Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sunday Ramble.........

Hi Everybody!! I'm in such a great mood that I have to get rid of all that depressing crap that has been posted..As you may, or may not know, I have had season football tickets to the University of Michigan for over 35 years. Three of us that are great friends, each have 2 tickets, so we have 6 seats together. Ocassionally My friend Dave will not attend all of the games, if he can't get one of his kids to go, he will usually ask me if I know anyone that would want them. Yeterday was a picture perfect day! The only problem was that none of my friends wanted to attend either. I was just gonna take the extra tickets down there and try and sell them for whatever I could get for them. Well, Saturday's opponent was Eastern Michigan University, not quite a powerhouse, in fact they are NOT even a Big 10 school, and there were tickets everywhere to be had. Late Friday night as I was doing a little Blog Surfing, I visited The Super Hot site of Lady Roxanne...AKA...Roxi!!! She is a Michigan Blogger, and we have been friends for over a year now, she indicated on a post that she was attending the game on Saturday, but did not have any tickets yet. I immediately E-Mailed her and told her that I had 2 available...For Free!!!...She eventually contacted me, and we met before the game, I gave her the tickets, and I drove off to get my parking spot. She actually showed up on time for the game, she was with her best friend Cathy, and her U.S. Marine boyfriend Dan. Dan actually had to scalp a single ticket since I only had 2 available for free, but he did purchase 1 for 40 Bucks and we squeezed him in with us since the stadium was NOT packed to capacity.
OK, getting back to Roxi....OMG!!!! People, you have NO Fricking Idea how beautiful this girl is!
Of course you can visit her web site, her name is on my Blog Roll to your left. She has pics of her and her friends and family. But if you are feeling lazy today, and can barely wade through this boring post, you just have to take my word for it...She is a beauty of Model-Like quality!!
For being only 25 years old, she is very well read, and very smart. She has a great sense of humor, and acts just like "one of the guys"...This girl and the infamous Strumpet, are the soul reasons that The G-Man even exists at all, ( blog wise ) She has always been an inspiration to me, and I have always wanted to meet person! Could you imagine sitting next to someone that you idolized and respected for so long on a day that was at least 87 degrees, a beating down Sun, and having 108, 936 fans crammed into a game like Sardines? Trust me, you get to know someone real well after 4 hours of that!! I kind 0f felt sorry for the girl, but let me tell you there were 108, 936 Sweat-Hogs at the game yesterday, so i didn't feel too bad at all..
She used to be one of those flag twirling chicks on the field with the Marching Band, and she knew all about that stuff, she really enjoyed Michigan football, and her boyfriend Dan really got into the game, and he gave me someone to scream and swear with all day long. Needless to say I had the best days at the Big House, since they also won the game!!
I'm still on Cloud 9, and probably will be for weeks to come....Thank You Moon-Pie for making Yesterday one of my greatest days EVER!!!..You Rock the WORLD!!!!!


Cha Cha said...

ha! i can't believe i'm first!

Cha Cha said...


I just had to do that because I am NEVER first on your posts.

And since this one mentioned me....I gotta say, it feels REALLY fucking good.

So, with that being said....

Galen, you are so awesome and to think that my stupid blog in some way got you into starting up the wonderful blog that is Mr. Knowitall....also feels REALLY fucking good.

I'm so glad that you and the Roxster had a chance to hang.

It sounds like everyone had a fabulous time and it makes me smile huge.

Thanks for the e-mail and for all your kind words.

They really mean a lot to me.

I'm also glad you are over your woes.



SignGurl said...

How many times have I told you hot awesomely hot Roxi is? Like a million?

She is amazing in that she seems so much older than her young years. She fits right in with old folks.

I'm so glad that you had such an excellent day! You totally deserve it!

signgurl ♥'s g-man AND roxi!

P.S. Can you imagine if Strumpet had been there? The world would have exploded!

G-Man said...

You are 1st in more ways than one Baby....

I couldn't have handled that!!
Hehehe...But what a way to go eh?
Have as great day
I'm takin a little bike ride!!

Mona said...

Do I see adrenalin rising with the temperature! :))

Happy Sunday!

Cha Cha said...

Oh my God, Sign-babe!

How do you do the heart thing?


Cos if I knew how to do it I would use that knowledge to properly write ....

Strumpet hearts Sign-babe.





G-Man said...

You make everything rise!
( no double entendre )

Thats why she is the SIGNQUEEN!!!!!

Cha Cha said...

Hope you had a great ride, Galen.

It's a great day for it.

Severly hot, though.

My apartment is steaming.

It's okay, I need a sauna.

It's stress-relieving.

Serena said...

Sunday's a great day to ramble, especially when you've had a great Saturday. Ramble on. You might even decide to take the bike out again today for another calming dose of the freedom of the road. Enjoy!

morgetron said...

I am so super jealous.

lime said...

very cool, sounds like it was a terrific day. and if that doesn't chase your blues away, nuthin will. hehehe.

glad to hear it was so special. :)

Roxi said...

You guys have no idea..

#1. G does not give himself nearly enough credit. He is the fucking shit.

#2. I did not twirl shit. I spun rifle and saber bitch.

#3. G.. If you ever say I would make a good cheerleader again my threat to tear out your throat will become real.

#4. That day was the fucking shit. My man my best friend and the G-Man in his fucking finest!

#5. My school didnt do have bad in the big house!

G.. Dear.. I Heart you.

Thank you for an unforgettable day.
Here's to many more!!!


G-Man said...

Hey Missy!!
I had a great time!!

You need to get them to open a Fucking window!!!
You be careful in this heat!!

Serena Joy!!
I took your advice several times this week-end thanks!!
...And will always continue to do so I might add!!

Welcome back!!!
Jeez, I sure have missed you!!

Hi sweetie...
You could be next!!!
Metro is very close!!!

Fuck you and your rifle shit!!
To me you will always be a twirling chick that could be a cheerleader!!

Roxi said...

Im coming for you.

you had better board your shit up

Im like Katrina on roids.

G-Man said...

Do your homework!!!

Little Wing said...

I am chopped liver.