I must not get it because I thought they were making homemade porn. I didn't get anything about sleds and castles nor California outta that.

I do like the Partridge Family though.

I always had that thing for Keith. I really don't know why. Laurie was SO much hotter. But, I didn't realize that until later in life.

Keith was such a dork.

I played too.


Yay for playing!!

Nighty-night, Gayland.


lime said...

ROFLMAO!!! i am so glad i was nto trying to drink anythign whn i read this. it surely would have been spewed on my monitor!

Evalinn said...

LOL, you´re funny! I missed doing an HNT yesterday and I´m not doing a 55 today, trying to get some work done over here :-( hopefully next week I´ll be back on track!

Mona said...

Galen .. ok it is in your IM I know you might take it but others won't be able to...LOL

Mona said...

& galen I deamt the we bloggers were standing up a flyover & watching the scene which I saw at Snow's.. the bridge collapse at Minneapolis...


Mona said...

ok... I played what if I am not a KLPD, I am still luke warm I guess...

G-Man said...

Barman Thanks...

I'll be over.


This might be a little old for you!
Thanks for your input.xox

I'm sure you got this too, But I think I'll explain it..Thanks xox

Thanks sweetie xox
Have a great week-end!

You Rock..xoxox

G-Man said...

In 1939..Orson Welles was riding the crest of his famous radio hoax about Mars invading the earth..
He decided to make a movie called "Citizen Cane"..
This movie was loosly based on the most powerful man in the country at the time, newspaper and publishing mogul William Randolph Hearst..A mean vindictive bastard!!
Hearst tried to get RKO Studio to not release the movie, but they did anyway.
The movie was a box-office flop, thanks to Hearst's relentless campaign against it..
But it was nominated for many Oscars including Best Picture!
The film has gone on to be a movie classic, but Welles was never the same after that...Hearst sort of helped ruin his career...

The opening scene of this movie was with newpaper Mogul Charles Foster Cane dying...his last word was.."Rosebud".
The rest of the movie was a flash-back, chronically showing his rise to power..It ended up going all the way back to his child-hood..
And the last scene in the movie showed the Miserable Citizen Cane at his happiest, as a child, playing with his favorite toy, his sled, the brand name of the sled was.."Rosebud".

Hearst's real life mistress was a famous actress of the day, named Marion Davies...

Sorry everyone, I thought this movie was more of a classic....

Mona said...

Ok Galen.. that explains it all...I would not have understood it without the history it entails!

& the critic's mind wanders into realms unknown...& interpretations Myraid!

Lol!.. I guess we all were trying to guess how many children had Lady Macbeth! [ Chuckle]

Anonymous said...

Oh, well... why not?
I respected the 55 words post today... It just happened like that... ;-))

barman said...

Thanks for the explanation as I was lost. I guess I am just not that deep.

javajazz said...

well i sure as hell didnt have a darn clue
what he was going on about...
Galen, you're just too damn deep, baby.
i cant keep up with your brain....
Citizen Kane may be a classic
but who the hell knows all that other stuff!
just you, misterknowitall, just you!
clever 55 shitknower.

SignGurl said...

I had no clue either. I'm so glad you cleared that up. I hate feeling like a dumb blond.

CozyMama said...

hehehehehehehehehe - hi there.

Melissa Russell said...

who do I tell that my flash 55 is up?????

Mona said...

Reb , You tell it to susie! & yours is a wonderful 55!

Galen I forgot to tell..this one is doing the disappearing act too!

Cha Cha said...

Citizen Kane IS a classic.

Some say it is the greatest movie ever made, in fact.

However, it is a classic that Strumpet has never seen and it is now on my list...once I get a new DVD player...

Thanks for the explanation AND for telling me things had been explained so I'd get my ass over here!

You rock, babycakes.

And 'rosebud' is a great name for a sled OR a pussy.

If I ever do make a homemade porn...I'ma thinkin' I'll call it Rosebud.

And it will be the greatest porn ever made.

Melodie Norman Haas said...

I am not sure I understand but I will admit when my blonde roots kick in LOL Always fun to read your 55 though GMan :)

Melodie Norman Haas said...

ohh ok now I read the comments and see the explanation LOL well duh to me. Ohh I did 55 this week too

Melissa Russell said...

could someone give me the link to susie's blog I don't have it to tell her mine is up

barman said...

