Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Retro Wednesday...

In 1978, I had a bottle of Dom Perignon 1969. That was reputed to be one of the very best vintages EVER!. A buddy of mine was relentless in trying to weasel me out of it. He made me a great offer. He traded me a 1969 Charles Krug Special Vintage Cabernet Sauvignon AND the above shown Beaulieau Vinyards 1970 Private Reserve..Even Steven!!
I have long since drank The Krug, but looky what I am still storing on it's side in my dark cool basement...hehehe
Wine expert Robert Parker say's...
"The 1970 has always been considered one of the great BV Private Reserves!
Well stored bottles continue to taste brilliantly. This wine performed spectacularly at a recent blind-taste testing. Revealing a huge, complex bouquet of over ripe, sweet, jammy, pruny fruit, cedar, spices, and fruitcake. Fat and Rich, with unctuously-textured, chewy expansive flavors, and a full-bodies finish. This was all a great wine could be!!!!
I don't know about all that happy horse-shit, all I know is that a GREAT Cabernet, when properly stored, opened, and allowed to breathe for at least an hour, is kind of wonderful to the nostril, chalky to the taste, and magically disappears in your mouth, leaving a fond memory of that little swig of liquid perfection!!!
But as I always say....Drink what you like!!
I still Love Boone's Farm!!!!!


Serena said...

Sounds yummy. It's a darn shame that wine gives me heartburn.:)

tsduff said...

I saw your special "ice" wine stuff in Whole Foods last week - I almost bought some in thoughts of you... but man alive, it cost too much!!!!! WOW. I bet it would have tasted better then any Dom Perignon...and I'm no wine snob LOL.

SignGurl said...

Boones Farm is the shizzle, G! I have 4 bottles in my wine cellar (read fridge) right now.

I'll trade you the Boones Farm for the Beaulieau Vinyards 1970 Private Reserve. Even Steven, hehe!

lime said...

i dunno, i think i'd be worried if my wine was "chewy." that just doesn't seem right.

ya know i once tried some chateau st. michelle from washington mainly because i figured with a name like that you couldn't go wrong. i like that just as well as some of the obscenely expensive stuff my dad gets from business associates in europe.

buffalodick said...

The reds always last longer than the whites... I used to be into that stuff big time, but then I found out it all gets you to the Magic Kingdom...

KJ said...

I have always wanted to like wine...

I just don't

barman said...

Here here. I like Boones Farm too and I can tolerate Mad Dog 2020... but I can not do Old Milwaukee. It is the only thing I used to drink back in college days that just does not agree with me any more. Of course me and wine just do not get along real well period. So your wine is safe with me.

jillie said...

More like liquid sex to me! LOL....
I love a jammy red wine. The redder the better I always say. But you are 100% correct...always drink what you like.

Bottoms up!

Breazy said...

Hey Galen!

I saw your comment on my blog from yesterday and I wanted to come over to let you know that I am indeed OK. I have just been busier than usual the past few days, thank you for asking.

I love your Retro Wednesday posts because I really enjoy seeing what you are going to pull out of your vintage treasure room next.

Have a great day!
HUGS! :)

Akelamalu said...

Need any help drinking it? :)

G-Man said...

Have you ever tried Alka-Seltzer for heartburn?..:-)

Terry...It DOES taste better!!

( NOT )

I don't know about Fruit cake either...:-)

I'd rather smoke my way there!

KJ...This Bud's for YOU!!!!

Barman...Mad Dog is OK with me too!

You still saving My Margaux?..:-)

Thanks for letting me know..:-)

Is there a famous English Wine?