Tuesday, September 23, 2008

X-Tra Large Roller Skate.......?

Hi Everybody...
Have you seen any of these goofy looking "Smart Cars" flitting about?
Yesterday a guy stopped by the dealership to try to sell us something, and I couldn't resist checking this thing out a little closer.
Supposedly they start out at about 12 Grand, but I think that the one that is shown was over 20 grand!
I dunno...See the Red Cobalt on the bottom? That is the Cobalt XFE..(extra fuel economy).
That one is less than 16,800, and it gets 36-38 MPG.
The Smart Car gets about 45.
Where do you put your golf clubs?
Have a Great Day.


S said...

Where do you put your legs?

S said...

That being said as el numero uno....let me just also say that I think that is the perfect car for me.

I only drive around town and I am 5'1". Everyone else has to get a regular car, not hte toy.

Have good day sir!

lime said...

lol, i saw one of these on the road a few weeks ago. it made me giggle, but hey if there is only one or two of you and you don't need to schlep anything big around it seems ok. think of the parking opportunities you could find!

barman said...

I saw one of those things yesterday and wondered what it was. How timely. I think that would be great for tooling about town. Now sure how a long trip would turn out. I love the red Cobalt. Very snazzy.

barman said...

I was just thinking ... I wonder if the roller skate can clear more than an inch or two of snow. Six inches and you would be swamped...

Mona said...

12 to 20 grand is mighty cheap!

LOL! in India we fix a carrier on the top of the car, to be able to put things we wish to carry!

Pam said...

i've seen these here...way too small (a death trap if ever i saw one) and o.k. 45 mpg, but there are tons of cars out there that are hybrids that will get somewhere close, if not more than that. plus, that thing is FUGLY LOL

Akelamalu said...

WE have those smart cars here too. I wouldn't feel safe in one I have to say.

SignGurl said...

How much commission are you getting off this post? ahahahah!!!

Serena said...

I'm not very big but I still need more car than those little Smart cars. They're not very good looking, either.

G-Man said...

Hi Susie...
Ciera Mist
Sherry Martin..xo

Thanks for visiting this lame post, wait till you see Retro Wednesday..hehehehe

KB said...

Yikes, my handbag is bigger than that.

buffalodick said...

You have to buy two of them... One for each foot!

javajazz said...

so cute!
i love those!
just not to drive in.
i have a friend
who fit an entire drumkit
in his smart car.