Sunday, May 20, 2007

Musical Monday....Sort of

Saturday Night me and my best friend Alex was at our little neighborhood watering hole. Friday and Saturday they have a DJ. The DJ's name is Chuck, he's about 48-50 yr's old and also does Kareoke. He is a friendly guy, and will play any song that he has upon request.
Chuck is quite impressed with my musical trivia skills, and every so often tries to stump the G-Man. Last night as I was downing a Scotch on the rocks, Chuck sneaks up behind me and says, " OK, I'll buy you a drink if you can answer this Trivia question," What song was the 1st Psychedelic Song?"...I thought for a minute, but before I could answer his question, a real Pseudo Knowitall that I drink a few with named Barry, pipes up with Inna-Godda-da-Vita!! Chuck immediately agree's, declares that is the next song to be played, and orders Barry a beer!
I quickly turned to him and said..."Thats not correct though". "The first generally regarded Psychedelic Album was Surrealistic Pillow by the Jefferson Airplane"!! " It had such great hits on it as 'Somebody to Love', and 'White Rabbit', and it was released in 1967".
They both disagreed , and walked away. I shook my head in disgust, smiled, and sipped on my drink. About 10 minutes later, Chuck sheepishly came up to me and said softly....."You were right. That album was released 2 years before Iron Butterfly"! I smiled and said, "Yes I know, that was the first year that I ever smoked a joint."......Alex looked at me and and declares...
Mr. Knowitall"!

Do you remember what the Billboard top 2 songs were 10 years ago?

Elton John..." Candle in the Wind 1997"
Jewell..." You were meant for Me"

20 Years ago..1987?

The Bangles..." Walk Like an Egyption"

30 Years ago..1977?

Rod Stewart..."Tonight's the Night"
Andy Gibb..." I Just Wanna Be Your Everything"

40 Years ago..1967?

Lulu..." To Sir With Love"
The Box Tops..."The Letter"

50 Years ago..1957?

Elvis Presley..." All Shook Up"
Pat Boone..."Love Letters In the Sand"

Thats as far back as I am admitting to knowing...Have a great week everybody... Peace!!


S said...

Oh wow first

S said...

Ah yes, I remember it well, the love notes slipped to me underneath my arm from the seat behhind me in Comp 100, senior year, Fall 1977...

All it said was...

Such a fresh boyfriend I had, isnt it?

Right now you are wondering wtf I am talking about, arent you....

Mona said...

I remember Gloria estefan & Maddona , nothing further downline!

Maybe I shud listen to old classics!

But I remember 90s well! :)when J lo came up a big way...with her millenium number!

tsduff said...

To Sir With Love was one of my top favs... loved the movie with Sidney Poitier that it went with... she sang it so poignantly it brings tears to my eyes when I hear it. Fun Galen - thanks!

Cha Cha said...

I remember what the Dormouse said.

And when Strumpet wants to feed her head...

...she visits Mr. Knowitall's spot.

In the Garden of Eden, honey.

Much love and many thanks.

All Shook Up is actually one of my favourite Elvis tunes. Suspicious Minds though... that one's the tops.

Later, Galen

Cazzie!!! said...

I so love all of those songs, Mr Knowitall...I need you at our trivia one Thursday night :)

G-Man said...

I Know what he was talking about.
...And was it? *wink*

Mona...You should listen to what you like. I listen to some very weird stuff. It just broadens your horizons..xoxoxox

Terry, somehow I just knew this post would call out to you..
Thanks for stopping by.....Galen

Your so kind to me,
and you always play so well!!
They didn't call him the 'King' for nothing...Thanks sweetie. xox

G-Man said...

Cazzie, wouldn't that be awesome if I showed up?
I couldn't think of a better host to show me around than you either!!Thanks.....Galen xox

barman said...

Awesome musical knowledge there G-man and how dare they go against you!

I used to go to this one watering hole a whole lot more than I should have. They had a bible. Almost always when a music question came up someone knew the answer, almost always. When they didn't, that is where the bible came in. Let me tell you there were always musical questions flying around. That bible was practically a new book with how rare it was consulted.

I would like to have got you and the others together for sudden death. I think it would have been most entertaining.

G-Man said...

Good Morning Barman..
When ARE we going out for a drink anyway!!
Lets set something up!

lime said...

you are da man!

andy gibb....oh man i had the biggest crush on him.....

G-Man said...

Good Morning Michelle!!
Love seeing your smiling Face..xoxox

Anonymous said...

You constantly amaze me with your musical trivia knowledge g-man.
It's funny how hearing or thinking about an old song can bring back memories of that era.
Great post buddy.

Breazy said...

I will be singing "Walk Like An Egyptian" all day now! LOL! I can only go back to the 20yr mark because I was only 2 during the 30yr.

Hope you have a good day!

