Tuesday, October 2, 2007

TMI Tuesday.........

With the onset of October, I'm sure that we will start seeing more and more horror flicks on the tube this month. I'm a gonna fill you in with some little trivia facts about some classic horror films...Then I'm going to ask you to participate in a teeny-tiny mini-meme...

The role that made Boris Karloff famous was originally offered to both Bela Lugosi, and John Carradine; both turned it down. One of the factors was that the costume weighed 62 #'s and the make-up took over 4 hours to apply.
Boris had to wear 22# size 24 boots. He also wore 2 pairs of pants with steel struts shoved in them, and a double thick quilted suit.
His make-up was 1/16th of an inch thick, and the bolts on his neck left permanent scars!
The famous scene where he carries Dr. Frankenstein off was memorable for Karloff in real life also-He strained his back so hard that he had to have an operation to fix it!!
Bette Davis wanted the part of Mrs. Frankenstein, but she was turned down because she was too aggressive!

DRACULA (1931)
Bela Lugosi became the first great monster of the talkie-era with this role. He had been playing the role of Dracula on Broadway since 1927, so he already knew his part well! Unfortunately, he was only pd $500. for his part in the film...
Among the films lighting tricks: Twin pencil-spotlights were shined in Lugosi's eyes to give him that famous hypnotic stare.
The Castle Dracula and Carfax Abbey sets were so expensive to build, that Universal Studios kept and reused them several times in the 30's..
The enormous spider web on Dracula's staircase, was actually a string of rubber cement. And the Mtns. in the opening scenes were4 really the Rockies-Not the Alps, or the Carpathians!!

THE MUMMY (1932)
Karloff's second big monster flick was inspired by the discovery of King Tut's tomb in 1922. And the widespread belief that several men connected with the expedition, had died mysteriously and had been cursed!
Karloff was wrapped every day in linen and gauze, and was covered in mud!
Karloff became so famous from his previous role, that he was billed as only..."Karloff", at the time, Only Greta Garbo had acheived a single named billing!

OK....I think thats enough for today, I'll finish up next week with some more 'insider' info!.....
As for the Meme....

1. What was the very first 'Scary Movie' that you remember seeing at the theater?
(The original House of Wax...in 3-D!!!)

2. Name me the top 5 Horror flicks that really scared the Bejeezus out of you, or that has left a lasting impression on you...
a.Rosemary's Baby
b.The Exorcist
c. Night of the Living Dead...the original
d. King Kong....the original
e.The Tingler....Some theaters were actually wired for shock

Come and play with the G-Man...it will help me feel better... please?


Johanne said...

Arghh!! I'm first again? Incredible!!!!

jillie said...

I think it's time to make some rabbit stew!!!! LMAO...only joking. I thought I was first and I'm not...booohooo....what have we become!!!

I'll post when I get back from therapy


luv you to searabbit

Johanne said...

I love all those movies you are writing about today... and the books... for those coming from a book... ;-)
1. What was the very first 'Scary Movie' that you remember seeing at the theater?

Jaws... how horrible that shark was at the time... Arghh!!!

2. Name me the top 5 Horror flicks that really scared the Bejeezus out of you, or that has left a lasting impression on you...

The exorcist
Texas Chainsaw massacre... the first...
It (from Stephen King novel) couldn't watch it all...
House of the Usher...
The Twilight Zone... fisrt movie...
That was very entertaining!

Johanne said...

jillie... I'm sorry....ROFL!!! I really don't do it in purpose... ;-))

Serena said...

I like the classic horror flicks WAY more than slasher flicks. That's some fascinating movie trivia, G. What a fun post! And you had BETTER tell me you're feeling better now.:)

Mona said...


Was that blood curdling enough????

Galen (((HUGS))))

javajazz said...

i'll play with you.

Cha Cha said...

Boy have YOU opened up a can of worms with THIS one!

Somehow, I think you knew that with me it would be this way...

Question #1:


My mom went and saw it without us, (my brothers and I,) first to make sure it would be 'okay' for us to see. She said it was the only movie she actually screamed aloud at during a scene...

but took us to see it anyway...

I was scared shitless and ever since then I've wanted to have my own real, live ghost to play with.

No such luck.

Question #2:

My apologies, but a ghoul like me cannot limit myself to a mere five. You're getting thirteen.

