Monday, September 15, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away.........

Has anybody got a used Ark for sale?
I have been wet for 3 days, and it's getting on my last nerve.
Yesterday I had a hankerin for a smoked turkey, I had hoped it would clear up just a tad but No Such Luck! Ever tried to start and keep a charcoal fire going in a driving rain storm?
Hahaha...It CAN be done kiddies. As you can see, I used a little 'Yankee' ingenuity..
The corn was ungodly sweet
The Home-Grown Tomatos sprinkled with Feta cheese and drizzled with Olive Oil was spectacular.
The 5 1/2 hour apple-wood smoked turkey was moist and very flavorful.
My BIL and SIL came to dinner with us and brought a New York Cheesecake froms Sam's..So in spite of a lousy day weatherwise..We ate Good!!!
Tomorrow I'll have to tell you about my basement springing a leak during the closing moments of dinner...Stay Tuned!


lime said...


lime said...

dinner looks fabulous. i sure hope it wasn't completely ruined by the leaking basement.

barman said...

We got just short of 5 and a half inches of rain in all this mess. I could not believe how bad it affected everything. And my TV was out a lot becuase of all the rain too. Eventually however it all came to an end ... and I did not get a wonderful dinner like you had. Drats. But something like that may be in my future soon. It all looks so yummy.

Now that basement, surely you had some duct tape you could hold back the water until you were done... I hope it was not to terrible.

Oh and one more thing. You mention the tomatoes, feta cheese and EVO but you never mentioned the (is that) green olives I see on the salad. Something that simple and it looks very good too. Nicely done once again chef.

buffalodick said...

Looked good, but I knew charcoal wasn't an option Sunday.. I have a 6 in 1 Masterbuilt bullet smoker that can use propane, but has a wood pan for charcoal or wood! Worked like mad- while the rain poured down...

Melissa Russell said...

Oh my goodness I am drooling over the tomato, olive and feta cheese salad!!!! I am so going to steal that from you Galen.

Not only did y'all have rain, but then came in the remains of Ike so no wonder you're a drowned sewer rat :)

You could have cooked in your garage boyo!!

Akelamalu said...

Oh yummy. What with you and Buff talking about food all the time I'm never gonna start me diet!

Kelly said...

Can we have some of your rain? The food looks yummy!

Serena said...

Food looks great but I'm LMAO at your little lean-to. I think there just might be a little Appalachia in your woodpile.:-)

SignGurl said...

I want some food!!! I hope you saved some.

Mona said...

new york cheesecake!


I wish I could have some!

Even here it rained all night & It seems that its going to rain all day !

GAB said...

wow that looks great. Yes as a matter of fact I cook on my grill year round. Yes thats right year round. Now try to start a fire with snow blowin! lol Our rain has finally stopped.Thank god!

javajazz said...

nice wool scarf covering
your BBQ...that WAS clever!
yum yum yum,
feed me baby...
mmmm corn and
olives and
tomatoes and
turkey yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
we always seem to have
very similar weather
to yours up here.
poopy rainy summer.
heres to your BBQ

Mona said...

Galen! I wrote a post for you!

Evening said...

YUM!!! THAT LOOKS FABULOUS!! I was thinking of stopping by next weekend around dinner time, is there any problem with that??

This rain sucks!!!

G-Man said...

No, not at all, as you'll soon find out!!

Barman, it was really all about the tomatos, they were GREAT!!

Buff..One of these days I'll break down and get a set-up like you have.

Missy...I could have but the smoke trickles in the house.

Ake...Men and their grills... hehehehe

Hi Kelly..YAY!!!!!

What c'hall mean there Miss Sherry?

Jenn...I can always feed you. You eat about a 1/2 cup of everything!

Mona..It's the best!!

Gabby Gale...Hi there, I do to!!

JJ..It's all Kosher too !!!!

Maureen...You are more than welcome!

tsduff said...

I always love how I can come over here for a fabulous meal :) You never let me down. Yum.

We are in a drought here - the water police will nail you if you are using excess water. In fact the water company had encouraged people to fink on their neighbors when seen using too much water - how rude! So, good luck with your rain - nice bbq cover ;)