Monday, September 8, 2008

Tuesday Tips......

While browsing through some old books of my Mothers, I came across an interesting article on dating tips just for girls from the 1950's. These little life lessons are TIMELESS and in my opinion should be implemented ASAP!!
OF GOOD CONDUCT...........
1.Be a girl with taste, dressing approprately for the occasion.
2.Act like a lady, and he will treat you as such.
3.Be able to enjoy an everyday date as well as the glamour occasions.
4.Don't hang on him possessively.
5.Don't have him fetch and carry just to create an impression.
6.Make up if you like, but do not try to make over what you are.
7.Be popular with the girls as well as the boys.
8.Learn to like sports..It's an All-American topic in which all boys are interested in.
9.Don't be too self-sufficient; Boys like to feel needed.
10.Be natural.
Ya know, maybe some of these commandments could use a little 21'st Century updating. What do you think? Got any ideas? OK...I'll go 1st...
1.Be a girl with good taste, A lavender or coconut oil bath beats a vinegar douche ANY day!!
Get the picture?...Take it away Kiddies......


Melissa Russell said...

hmmm a males perspective of proper etiquette.

Lordy lordy miss Molly, my how the times have changed lol

Serena said...

According to the dating books available in my day, nobody would ever know what kind of douche a proper young lady had used. Oh, but you meant... Or maybe... Oh, I don't know.:)

S said...

I just cant hang with number 8.
There are so many more interesting things to talk about than sweaty men...
Ok wait.....


jillie said...

Ten commandments my ass! LOL

I don't think they were written with me in mind you DO realize that don't you???

Hope you had a great wknd...


Pam said...

douching actually is bad for you! gets rid of some of the good bacteria. lol

#5 don't have him fetch and carry. he'd better not expect you, too, either cuz that's when you tell him to go get his damned self LOL

#8 feign interest in sports, you can always think about other things while you're not listening to his sports conversation (i do this lol)

here's my own personal commandment:

be your own person, depend on no one but yourself, but know how to ask for help if/when you need it.

Anonymous said...

Ack! I hate rules. My one and only tip would be to be yourself. If you can't be yourself with a prospective life partner who can you relax around?!?

buffalodick said...

I'm actually old fashioned enough to let them stand for individual interpretation! There was nothing subservient in any of that advice...

SignGurl said...

#2 Belch like a man and you will attract all kinds of attention.

#4 Make him wear a t-shirt that says, "Property of ...." That way everyone knows he's yours.

#5 If you can't make a man fetch and carry, then why have one?

#10 Be natural. Does that mean no more silicone or plastic surgery?

KJ said...

Not bad advice

lime said...

#8. i've shown interest in his hobbies. i can rattle them off and carry a conversation on them. time for him to learn a thing or two about what interests me. pfft

James Goodman said...

7.Be popular with the girls as well as the boys.

And you will be even more popular with the boys...

Mona said...


Bah! Who wants them!

Never me!

I'd rather settle for the other kind of dates; the one that grow on palm trees in deserts..blablabla...

Akelamalu said...

Of course I still live by those rules except #8! ((wink))

barman said...

So is #7 saying they should be biesexual? Yep I think she will become very popular than.

I think that there needs to be a little tweeking but there is still some good in those old rules. Like why does she have to be sports oriented, why can't he fake listen to what she is interested in too?

G-Man said...

Sherry..Yay!!! xox

Thank You one and all for your comments!!!!
I'm a bit tired tonight..Later..G