Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Happy Tuesday everyone!! You know, for a man of considerable girth, I've always gotten around quite well. I competed in sports in High School. I could always hold my own in Paddle-Ball, and Golf. And I've been known to cut a rug or two on the dance floor. I've never had a cavity, and although I've totaled out 3 cars in my life-time, and have "Kissed the Pavement" once or twice on my bike, I've NEVER had a broken bone of any kind!! Knock on Wood!!!
Yesterday for some unknown reason, my left knee became very painful to walk on...
Every time I stood to walk on it, I thought that I would need a cane to ambulate. After I got up and moved around a bit, it loosened up some, but I still have a slight limp. Last night I found some Ben-Gay in the medicine cabinet, and slathered some on before I went to bed. Well if you have ever smelled that horrid cream , you know how it's aroma can waft through the whole house!
Soon afterwards, my 17 year old son Reese came into my room to inquire about the pungent smell, he then tells me that "Ben-Gay works for shit...You need the REAL stuff"! He then brings into my room a very small container of this cream called "Tiger Balm". "I paid 12 bucks of my own money for this crap...It's the best".He then orders me to show him my knee......(as he was putting on a rubber glove). I said ' why the glove Reese ' ? He smiled and said..."You'll soon find out"! Next he came back with a medicine vial of 800mg Motrin, took one out, handed it to me , and ordered me to take it. YIKES!! Within a minute or two I could feel the burn start to increase until it felt like someone was holding a blow torch to my knee. But the pain soon gave way to relative comfort, and I was able to enjoy some rest..
GOD I FELT OLD!!! I certainly hope that this was not a harbinger of things to come...My son taking care of me, and handing me my 'Meds'!!! My mind tells me that I am 25 years old, but unfortunately my body and the mirror tells me a different story.
But before I went into a total state of depression and dimentia, I was reading a book someone had given me for one of my birthdays. It happened to be a book about events that took place the year that I was born. I've made a small list of the most prominent names that share my birth year, and here are some of them....
Billy Joel
Bonnie Raitt
Lionel Richie
Maureen McGovern
John Oates
Alex Ljiljak (my best friend)
Eddie Money
Maurice Gibb
Robin Gibb
Rick Springfield
Tom Waits

I think that it would be fun, if any of you out there, could name me a couple of famous people that may also share YOUR birth year...Of course if you are too old to do so, I understand!!
Thanks for visiting.............Peace!


lime said...

what a good kid reese is. wow g-man, really. if you're going to ever need help he sounds like the fellow you want helping you. and yes, the tiger balm is da bomb. i use it all the time.

not only does he share my birthyear but my actual birthdate...the quite luscious and entirely edible hugh jackman and i entered the world on the same day.

G-Man said...

Good Morning Michelle!!
I love being nailed by a beautiful woman first thing in the morning.

Is that Wolverine?

MilkMaid said...

Well...I couldn't read this post. You totally had me at "considerable girth" LMAO!

Good morning!

MilkMaid said...

Ok, I went back and read...sorry bout the bum knee, hope it's better.

I dunno about same birth year, but MY MAIN MAN Sam Elliot shares my birthday with me. I get a free moustache ride every year from him. In my dreams. ;)

MilkMaid said...

Ok I googled....Sean Pean, Antonio Banderas and Jennifer Grey.

MilkMaid said...

AND....7th bitches!!

Woot.... :D

Mona said...

Galen? You have pain in the knee!!! That is horrible! How are you feeling now????

Tiger Balm? I thought that is the mildest. I have at least 5 bottles of that which I apply on my forehead.It does burn a bit..but not like the pure wintergreen oil does. I get it from the distelleries here & THAT is like Hell!...150 degrees perhaps.

But the relief is immedate.I used it on my injured back once!

who was I born with? Beats me! I have no idea except for the names of my classmates

javajazz said...

aha! so THERE'S quiet little Reese's personality bubbling to the surface! that's too cool that he was "in like Flint" with the meds and the tiger balm therapy like that...wow! i'm very impressed with his helpful kindness for his daddy...
ps i wish i had your teeth...
well, not yours, but teeth like yours...you know what i mean...!

Serena said...

My mind and my mirror duke it out a lot, too.

