Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Wait Begins Again.....

As I have done for every season since 1973, I arrive at the corner
of Stadium and Main in Ann Arbor Michigan, at The Big House...Early.
I love sitting in my seat in an empty stadium, and slowly watch this mighty
bastion of football lore slowly fill up to 113,000 PLUS.
Yesterday was Michigan's final HOME game of this season.
Since the arrival of Brady Hoke as Michigan's Head Coach last year, Michigan
has NOT lost a home game. After suffering through THREE years of mediocrity
during the Rich Rod era, Michigan is crawing it's way back into College Football's
Elite. They are not quite there yet, but they are headed in the right direction.
So as Team 133 flowed through the tunnel for the final time this year
And the Sun sets on The Big House after a Glorious victory over Iowa
And the happy crowd exits the stadium on a PERFECT Fall  Saturday .....
Years of Flashbacks cross my mind:
The raucus days of College
Last Minute heroics, Heart wrenching defeats
Watching the families that sit around you grow, mature, passing on their traditions,
And passing on from this life into the next.
I love this place...For those 4 hours on game day, I'm not sick, the economy is put
on hold, job pressures don't exist, Time Stands Still!!!!
I know that this is hard for most of you to understand, I don't really understand it
myself, but this is what makes me happiest in the world!!!
Hail To The Victors!!!
C'Mon September..........


Helen said...

Hi there! I'm still wiping the tears from my face after last night's defeat of our OR Ducks! In all fairness, we didn't play up to our capability ... and the opponent surpassed theirs!!!
Wishing Michigan continuing wins!!!

PS ... don't think you will want to hear this, I've been a Notre Dame fan since the 70s! Saw their Bowl Game when Montana quarterbacked!! Be still my heart.

Brian Miller said...

man there was some good football yesterday....was flipping back forth between the two big losses yesterday...will be interesting to see what happens these last couple weeks...

Margaret said...

Watching the families that sit around you grow, mature, passing on their traditions,
And passing on from this life into the next.

Who wouldn't understand a wonderful oasis like you have? My husband is thrilled Notre Dame's standing is so GRAND right now. (sorry) He also likes MI! :)

Secret Agent Woman said...

I don't get it, but if it makes you that happy, then good for you!

d. moll, said...

Dude, I tagged you at my blog THE NEXT BIG THING meme.

lime said...

i am glad it gives you such joy in every aspect of your time there. you're happy. i'm happy :)

Teresa said...

I would be able to congratulate you much more heartily if my own Iowa Hawkeyes weren't so pathetic and your final victim of the year!

Maude Lynn said...

I totally get it, my friend!

Akelamalu said...

Your passion, your pleasure. :)

the walking man said...

Nobody makes a better fan than a true fan.

Anonymous said...

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