1. Poltergeist. -Duh!
2. Halloween. -The very first one
3. Amityville Horror. -the original
4. Jaws. -I'm still fucking scared of sharks
5. The Shining. -Red fucking rum, indeed
6. Alien. -every rumble in my tummy always has me second guessing...
7. Hellraiser. -Pinhead is a staple of my fantasies
8. The Blair Witch Project. -scared the shit out of me
9. 28 Days Later. -Cillian and SuperZombies...simply lovely
10. Carrie. -High School angst sucks a dick.
11. The Omen. -the original. This movie is what made me realize that boys were not disgusting, after all. (I was really little when I first saw this one.)
12. The Howling. -Why I dig on dudes with hairy chests
13. Phantasm. - ....Boy!

Bonus: What's scary and funny and stars one of the hottest men ever?

Army of Darkness, The Evil Dead, and Evil Dead II-Dead By Dawn

Bonus #2: Silence of the Lambs. -What can I say? I've got a thing for intelligent serial killers who enjoy a good red and legumes. Plus, Galen...I know you LOVE this flick!

God, I love October.

Anonymous said...

1. What was the very first 'Scary Movie' that you remember seeing at the theater?
Halloween. Scared the shit out of me.

2. Name me the top 5 Horror flicks that really scared the Bejeezus out of you, or that has left a lasting impression on you...
1. The Shining
2. Halloween
3. The Exorcist
4. The Omen
5. Nightmare on Elm Street
Oh and I've never seen 1, 3 or 4 all the way through because I was so scared.

Charles said...

1. What was the very first 'Scary Movie' that you remember seeing at the theater?
Blood Bath, and I didn't get to see the whole thing(I was quite young.)

2. Name me the top 5 Horror flicks that really scared the Bejeezus out of you, or that has left a lasting impression on you...
Uh, other than enjoying them? Aliens actually had me on the edge of my seat and made me jump, a first.

Charles said...

oops, Alien, the original.

Crabby said...

1. Wow. We didn't have money for the theater when I was little, except the Marcum which cost .50 and mostly showed Elvis flicks. Sooooo, the first scary movie at an actual theater would be The Exorcist.

The Exorcist -freaked me clean out cause I had to stay alone in a very old, very big house all night same day.
Rosemary's baby
Amityville horror (the first one. The other's sucked)
The Omen

I'm a horror novel freak. I've read them all and written 3 that I never had the guts to mail out.

Damn. I just did a Meme. You know I never do those, G. Only for you, man.

SignGurl said...

1st scary movie I saw at the theater was Friday the 13th (on Friday the 13th, I was 13 at the time).

Top 5 movies that scared the beejesus out of me are:
1. The Exorcist (I watched this one at home alone at the age of 12. I was certain that my bed was going to levitate and my head was going to spin. For 6 months after, I had to sleep with the lights on.)

2. The Amityville Horror (Woke up at 3:15am every single night for 6 months after this movie. Was convinced that I had a room full of blood in our basement.)

3. Rosemary's Baby (I didn't see this until I was an adult. Something about fucking the devil creeps me out.)

4. The Omen (I knew a kid named Damien who looked exactly like the boy in the movie. I was convinced he was the spawn of the devil.)

5. Hellraiser (I had a boyfriend who made me go see it. The thought of an underworld like that made me scared to death.)

Great post, Mr. G!

P.S. I want to read Crabby's horror novels!

Cha Cha said...


I am SO jealous of your Friday the 13th experience on Friday the 13th when you were 13!!!

You are one lucky chica!

I won't tell you all about my fantasies involving Satan Sex. I dunno, there's just something about his pointy tail and that pitchfork.

I met a boy named Damien about ten years ago. Though, he was far from evil and did have amazing eyes, he was not my type. I still, however, crushed on him just because his name was Damien. We were drinking buddies for a long time. He was from San Diego.

Crabby, I would very much be interested in reading your horror fare as well.

I am quite a fan of the genre.

You have no idea.


Though I can tie a cocktail cherry stem in a knot in about three seconds flat, I have decided to give-up this parlor trick for fear of death. Thank you for your informational post.

Rock on.

lime said...

wow that was pretty interesting.

i had a terribly overactive imagination as a kid and my mother kept me away from scary movies so i don't remember seeing one in the theater. i did steal glimpses of them on tv occasionally when i went to see my dad so...