I've never heard of Tiger Balm, will have to check it out, but how great that your kid is willing to "doctor" you. Hope that knee feels better soon.

javajazz said...

ooh, i love bonnie raitt! she's the coolest bluesiest mama...

well, its lookin pretty slim for my birthday, (huey lewis?) but for my year, i'm happy to say i share the same as such luminaries as:

Alfred E. Neuman??? Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Yo-Yo Ma, Billy Bob Thornton, Bruce Willis, Kelsey Grammer, John Grisham and Whoopi Goldberg....whoopi!

thanks for making me do such
extensive research G-ster!

Evalinn said...

That´s what aging does to u. I have tiger balm, neatly placed in my well organized system of cosmetics bags.

No Mas said...

Tiger Balm is good stuff. It also comes in patches! Another good remedy: EPF-5 (Equine Pain Formula) is used on race horses and can be bought online - no prescription is needed. It is awesome for all aches and pains! (visiting from Mom Minx' place)

Kyra said...

Tiger Balm is great. I use several others as well, blue ice (mineral ice) and hmmm I may have to go check my cabinet.

For my year;

Actually, Drew Barymore and I have the exact same birthday. But others in the year include Kate Winslet, Tiger Woods, Charlize Theron, Angelina Jolie, Enrique Iglesias and Liv Tyler. (I googled)

Breazy said...

The only famous person that I know of that shares my birthday (April 29) was Dale Earnhardt.

Glad your knee is feeling better! I was in a wreck when I was 13 and I injured both of my knees, the older I get (and remember I am only 32) the worse they hurt especially on cold rainy days..ouch!

Hope you have a good day and that you can get a proper nights rest tonight!


snowelf said...

Hi Galen :)

Savy and I share a birth year, so our famous people are the same. :) And though not the same year, Sean Connery was born on my B-day too!


SignGurl said...

I only share a birthday and year with Casper Van Dien, but I share a date with Christina Aguilera, Katie Holmes, Ray Liotta, Steven Speilberg, Leonard Maltin and *drum roll please*...................Brad Pitt!!

Get thee to a doctor if your knee doesn't start feeling better. If 800 mg of Ibuprofen doesn't help it, nothing short of Jack Daniels will.

KJ said...

I do hope your knee feels better and stays better

Queenie said...

never ever lick your fingers after giving tiger balm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
never ever rub your eyes after giving tiger balm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
never ever lick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cha Cha said...

I don't quite agree with the ...

'never ever lick' statement. Though, I'm sure it was only in relation to Tiger Balm...

=P Cos lickin' is good.


My Year:


My Peeps:

Kid Rock
Ewan McGregor
Shannen Doherty
Tom Green
Jada Pinkett Smith
Luke Wilson
Winona Ryder
Christina Applegate
Ricky Martin
Jared Leto
David Arquette
Joey Lauren Adams
Shawn Wayans
Erykah Badu
Johnny Knoxville
Sofia Coppola
Noah Wyle
Henry Thomas
Matt Stone
Mark Wahlberg
Ione Skye
Jenna Elfman
Josh Charles
Snoop Doggy Dogg

Did I have fun playing Google?

Why, yes.

Yes, I did.


G-Man said...

Milkie, I love it when your naughty..
Damn, your young!!

Mona, this was Tiger Balm Ultra!!

JJ, I'd like to give you some of my teeth!! Alfred E. Neuman?
What..Me Worry?

Serena Joy, Thanks. I have no complaints with my son...He's a good boy!!

Evalinn, I've seen a few of your posts. You are definately one of THE most organized people I've come acrossed!!

G-Man said...

Nomas, thanks for the advice, If it's strong enough for a horse, it should be strong enough for the G-Man!

Hi Savy, thanks for stopping by...
You were born in a very good year indeed!

Hi Breazy, nice to see my little Vol..xoxox

Snowelf....Welcome back safely!!
Like I said...A very good year!!!

Hi Jenn, I tried the Jack Treatment tonight.
( actually Black Velvet )
Your right!! Less Pain..

G-Man said...

Never Lick?
....You mean the Tiger Balm?

Kristen, Hi sweetie!
You're my favorite "Blue Grass State" girl xox

Lickin' is always good, When the Strumpet is involved!!
Ricky Martin?
God..it's so good to have you back and playin again!!!
Even for a little while!
Thanks sweetie xoxox

G-Man said...

Lisa? Alfred E. Neuman?

barman said...

