Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I've Been Tagged......

Hi Everybody...G-Man here. The lovely Pink Ginger has tagged me to list 8 things or thoughts about myself. Since I consider myself quite boring, I hope you can stay awake long enough to read this boring list......
1) I hate Puke...And all talk of Puke!
(Personally, I haven't puked since I was 12)

2) My Favorite music to listen to is The Doors!
(I have every album, cassette, and CD)

3)I go to the bar at least 3 times a week!
(....But I do NOT drink alcohol...well, rarely)

4) I love The Food Channel....Obviously!
(Sandra Lee is one HOT Bitch!!)

5) I love AND prefer to drive my own vehicle when I go on vacation.
( Me and my family have been to all contiguous 48 States together)

6) When talking with my friends, I tend to randomly spew movie quotes into the conversation, regardless if the person that I'm speaking with knows the movie or has seen it...Example: "I'm the boss, need the info".."You shot me you A-Hole"...
"Crazy Dutch Bastard"....or "I'll be your huckleberry".."Poor soul, the stress was more than he could bear".."Very Cosmopolitan"....And on and on and on.

7) Anytime I get the opportunity to see a Andrew Lloyd Webber Musical....I do! I have seen...
"Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"..1 time
"Cats"..4 times
"Phantom of the Opera"..5 times (Twice, at the beautifully restored Pantages Theater in Toronto, the last time being it's last run there, with Paul Stanley of Kiss as the Phantom.)
"Jesus Christ Superstar"..10 times ( 8 times with the fantastic Ted Neely as Jesus, and twice with Yvonne Elleman as Mary)

8) I love more than anything...Sitting in Section 41..Row 26..Seat 13..Ann Arbor Michigan...
This happens for 7 or 8 Saturdays in the Fall, as it has for the last 30 years..Go Blue!!!!!!

This is a very monumental post for the G-Man....I downloaded and posted this pic myself..
Special Thanks to...
Jenn of course, for walking me through this..
Mona, for E-Mailing me this pic..
Corrine for tagging me..
And all my blogger buds that have given me almost a years worth of encouragement!!


Serena said...

Nooooo! I had no idea you hated puke. LOL. It's an interesting meme, G. Aren't you glad you did it now? Congrats on uploading the picture! Not that I had any doubt you could do it.:)

Manny said...

Good job on the picture. I'm impressed.

So that's what your doing when we're on the phone. Quoting movies. I would have never guessed.

Musicals? Interesting.

The Doors? Figures.

Good tag.

CozyMama said...

OH MY GOD - I hate puke too. I cannot handle it - if my kids puke i have to leave the room to get myself under control.

SignGurl said...

*applause!* Way to go G! I knew you could do it. It wasn't that bad was it?

Will you be mad if I told you I just puked?

G-Man said...

Yeah I thought that I'd say something dark and revealing about myself!!
You were one of my strongest encouragers..
I hope thats a word...
Thanks Sherry, for all that you do for me, you are one of my greatest Joys....xoxobgxoxox

Lets not get started with the phone thing again...And you know something? I was supposed to tag 8 other people to do this meme..
Do you want to be tagged?
You still have Roxi's tag to do that you hosed out on...C'Mon girl..

Serena said...

Encouragers sounds like a word to me. Maybe I'll use it today. Or maybe not:)

S said...

Pats Gman on the head....yes, gman, white jam IS a metaphor....

S said...

Ok wooooww, you dwnlded the pic yourself? No turning back, man, no turning back.

And, you talked about it.

If someone else does that in front of me, I need to do it too.
You are making us talk about it.

javajazz said...

you did it!
Techno G-man!!
what a great day!
ps love the barfing pumpkin...
you rock little G!

barman said...

For someone that does not like puke you sure talk about it enough. Gotta love that pumpkin. Even better job and get that up all by your lonesome (with a little help from a friend). Do song lyrics work to or only show quotes?

Anyway I love those plays. I have never seen any live but I have seen all of them none the less. Oh wait, I did see a community theater version of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat".

As to the seats... not sure I know where you sit but I can say this, any seat in the Big House is an awesome seat. I have only seen a few Miiiiiichigan games but I love all that I have. Something about that place and that time of the year. It just gets in your blood.

Good job on the Tag.

Mona said...

Yaaay! Galen... Now I KNOW that you really love me!!!

I mean, Imagine posting MY picture on your blog even though it is a barfing pumpkin...Something I never imagined you would be able to stand the mention of, leave alone POST a picture of!!



S said...

LOL Yes Mona you should feel honoured!

Gman, someone asked me the origin of the term 4:20 and I thought maybe since u know it all, that you could handle it :P

Little Wing said...

