Monday, July 18, 2011

TMI Tuesday.....

I've always been an avid hand washer.
I'm not quite the Germ-O-Phobic dickweed like
Howie Mandel, but I probably lather the hands 10-15
times a day. I also like to sleep with the window open
as much as possible. Because of this I'm usually cold
and flu free. So this latest bout with congestion that
has lasted for well over a week now is really Kicking My Ass!
I do have a Dr. Appt. in the AM, and I do feel a bit better
so I feel that relief is in sight!!
This is the perfect segue' into some interesting facts.
*A recent study on hand germs has found that individuals
have very few bacterial strains in common with each other!
Even the left hand and the right hand of the same person
only share 17% of the same bacterial type.
*Every Flu strain has it's origin in Asia! Flu viruses are constantly
circulating and mutating among the countries of China, South
Korea, Singapore, and the Philippines. Travelers spread them
around the World.
*The Germiest thing in the average Hospital is the remote control
of your TV in the room!
*The Germiest thing in a Dr's. Office is the sign-in ink pen!
*Licking wounds may actually be beneficial to healing.
Compounds found in human saliva fight infection and
encourage healing. That is why cuts in your mouth heal much
faster than cuts on any other parts of your Body.
*The worst time to get a perscription filled is at the first
of every month. Thats when Social Security checks are mailed
out and pharmacists are the busiest. The first few days of
every month are when the most errors are made.
*Medical mistakes kill almost 98,000 Americans a year!!
Yikes...I'm glad this is the Middle. Hope to see you soon....


lime said...


lime said...

or should i say....


lime said...

in any event i hope you are feeling better soon. take good care of you. i'dbring chicken soup if i were close.

Brian Miller said...

um think i will go wash my hands this how viruses spread...

Serena said...

Better wash those hands a few more times a day; this flu virus has really knocked the wind out of you.

Me said...

Hope you continue to improve and are feeling better really soon!

Maude Lynn said...

And, the number one place for a person to catch a life threatening infection is the hospital!

I hope that you feel better soon, G-Man!

Akelamalu said...

What you said about licking wounds - isn't it a normal reaction when one cuts a finger to stick it in your mouth? Glad you're feeling better. x

the walking man said...

Thanks for that scrip information I think I am going to order everything today just in case they don't send my SS check next month. Might have to make it stretch out.

I was my hands maybe 5-10 times a day but I make sure to get those cuticles the germiest part of th many times does what's his face wash his?

Christine said...

When entering a hospital or clinic, I tell my children firmly, don't touch anything in this place. I get the heebie jeebies just thinking about it. (haven't had the flu in this house in over two years)
Hope your feeling better.

MorningAJ said...

URghh! I never knew that about Howie Mandel...... Maybe that's why his hair all fell out. said...

Feel better! I am an avid hand washer, too.

Evalinn said...

Oh, I do hope you feel better soon!

Very interesting facts indeed. Did you know you should wash your hands as long as it takes to sing "Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder where you are". If you wash any shorter time, your hands still aren´t clean!

PattiKen said...

Someone once told me that the curtain around your bed in the hospital was a pretty scary thing. If you've ever spent any time in a hospital, did you ever see them change the curtain? All day long, open-close-open-close, all those hands coming from other sick folk's rooms...


moondustwriter said...

I did a bit of research for a handwashing class I taught to my hospital staff. Washing your hands vigorously for 5 min ( that is with later, between your fingers with a brush) does not kill as much bacteria as the alcohol based hand sanitizers. Hand sanitizers also dont break your kin down to allow bacteria to enter your system

I didnt test saliva (darn)
Lick On!!