Saturday, May 5, 2007

Lucky 7...............

Is everybody ready for the Week-End? Yeah, well I have to work! But last week our very good friend, and the Worlds Hottest Angel of Mercy Jillie, tagged me on a meme...
I'm supposed to list 7 habits, bad or good. And list my 7 favorite songs, so here goes;


1. I go through about one pack of Q-Tips every month! But if I run out, I just peel some of the cotton from around the tip of a used one....and re-use it! I can get about 4 days from one if I don't break it!

2. Often I work late, so I have a tendancy to eat a meal way too late at night!

3. I Like my Soda Pop very cold, so I put it the freezer for about 45 Minutes.
Well, sometimes I forget about it..............BOOM!

4. If I have an appointment, or if I am going to an event, I am always way early!
I love getting the best seat at the theater, or being 1st in line....

5. On the flip side of that, if I have a test, or a perscription to fill, I always wait until the very last minute to do it

6. At every meal no matter whats for dinner, I make a sandwich! Either out of whatever bread is being served, or out of the dinner roll.....Every meal!! It drives my friends and family CRAZY!! Of course thats part of the reason that I do it!!...Hahahaha

7. Since I don't blog at work anymore, I blog way too much at home! I hardly ever watch any TV anymore, and when I do watch TV, I'm also blogging........

Favorite Songs

1. Free Bird.....Lynyrd Skynyrd

2. Radar Love...Golden Earring

3. 25 or 6 to 4 .....Chicago

4. Dynamo Hum....Frank Zappa

5. Highway Song....Blackfoot

6. While My Guitar Gently Weeps....Beatles..( George Harrison )

7. In The Hall of the Mountain King....Edvard Grieg( composer )

Tomorrow I could have a different list, but today, this is it!! Oh yeah, I'm supposed to tag 7 other people for this little self-revealing meme...

1. Roxi.....Lady R.
2. Manny
3. Jodi
4. Buddha Girl
5. Barman
6. Gabby
7. Lime...Trini....Michelle

Tag....Your It!!!.......Sorry guys, but it is an easy post!!!....... Peace...... Galen


S said...

Oh thank you for not tagging me. You know the mistress is very busy.

I hope your weekend is stellar, gman!
ANd BW I am first, because I am on the left coast, and its just 11 pm and I am soooo sauced..because the hubby went out without me..LOL..what can I do but drink gentleman jack and play on the puter?
Thank you for being 55 host, g man~

Roxi said...

alright.. Im doin it.

jillie said...

I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO love While My Guitar Gently Weeps!

Great post there g-man....


LisaPizza said...

I can't decide if you are thrifty, cheap or insane about the Q-Tips. I posted a FFF 55 if you'd care to read it. Ciao for now.

ann said...

I'm frightened to ask what you need all those q-tips for... it is for the bike, yeah? Oh and this one pack, does it contain 50? 100? 250? 500? 1000?

great answers; great way to get to know you

have a lovely weekend

lotsa luv ann xxxx

Manny said...

OMG! We have a lot in common. I'm scairt.

snowelf said...

Galen, my daughter does that sandwich thing too! OMG, too funny!

You should set the microwave timer when you put your soda in. No more explosions! :)

Happy Cinco de Mayo! :)

G-Man said...

Morning everybody...
Gotta go to work today, and I'm running late, so please forgive me.....

Susie, I love drunk women!

Roxi, I love drunk women!

Jillie, I love drunk women!

LisaPizza, I read your your 55, I don't think you are drunk, but you can still come back anytime....

Lady Ann, I love British women! If you happened to be a bit tipsy, that would be off the chart!

Manny, I love Candy!!

Snowelf, thanks for being such a nice visiter. I hope to tell you now, that you are no longer a visiter, this is officially a second home to kick off your shoes, and hang out a while OK?..G xox

barman said...

When you said 45 minutes I knew what you were trying for. I love those slushies. I learned that back in High School. See, can't tell me I never learned nothin'. OK, maybe not spelling ... or grammar. Love the songs too.

By the way, I AM NOT DRUNK. I noticed you had a thing for the drunk ladies and I thought I would relieve your mind. Speaking of which, I need to get some Cinco de Mayo makings. Let the PARTY BEGIN.

Time for a quick tag now...

LisaPizza said...

Thanks for dropping by. It's a pleasure to meet you too! No matter how many times I count my FFF55 it comes out to be 55 words. Are you sure? Please count my entry again. Happy Cinqo de Mayo!

Anonymous said...

great list of 7's g-man.
You peel back the cotton on the q-tip? get a pack of 500 and they'll last you
Have a great day buddy, even tho you're working.

lime said...

it's saturday morning and i am quite sober...i hope that's ok.

wtf are you doing with all those Q-tips???

Ok, i was tagged last week by someone else and i planned to do that on monday. i will do this tag too. not sure if i will just add it to the other one on monday or do it all by itself.. but i will do it.

have a great day g-man!