1. quasimodo scared the poo outta me in the original hunchback of notre dame when i was little and caught some on tv.

2. i watched 'carrie' at a friend's house on cable tv in high school and couldn't sleep that night.

3. mr. lime rented 6th sense when it came out on video and made me watch it with him late at night. he tried to turn out the lights and go upstairs after it was over and i had a fit all over his ass. 'no way, you let me go run upstairs with all the lights on, hide under the covers and THEN youcan turn out the lights and come up to bed.'

those are the only ones i can remmeber making a real impression on me. yeah, i am a big wimp when it comes to scary movies. i generally avoid them.

Anonymous said...

the tingler was or still is was the name of a french tickler condom back in the day.lol
How bout House on Haunted Hill?
um um

Little Wing said...

The only thriller I might be interested in is the french tickler that top cat described.
I am a big chicken when it comes to watching horror movies!

Falco said...

"The Bad Seed" was not mentioned, but maybe I'm the only one who considered it to be scary. Was the "House of Wax" mentioned or did I overlook it?

Raymond said...

Hello Mr gun,

My name is Akbar and I would enjoy if you came to our blog and listen to what we have to say.

Praise Charley,


Snow White said...

Hey G-Baby! I'm not much of a horror movie person, but I'll play along...

1. First horror movie that I remember seeing in the theater was "Halloween." And I was in college!

2. Five scariest movies? Well, the movie that scared me the most was "Cape Fear." My husband and I went to see it in the theater at Christmas time one year when we were visiting his family. I know it's not a "horror" movie, but you did ask. And it did scare me AND have a lasting impression. As for the others, I'd have to say "Halloween", "The Shining", "Poltergist", and um, I can't think of any more. But I DID play!

G-Man said...

Hi Everybody!!
If you are reading this now..I am actually doing my Wednesday post..After I post, then I am answering all the players..Thanks for playing along..You guys ROCK!!....Galen..

barman said...

I want to read Crabby's novels too!!!

OK, I have more or less stopped watching most horror movies. I do not need to fill my head with things to worry about. But before I stopped watching ...

1. What was the very first 'Scary Movie' that you remember seeing at the theater?

2. Name me the top 5 Horror flicks that really scared the Bejeezus out of you, or that has left a lasting impression on you...
a.The Shining ... nothing really happened in this but the way they filmed it was real scary.
b.The Exorsist
c.Nightmare on Elm Street
d.Hell Raiser
e.Friday the 13th

And if I did go to see another scary movie, I want to take Strumpet along. I bet she we scare the hell out of me, most likely on purpose.

G-Man said...

You get the prize baby!!
Now just let me figure out the prize!

Jillie...Sorry sweetie!


Yeah Baby, I feel very good today....Now!!

You scared ME with that one..xox

You play too rough...
I'm pretty fragile..xoxox

You are the first to answer all of them..Thanks..xox

You Rocked this post baby!
Like the Playa that you are...
Like Hannibal said to Clarice...
"....I myself cannot smell it.
...You wear 'L'air du Temps',but not today!"

Welcome to the Jungle, and Thanks for playing!!

Charles, I loved the origainal Aliens also..
Thanks for playing.

Awww Crabby...
Just for me?
You Rock Pam!!!

All GREAT Horror flicks!!
Great list..
Strumpet likes your pics too!!

You a wimp?
hahahahaha...Thats Scary!!
Great list Thanks..xox

As Pink Ginger would say..Naughty Boy!!


Long time no see!!
I mentioned The House of Wax!
Thanks for playing!

Are you for real son?

SnowWhite Hi Baby!!!!
Thanks for stopping by, I know you have been very busy...You are sooo sweet...xoxoxox

G-Man said...

Great list son!!
With Strumpet along, who would be movie watchin???

Cha Cha said...



I'd love to go!

It would be awesome.

If I'm ever in Michigan, you, me, Galen and Sign-babe are havin' a horror movie hoe-down complete with a game of cornhole.

snowelf said...

Hello Darling :)
Hey! I just watched Night of the Living Dead last night! :)

Silence of the Lambs
I Know What You Did Last Summer
Christine (saw it as a kid and to this day, I still get creeped out by older model cars. I pretty much hate them)
The Ring
The Butterfly Effect