Rebicmel, here is Sisie link

Should you look for her blog again, G-Man has a link in his sidebar called Susie and that would be her.

lime said...

lol, yes galen, i knew the reference but thanks for 'fleshing' out the background a bit more ;)

Little Wing said...

Thanks for explaining. I really didn't get it but didn't want to admit it!

S said...

Im so sorrry you guys! I do not have my 55 ready at all!
I think we oughta make Gman the official host dont you?
He would do such a good job:D

However the pay is crap!

Snow White said...

Okay G-Man, Susie says to tell you. I played! xoxo

Snow White said...

Oops! I just realized that I neglected to tell you what a great job you did on your 55! I got it right off. xox

Snow White said...

Oops! I just realized that I neglected to tell you what a great job you did on your 55! I got it right off. xox

Anonymous said...

Citizen Kane is even more than a classic... maybe why anyone recalled the reference... You should have help us a little more.. ;-)))

Crabby said...

You are a talented man, G.

G-Man said...

Your mind is a Myriad of Knowledge..xox

I certainly will hump over to your 55...
Last weeks was awesome!

Hey Searabbit,
Thanks for making me smile sweetie!!

I guess I'll be over to see you soon, Susie is still unpacking!!

This is all common knowledge.
But if you did not see the movie, you would be a bit confused..
Thanks Notoeshower!!!

But I love feeling a dumb blonde..hehehe
Have a safe trip Jenn!!!

hey Jodie Girl..
Whats happenin?

I'll certainly be over to review in a sec Thanks!

Thanks brother!!

Could I please be the films editor?

I Knew You knew!!!

Yes Jadey,
I know..xoxoxoxo

I'll fill in from time to time, but it would NOT be the same!!
People love your reviews and comments..xoxox

I'll be right over!!

I tried to explain sweetie xoxox

You are a Funny and Talented lady xoxox

javajazz said...

ha! man, you dont wanna know....!

javajazz said...

also, do people really have names
for their vaginas?
just wondering...
actually, i dont want to know
the 2 possible answers to that.
do guys have...oh nevermind.

Cha Cha said...

That depends, Galen.

Cos I was thinking you and Sign could be my Lube Bitches...

...but, you know...if you wanna be the can be the editor.


Yes. They do.

S said...

It's so true, Im a hoser!
But lookit you, rising to the occaision!

javajazz said...

hi Strumpie..i miss you.
why do i have the feeling
Galen is willing to give up
the editor job for Door # 1,
as it were...

also while we're on the subject
(i love the word vagina)
um, how might one distinguish between
a cute vagina and say, perhaps,
a rather unattractive one?
i mean, are any of them
really all that attractive?

anyone, feel free to jump in here....

G-Man said...

I sure don't!!

Lube Bitches????
Lube Bitches????
I think your'e right...(again )

Glad I could help out.xoxox

javajazz said...

you sure dont what, Galen?

ps you think i'm right about....?
what, that all vaginas are ugly?
what a great word.
its right up there
with pamplemousse, really.

Cazzie!!! said...

Rosebud....very very cute

Manny said...

You promised you wouldn't tell.

javajazz said...

is sleigh a euphamism for vagina?

javajazz said...


S said...

Comes back with the beer!
What kind do you like Gman?
How bout a Guinness??

Flash said...

I wonder....................

You know, with the depts and blackness of early holleywood, I wouldn't put it past anyone if this was true to the dot.


Flash said...

PS...As always, the Flash plays the game....

G-Man said...

Shakespeare called it the Venus Glove!!
Or the Bird's Nest!!
Or the Velvet Leaves!!!
I call it...Cooter!!

Any Aussi term for snatch?


I like Ranier!!

As always..I commented!!

Cha Cha said...

Vaginas are not ugly!

They are like the flowers in an O'Keefe painting.

Magnificently wondrous.

G-Man said...

Yeah....Cooter art!!!

javajazz said...

i wish mine was as colourful as Georgia's...

grapefruit en francais, bebe...
its just such a cute word.