Anonymous said...

Interesting... but yeah... what is that Q-Tips fetish?

Roxi said...

WHat the hell are you trying to say?? that I am a drunkard??? WTF!

SIMON said...

I was tagged as well and it is quite easy isn't it.
Your music is good and we share a record how strange is that? Freebird.

G-Man said...

If I was where all the great bourbon of the world is, I would be drunk!!
Have fun brother...

LisaPizza, I'm no math whiz, you may be right, it was a very good 55 regardless..You can drop by drunk or sober!! G

TC, this was a post about nasty habits right?
I can't help it...

Limey, you can do what you like with that tag..
You can squeeze 2 out of em, or combine them..
You are now a biker babe, you can do what you want!! xoxox

Searabbit, a fetish?
Thats sounds kinda kinky!
Thanks for that image..G

Roxi? You a drunkard?
Hell no I'm not saying that!
I'm just saying that you have your moments...xoxox

EB, hows it goin brother?
I'll have to check out your list.......Galen

SignGurl said...

What in THEE Hell are you doing with all those Q-Tips. On second thought, I don't want to know.

I have the same being way early issue. It makes people crazy.

snowelf said...

Shoes are off and I'm helping myself to a drink. :)


G-Man said...

Signgurl...Oh like no one else uses a Q-Tip more than once?

Bring me a beer please..

javajazz said...

here, let me help you with this:
no, nobody uses a Q-tip more than once, except for you...they dont peel them like a banana, either, and use them 2 or 3 times, no...
that just doesnt happen.
sounds like a pack of 500
will just get you through the month.
i'm not even sure i want to know
WHERE you are using these...
nope, i dont.
man, i knew you were clean,
i just didnt realize HOW clean.

G-Man said...

Lisa, Exceptionally Clean!

Ready for inspection...

javajazz said...

(i'd say spread 'em,
but i dont know you
that well...)

javajazz said...

hey, you're home!

cathy said...

at last someone who won't judge me for earting potato pie sandwiches!
as they say in Lancs " Purrit ona butty!"

lime said...

yes, i am a biker babe so i guess by rights i could say f*** the meme ;)

jillie said...

You remind to hide all of my!!!

That is just too funny g-man

g-man...where were you when I needed you last Sat! are you feeling now??


Trée said...

Love that Harrison number, one of my all time faves. Great list.

G-Man said...

Lisa...yes you do!

Cathy, Hell no I won't judge you at all...
A sandwich is a sandwich!
Thanks for sharing that little secret...xoxox

Yeah Lime you could say that....but you won't!
Cause you are way too sweet...xoxox

Jillie, no pukin tonight OK?

Tree' aren't that old are you?
But it is a great tune..

jillie said...

You would have been proud of me last night...only "3" glasses of wine...



javajazz said...

okay, maybe i do...

G-Man said...

Jillie, good girl!!

Lisa....hehehehe xoxox

javajazz said...

nyuk nyuk....
(pass the Q-tips, please.)

G-Man said...

A clean unused one?

cathy said...

eating not earting. LOL

javajazz said...

depends what you want inspected...
i'd best take a fresh one....
like NORMAL people do!!!

G-Man said...

Cathy, I knew what you meant..Far be it from me to to talk about spelling... I'm terrible!

JJ .....I'm NOT normal?

javajazz said...

i'm not sure i'd be
the best person
to determine that...
happy sunday!
i bet y'all is out
me, i'm making scrambled eggs
with vidalia onions.
homefries and toast
for the girls...
(sarah and kaya...)
its a beautiful day
in the neighbourhood...

G-Man said...

I'm suddenly starvin!
Too late for brunch?

javajazz said...

hi sweetie!
i'll fax you some homefries...
man, they're good!
i cut 'em in little cubes
and i use a few sweet potatoes
too, and onions...they're
nice and toasted on the outside...
still havent perfected my
scrambleds and onions yet...
it was my first time, actually!
hows you?
i was just over visiting sweet
Strumpie! i'm SO excited for
how everything is just falling
into place in her wonderful life!
aint it grand??

Mona said... you wear them when you RIDE a bike?

once committed, a mistake
committed again & again, a habit :)

Have a nice bright sunday Galen.


G-Man said...

JJ, That would be great!

Thanks Mona, but there are good mistakes..xoxox

jillie said...

OK...I just got back from Costco and bought a BOAT LOAD of if they were for would be 2 months


Hope you're enjoying the BEAUTIFUL weather!

G-Man said...

Jillie, that would be a 2 year supply!! hahahaha!

KJ said...

very cool meme

Mona said...

Good mistakes? can you please enumerate some so thatI can commit them!
The best things about sandwiches is that you have such a variety to choose from. I loooove sandwhiches any day!
PS Where is strumpet? I hope she is okay.

G-Man said...

Thanks KJ, LOve you Sweetie!!! xoxox

Mona, Strumpets been hit by the Thunderbolt!!
She's just fine...