Saturday, May 12, 2007

JILLIE !!!!!

I've told my story several times of how and why I started my blog. Before I actually started it, I was a lurker and an anonymous commenter for several months. So like everyone else when they first start up, you hop around bloggerville, leave comments, invite people over, and hope people find you interesting enough to visit more than once. My first few posts were primitive at best, and for the life of me I can't to this day figure out why anyone would have wanted to come back more than once. Actually, some people haven't come back after the first visit. Thats OK...I'm a little weird, caustic, and a big Knowitall. Your first post that got more than 10 comments, was like the most exciting thing in the world. And as I learned more and more about blogging and posting, and editing, the comments sort of stayed the same. Many people have aided me in my blogging education. You know who you are, and you know that I love you dearly. All of you!!

Today I am singleing out one person that in my opinion, has helped The G-Man become the Blog Monster that he is today. ( Notice I did Not say Icon ) And That person is Jillie!!
I didn't know how lucky I was to have her stumble upon my blog, but it has not been the same since. She is witty, smart, lots of fun, very sexy, extraordinarily beautiful, extremely careing, loyal, giving, silly, and loves to play!!!...And play....And play....And play! She has run my blog when I have been too busy to comment myself, she is quick with a retort, she always has a funny comeback for everything, and she has a motorcycle in her avatar...How perfect is that?
She doesn't have a mean bone in her body, and just loves life to the fullest...
The reason for all of this gushy stuff is that Sunday, Mothers day, is also Miss Jildo's Birthday!
Most women would not like their true age blabbed for all the world to know, but she does not care one lick about that vain crap...she is 45 still today, so you do the math!
She thinks young, she looks better than most 25 year olds, and she is Smoking Hot!!!
I love her with all my heart...As I know everyone else does that has had the pleasure of knowing her.. Please go to her blog and wish her a Happy Birthday. You may also do so here, because she is very loyal, and brightens up my day...Every Day!!!


ann said...


Have a great day Jillie and a wonderful year... any friend of Galen is a friend of mine.

I've only just met him, but since I know nothing and he knows it all ;>)

lotsa luv ann xxxx

p.s. guess everyone else has a life on a Saturday night which is why I'm first... hmmmmm!!!!!

Cazzie!!! said...

Gorgeous post, and from a wonderful man :) A deserving person, Jillie is great :)

G-Man said...

Ann...I am so very glad you visited today. I know it's awkward sometimes, if you do not know the person in question, but no one is ever awkward here..OK?

And I know you have a's a time difference thing!
Thanks xoxox

Hi Cazzie, You're so sweet...maybe all nurses are like that eh? *wink*

G-Man said...

OMG...Ann, Jillie will be in London on Thursday!
Do you have a Bomb Shelter?
( She really is..)
(( And I'm NOT fucking kidding about the shelter!))

ann said...

LOL... if the earth moves in London on Thursday I'll know why

Mona said...

Such a glorious tribute to one so deserving of it.

& it is already her birthday at where I am so I went & wished jillie. But I will wish her once more here!

Happy birthday to you jillie & may each comming birtday bring you more joy than the last! :)

Galen (((HUGS)))) are the sweetest ever!!!

GAB said...

Wow that was beautiful! (wipes tears away)

Serena said...

What a lovely tribute to a deserving lady. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jillie!

G-Man said...

Ann, you make me smile.

Hi Mona, Jillie is very deserving of every kind word out of my big mouth!
Thanks for your your kind words..I sure Love you too. xoxox

Gabby, Thanks sweetie, I hope you are feeling better..xoxox

Hi Serena Joy....
I'll pass your greeting along....Thanks xoxox

javajazz said...

nice post Mr. G-man...
Happy Birthday to Jillie!!
have a great day of celebration!
xo lisa

javajazz said...

hey mr G...
were you oot and aboot tonight?
aint it past y'all bedtime?

G-Man said...

Hi JJ, I don't work tomorrow...
I can be an insomniac too ya know!!

1 lg Tim Horton's, and 4 cups at the bar...Coffee that is!!

javajazz said...

i just made myself
a nice cuppa tea!
caffeine too
but gentler at night...
now my babies just
went to sleep
sarah and her friend jaclyn.
they partied tonight
but left early
cuz all the spoiled snobby kids
all stuck together like glue
and they felt rather left out.
tough age i reckon...
though so is 51...!

javajazz said...

wow, its about time
you had a day off
mister non stop working guy!
cool weather but still nice
for riding!

snowelf said...


I love birthdays; what a beautiful celebration of life! And what a wonderful post to a truly deserving, warm heart.

Happy Birthday Jillie. :)


lime said...

very sweet tribute to a very sweet lady, g-man. :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for such a warm loving tribute to our friend jillie.
Jillie and I got hooked up of course through your blog just like many of my other new friends who came to me from over here at your place.
She is a true sweetheart and I know our friendship will always go beyond the blogger thing.

javajazz said...

i love you!
i bet you're doing
all kinds of nice things
for Reece and Amanda's mommy
i bet you cooked up a nice brekkie
and stuff like that!
have a great day
xoxo me

Mona said...

Happy Mother's day to Mrs Galen!

& happy wifey's day, as mother's day, to Galen! :)

A Big Hug to Mr & Mrs Galen

You are the sweetest!!!

cathy said...

Sunny Sunday to everybody. It's my youngest daughter's birthday today so we had a ball. Hope jillie did too.

G-Man said...

Good afternoon JJ,
remember to hug Lola for me..xox

Snowelf, have a rockin Sunday sweetie!!

Lime?..5:01 am?
Happy Mothers Day xox

G-Man said...

TC, She's one in a million!! they have Mother's Day in India?
G-Man sends his love to you dear!!

Cathy thats wonderful news! Enjoy whats left of her special day..xox

JJ, as a matter of fact Ms. Intuitive one, I made home made biscuits and gravy for breakfast. And I am making lasagna with garlic bread for dinner.
So There! xoxoxox

Manny said...

I'm on my way over there now.

Breazy said...

Happy Birthday Jillie!! Great post G-man !

javajazz said...

oooh baby, are you serious?
home made biscuits and gravy?????
and lasagna
and garlic bread!
all the food groups too!
my favourites!
you are one cool chef!

G-Man said...

Thanks Breazy, Happy Mothers day to you sweetie..xoxox

Yeah JJ, I was on a Health Food kick today!!
Hahaha xox

jillie said...

You made me cry!!

I love you are THE BEST EVER!!!!


G-Man said...

Happy Birthday Jill...
Thanks for coming into all of our lives!

SIMON said...

Can I just wholly agree with you about all the sentiments that you express so well for Jillie.
She absolutely rocks!
Well said G and well written.
Great post even better subject!

tsduff said...

Well, it is a good thing you are around to toot her horn, because Jillie the humble one never would. Great post - Happy post birthday Jillie - you are still one spring chicken!