Ok the picture of the barfing pumpkin is hysterical!
I use that " I'll be your little huckleberry" quote myself.
Great post!!!!!!!!!

snowelf said...

Smootches G-man!!
I have that movie quote thing too. I worked in a video store for way too long. ;)


Queenie said...

Ok blue eyes, I've missed you and its good to be back, or should I say "I'll be back"!!!!!!

Crabby said...

Oh crap! If you're boring I'm in big trouble cuz more than half of those describe me!

"I'll get enough sleep when I'm dead." Ok...smart guy. what movie and who said it. huh huh?

lime said...

stands up and applauds wildly at this grand milestone! yay!!!!!! and i love the picture you chose too. hehehehe.

he loves the doors and andrew lloyd weber....g-man, you never cease to amaze me...what divergent tastes. how cool is that?

Anonymous said...

corrine? pink ginger?
the Doors rock, loved the movie too.
Congrats on the pumpkin pic dude.:)

Johanne said...

Wow... O know now what you mean by boring... Not sure I could stand over Jesus Christ superstar more than once... and sitting at the same place so many times for 30 years??? God... I get pissed if i return at a restaurant and they give me the same table than before... lolololol...
Vive la difference!!!

Charles said...

Now if we can just get Jenn to teach you how to type with more than 2 fingers(without looking), then we can get you to actually show what you know, to write more black & white, to flow what's now slow. ;D

Have a good evening, G.

Scary Monster said...

Me cain't agree with ya more on the puke stuff. Anytime someone wants to tell me his name is ralph gonna get me to run the other way. Here in Lilliput, it be kinda hard for me to find someone who will know the lines from any movie.


morgetron said...

Congratulations on your download. I'm very proud of you and still in awe that you can maintain this awesome blog without doing that kind of stuff. You have connections man ... and good friends. But you know that ... and you treat them well too.


morgetron said...

PS: For me it's boogers. I can't handle them. I'd take puke any day over a booger. I'm gagging right now as I post this comment.

G-Man said...

Hiya sweetie..

Our job is not quite finished..
We have U-Tube
We have Links
We have Blog-Rolls
Sorry...Please forgive me!

Thanks for validating my word!!
You are the ginchiest!!

See, I'm not just a pretty face!!

Thanks Yenta..
Your kind words always KILL me!
Merci...Big G

I'll have to drag you to a game..
I think you'd like my seats!!

Thats a job for Mr. Knowitall..xox

A "Tombstone" fan eh?
Good Girl!!!

Hi sweetie...
If you worked the counter, I'd be a movie-watchin Machine...

Very nice to see you my dear!!
First Ann, now YOU!!
What a great week!
Missed you..xoxox

"Road-House" was just on TNT this week-end..xoxox

I knew you had faith in me...
Thanks for all your words of encouragement!

Thanks Brother..
I knew we liked much of the same stuff...G

C'est Vrai, N'est ce pas?
Merci Ma Chere..xoxox

NO High-Tech Talk please!
Baby Steps..Baby Steps

Whats puke in Japanese?

G-Man said...

Thanks for that gross imagry!!
And your very kind words!

SignGurl said...

J Morgetron, I'm with you on the booger thing. Ack!

jillie said...

Dammit! I just left a post and it was eatin up by my computer. It's giving me fits again!

Anyway...I hope someday that I get a chance to see Cats and the Phantom and travel to all 48 states as well.

A glass of Margeaux for the gman??


abcd said...

G-man, what an interesting list !! Here is some questions and my thoughts :

1) If you don't drink, what did you do at the bar?

2) you enjoy the food Channal is all because of that hot bitch??

3) With your attitude of 'will to learn' from the movie quotes, you must become the Pro Mr.knowitall if you watch many educational and documentery series.

4) Andrew Lloyd Webber - My all time favourite too. Phantom is still one of his greatest production.

5) I will check out "the door"

Galen, thanks for the list. Appreciated.

tsduff said...

You are one interesting, multifaceted person Galen! I am thrilled to find out these facts about 3 Dog Night... one of my favorite and most meaningful groups of all time (must have to do with my age, (14) and events at the time) wow. WOW! Randy Newman wrote Mama? I'm so amazed. Joy to the World still brings on the memories like rain falling down,... =you are incredible!!! Thanks for the best post yet. BTW - I never knew about 420 until my old but yet renewed boyfriend enlightened me :) LOL - after a very bad time with acid in highschool, I swore off the herb... and thus was outside the circle of that culture.

PS - The Doors sing "our song"... Riders on the Storm... then and now.