Cha Cha said...

Back when VH1, (I think it was VH1,) aired Rock and Roll Jeopardy featuring celebrity contestants, I always wished I could be a celebrity just so that I could compete.

I think my favourite contestant and the most unexpectedly brilliantly filled with musical knowledge...

...was C.C. DeVille from Poison.

He kicked so much ass at that game. And you never would have expected that.

Of course the dude could never shut-up either...but that was okay because he's C.C. and he was all of a sudden the coolest shit EVER cos he knew his stuff. Like in a landslide over all the other celebrities. And he has cool stories to tell too.

I had a newfound appreciation for Poison after that, as I was in AWE that the weirdo from Poison kicked everyone's ass all over the place and in like the nicest way possible.

He wasn't gloaty. He wasn't full of attitude, (granted this show aired way after Poison's heyday and I think he was clean at the time,) but he just rocked that shit like no other.

Lots of thorns have roses attached...and C.C. Deville is one of 'em.

I would love to see a match with you and him. I could be the third contestant. You would both beat me...but I would put up a good fight.

Then again...anything can happen in Final Jeopardy.

I could always win on a hip-hop question. Then again....C.C. was SO never saw it coming. He is a master.

Then again, you could have a secret love for MF Doom and Jay-Z that I don't know about.

That's the fun of these kinds of never know where your competitors strong points lie.

Oh, I have to listen to Poison now.

See ya, G

Queenie said...

Your such a smarty pants, no wonder I visit.

MilkMaid said...

Heart is my all time favorite band!

Your posts are always so interesting...

ann said...

I bet you're in demand for quizzes... I can never remember what I had for breakfast let alone what went on years ago...

... and sadly I remember every one of them...

javajazz said...

dont mess with the G-man,
Mr. Knowitall,
King Of All Information,
my favourite Infomaniac...
(of course you were right!!)

G-Man said...

Smarty Pants..?
I like that, Thanks Queenie...xox

Milkmaid, I loved them too. Ann and Nancy Wilson ROCKED!!

Ann.....Mr. Knowitall!
Thanks sweetie..xox

JJ....Of Course!
Has your son gotten enough to eat yet?

Thanks for your great positive energy Lisa..xox

javajazz said...

i should have taken your advice...i try not be a jewish mother, but its in my DNA, in spite of not being a very jewish jewish mom...the eat eat eat factor is still quite prevalent...i could barely force him to eat the too big breakfast i made him...hes still on california jazz musician time...i think they wake up, and go straight to lunch there...anyway, i'll get it, eventually!

Brian laughed when i told him Galen told me to pace myself before trying to feed him a week's worth of food the first chance i had to look after my kid...
i think i'm gonna get him to say howdy to my buddy Galen before the week's out...Sarah too, if i can pin her down...hey, when's your kid coming home, already?

SignGurl said...

I still love Go Ask Alice. That song sums up the drug heydays for me.

Cool post, your highness!

G-Man said...

Sit down...Gnosh a bit!!
You are too cool JJ..
Mandy comes home on June 2nd...Thanks for asking xoxox

Thanks Jenn,
The Queen of Signs!

Serena said...

Oooo, what a good list. Brings back some fond, fond memories that go way back -- although not WAY, way back.:)

javajazz said... silent G, man...
let me teach you the ways...
(its like the blind leading
the yiddish blind here...)

is your wife gonna return
the exact same time as Amanda?

anyway, it'll be nice
to have your kid home...
(Galen Jr.)

snowelf said...

Hey G-Man :)

Happy Musical Monday.
I always really liked that Jewel song.


G-Man said...

Hi Serena,
You probably listen to the "Oldies" station!!

JJ, I'm just a lonely goy, lonely and blue!
Thanks Bubela
er, Bubaluh!

Thanks Snowelf...
Glad your back safe and sound xox

GAB said...

ahhh the memories. Does that make me old or what? Hugs

Mona said...

Galen!.. Sweet dreams!!

G-Man said...

Gabby, it all depends what year we are talking about...xoxox

Mona, If my dreams are of you...They are sweet indeed!

I missed Breazy AND Strumpet? Man I must have been whipped!

Breazy, I hated that song! But thanks for stopping by..

Strumpet,we all have our fields of expertise thats for sure!
Hip Hop certainly is not mine.
I think I'd be better at name that tune!!..xoxox

Mona said...


G-Man said...

Invader of Dreams!!!

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh at the Pat Boone reference, that does go back in time a bit.
good morning g-man, hope you have a great day.

Kyra said...

What scares me is that looking back at 20 years ago, those songs still seem just like yesterday.

G-Man said...

Good Morning TC,
Oh I remember them too brother!

Welcome to the Jungle!!
20 years ago was yesterday to me! Thanks for visiting, and please come back.....Galen