Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Thursday Portrait.....

Yep, there I am gassing up a delivery on my day off!
Make hay while the Sun shines I guess.
With Labor Day Week-End coming up, it's so thoughtful
and greedy to see fit to raise gasoline to 4.15 a Gallon!!
Thats just pissy!!!!
I can't begin to express my disgust with this uncontrolled
price gouging. A few years back while walking down Bourbon St.
in The Big Easy, I saw the PERFECT T-Shirt to convey my message
to ALL the major oil companies...Fuck You, You Fucking Fuck!!!
I should have bought it.
Anyway...After squeezing every last drop into this 2013 Equinox,
imagine my surprise when I looked at the total...Hehehehehe.
You can't make this stuff up folks. Well, I guess you can, but I
didn't. See you Thursday 8:00 PM EST.


hope said...

And they think we're stupid...cause they're blaming the price hike on Hurricane Isaac before he was even a hurricane!

Brian Miller said...

wtf....seriously...yeah i need me one of those shirts too...this is ridiculous...

hedgewitch said...

They got us where they want us, G, and unless you want to trade for a bicycle, just keep that KY handy. Don't expect any kissing, either.

lime said...

it is an outrage. i quite agree.

can i borrow that t-shirt. i have my own reasons...see tonight's post.

the walking man said...

Fuck it. It's just another upward transfer of wealth from the middle and lower to the upper classes. Anyone want to make a pool and sell squares on where oil profits end up this year?

I love that shirt, verb, pronoun,pronoun,adjective,noun. Beautiful sentence structure.

Margaret said...

... a Dennis Hopper quote. :) A perfect response to this ridiculousness.

Janna said...

I agree completely.
On Tuesday, gas went from $3.88 to over $4 in just a few hours.

I saw a few places today that are down to $3.99, but the others are still over $4.