People born in 1957

Scott Adams - creator of Dilbert
Denise Austin
Osama bin Laden (makes you feel really old, doesn't it?)
LeVar Burton (Gordy on Star Trek: TNG)
Gary Cole
Katie Couric
Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar of Star Trek: TNG)
Fran Drescher
Gloria Estefan
Kevin Eubanks
Melanie Griffith
Martin Luther King, III
Matt Lauer
Spike Lee
Lyle Lovett
Jon Lovitz
Donny Osmond
Paul Reiser
Judge Reinhold
Ray Romano
Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg
Heather Thomas
Robert Townsend
Timothy Treadwell
Shannon Tweed
Eddie Van Halen
Vincent Van Patten
Billy Van Zandt
Sid Vicious
Nana Visitor (Star Trek: Deep Space 9)
Vanna White
Tad Williams

Some things created in 1957

The Cat in the Hat
Casio electronic calculator
Pink Plastic Flamingos

Hey all in all they made Frisbies that year. How cool is that? Some pretty famouse people too. OK and some not so super people from back than too. All and all, not to bad.

Mona said...

Hey Galen. Even I am talking about tiger balm ultra. Everything in India is Ultra ultra!

& I wrote a post. First I thought of putting an Indian cabaret for you on the You tube, but then I though philosophy would be better, seeing you already had an ultra dose, you might not have survived that one!

But then I was once quite rude to you too...so I guess this one goes for you too...

JAVA JAZZ!...(((((HUGS)))))

S said...

Today in History- December 1

Happy Birthday!
1886 Rex Stout, author ("Nero Wolfe")
1913 Mary Martin, actress ("Peter Pan")
1923 Dick Shawn, actor, actor (Love at First Bite, The Producers)
1929 David Doyle, actor ("Charlie’s Angels", "Rugrats")
1935 Woody Allen, actor/director (Annie Hall, Hannah and Her Sisters)
1935 Lou Rawls, singer
1940 Richard Pryor, comedian/actor (Brewster’s Millions, Superman 3)
1945 Bette Midler, singer/actress ("You are the Wind Beneath My Wings")
1950 Keith Thibodeaux, actor (Little Ricky Ricardo from "I Love Lucy")
1951 Treat Williams, actor (The Phantom, The Eagle Has Landed, "Everwood")
1960 Carol Alt, supermodel/actress (Private Parts)
1961 Jeremy Northam, actor (The Net, Emma)
1971 Emily Mortimer, actress (Scream)

I was born in 1960, that would be that same day as Carol Alt, however, I was born in Eritrea, so technically, I was born a full 12 hours before her, chances are... LOL....but then again, I was also born at 11:45 pm, so I guess that does make us twins. SO how come Im not a super model?
Oh Im much too busy for that nonsense...LOL


S said...

my favorite birthday pal is Lou Rawls...

and man, I cant believe you never heard of tiger balm, sheesh! And, it comes in white now too, you dont have to get stained anymore with the yellow kind!

cathy said...

I'm feeling about a hundred years old today so I decided to check out births for 1907. This was the one that caught my eye, don't ask me why....

....Kasper the elephant was born to Chang and Ellen in Copenhagen zoo on 9th December,1907.

It's been a strange few days!

Cazzie!!! said...

I swear by tiger balm...so did my grandparents and my parents too. Another good one is Winter Greens...and if you ever needed your sinus problem cleared up these are the babies to do it for ya!!
Go get a physio to check out your knee mate..wish I was closer to come and do an assessment myself :0

G-Man said...

Barman..wouldn't you have loved to see Sid Vicious at 50?

Mona, I read your post...
Thanks for visiting me every day.I am quite fortunate to have you in my life..I love you! xox

Susie, You did quite a lot of research for this.
Thank you so much!
And where the fuck is Eritrea?
Now go work on your HNT and 55!!! xoxox

...I'm listening!!

Cazzie...I need a nurse!
You or Jillie would more than suffice..Thanks xox

Mona said...

Galen I feel the other way round. I think I am the one who is fortunate to have you as my friend & I came to thank you!
And believe me, the best things happen to me at your home! :)
Mona loves Galen too!

Cha Cha said...


I always hated Tasha Yar cos she totally used Data. She slept with him and broke his little heart and she was just UGH!

Yeah, never liked her.

Geordi, though, he rocked the hizzouse, yo. He re-invented the banana clip and was smooth like buttah.

But, Brent Spiner always rocked MY world.

And he was born in 1949.

Same year as Strumpet's mama.

