Sunday, December 16, 2012


As if there wasn't already a pall of sorts hanging over the
Holiday Season...With the Mayan Calendar onus, The Oregon
mall shooting, UnChristmas like weather, the fiscal cliff,
and now a Horror of unspeakable dimension in Connecticut, I'm
not very much in a Christmas or creative mood.
I feel that being my normal ascerbic and satirical self is not very
appropriate for a few days.
It's almost to the point of being thankful just to make it home safely
after a trip to the corner market.
Lock your doors.
Hug your children.
Tell everyone thats in your heart, that you love them...Tell Them NOW!
See you in a few.....I Hope anyway....G


Grace said...

Hugs to you G-man ~

Have a good week ahead ~

Brian Miller said...

hope you can find a smile man

GAB said...

HUGS G-man! I know I am now afraid to send my grandchildren off to school! And I haven't been in the Christmas mood for awhile now and this just made it worse. I have a lovely poem someone wrote posted on my blog

lime said...

i told my 21 yr old who doesn't even live at home that no matter how old she is she'll always be my baby. what an unspeakable horror has taken place. and yet the stories of the teachers and staff who bravely did whatever they could to protect as many children as possible is heartening. i'm trying to hold on to that and every time the tears well up i pray for the parents who lost a precious child.

Mimi Foxmorton said...

It all does indeed give one pause.....

Yule hugs to you!


izzy said...

G- we do get down hearted if we aren't proactive! I am sad for these folks and families; but I must limit and turn away from media.
I pray for them several times a day
and then I go and build my gratitude up. I cannot change others, but realistically I can love and care for
those close around me. Please make these choices for your day! Get the
green and red back for your Season-

Maude Lynn said...

Sending hugs to you, G-Man!

Unknown said...

Evil and evil men are not new. Wherever joy, innocence, and love thrive, evil will seek to destroy it. And it is so easy to do. It takes one moment, one bullet, one word, one match, one homemade bomb, and the world is changed. How many children are snatched up by evil every day? They are used for all manner of perversions, even by their own parents. Death is not the worst thing that can happen to a child.

The price of freedom, peace, and safety is vigilance. We cannot let down our guard. I have our house blessed by our family priest, but still keep a .40 S&W by my bed. Every time I see a child or even a woman walking down the street, in full daylight, I pray for them, I remember their faces, their clothes, I watch to see who is watching them.
Don't keep your ability to make people laugh to yourself too long, Galen.

Teresa said...

It has been tough. I keep taking festive Christmas pictures and animals in Santa hats just to try and get into the spirit. Hugs!

the walking man said...

I love you Galen.

Craig said...

Yeah G, I know what you mean. Smartassery just seems a little out of place for a while. . .

Margaret said...

...Every one of those sweet children wanted to live, to play, to go home. It breaks my heart. But it is our job to live and try to make a difference. Some of the parents' responses have truly been a gift - I admire them greatly.

HUGS, Galen.