Thursday, May 31, 2007

Big Boy Toys, HNT


lime said...

i LOVE the grin on your face! such impishness! you rock, gman.


G-Man said...

It was ALL for you Trini!
YOU Rock! xoxox

Mona said...

Ah! That is one of your sweetest pictures ever!

Breazy said...

I want a ride!!! I LOVE big trucks! Shoot I love trucks, cars, pretty much anything with four wheels!

As a child I did play with barbie dolls but what had my heart was my hot wheels cars..mmmm! And to this day I am CRAZY about automobiles and I have this weird ability to identify headlights and brake lights in the dark..very weird I know but also true!

I love the look on your face! Great pic!


btw..did you buy it?

S said...

Yup, its big, alright!
Ar ar ar!

HHNT Galen!

Cha Cha said...

My Galen!

What a big truck you have!!

G-Man said...

Mona...Galen is not sweet! He is a big tough Manly Man...


Hi Breazy...My first house that I bought cost me 23,900...
That Truck has every option you can get, and the sticker is 52,000!!!
...But I DO sell them!!

Thanks Susie.
Twinkle Toes..xoxox

The better to take you for a ride in Strumpet!!

Evalinn said...

That is one big American truck! :-) And u´re a sweet manly man. Does this mean u´ll miss today´s announcement of winners? Have a nice trip, must be so great to see Mrs Sweet Manly Man again, and your daughter!

Anonymous said...

That is a fine machine :) HHNT!

Little Wing said...

Wow, what a sexy, manly truck!!!!!!!!

javajazz said...

you adorable wild beast...!

Anonymous said...

I just had a hankering to hop in that truck with you and throw back a few cold ones by the shores of Lake
Your grin is priceless.:)

barman said...

Now that is one big truck with the extendo cab and even a custom HNT sign... nice touch.

Really great picture there G-man. You two look like your where made for each other. Then again we all know that spot is reserved for your bike.

Happy HNT Galen.

Cazzie!!! said...

Ohh yeahhh!!

G-Man said...

Hey everybody...
I gotta go to work early today...I promise to reply to all when I get home, thanks for being so patient...G-Man
( The Manly Man ) Ha!

SignGurl said...

Galen, I love your smile!! You look smokin' in that truck.

P.S. Your sign making abilities amaze me.

Mona said...

I INSIST you are sweet!

& our driver's seat is on the right hand side! :)

& our cars hardly have any seat belts & our Roads have many pot holes, & cows & camels & goats & buffaloes & sheep & dogs & pedestrians & bicycles & rickshaws & tractors & hawkers etc. on them.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes! you really look like a 4 years old having the time of his life!!! LOLOL...

jillie said...

You are one bitchin dude Galen!! I'm BACK!!!!!


PinkHippo said...

This picture is just like prince telling me "Freeze!, Don't move!"

Happy HNT :)

Serena said...

Woo-hoo, look at you! You look ready to cruise in that big truck, not a care in the world. You DO rock, g-man.:)

S said...

You like heels, G~man?

I had to borrow those shoes from my daughter! They are too small, can you tell?


snowelf said...

G-Man, excellent pic! You sly dog. :P I love it! :)
And I agree with everyone on the grin!!! Adorable!!


erika said...

Oh my G-mkan that is one BIG toy!

Queenie said...

Can I hitch a ride???

The Rogue Kitchen Witch said...

No wonder you've worked there so long, you look so good doing it!

Enjoy the full moon,

javajazz said...

oooh full moon,
that explains a lot...

Susie, G-man's gonna blow
a gasket when he sees
those tootsies, unless he
already has...
(i'm like days behind here....!)

jillie said...

You must have been working hard today!!!!


G-Man said...

Hi Evalinn...Thanks for 2nd prize on Thursdays post!!! You are so sweet!
Yes tomorrow, my Baby comes home...xox

TC, I'll even buy!!!

Howdy Bryan, I can sell em, but I can't afford em! Thanks brother....

Cazzie...Thanks My little Aussi Babe..You so cute!

Yes Signgurl, I've come A long ways huh?
Thanks! ( Hehehehehehe )
You Rock My World Baby!!

Mona...Buckle Up!!
..Hey you! ( blares horn ) Get outta the way!! Comin thru.....

Searabbit...I love my job!! Thanks sweetie. xo

((((BIG KISS))))

Pink Hippo...FREEZE DON'T MOVE!!! xox

"SHER-REEE, Sherry Baby"!
You Make me Rock...xox

Oh Susie...You utterly destroyed me today...WOW!
Yes...The G-Man was very excited at your post.xox

G-Man said...

Snowelf? I'm NOT adorable. YOU are adorable! Thanks, for making me smile..xox

Penguin...I really missed you!! HHNT .xox

Queenie...Galen has really missed you too!!!
Hop in Baby, and buckle up...xoxox

Thanks Angel...Happy Full Moon To You!!!
One Good Thing.....It brought you out!!! Thanks xoxoxox

JJ, I don't think it was a Gasket..(ooops)

Jill, you don't even wanna know. Yes I was..xoxox

Mona said...

Galen! You will mow them!!
Watch out..there are some asleep on the pavement!!!


They Never move out of the way here, you can bellow till you are blue in the face!
& if your vehicle so much as brushes them, they will pull you out, arson it, and beat you to pulp!!

& many a times you see a dog or a human being chopped into two halves under the wheels of a truck or a trailer! No joke that. It happens everyday over here!

GAB said...

Can I have that? Oh please please pretty please? Oh any you have to make the payments! LOL thats the kind of truck Mr. Gab wants maybe someday.

G-Man said...

Mona...You need to move!!
That sounds like Chicago!
Or Detroit, or New York!

Gabby, you just got a new SUV!!
But I'll give you a ride!

ann said...

that is one mama of a big toy

I must be a little dyslexic... I thought you were gonna show us your toy boy... oh know, that's my dream :>)

G-Man said...

Ann, you're such a scamp!