And I love Judge Reinhold. A man of one of the greatest movie scenes ever. Whackin' off to Phoebe Cates comin' out of a pool in a red bikini to the tune of the Cars 'Moving In Stereo.' Love the Judge.

lime said...

sorry i am so late getting back, yes g-man, that's wolverine.

lime said...

oh yeah, susie makes a good point about the white tiger balm, that's what i use. it comes in ultra too like mona suggests....

as for eritrea, it's a tiny country in east africa. it used to be part of ethiopia. capital city of asmara. current government is quite persecutorial of nonmuslims....like one of the worst records in the world for religious intolerance currently

javajazz said...

i've actually heard of Eritrea, because of my banjo playing harley riding buddy telling me "the Eritreans are coming" to his place for christmas, and then i got some history lessons too, cuz he knows almost as much as mr knowitall and lime and maybe even more...man, peoples brains just blow me away!

javajazz said...

oh Strumpie, you're so sweet.
i loved Data too. and ya, it pisses me off when people get messed with,
especially when they're somewhat innocent...
i didnt know Geordies shades were a banana clip! i love stuff like that! makes me laugh...they used silly everyday things like that especially in the old star trek, before cool special effects came along. i quite enjoy people using their imagination rather than creating some slick shit with the advanced animation software that exists now...my ex hubby used to sell that stuff and work with it, so i know how impressive the stuff can be, but i love the banana clip!

PinkHippo said...

Of course, some people get increasingly beautiful as they age..

And some people have a "Timeless" beauty that will never grow old!

Remember? this is what you told me. :)

"Tiger Balm" is made in Singapore. The beautiful country which I am staying! :)

Cha Cha said...

I do believe that an actual banana clip was used for the first season, or maybe just for the pilot, I'm not sure.

After the show became the greatness that it was...and the budget went up...I think the banana clip was traded-in for a newer model. But, you could still always tell that it hailed from humble beginnings.

LeVar wore all of his visual accessories very, very well whether suped-up or just a ...banana clip painted silver.

He never quite did as much for me as that red-headed doctor, though.

And the thought of Troi and Worf gettin' it on always sort of intrigued me too.

Then there was that Holodeck...

I would have been Quark's best customer.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who any of these people are! LMAO

That sucks dude, hope it's nothing serious. I've got aches and pains in places I didn't even know I had.
I've heard of that stuff Tiger balm, glad to hear it works.

javajazz said...

look kids, i dont know how to break it to you, and i waited a whole 24 hours to say this, but, you've got to treat the cause, not the symptoms...
i mean, how much do you want to burn your skin, to address and underlying problem? it only serves as a distracion...if its quick fixes you want, how about LSD or something...
i'm just sayin'...

javajazz said...

ya, Strumpie, wouldn't a nice holodeck go good now...its probably just the space aged version of drinking or, i dont know, ingesting shrooms...i wouldnt know, all my hallucinations are self-induced anyway...

now i forget who Troi was...was she kind of that gorgeous middle eastern looking one? Worf and anyone getting it on, i dont know, all i imagine are grunts and him looking like a teddy bear with a molded vulcan face or whatever they were. i am SO not a Trekkie, i just used to love the original, and i still laugh my ass off when i see how funny Bill Shatner is in commercials now...he's a hoot, and i was always crushing on Spock...something about those feelings being buried, or non existent or whatever....it certainly wasnt the ears or the eye shadow...sheesh, he wore almost more than my california grandma Edie did.

javajazz said...

but ya, anyone who can wear a hair clip on their eyeballs as a visor is a damn good actor...

Cat, these were all guys from the later versions of Star Trek...i'm not a Trekkie so i forget which is which.

i loved the old movie (remember they made about 4,000 of them?) where they were moving that whale...spock and the doctor made me laugh so much, trying to be groovy...

The Rogue Kitchen Witch said...

Horse Liniment kicks ass too.

12 people born in my year:
Oscar de la Hoya
David Blaine
Tori Spelling
Juliette Lewis
Carson Daly
Monica Lewinsky
Kate Beckinsale
Dave Chapelle
Rose McGowan
Aishwarya Rai
Neve Campbell
Tyra Banks

barman said...

No way... Lime your birthday is October 12? Small world. My Dads birthday is October 12 as well. Cool.

barman said...

Hey you can't pick on Tasha Yar for messing around with Data. At least he got some. That is a good thing, don't you think? OK, so I had a thing for her and was upset when they killed her off. I did however love that episode. It ends with her doing a pre recorded message for everyone. I think I want that played at a wake for me.

"So you'll understand when I say, 'Death is that state in which one exists only in the memory of others,' which is why it is not an end. No goodbyes, just good memories. Hailing frequencies closed, sir.."

I loved Data, he was fun watching his character grow and learn. The doctor never did much for me and I loved it when she was turned into an irish setter or something by Q. I also had a thing for Robin Lefler but she was only in a few episodes and of course Leah Brahms. OK, so I admit I had a problem, OK?

Sorry, let me retire my Star Trek loving Treckie butt over in the corner... :(

GAB said...

Abigail Van Buren and Ann Landers better known as dear abby and dear ann
Neil Simon
Gina Lollobrigida
calvin Coolidge
Louis B Mayer
Eva Marie Saint
George Steinbrenner
Rube Goldburg
are a few who share my birthday
July 4th!

G-Man said...

Mona, I think we've made our feelings for each other perfectly clear!!

Strumpet, JJ, Barman, I don't have a clue as to who you guys are rambling on about..I assume it's about the fake Star Trek! But thats cool...Have fun!!

Limey, thanks for that info..I love women teachers! But you know, I guarantee you that I'll never remember this little lesson.. Sorry xox

Pink Hippo, you are so kind. And timeless...

TC, I'm with you...

Dark Angel,You are the same age as some very hot women!!
You should see how HOT Rose McGowan was in Grind-House...Man, she has never looked better!
And neither do you! xoxox

Gabby...What a patriotic birthday!! I'm at attention right now..
(and I'm not even standing ) xox

Cha Cha said...

Oh, Barman...please, I beg of you, do NOT have Tasha Yar play at your wake.

She was such a bitch, dude.

The quote itself is good...just don't use her voice. Use your own, or something.

But, then again...Tasha Yar is like cilantro. You either love it or you hate it.

I REALLY do not like Tasha Yar...

And, yes, he got some...but still. It was with Tasha 'ew' Yar.

Q, on the other hand, was one sexy pimp-ass mofo. But, that's just cos I adore smartass troublemakers. They keep you on your toes.

I can't help that I liked the Doc. I've got a mad thing for firebush, plus her kid was the little guy from Stand By Me and that was pretty cool too.

Apparently, he was good friends with your Ms. Robin. I did not know that Ashley Judd was on a couple episodes. I had to Google that one. But, I'm sure if I had viewed her appearances, she would give some of those other hotties a run for their money.

I had to Google Leah too, but upon viewing her pic, I know I saw some episodes with her. Wiki has a good little tidbit on her character and I know I saw some of them episodes cos it sounds too familiar. Though, I don't think she would have done much for me. But, if Geordi was happy fantasizing about a self-made holodeck program based upon an arrogant snob...then so be it. At least he was happy. And I liked Geordi.

I don't think you have a problem, Barman. That show rocked. I had a major thing for Data, Worf and Q. So, I guess I had a problem too.

Jazzy, Troi was the hot brunette empath ship psychologist chick with the long wavy dark hair. Hot. Hot. Hot.


Rose McGowan is the shit. Grindhouse owned. She is too cool.

G-Man said...

Thanks Strumpet....

....God it's great to have you back..xoxoxox

tsduff said...

Mark Twain and I share a birthdate... and another VIP born on my birthday is my grandson! I can't remember the rest, but I used to know more.

Wow, cool! Eddie Money rocks.

Queenie said...

Hi! there, hope your ok. All I can say is soon I'm going to be having an operation people in there 70s &80s have and I'm only in the late parts of my 40s, but come the New Year I'll be on that dance floor, doing my bit. These things just come along to P--- you off, but darling your son is so sweet taking care of his daddy like that, be thankful....

G-Man said...

So THATS why tou love Mark Twain so much eh Terry?...Thanks xoxox

Queenie, I'll be watching you!! I love your kind words to me always.....Galen xox

javajazz said...

i cant believe all these great comments i missed!
where the fuck was i, huh?
i cant remember Tasha Yar either,
but i totally remember Troi now...
i just never remembered their names,
except Data, whom i also quite adored.
but not Worf..he reminds me of Chewy
from star wars...hes too teddybear like.
and Q! he was funny and rude! and he
had funny lips, always made me think he
spent too much time at the plastic surgeons....
man, why am i commenting now...no one is gonna see this! hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!